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10 Genre-Defying Horror Movies

by Kaylen Summers

Horror movies offer a lot of emotions. Eerie, haunting, and challenging, this is a genre that is exciting and imaginative. Here are some of the best horror films of all times:

1. It Follows

This is an amazing horror film with a dreamy visual tone, some indelible skin-crawler moments. It movie does not place any reliance on jump scares. It follows a young woman who inherits a sexually transmitted curse of being hunted by an unstoppable entity. This is one of the creepiest films to be made in this genre, with some really eerie moments that will haunt.

2. Friday The 13th

This is a defining film in the slasher horror genre. It is sophisticated, scary and gory. It is a film that has a huge following and is a cult. The film combines all the key elements of the horror genre with great performances and an incredible soundtrack. It is a benchmark film that is quite a disturbing watch, but absolutely worth it if you love this genre.

3. Trick ‘R Treat

This is a film that tells multiple clever and comically creepy stories of one unique Halloween night, bound by a mischievous trick-r-treater named Sam. He is a much-loved mascot, and the film explores all the possibilities of the clown as a scary character. It is spooky and at the same time extremely layered in the perspective of the story and its horror aspects.

4. Shaun Of The Dead

This is a film that gave the zombie genre a very clear definition. It utilizes the plot points of a zombie story well, incorporating some intriguing twists along the way. The art and aesthetics of the film add a layer to the story. The performances are also captivating, holding together the film incredibly well.

5. Suspiria

This is a really haunting, edgy film about an American ballet student at a prestigious German dance academy, where sinister supernatural forces leave a trail of violent, grisly murders. The film is very atmospheric, and it encapsulates the mood of the film very well. The brilliance of the film lies in how it gets under the psychological layers of the viewers with its penetrative storytelling.

6. Repulsion

This is a dark, psychological horror film that is an undeniable classic from ace director Roman Polanski. The film is about a sexually averse woman tormented by horrific visions and hallucinations when her sister leaves her alone for a holiday. The film does not use usual tropes like jump scares to create effect. It is very intelligent in the way it creates scare and tells the story in an unprecedented manner.

7. Don’t Look Now

This is the story of a married couple attempting to come to terms with the death of their young daughter. They travel to Venice, where they’re haunted by a series of mysterious occurrences and reminders of death after an encounter with two elderly sisters. The film is a chilling, menacing story, tinged with melodrama and the supernatural, that sticks with you long after watching.

8. Get Out

This is one of the most important films of this genre. It is a smart and honest portrait of racial injustice and it showcases social commentary through horror, which is why it defies the genre and interprets it with a sense of social responsibility. The film maintains its mood and stays true to the purpose of the story throughout. It also has incredible performances, which only add to the gravity of the film.

9. The Thing

This film follows the rugged crew at an isolated Antarctic research facility as they’re besieged by an alien presence that can assume the form of anything it touches. The film shows one of the masters of horror, working at the very top of his game in his directorial job. The ending of the film is ambiguous, and it is still the subject of debate among film lovers.

10. 28 Days Later

This is an innovative, post-apocalyptic film that is very striking. What starts as a stunning and contemplative look at a London mostly devoid of people turns into a rapidly worsening slide into terror as survivors come face to face with the hideous outcome of such a population-depleted planet. The film is an interesting take on horror as it capitalises on the fear and uncertainty of a world where there is no order or definition.

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6 Movies That Are Too Good To Stream Right Now

by Kaylen Summers

If you are looking for some great movies worth your time, then here is our list of movies that you need to watch.

Someone Great

What’s it about: This love-story-turned-break-up film is all about finding yourself after a painful break-up. Gather your gang, grab some wine, and watch this movie to rediscover yourself this Valentine’s Day.
📺Watch it on: Netflix

The Terminal

What’s it about: Viktor Navorski lost his country for some political reasons. But, the problem is that he was on the plane when this whole thing happened. Now, he’s stranded at Kennedy Airport with a passport that nobody recognizes.

📺Watch Movie: Amazon Prime

Charlie Wilson’s War

A hard-partying Texas congressman finds himself in a little bit of crisis when he makes a socialite his girlfriend. She inspires into doing whatever he can to help the Afghan freedom fighters.

📺Watch it on: Hulu

Time to Hunt

What’s it about: Three outlaws want to leave their dystopian world and move to a faraway paradise, They plot a money heist to make their dreams come true, but ends up drawing the attention of a vicious killer.
📺Watch it on: Netflix

Honey Boy

What’s it about: From a screenplay by Shia LaBeouf, award-winning filmmaker Alma Har’el brings to life a young actor’s stormy childhood and early adult years as he struggles to reconcile with his father.
📺Watch Movie: Amazon Prime


What’s it about: Mother is the story about a mother and her teenage son Do-joon. When her mentally-handicapped son is accused of murdering a girl, the mother must go to great lengths to free him.
📺Watch it on: Hulu
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Popular Movies On Netflix This July

by Kaylen Summers

Looking for the best newly added movies on your streaming service? Here is the list of trending movies for you to choose from. Or, if you are looking for more personalized movie recommendations, be sure to check out our smart movie recommendation engine.

The Old Guard

Action, Adventure ⌛2h 05m
A group of four undying warriors has been protecting the world for centuries. Now, as they are off to discover a new immortal, a mysterious power is out hunting them.


Comedy, Romance ⌛1h 46m
After sending a ranting email to her new boyfriend, a panicked woman and her friends are on their way to Mexico to delete it before her boyfriend sees it.

