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November movies for Disney Plus

The Best Movies on Disney+ Right Now

Dec. 21. 2021

We’ve listed down most of the must-watch movies streaming on Disney+

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty remains one of Disney’s best-animated films. The history of Disney can be told through the films like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Dumbo, in addition to the films that revitalized Disney, such as Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King. The 1959 animated film about Princess Aurora, who was cursed by Maleficent to sleep and rescued by Prince Philip, is perhaps Walt Disney’s greatest film. Disney’s stunning animation makes the most of the Super Technirama 70 widescreen process. Despite Disney not having the advantage of computers as they would have in the 1990s, the 2D animation is impressive and contributes to selling the romanticism of the story.


Cruella’s insanity grows on you with time, but it’s a little crazy at first. There will be no puppies hurt during this story of Queen Cruella de Vil (Emma Stone), so you don’t have to worry. You like its madness at first, but gradually you become used to it. There’s nothing more outrageous or over the top than Emma Stone’s Cruella de Vil origin story. The puppies in this story aren’t in danger, so don’t be alarmed. The Baroness (Emma Thompson) and Cruella (Aubrey Plaza) go head to head against each other in the background of London’s punk-rock era. While there isn’t a lot of action in the film, Stone, the other actors, and the director keep things entertaining and exciting. There are worse things to do with a couple of hours than watch a movie.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

While The Hunchback of Notre Dame may not be as good as other films, it still has its charm. Quadrimoto is not made to reflect his ugly looks, but a character who is made to be uplifting on the inside rather than the very dark tone of the source material. Despite the straightforward message “You’re beautiful on the inside,” the film has a visually stunning presentation and also features one of Disney’s most memorable villains, Frollo, who has a lust for Esmerelda, the female lead. Though it doesn’t quite work as it attempts to use more mature and sophisticated elements alongside kid-friendly jokes provided by characters like talking gargoyles, it is nevertheless a fascinating view and a must-see for anyone interested in Disney Animation’s history during this time period.

Captain America: The First Avenger

The First Avenger is not only the best Captain America film, but also the best Marvel movie, despite the fact that many Marvel fans swear by Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The First Avenger, the best Marvel movie to capture heroism, captures the concept of heroism better than any other Marvel movie. The film makes a meal of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) leading by example and diving on a move he thinks is an active grenade. The MCU has never had a better treatment of heroism than in this film and sees why good-hearted characters cannot be boring.

Mrs. Doubtfire

As a performer, Robin Williams has proven himself in Mrs. Doubtfire. The performance range of Robin Williams can best be seen in Mrs. Doubtfire, a 1993 family film that allows Williams to display his skill as a character creator and his ability to create impressions. In this drama from 1993, Williams exhibits some dramatic qualities along with his capacity to create characters and impressions. Williams portrays a divorced nanny who is more interested in spending time with her children while her mother works. Chaos and jealousy are the results, but this is a wonderful story.


This one is a sweet and summarizing Pixar movie released in 2021. Jacob Tremblay played the role of a young sea monster walking to the surface and discovering that he is actually a boy (after turning into one after exiting the water) in the 1950s and 1960s. During his stay on the island, he makes friends and discovers that there is more to life than his isolated home thanks to a more ambitious and daring sea monster named Alberto (Jack Dylan Grazer). Since Pixar’s film explores queer identity in a refreshingly low-stakes and intimate way, it becomes even more rewarding.

We Bought a Zoo

From Almost Famous to Jerry Maguire, Cameron Crowe’s films are revered as some of the best films ever made, but it is his earnestness that makes his work special. As an example, Matt Damon appears in We Bought a Zoo as a grieving single father of two who decides to purchase a house connected to a zoo despite not knowing how to run one. Though Crowe’s latest film is not as meaty as some of his previous works, it is affecting and features a compelling soundtrack from Sigur Ros frontman Jonsi.

Isle of Dogs

Disney has acquired 20th Century Fox, allowing you to watch Wes Anderson’s two stop-motion animated films (distributed by Fox Searchlight) on Disney+. Also worth checking out, and a true treat for dog lovers is Anderson’s 2018 film Isle of Dogs. A dog flu outbreak causes all dogs in Megasaki, a fictional city, to be exiled to Trash Island. Young Spots begins an adventure filled with whimsy and humor when he sneaks onto the island. As always, Anderson’s eye for production design is impeccable as well as the adorable dogs portrayed by Bryan Cranston and Edward Norton.

The Best Movies on Disney+ Right Now

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