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Uncle Drew

Movie: 2018

Weekend Performance: Juggernauts and New Releases Contribute to Healthy Box Office


What did people see? Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom dropped a hefty 58.8%, making another $61 million. This is quite unsurprising, given its lukewarm reception, and the numbers will only get worse once Ant-Man and the Wasp opens in the US this weekend. Incredibles 2 fared much better, dropping only 42.2% to make $46.4 million, but […]

One Dino Dollar

Movie: 2018

Weekend Performance: Fallen Kingdom at the Top of the Food Chain


What did people watch? The weekend’s big new American release, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, shot past estimates with a massive 148 million opening weekend. While it is, of course, far less than Jurassic World’s 209 million, that’s not to be interpreted as the sequel underperforming, but instead as the previous instalment overperforming. And while this […]

Movie this week

Flik Exclusive

Movies This Week – Incredibles 2 and More


Rarely if ever has a sequel been as intensely awaited as Incredibles 2. The first movie was released before the superhero genre dominated pop culture, and gave the public a taste of both Marvel’s heart and humour and DC’s darkness, without being adapted from any comics. To this day, it stands as the most critically […]