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Comedy, Romance ⌛2h 03m
Two small-town singers are looking to make their musical dreams come true by participating in a global music competition. However, high stakes, scheming rivals, and onstage mishaps are testing their friendship.

Lost Bullet

Action, Adventure ⌛1h 33m
A genius mechanic with a criminal past is facing murder charges and in order to save his innocence he must track down a missing car with evidence.

Under the Riccione Sun

Romance ⌛1h 42m
A group of teenagers quickly become friends on their vacation on the busy beaches of Riccione. However, they soon start to grapple with relationship issues and romance.

Back to the Future

Sci-Fi, Comedy ⌛1h 56m
With the help of his eccentric inventor friend Doc Brown, Marty McFly must go back in time to play cupid for Mom and Dad if he wants to repair the damage to history.


Action, Thriller ⌛1h 57m
Fearless mercenary Tyler Rake is assigned  on a dangerous mission in Bangladesh to rescue the kidnapped son of a Mumbai crime lord.

The Platform

Psychological Thriller ⌛1h 34m
In a future vertical prison, the prisoners on the top get plenty of food while the ones in the lower section have to starve. The tension for food kick starts a rebellion.

Da 5 Bloods

Drama ⌛2h 35m
Four African-American Vietnam veterans make their way back to Vietnam in search of their squad leader’s remains and a buried treasure of gold.

Wasp Network

Crime, Drama ⌛2h 08m
Airplane pilot René González left his wife Olga and his daughter Irma and fled the country to start a new life in Miami. There he becomes a member of an anti-Castro organization.
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Calhoun Kill Her Husband in Wreck it Ralph

by Emily Keen

Rich Moore’s Wreck-it Ralph was a remarkable film build on the themes of friendship, love, and self-sacrifice. It was a clever film that revolved around Ralph who wants to give up on his life as the villain and assume the new life of a video game hero. When he accidentally aids in the escape of a deadly enemy he bets his life on protecting the arcade from reaching a disastrous end.

At its heart, the film is the heroic journey of Ralph on a quest to protect the people he cares about. But what most people fail to notice among all the commotion is a significantly dark twist at the end of the film.

The commanding officer of Hero’s duty voiced by Jane Lynch has a tragic story that many are not aware of. Seargent Tamora Jean Calhoun is said to have murdered her own husband at the altar according to a popular conspiracy theory. This puts an interesting canon on her character of a video game action hero character.

According to the theory, a giant Cy-bug enters the venue of Calhoun’s wedding. The Cy-bug goes on a killing rampage and in the process consumes her groom. She succeeds in killing the Cy-bug but her husband is already being indoctrinated.

She saw her husband being taken over in front of her very eyes and couldn’t help but turn into a cold merciless being. This tragedy makes her who she is as a person. In the film, however, this arc is played ostensibly for fun and laughs.

Although the story was not explicitly showcased to see how the events went down that day. The thing is Cy-Bugs tend to assume the shape of anything they consume.

This is evident from most Cy-bug encounters that go down in the film. When a Cy-bug eats a gun, it tends to gain the properties of the gun.

Similarly in one scene, when a Cy-bug eats a candy, it turns to candy.

The transformational abilities apply when Cy-bugs consume humans too. So naturally, after eating Ralph, the Cy-bug tends to gain his shape.

What we witness on Calhoun’s face is not the expression of grief or sadness. It is the uncontrollable urge to cause the destruction of evil. In this case, she badly wants to destroy the monster who has taken the form of the most important person in her life. The Cy-bug gave Ralph a painful death and what Calhoun’s looking for is only revenge.

It’s not long before the Cy-bug transformation occurs. So when Calhoun shoots the Cy-bug it has already turned into her husband. It is her husband’s face she sees as she puts a bullet in him.

And that’s how the theory of her as a killer of her husband came into being.

Do you think this holds up as enough evidence for Calhoun’s “chip on the shoulder” nature? Do let us know in the comments. And stay tuned to Spotflik for more such amazing theories.

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The Movie Titanic Is Secretly a Terminator Prequel

by Emily Keen

This could probably be the craziest theory you have ever heard of. It claims that Jack from Titanic is sent back in time by John Connor to protect his life.

It is being hypothesized that John Connor sends a soldier to the year 1991 to save his younger version. Terminator films treat the timeline as the only one in existence. Any changes in the timeline cause major changes in the future. It was thus important that John Connor protected himself and his mother so they could form the resistance.

This makes Titanic the first film of the Terminator franchise.

According to the theory, John Connor belongs to Rose’s bloodline. Rose was originally meant to die in Titanic. Arnold was not the only soldier who was sent back in time. Along with him, a second resistance soldier was dispatched to save Rose. Now Rose was not in any danger of being attacked by a Terminator. However, her fate was to drown in the film.

Here’s the evidence:

As another theory suggests that Jack was actually a time traveler, has a lot to do with this hypothesis as well. When Jack was sent into the past in 1912, he somehow ended up traveling slowly through the time and then abruptly ended up in 1912. This explains his haircut which was clearly from the 90s. Young John Connor had a similar hairdo. Furthermore, he smokes cigars that were a product first invented in the 1940s. How did he manage to get his hands on those? Also in one of his conversations with Rose, he mentions a roller coaster in Santa Monica pier. Surprisingly, the roller coaster was not built until 4 years after the Titanic disaster. The same goes for his claims about ice fishing in Lake Wissota. The Lake was created 5 years after Titanic sank. That means he experienced all these events close to 1912 and then rapidly ended up in the year where he was supposed to save Rose.

