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The 10 Funniest Movies From All Genres

Aug. 31. 2021

We all share a special spark with comedies. Although we don’t exactly know how to put it in words, we love watching these movies and laughing our heads out. Maybe this is why comedy is one of the most preferred movie genres. People just love watching a good comedy flick. Luckily we have made a list of the 15 movies that are so funny that it will definitely make you laugh your head out.

Animal House

The National Lampoon’s Animal Farm is nothing short of a masterpiece. Redefining the genre and paving the way for modern comedy cinema. The movie is about the riotous Delta house and it’s even more out of control fraternity brothers. When the dean of the college decided to revoke their charter and disband their home, the brothers must fight to save their fraternity.


Though the movie revolves around the same premise as that of romantic comedy, Bridesmaids is undoubtedly more a comedy film than romance. The movie follows Annie who is a single woman in her 30s. She was broke and alone. However, when her best friend asks her to be her Maid of Honor, she was more than happy to accept. What she didn’t expect was her seemingly perfect rival, Helen hijacking the wedding and stealing her best friend from her.

Palm Springs

We all know how great Andy Samberg be when it comes to comedy. He is one of the best comedian actors from this generation and that makes him the right fit for this stuck-in-a-time-loop movie. Similar to the narrative style of the cult-classic comedy Groundhog Day, Max Barbakow’s Palm Springs is both refreshing and entertaining. The movie follows wedding guests who fall in love with each other as they are stuck in a time loop and living the same day over and over again.

Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the Dead is a brilliant blend of the Zombie subgenre with comedy. It is considered one of the pioneers and the best of the zombie comedies that we know today. Directed by Edgar Wright, as a part of his Cornetto Trilogy, the movie revisits Shaun who leads a stagnant and mundane life with a dead-end job. Adding more pain to his misery, he also gets dumped by his girlfriend. Even with that life is not done with him. Now, he has to fight zombies to save the world from the apocalypse.


It’s time for some war comedy. When a team of womanizing, heavy-drinking army doctors assigned to treat wounded soldiers goes on breaking rules left and right when the world around them is raging in the Korean War. This 1970 dar war comedy went on to become so popular that it got a TV show spin-off in the same name.

Napoleon Dynamite

A teenage outcast named Napoleon Dynamite teams up with Pedro, a new boy who is running for class president. Unfortunately, the odds are not going in their way. From strange shenanigans to the famous ‘Vote for Pedro’ dance, Napoleon is not planning on going down without a fight and it is something you don’t want to miss.


Directed by Kay Cannon, Netflix’s Blockers is a boundary-breaking sex comedy that is both brilliant and hilarious. The movie follows a trio of parents who are trying everything they can do to stop their daughters from having sex on prom night.

Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine is something special. It is unique, wild, heartfelt, and hilarious in so many ways. The eccentric tragicomedy takes Olive, a spirited 7-year-old, and her dysfunctional family on a road trip across the country. Her mission is to compete in the coming Little Miss Sunshine beauty pageant. However, keeping her family together and making them take her there is more challenge than everything else.


Whodunit movies have been around since the beginning of murder mysteries. Rich with many characters, multiple plot twists, and suspense, the subgenre has never disappointed us. Director Jonathan Lynn decided to blend the famous subgenre with comedy and thus came the 1985 classic Clue. The movie is a parody of the popular subgenre and its cliches.

Kung Fu Hustle

This martial art comedy is so cool and funny, that even today it has many fans viewing it repeatedly. Stephen Chow’s Kung Fu Hustle is a remarkable piece of modern cinema that has skillfully merged multiple genres to give us something unique and exciting.

The 10 Funniest Movies From All Genres

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