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The Most Streamed Amazon Prime Shows

Sep. 19. 2021

Here are the most popular original shows from Amazon Prime Video worth watching.

The Boys

The Boys earned to be one of the best shows on Amazon Prime. It is not the cliched good superheroes versus the villains series. Each episode will be breathtaking and will compel you to go on with the next one. The world believes in the virtuousness of superheroes. Unfortunately, even the superheroes couldn’t be invincible to corruption. What if the superhero organization is a disguised evil political and corporate business? Thus, enters the human vigilantes who decide to end the fake public reputations and the madness of such superhumans. The plot becomes more interesting because of the obvious unfairness, but yet, the story moves interestingly with all the unexpected innovations, twists, and turns. So, The Boys is worth your popcorn time!

Good Omens

If you are keen for some action comedy with some fantasy, then Good Omens can entertain you. The series will tell the story of an upcoming Armageddon through the eyes of angels and demons. The representatives of heaven and hell, an angel and a demon, the born rivals became friends. Before they could celebrate their friendship they should face an Armageddon of the antichrist. Michael Sheen and Tennant starred as Aziraphale – the angel and Crowley, the demon. The beautiful visuals and the CGI work will push the audience to willingly suspend their disbelief. 

The Expanse

If you haven’t watched The Expanse yet, try to watch it right away. This is the type of show which stands beyond the genre preference due to its great story. Based on James S. A. Corey’s The Expanse series of novels, the television series is set in the future where humanity has colonized the entire Solar System. This follows a band of antiheroes who unravel and find themselves at the center of a conspiracy that threatens the system’s fragile state of the cold war.

The series gives much similar excitement as Game of Thrones but it is set in space.


Invincible is a unique animated superhero story, based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book series The Invincible. Seventeen-year-old Mark Grayson is just like every other teenage guy of his age, except that his father is the most powerful superhero in the world. As the son of a superhero, Mark discovers his own superpowers along with the real intention of his father. This series is definitely worthy enough to make you a fan of cartoons again.

Carnival Row

Carnival Row stars Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne in steampunk fantasy.

The drama follows the story of mythological creatures who had fled their homeland due to war. The arrival of these creatures at Metropolis created tensions between the residents and the expanding immigrant population. The inquiry of the sequence of unsolved murders, crimes, power madness, and unfulfilled love are the heart of the Carnival Row.


You will love this amazon series because of its stunning visuals and awesome storyline. Upload is set in the future where humans can upload themselves into a great server to spend their life in a virtual world. Nathan Brown died in an accident and was uploaded into this digital life. As he begins to accept the digital life and meets his angel (a real-life personal handler), the mysteries about his death start to kick in. 


Phoebe Waller-Bridge, an award-winning playwright, writes and stars as Fleabag in Fleabag. Meet Fleabag, a troubled young woman managing the aftereffects of trauma with her witty humor and satires but resisting anyone who attempts to help her. This show is definitely one of the best positive mood boosters.

The Most Streamed Amazon Prime Shows

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