In the end, however, he could not stay with her. As part of the plan, he sinks in the water and removes himself from that time period as he did not belong there. This draws a direct parallel to Arnold’s self-termination at the end of Terminator 2.

Terminator 2 released in 1991 and Titanic released in 1997. The film was made on such a grand scale and yet left these loopholes for the audience to ponder over. The above analysis only suggests that these were deliberate cues that James Cameron sprinkled all over the film.

Do you think these are just coincidences? But we can’t help but feel excited about Titanic and Terminator being the beads on the same string.

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Most Tim Burton Films Secretly Star The Same Character

by Emily Keen

The Burton theory is a popular belief amongst fans that all of Tim Burton’s moves are connected. It still holds a lot of unrevealed secrets that can help us connect the dots.

According to the theory, all of Tim Burton’s films including Frankenweenie, Vincent, Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, Nightmare Before Christmas and, Corpse Bride are connected.

Tim Burton’s film “Vincent” is the first one on the list.

Vincent Malloy

Vincent (1982)Until he turned into a maniac, Vincent Malloy was a simple boy. His attempts in transforming his dog Abercrom bie into a Zombie led the dog to be given away.

And the man who adopts Abercrom bie is Victor and renames the dog Sparky.

Vincent’s wife Sally

Nightmare Before Christmas' Was Forced to Cut Joke About Tim ...Sally is not real. But Vincent claims to have murdered her by burying her alive. And later he tries to resurrect her by rebuilding her. Sally now resides in Halloween town after her death.


Post the occurrences of Frankweenie, Sparky is dead. He is buried in the pet cemetery and eventually becomes a spirit of Halloween Town. This is how he is adopted by Jack Skellington who renames him “Zero”.

This explains the glow on Zero’s nose in the afterlife.

Zero | Disney Wiki | Fandom

And easter egg can be noted when Zero’s gravestone is visible while victor is making a visit to Sparky’s grave.

This points to an obvious fact that Abercrombie, Sparky, and Zero are the same. They also bear a similar facial structure.

Edgar E’ Gore

Frankenweenie - Edgar 'E' Gore (With images) | Tim burton

Edgar is Victor’s lab partner. A failed lab experiment kills Edgar and he goes on to meet Dr. Frankelstein in the afterlife. The doctor makes the boy his own assistant and they both then create a Reindeer.


Were-rat and  Wolfman

My Top 10 Nightmare Before Xmas characters. - Nightmare Before ...

This character’s death is attributed to Sparky’s electrical shock. Once e he dies, he becomes a part of Halloween town later to be known as Wolfman.



Frankenweenie clip - Bigger Problem - Disney - Available on ...The Seamonkey kid dies and resides in Christmas Town and is later being pursued by the Jack’o lanter-in-a-Box.

This is when Sparky is dead for the second and last time.

Victor’s parents get him a new dog to help him forget about Sparky. The new dog is called Scraps. But eventually, Scraps too is dead. The death of his second dog pushes victor over the edge and he runs away. This is how he ends up with the Van Dorts.

After the adoption, the family forces Victor to get married to Victoria Everglot. This alliance is a part of Victoria’s parents’ plan to escape poverty.

Now if we look closely, Victor from Frankweenie and Victor from Corpse Bride bears an uncanny resemblance to one another.

While some people think it is just how Tim Burton likes his figures. But the theory suggests they are the same person.


Elsa Van Helsing

Elsa Van Helsing Image Elsa Van Helsing Frankenweenie फ़ोटो ...

Victor’s neighbor and his childhood crush goes in depression after she loses him. It’s as though she becomes dead inside. Not knowing how to handle the situation, her parents decide to put her into a foster home. In an attempt to begin a new life, Elsa changes her name to Lydia. Her new parents Delia and Charles Deetz, find a new home in Barbara and Adam Maitland’s old abode. This is how Beetlejuice begins.

Burgemeister has another brother who is neglected by the parents. Burgemeister ends up inheriting all his parent’s fortune while his brother Finis is left to deal with poverty.


This is what leads us to the happenings of Corpse Bride when Scraps makes a comeback.



12 Lively Facts About 'Corpse Bride' | Mental FlossWeird girl tries hard to convince her parents about their cat’s death. She fails repeatedly and her parents put her up for adoption. Jim and Peg eventually take her in.

Kim Boggs, Edward Scissorhands | 9 Winona Ryder Characters That ...

The girl Kim in Edward Scissorhands is the same Weird girl. She is not scared of Edward since she is just as weird herself. She has no pictures of her young self whatsoever proving she is the same as Weird girl.

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The Best Romantic Movies on Netflix Right Now

by Kaylen Summers

Here are some romantic movies that are sure to make you feel warm and cozy inside.

Blue Jay

It’s not like every day that you see your former high-school sweetheart  on a store. Well, it happened for Jim and Amanda when they returned to their small hometown in California. Their by-chance meeting led the two formal lovers into a long conversation reflecting their shared past and how their lives have changed over the years into what they have now. Warning: If you are going through a break up, then be sure to keep some tissues at reach.

