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Oceans 8

Movie: 2018

Ocean’s 8 Review


“Somewhere out there, there’s an eight year old girl wanting to be a criminal. We do this for her,” says Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullocks) to the rest of her crew. It sums up what makes the change in perspective in this movie so crucial. An all female led sequel to the Ocean’s trilogy (starring George […]

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Movies This Week – Incredibles 2 and More


Rarely if ever has a sequel been as intensely awaited as Incredibles 2. The first movie was released before the superhero genre dominated pop culture, and gave the public a taste of both Marvel’s heart and humour and DC’s darkness, without being adapted from any comics. To this day, it stands as the most critically […]

Avenger Infinity War

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Weekend Performance: Ocean’s 8 Successfully Revives the Franchise


What did people see? The all-star heist comedy Ocean’s 8 exceeded expectations this weekend with 41.6 million dollars. This number exceeds the openings of all previous Ocean’s movies, where the highest so far was Ocean’s Twelve with 39.15 million. If the movie has legs, it’s safe to say we will be getting more heists with this […]