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Why is ‘Rushmore’ movie everyone’s favorite?


Crammed with great movie moments, Wes Anderson’s Rushmore is a darkly inspiring comedy. Released in early 1999, the movie still manages to be funny, wistful, smart, dark, poignant, and irreverent without ever being cynical. The main plot of the movie is about an eccentric teenager named Max Fischer and his friendship with rich industrialist Herman Blume […]

Isle of dogs

Movie: 2018

Isle of Dogs Review


Bryan Cranston. Edward Norton. Bill Murray. Jeff Goldblum. Greta Gerwig. Frances McDormand. Scarlett Johansson. Harvey Keitel. Tilda Swinton. Ken Watanabe. Liev Schreiber. Do I really need to say more? Do you really still care whether I think Isle of Dogs is a good movie? After reading that cast list, I wouldn’t. But since we’re her, […]


Movie: 2018

Movies this Week: Three Comedies and a Thriller


Stefano Sollima’s “Sicario: Day of the Soldado” is the highly anticipated sequel to the successful 2015 thriller “Sicario”. It promises the heart-racing action, drama, and artistic special effects of its predecessor but it adds emotional weight by bringing in a young girl (Isabela Moner) for Alejandro to protect. The cast is as promising as ever […]