Jerry Maguire

It was going all well for sports agent Jerry Maguire until he decided to get himself fired by exposing the corruptions happening in his own profession. Despite the huge setback, he decided to start an agency of his own. However, the only client he ended up having was Rod Tidwell, an egomaniacal football player. Now, the two has to work it out and overcome the obstacles as a team.

The Lobster

Ready for some sci-fi romantic comedy?! In the near dystopian future, the laws are against people being single. Those who are not in a romantic relationship are taken to The Hotel, where they meet other single people and are obliged  fall in love within forty-five days . If you fail, you will be transformed into beasts and send off into The Woods. Guess the future is not looking good for single people!

Silver Linings Playbook

Former teacher Pat spent more than eight months in a mental institution after getting attacked by his wife’s lover.  After getting released from the institution his out to set things straight with his wife and get back together. Will there be a happy ending to this modern love story? Guess you will have to stream it to find out.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Based on the trilogy of novels of the same name written by Jenny Han, this one-of-a-kind romantic tales tells the story of a shy teenage girl named Lara Jean Song-Covey. She writes five letters for five boys that she had crush on. She never indented to send it out, but her sister had other plans. Now, the poor girl has to confront all her crushes and make them understand what was going on. Talk about getting embarrassed in high-school.

Always Be My Maybe

Always Be My Maybe was nothing short of a huge success for Netflix and also a wonderful addition to the romantic comedy genre. The movie revolves around the famous chef Sasha and hometown musician Marcus seeing each other after 15 long years. Sasha is both rich and famous, while Marcus is helping his dad out with their family business. With both of them struggling to adapt to the other’s world, will they be able to feel the old sparks of attraction again?


Ever felt like you didn’t go the right moves to woo the girl of your dreams. That’s when dating coach Alex ‘Hitch’ Hitchens comes in. He can teach you the right set of moves to make anyone fall in love. He was mentoring a bumbling client named Albert to win the heart of Allegra Cole,  Hitch found himself having his own romantic setbacks with the tabloid reporter Sara Melas. Though both the client and mentor made a good first run, it turns out that Sara was actually digging for dirt on Allegra Cole’s love life. This threatens to destroy both relationships.

Blue Is the Warmest Color

It is considerable rare to to have a good, emotionally balanced, normal LGBTQ love story. Though we are getting some new entries into this genre during the past year, none will ever mach the depth and emotions of Blue Is the Warmest Color. The movie is about a young girl named  Adèle whose life changed when she meet Emma, a young woman with blue hair.  It was experiences with the her that helps grow, seek herself and fins herself transforms into an adult.

The One I Love

Ethan and Sophie are at the verge of separation and in order to save their relationship, they decided to go on a beautiful vacation house for a weekend getaway. Their attempts to save their marriage started off as a romantic and fun retreat, but soon turned into surreal. The couple soon realizes that it is high time that they examine themselves, their relationship, and their future.


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‘Drag Me To Hell’ is a Hallucination Caused by Bulimic Anxiety

by Emily Keen

If you have watched Drag me to hell, you must have noticed on several occasions the protagonist has a history of obesity. We can see her drooling over sweets through a bakery window and there is this woman who later makes an explicit comment about it. And how can we forget the photo of an overweight child that reads “SWINE QUEEN”.  Christine’s self-esteem issues are made obvious in much of the first half. The film clearly tries to showcase her insecurities caused as a result of her being overweight in the past.

Owing to these cues it has been made evident that Christine may have had a history of an eating disorder and the entire film is metaphorically representing her insecurities.

The film introduces Christine’s character as a young ambitious girl trying to make her career and find her place in the middle-class ranks of the society. Her family profession of being farmers is not something she is willing to continue and her biggest goal in life is to not be like her mother.

These apprehensions cause her to stay away from food as she thinks it will make her fat and disgusting again. Considering all these facts, fans have come up with a theory that suggests that Christine’s claim that she sees a demon is just a hallucination. Because it is the hunger that is driving her crazy and making her see things that do not exist. Remember the scene where a creepy hand begins tapping on the desk? In reality, it was just her colleague but the insecurities are aggregating and showing themselves in the form of unrealistic visions.

There is one scene where she passes out in the car and rams her car into a parking lot full of vehicles. But if you go to see, there is nobody following her. She just imagined a woman is following her.

An already insecure Christine is now drawn to the verge of a mental breakdown when she decides to see a Psychic. The Psychic tells her that there is an “Old woman’s curse” that is following her. And that could be the explanation to the nature of her hallucinations. The Psychic could be a fraud who has tricked her into believing that there is actually an evil power trying to take control of her. Although when Christine’s boyfriend is not allowed to be a part of the exorcism session, it hints that there is something shady about the claims made by the psychic.

The food is the ultimate stimulus to all the evil episodes Christine experiences is the main clue. Every time food is introduced in the frame, she gets attacked by the spirit. The Spirit only showing up in her house when she is in the kitchen. When she traps the spirit in the room, the spirit assumes the shape of pig hooves.

The starvation is the actual reason behind her bleeding nose, but the belief in the presence of an evil spirit has clouded her judgment which is why she thinks it is because of the curse.

The evil spirit in the form of an old woman is a representation of her bulimic anxiety. The ugly faced, toothless, candy stealing monster is doing pulling all sorts of disgusting acts to get her to eat. The one time she finally sits to eat, she finds an eye staring right back at her from the cake which leads to choking.

Bulimic anxiety sure seems like one disgusting experience. What do you think? Do let us know in the comments.

