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The Movie Titanic Is Secretly a Terminator Prequel

May. 31. 2020

This could probably be the craziest theory you have ever heard of. It claims that Jack from Titanic is sent back in time by John Connor to protect his life.

It is being hypothesized that John Connor sends a soldier to the year 1991 to save his younger version. Terminator films treat the timeline as the only one in existence. Any changes in the timeline cause major changes in the future. It was thus important that John Connor protected himself and his mother so they could form the resistance.

This makes Titanic the first film of the Terminator franchise.

According to the theory, John Connor belongs to Rose’s bloodline. Rose was originally meant to die in Titanic. Arnold was not the only soldier who was sent back in time. Along with him, a second resistance soldier was dispatched to save Rose. Now Rose was not in any danger of being attacked by a Terminator. However, her fate was to drown in the film.

Here’s the evidence:

As another theory suggests that Jack was actually a time traveler, has a lot to do with this hypothesis as well. When Jack was sent into the past in 1912, he somehow ended up traveling slowly through the time and then abruptly ended up in 1912. This explains his haircut which was clearly from the 90s. Young John Connor had a similar hairdo. Furthermore, he smokes cigars that were a product first invented in the 1940s. How did he manage to get his hands on those? Also in one of his conversations with Rose, he mentions a roller coaster in Santa Monica pier. Surprisingly, the roller coaster was not built until 4 years after the Titanic disaster. The same goes for his claims about ice fishing in Lake Wissota. The Lake was created 5 years after Titanic sank. That means he experienced all these events close to 1912 and then rapidly ended up in the year where he was supposed to save Rose.

In the end, however, he could not stay with her. As part of the plan, he sinks in the water and removes himself from that time period as he did not belong there. This draws a direct parallel to Arnold’s self-termination at the end of Terminator 2.

Terminator 2 released in 1991 and Titanic released in 1997. The film was made on such a grand scale and yet left these loopholes for the audience to ponder over. The above analysis only suggests that these were deliberate cues that James Cameron sprinkled all over the film.

Do you think these are just coincidences? But we can’t help but feel excited about Titanic and Terminator being the beads on the same string.

The Movie Titanic Is Secretly a Terminator Prequel

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