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Top 10 Trending Movies To Stream This July 2021

Jul. 09. 2021

Finding a good movie to watch can be a daunting task. Here is a list of all the popular movies trending on the major streaming services – Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu.

30 Days of Night

Many horror movies are not appreciated in their time. 30 Days of Night is one such movie. Directed by David Slade, the movie is an unapologetically brutal take on the vampire genre. With a brilliant core concept about an Alaskan town where every year there is a full month of darkness, the movie is about vampires using the opportunity to suck the blood and life of the townspeople. Danny Huston makes a memorable appearance as one of the most sinister and horrifying bloodsuckers to hit the movie screens.


For those who are looking for a pleasant drama with some emotional heft, 2013’s Philomena can be a nice option. The movie was nominated for Best Picture, Actress, Adapted Screenplay, and Original Score. Judi Dench plays the role of a nearly fifty-year-old woman who was forced to give up her kid when she was staying at an Abbey in Ireland. As a Journalist starts to do a human interest story on her, he realizes that there is more to Philomena than he was expecting.

The Mitchells vs. the Machines

By this time, you might have seen all those animated family comedy movies. We don’t even remember most of their names. The Mitchells vs. the Machines is one movie that stands apart from the rest of the genre. The movie is made from the same creative minds that made the popular Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse film. Revolving around a father and daughter who are struggling to connect, their adventure kick starts when the father decided to take the family on a road trip to send his daughter off to college where she can finally study to become the filmmaker she aspires to become. However, all hell breaks loose when robots take over the plant and want to deport all humans from earth. Now, it is up to the family to stick together and fight to save the whole of humanity.

Sound of Metal

A musician losing his ability to hear is a truly hurtful scenario. Sound of Metal is about a metal drummer who loses his hearing and is forced to re-learn his entire life in a new way. Riz Ahmed plays the lead role in this new drama which debuted at Toronto International Film Festival in 2019. The movie went on to become one of the best Amazon originals of the year and Ahmed’s performance was praised by many. If you are in for some emotional drama, then this one is for you. Sound of Metal went on to win two Oscars for best sound and film editing.


Stary Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, and Mark Ruffalo in the main roles, Spotlight is another Oscar winner. The movie may be small-scale, but it is unique, unfussy, and straightforward in every sense. Directed and written by Tom McCarthy, the movie revolves around the Boston Globe and the troubles they have to go throw to unravel, the systemic cover-up of sexual abuse cases within the Catholic Church. Stream this movie for its incredibly tense, engrossing but self-congratulatory storytelling.

A Clockwork Orange

Ready to revisit a classic movie?! Legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange is a must-watch for any cinephile. The movie takes place in a dystopian world where violence is used to fuel its socio-political setup. Alex is an anti-social young man, living in the near future Britain. He and his small gang of thugs go on a horrific crime spree. Eventually, he is captured and is subjected to experimental psychological conditioning that could somehow ‘cure’ him. A fair warning: the movie is unforgettable, with many disturbing moments.

Friends with Benefits

In the mood for a good romantic comedy?! Well, you are in luck. You will not find any romcom more entertaining than Friends with Benefits. Starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, the movie has the too adorable friends who decide to go into a relationship that is strictly physical relationship. We all know it is not going to be like that for long. However, the movie stands out from the normal rom-com theme with its funny, sweet, and engaging story.

Fighting With My Family

Fans of WWE also have a good movie to watch this weekend. Inspired by the life of real-world wrestling star Paige, Fighting With My Family is about a young girl who belongs to a family of wrestling fans. After going on small-town gigs, she finally makes her way into the international stage. Even if you are not a wrestling fan, you should watch this inspiring movie for the strong empowering family theme it chronicles. If that doesn’t pursue you enough, you will be seeing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as himself and a truly charismatic performance from Vince Vaughn.

One Night in Miami

Regina King made a remarkable directorial debut with One Night in Miami. a fictionalized historic account in which some extraordinary personalities meet. The movie is based on Kemp Powers’ play of the same name. Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Sam Cooke, and Jim Brown have to spend a night in a quiet hotel in Florida. King’s movie celebrates the young white men and an intellectual investigation into the methods of activism that each followed.

Coming 2 America

Eddie Murphy’s comeback is what cinema and the comedy genre need at the moment. Over-saturated with too many superhero universes and action tentpoles, the actor’s Netflix movie Dolomite Is My Name, captured instant attention from movie viewers. After his comeback movie was a huge success, the actor went on to make a sequel for his old classic Coming to America. Directed by Craig Brewer (he also directed Dolemite Is My Name), the movie does hold the same sweetness and spirit as its predecessor.

Top 10 Trending Movies To Stream This July 2021

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