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Mary Poppins is a Timelord and We have Undeniable Proof

by Emily Keen

P L Traver’s classic book Mary Poppins about a London nanny was adopted in an iconic Disney film in 1964. The film drew as many as 13 Oscar nominations and bagged Julie Andrews an academy award for her stunning performance as Mary Poppins.

The story follows a mysterious magical nanny who comes down to help a troubled household with their issues. She is appointed to take care of the children of a busy banker and a Suffragette.

As we are all aware, Mary Poppins is not just any nanny. She is stern as a nanny but also kind and caring at the same time. Her magical abilities include the power to speak to animals, transporting her to different places, and the ability to fly. These and certain other traits that she possesses are have made some fanatics come up with an eccentric hypothesis. The theory suggests that Mary Poppins is actually timelord from Doctor who. For starters both characters are British, but we are not going to use that kind of platonic similarity as evidence to prove a highly debated theory.

It is a widespread belief that the quirky nanny shares a lot in common with the timelord from the Doctor who series.

We have lined up certain aspects of this fan theory to debate its pros and cons and to make sense of its implications. Let us examine if these aspects do have a plausible explanation to back this claim.

  1. If time lords have a dress code then Mary clearly follows it. When she appears with a long scarf and a sweeping trenchcoat she looks like she just blended the styles of 4th and 12th Any change in costumes bears an uncanny similarity with the outfit choices of the doctor. We cannot ignore the fact that Emily blunt just loves rocking a bowtie. In the infamous musical, the nanny likes to wear shoes that give her audience the idea that she is a levelheaded person. We see the doctor walking about in his super comfy converse most of the time.
  2. Her bag is bigger on the inside. If that is not timelord technology then we don’t know what is. Or all we know that bag could clearly be her Tardis. Timelords’ fictional time machine come spacecraft is also small on the outside but looks like a control room from within.
  3. Remember the scene when Timelord says he speaks horse? His exact words being “he is called Susan and he would like you to respect his life choices”. Mary Poppins says the exact same thing to Matthew and she is referring to a dog down the street. Similarly, there have been many other quotes that both these characters use in their respective worlds. Another very odd yet significant commonality between them is that they speak a language that normal people would tag “Alien”.
  4. Mary Poppins takes the kids on a space adventure. Mary’s umbrella technically cannot support flight for so many people. So we are guessing she uses the Tardis to take the children and Bert to space.
  5. Mary Poppins comes to people’s lives to fix their problems. She helps them mend broken relationships and leaves when her job is done. She constantly travels in search of such tasks and does not stop in one place forever. And what do we know about the timelord? The parallel between both their life choices shouts that they both are meant to be the people with similar purposes in life. Timelord does not exactly come into people’s life sniffing their troubled state. He is more of “gets into trouble and helps whoever he stumbles upon in the process” kinda guy.

What are your thoughts on this? Do let us know in the comments!

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7 Woody Harrelson Movies Worth Streaming

by Kaylen Summers

Seven Psychopaths

Marty is a struggling writer who is working on a screenplay. When his oddball friends kidnap a gangster’s beloved Shih Tzu, he inadvertently becomes entangled in the Los Angeles criminal underworld. Will the writer and his friends be able to outwit from this predicament, or will it cost their life?!


The world has been taken over by zombies and only a few are left to survive in the post-apocalyptic world. One among them is Columbus who has the habit of running away from what scares him. On the other hand, Tallahassee doesn’t have fears. Other than fighting the deadly zombies, these two perfectly evolved survivors are at their greatest challenge-tolerating each other.

The People vs. Larry Flynt

Larry Flynt is the offensive, indomitable, publisher of Hustler magazine. The film explores his efforts to make an honest living publishing his girlie magazine. However, soon it changes into a fight for freedom of speech for all people.

The Highwaymen

Frank Hamer and Manny Gault are two former Texas Rangers. They are commissioned to put an end to the wave of mutinous crimes executed by Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow.  Even though they are notorious robbers and cold-blooded killers,  they are worshiped by the public.

The Messenger

Will Montgomery is a U.S. Army Staff Sergeant. After returning home from, he is assigned to the Army’s Casualty Notification service. Their Montgomery is assigned to deliver notice to the families of fallen soldiers with Captain Tony Stone (Woody Harrelson). However, when he met Olivia Pitterson to deliver the news of her husband’s death, he is drawn to her.


Roy Munson used to be bowler before losing his hand to the wrong crowd. Now, he is left with a hook for a hand and has settled into impoverished obscurity. However, when he discovers that an Amish kid named Ishmael has the skills to become the next big bowling sensation, he is back on the circuit to settle some old score with Bif Ern.

White Men Can’t Jump

When it comes to being an unlikely pair of basketball players, Billy Hoyle and Sidney Deane on the top of the list. however, they have to team up no matter what to pull off a con that can get them way across the courts of Los Angeles. Will they be able to win a game that’s fast dangerous – and funny.

