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Aladdin is Set in a Post Apocalyptic Future

by Emily Keen

A  Weird fan theory suggests that Aladdin may have been set in a distant post-apocalyptic future. Certain suggestions made by Genie may have found the ground fertile for this hypothesis.

Let us deconstruct these hints one by one.

When Genie is about to give Aladdin a makeover, he says that Aladdin’s present costume looks like it belongs to the third century.

Now, if you think about the time he first got out of the lamp, he complained that his neck had been sore with staying inside the lamp for ten thousand years. Considering he has been locked away from the outside world there is very little chance that he is aware of the fashion in vogue. That pushes the setting way ahead in the future- roughly to 10300.

The Genie is voiced by Robin Williams and he seems to include bits of 20th-century actors including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Groucho Marx, Rodney Dangerfield, Jack Nicholson, etc. That pushes the date further ahead to 11970.

In fact, a lot of magical elements in the film logically back this theory.

The “Magical Carpet” for instance represents the hover technology that was trapped in the cave of wonders, probably to keep it from falling into the wrong hands during the nuclear war. A war that turned the whole world into a never-ending desert.

Aladdin GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Likewise, Iago is not just another talking Disney character. It is quite possible that the people of the future grew so emotionally dependent on the pets, that they developed means to detect every thought passing through their minds. Or maybe a mutation occurred in the wake of the nuclear spat that caused animals to grow conversational abilities.

Furthermore, Agrabah is just a made-up town where they happen to follow Middle Eastern culture. The name was probably derived by playing the consonants from Egypt, Arabia, and Afghanistan. Considering the fact that in post-apocalyptic worlds, the names of places that once existed are deemed irrelevant, the name only plays into the validation of the theory.

More evidence comes from the Aladdin video game where remains of the dead from the nuclear war, undetonated nuclear contrivances, and 20th-century signs are clearly seen lying around in the desert.

Some fans highlight the presence of the monolith of Nintendo Wii in the cave of wonders. This holds little weight but cannot be fully disregarded since the former evidence sets a strong case in favor of the theory that the legend might be set well ahead in the future.

TIL Aladdin found the Nintendo Wii in The Cave of Wonders. - Imgur

But to be fair to the school of the audience that does not support this theory, it makes more sense about Genie not being tied in the constraints of time. Also, the fact that he only brings up the 3rd and the 20th century and nothing in the middle is also worth emphasizing. In that case the time he spent trapped in the lamp would be a different time altogether. But the fact that he wants to take a trip to Disney land on being freed, catches us off guard.

There are alternate theories to neutralize the claims of this hypothesis.

The one where Belle from Beauty and the Beast reads a book about Aladdin, definitely means that the story was from the past.

The second theory is that the whole story, in fact, is a lie cooked up by a merchant to sell a lamp.

Which is your favorite theory about Aladdin? Do let us know in the comments.

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8 Post Apocalyptic Movies Everyone Should Watch

by Emily Keen

When you sense desolation in the frames and an uneasy silence seemingly deafening to the stability of your being, know that the cinema has transported you into a post-apocalyptic set up. Creating an experience or more importantly, sensory experience is a craft of perfection. Not all films are able to achieve it. Materializing visually magnificent setpieces, while keeping alive the spirit of the narrative and the characters is a daunting task. If the scale tips in favour of a single attribute, the imbalance hinders the experience of the viewers.

A post-apocalyptic set up comes as an amalgamation of distress, desolation, grim and a visually listless tone. There is something very intriguing about the mood and the ambience of such movies. Ask DC fans why they like gloomy and cloudy days? The bleak, the silence and the feeling of anxious deep down helps us catch a glimpse of our vulnerabilities as human beings.  Besides this could prepare us for a dystopian future if at all that is a possibility.

Hold that thought while we introduce to you, some of the grimmest tales of a cinematic universe. All these films follow the theme of life in the wake of destruction and chaos.


  1.       28 Days Later

Image result for 28 Days Later movieThe heart sank in a river of pain as Cillian Murphy aimlessly wandered over Westminster Bridge not being able to comprehend the tumultuous nature of his surroundings. Directed by Danny Boyle the film paints a picture of Britain in the aftermath of a Zombie apocalypse. There is nothing commonplace about 28 Days Later because the makers actually went to great lengths to get the impression right. The producer closed London down for a short time!


  1.   A Quiet Place

Image result for A Quiet Place movieNever has a film been able to engulf the audience with a masterful sound editing like this one. The same reason, the film was in contention at the Oscars. A family is trying to lead a normal life in a rather unsettling environment. The world around them is full of creatures that prey by the listening to sound.  The coveted off-screen couple John Krasinski and Emily Blunt come together on screen as parents who are trying to help their deaf daughter survive the danger.


  1.       The Battery

Image result for The Battery movieA Zombie apocalypse set up at that but the problem at hand is surviving the with the person you have an aversion to. That is what makes this film so interesting. The two baseball players headlining the tale can outrun the danger but not each other, for they need to survive. The film is very intellectual on various levels but basically in its quest of sticking to the ingenuity of human feelings rather than going on with fan service.


  1.       Bird Box

Image result for Bird Box movieThis film sparked a lot of debate since its release on Netflix. Some say it was highly flawed while others argued that it was full of substance. The film has humans against a monster who gives them suicidal thoughts with just a look in the eye. The set pieces are some of the truly amazing scenes ever but do not let your expectations swell for it is a good movie, not a revolutionary cinema as some may say.


  1.       The Book of Eli

Image result for The Book of Eli movieA world in the aftermath of a nuclear explosion is not following the rules of the ecosystem as we know it. Humans are either killing each other or eating one another. With some heavy on the mind themes like cannibalism and religion adorning the script, the film builds around Eli played by Denzel Washington, who travels across a wrecked America to deliver a book. The film has plenty of surprise elements and is full of original ideas that makes you wonder why has it not accomplished the success and popularity it deserves.


  1.       Cargo

Image result for Cargo movieThe Australian outbacks are infested with plague and Martin Freeman’s character must find a safe place for his infant and himself. Besides the unusual characterization that sees a father ready to battle it till the end for his baby, instead of a mother like films usually show, this one is also a beautifully narrated story.


  1.   Carriers

Image result for Carriers movieDo you believe friendships can survive through a life and death situation? Because this film is meant to tell you that they suffocate and die under life-threatening conditions. You can either choose to stay alive or do the right thing. The film was portrayed to be a Zombie themed catastrophe romp, but there are hardly any zombies which disappointed audiences at large.


  1.       The Day

Image result for The Day movieWWE studios finally have a feature that does not stink. Not as much as the ones that came early in the league. In fact, that sounds quite unjust a remark, because The Day is actually really good with a quintessentially bleak tone building around its morally questionable characters.

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