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Sid Grows Up to be the Garbage Man in Toy Story 3


We are all aware of Sid from Toy Story. He the little child, who tormented his toys by subjecting them to eccentric experiments. Probably an adolescent while he pulled up the livid act of setting the toys on fire and then pull them apart and then merging them with other toy parts. The kid was […]


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Wheezy is the Secret Villain in Toy story


Stinky Pete, Toy collector AI and Emperor Zurg are probably the most prominent crooks in Toy Story 3. Although there is one more character who has some mystery surrounding his intentions. Woody and Buzz of course, but they are not the ones we are referring to here. It’s our adorable little penguin, who was saved […]

Disney misconduct

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Disney Secretly Deletes Sexual Misconduct Scenes From ‘Toy Story 2’


Toy Story 2 made a recent 4K release and some of the fans have noticed that one of the blooper scenes that featured during the closing credits was cut out. The scene involved the old prospector Stinky Pete being caught having a ‘questionable’ chat with the Barbie twins while the cameras were still rolling. Pixar’s […]