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Tarantino’s Top Favorite Spaghetti Westerns

by Kaylen Summers

Ultra stylized gun fights, morally muddy protagonist, and lots of bloody violence. There is nothing more wholesome, subversive, and iconic than the Spaghetti Western movies of the 60s.
However, pointing out the best ones from these influential flicks can be a tough job. This is why we have decided to let the master of onscreen violence, Quentin Tarantino, to tell us his favorite Spaghetti Westerns. We all know how much the director is influenced by these movies and watching the flick that impressed him the most will surely be a treat.
So, here is Quentin Tarantino’s top favorite Spaghetti Westerns

Once Upon a Time in the West (1968)

⌛2h 46min⭐4.25/5
A widow whose land and life are in danger as the railroad is getting closer and closer to taking them over. A mysterious harmonica player joins forces with a desperado to protect the woman and her land.
Available On: Netflix, Prime Video, iTunes

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)

⌛2h 41min⭐4.4/5
While the Civil War rages between the Union and the Confederacy, three men – a quiet loner, a ruthless hit man and a Mexican bandit – comb the American Southwest in search of a strongbox containing $200,000 in stolen gold.
Available On: STARZ, Prime Video, iTunes

For a Few Dollars More (1965)

⌛2h 12min⭐4.15/5
Two bounty hunters are in pursuit of “El Indio,” one of the most wanted fugitives in the western territories, and his gang.
Available On: STARZ, Prime Video, Showtime, iTunes

A Fistful of Dollars (1964)

⌛1h 39min⭐4/5
The Man With No Name enters the Mexican village of San Miguel in the midst of a power struggle among the three Rojo brothers and sheriff John Baxter. When a regiment of Mexican soldiers bearing gold intended to pay for new weapons is waylaid by the Rojo brothers, the stranger inserts himself into the middle of the long-simmering battle, selling false information to both sides for his own benefit.
Available On: STARZ, Prime Video, Showtime, iTunes

The Great Silence (1968)

⌛2h 46min⭐4.25/5

A mute gunslinger fights in the defense of a group of outlaws and a vengeful young widow, against a group of ruthless bounty hunters.

Available On: Kanopy, Prime Video, Showtime, iTunes

High Noon (1952)

⌛1h 25min⭐3.95/5
Will Kane, the sheriff of a small town in New Mexico, learns a notorious outlaw he put in jail has been freed, and will be arriving on the noon train. Knowing the outlaw and his gang is coming to kill him, Kane is determined to stand his ground, so he gathers a posse from among the local townspeople.
Available On: Prime Video, Hulu, Epix

High Plains Drifter (1973)

⌛2h 12min⭐4.15/5

A gunfighting stranger comes to the small settlement of Lago. After gunning down three gunmen who tried to kill him, the townsfolk decide to hire the Stranger to hold off three outlaws who are on their way.
Available On: Prime Video, Vudu, Verizon
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7 Best Animated Movies On Prime Video

by Kaylen Summers


Rango is a lost family pet who accidentally ends up in the gritty, gun-slinging town of Dirt. The less-than-courageous lizard soon finds out finds he stands out. However, the town thinks of him as their last hope and welcomes him. Thus, the new Sheriff Rango is forced to play his new role. But, will he be able to outwit what is about to come his way.

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The Adventures of Tintin

This one is the latest telling of the extraordinary adventures of the young reporter, Tintin, and his loyal dog, Snowy. Both of them are on a high adventure to discover the explosive secret behind a centuries-old mystery. However, Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine suspects that Tintin stole a priceless treasure. With the help of salty, cantankerous Captain Haddock and bumbling detectives, Thompson and Thomson, Tintin and Snowy, be able to solve this mystery too.

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Ernest & Celestine

This fantasy tale is about Celestine. He is a little mouse who is trying to avoid a dental career. On the other hand, Ernest is a big bear who is craving an artistic outlet. Together, both of them must overcome their natural hostility and team up to forge a life of crime together.

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The Snowman

It is Christmas Eve and a young boy makes a snowman. But, little did he know that it was going to come alive at midnight. Together the boy and the snowman take on a magical adventure to the North Pole. Their mission is to meet Santa Claus.

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Kirikou and the Sorceress

Unique its style of animation and drawn from elements of West African folk tales, Kirikou and the Sorceress tells the story of a newborn boy named Kirikou. He grows up to save his village from the evil witch Karaba.

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It is the year 1879 in Paris. An orphan girl has the ambition of becoming a ballerina and in order to fulfill it, she flees her rural Brittany for Paris. On reaching there, the little girl takes up the position of the pupil in the name of someone else and becomes a student at the Grand Opera house.

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A Town Called Panic

This bizarre animated tale tells the troubles of plastic toys like Cowboy, Indian, and Horse. Cowboy and Indian plan to make a homemade birthday gift to surprise Horse. However, it backfires and destroys his house instead. From there, its surreal adventures take over as they travel to the center of the earth, explore the frozen tundra, and ends up in a parallel underwater universe where pointy-headed, dishonest creatures live.

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7 Great Thriller Movies To Stream On Hulu

by Kaylen Summers


It will not be fair to not start the list with the 2020 Oscar-winner for best picture. This Korean flick is nothing short of a thriller and can keep you at the edge of your seat from the beginning to the end. The movie takes us to when two parallel in society collides. Ki-taek’s family is unemployed and poor. They take a peculiar interest in the wealthy and glamorous Parks for their livelihood. However, things never go according to plan and they soon get entangled in some unexpected incidents.

Kill Bill: Vol. 1

When it comes to telling thrilling stories that keep people entertained, Quentin Tarantino is your man. In the short number of cinematic masterpieces, Kill Bill still remains as the most iconic cult classic. The movie follows ‘Kiddo’, who is out to seek vengeance against those who plotted against her. She was shot by her ruthless employer, Bill, while other members of their assassination circle turned against her.

A Quiet Place

One of the best horror/monster movies to hit the theatres in 2018 was “A Quiet Place”. With a fresh perspective on the cliched story of post-apocalyptic monsters taking over the world, the movie told the story of one family who is forced to live in silence while hiding from creatures that hunt by sound.


What good is the list of thrillers with the spy who has the license to thrill? ‘Goldfinger has Special agent 007 going face to face with one of the evilest villains of all Bond movies. Will the charming spy be able to outwit and outgun the powerful tycoon? If not, he will be cashing in on a devious scheme to raid Fort Knox and destroy the world’s economy.


We have all heard about stories where die-hard fans become deadly lunatics for the stars they admire. This movie revolves around one such premise where Novelist Paul Sheldon crashes his car on a snowy Colorado road. But, that’s not the worse case as he is found by Annie Wilkes- his “number one fan”. Paul was late to realize that Annie is not mentally stable as he finds himself crippled, drugged, and at her mercy.

The Cabin in the Woods

A remote cabin in the woods and stranded college students- everyone knows what is going to happen next, right? this classic plotline gets a fresh perspective with this movie. Five college friends decide to spend their weekend at a remote cabin in the woods. What could possibly go wrong, they thought. However,  they got more than what they bargained for. Together, will they be able to discover the truth behind the cabin in the woods?

Super 8

Set in 1979 Ohio, this thriller is about several youngsters who are trying to make a zombie movie with a Super-8 camera. Unfortunately, their shooting made them witness a horrifying train derailment. Though the friends were lucky enough to escape with their lives, they soon realize that the catastrophe was no accident. What follows is a series of unexplained events and disappearances as Deputy Jackson Lamb, the father of one of the kids, investigates the horrifying truth behind the crash.

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Grease’s Fan Theory – Sandy Was Dead

by Emily Keen

The 1978 college musical Grease was a huge hit back when it released. The bubble gum romance story of high school sweethearts Sandy and Danny inspired many school plays. It went on to become the highest-grossing musical of the 20th century and gained a spot in top American Classics.

The fairy tale fantasy love affair is every hopeless romantic’s dream love story. But there are few fans who see a darker twist in the story. Theorists suggest that Sandy died at the end of the movie. And before she died, she builds the whole plot in her dreams.

Let us look at the evidence that validates this theory.

The first hint comes when Danny describes his “first meeting” with Sandy. In the song “Summer Nights” as he sings he mentions that he saved her life as she nearly drowned. This is where the theory holds itself presenting an alternate version of the situation wherein Sandy did not “nearly” drown, but she drowned and lost consciousness and went in a coma. The remainder of the film is a coma induced fantasy.

The second evidence that supports the claim is the flying car at the end of the film. The film is categorized as a musical, a love story, and a blockbuster. But never has it been called a fantasy.

But at the end of the film, Danny and Sandy are seen flying towards the clouds in a red convertible car. Now, what is a flying car doing in a ridiculously practical set up of a college musical? As per the theory, the flying car symbolizes Sandy is being transported to heaven after her long coma induced imagination about her prince charming finally comes to an end. The rest of the kids are seen waving at them while they ascend towards the clouds in the magic car. What part of that looks like a normal ending to a love story.

The theory also suggests that every other character except Danny is nothing but her imagination including Frenchy, Frosty Palace, Thunder Road.

The makers, however, have always dismissed this speculation and vehemently suggested that Sandy is very much alive. In fact, Jim Jacobs the co-writer of the musical said that John Travolta’s description of him saving the drowning Sandy is only an exaggeration to impress his boys and that Sand was not even close to anything like death. Both Sandy and Danny describe the even very differently in the songs which clearly means that one of them is lying. And given Danny’s playful attitude, it’s most likely him.

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Ferris Bueller’s Day Off- Ferris is Nothing But Cameron’s Imaginary Friend

by Emily Keen

Ferris Bueller the fictional Hollywood sensation of the 80s is a product of a one-liner plot idea pitched to Ned Tanen, by John Hughes. “I want to do this movie about a kid who takes a day off from school and … that’s all I know so far.” Tanen developed the script from that one line into a full-blown script in 6 days.

The iconic film revolves around two kids raised by two opposite kinds of families. Cameron’s parents are strict, unaffectionate, and more concerned about their tangible assets than their relationship with their son. Ferris Bueller, the titular character, on the other hand, has parents who are more liberal in their ways of raising their child and give him all the space he wants and let him live life the way he wants to live it. This very ideal way of living brings Ferris’ existence into question.

There is a very popular fan theory that Cameron’s boy Wonder best friend is nothing but a figment of his imagination. If we analyze the subtext of the story piece by piece, it does sound logical.

Let us start by examining Cameron’s state of mind. The film begins with Cameron waking up sick in bed and cursing his existence and wishing his presence had more value in people’s lives. That is when his unfazed BFF calls in and pep talks him into stopping wasting his energy into meaningless dwellings and seizing the day as it comes. Ferris convinces Cameron to get out of his be, steal his dad’s prized 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider. No wonder his dad treats the car as some kind of treasure!

As Cameron gathers the courage to follow Ferris’ suggestions, he rolls out in the Ferrari, picking up Ferris and the most beautiful girl in school. What ensues next is an extravagant day off as the teenagers go on a rampage on the streets of New York.

Ferris drives the 2500 dollar Ferrari. Cameron rides the whole afternoon in the back of the car.

Ferris is Cameron’s way of momentarily letting go of his deep emotional pain and worry. Once Ferris is behind the wheel of the situation, he is in control. Things get fun. Cameron’s sickness suddenly vanishes. But later in the day, Cameron says something that makes us wonder if the speculation is in fact true.

He admits that he is still under control. As if the angel is telling the Devil.

In the case of Ferris, he seems to just know what Cameron is thinking, and how he reacts to the dilemmas he faces.

Ferris talks to the camera as if he is our imaginary friend guiding us with enticing life lessons. Just like the voice in our heads or a reflection in the mirror. Ferris’ ideal parents are exactly something that a boy would dream of if his own mother and father were cold and unaffectionate.

Probably Cameron does invent Ferris to escape reality and that in turn gives him the courage to stand up to his icy father. Cameron here comes off as the striking protagonist of the movie because he evolves as a character. For him, that day is significant in his growth from a self-loathing teenager to a self-assured adult.

After he destroys his father’s Car he decides to face his family and stand up to their torturous attitudes. Subsequently, Ferris is seen escaping in what we can call the fastest and the most dramatic run off scene ever. Unless its an image, it’s highly implausible that he can go from one place to another that quick. Ferris remains the way he is, like an angelic figure, who does not believe in rules like the rest of us

While the majority of the details make this hypothesis believable, a few details bring it under questioning. Like Rooney’s phone call with Ferris’ mother or Rooney intruding the Bueller house. Those are totally unnecessary for an imagination aiming to achieve an escape. But this reading fits well into Cameron’s arc as a troubled teenager who has serious issues with his family. The film touches upon critical themes like self-doubt and teenage insecurities and fears. And Ferris is the magical friend we all dream of having at some point in our lives. Especially on one of those particularly bad days!

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Is Dorothy the Wicked Witch of the East in Wizard of Oz?

by Emily Keen

When The Wizard of Oz released in 1939, it did not turn out to be blockbuster right away. The film had a slow start but went on to become a hit when aired on television. That is probably one of the reasons why the film is counted under classic family films. The film that was brought to life by MGM studios with innovative color technology and a wholesome story about a farm girl from Kansas, went on to become one of the most iconic films of Hollywood. Starring the legendary Judy Garland in the lead role, the film revolves around a girl, Dorothy, who gets swept away to a magical land and must face many challenges to find her way back home. Accompanying her in the magical journey are a bunch of other iconic characters from the movie including the Scarecrow without a brain, a tin man without a heart, and a cowardly lion. The group in the hope of having their wishes fulfilled resort to Wizard of Oz for help. The Wizard, in turn, tasks them with getting a broom from the Evil witch of the west. The bunch of outcasts must now fight their way into the arena of the evil witch to procure the broom. To their bad luck, they invite the evil witch’s fury on their way to her homeland by killing her sister- the Evil witch of the east.

Many of the characters from the film have had a double presence. The characters who Dorothy meets on the way including the Lion, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man are in fact people who she knows from back home in Kansas. Since many characters make an appearance in both the worlds Dorothy sees, a theory speculating that wicked witch of the East is, in fact, Dorothy’s double has been pushed by fanatics.

Is she though?

(Spoiler Alert)

Those of us who have watched the film, know that the film culminates the entire journey into a classic Hollywood climax where it all turns out to be a dream. But many suggest that it may not be so. In all probability, it could be that Dorothy was swept into a different reality. And that is the reason she sees familiar faces on the road to Emerald City and that she was sent back by tapping the magical heels together by Glinda.

Coming back to the death of the Wicked Witch of the east! In the film, she dies as she is crushed under the ruins of Dorothy’s house. And for the same reason, the audience never gets to see her face clearly.

The only specifics that tie her to Dorothy is that they both have the same shoe size. So the speculation goes on to propose that in the story multiple copies of characters are drawn to kill the possibility of a paradox. And therefore Dorothy’s copy in the wizarding world was the Wicked witch of the east and when she meets her maker at the beginning of the film, Dorothy replaces her in the real world.

But then why did the Wicked witch of the West did not recognize Dorothy when she met her? That is attributed to the perception-altering nature of parallel realities. Perhaps you cannot recognize familiar faces in a different reality because the set up alters your senses to keep the visitor from impacting the fabric of that world. And for the same reason, Dorothy does not recognize, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion even though she knows people with similar faces in Kansas.

Does this make sense to you? Do let us know in the comments.

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Dark knight- Joker is an Iraq War Veteran

by Emily Keen

Todd Phillips’ “Joker” released last year and finally gave away the much-awaited origin story of the clown Prince of crime. Christopher Nolan had always kept a tight lip on the history of Joker’s character. There were reports that Jeremy from ‘Gotham’ evolves into the maniac killer that joker is, but those were later dismissed by the makers of the show.

One theory, however, was so well received before the actual origin story was brought to light is that Joker was a war veteran from Iraq who suffered from PTSD. As his trauma enveloped his mind, his actions grew out of control and that is what forced him to go on a rampage letting hell loose on the streets of Gotham. Does this sound like a logical explanation? Let us look at the indications that led fans to believe that the Dark knight’s nemesis was ex-military.

Most part of the theory is attributed to his knowledge of explosives, firearms, and combat. Furthermore, it also seems like a very likely explanation for his scars.

If we dig deeper, his speech to Harvey Dent has subtle cues that implicate the system for being unjust towards soldiers. The text goes-  “If tomorrow I tell the press that, like, a gang banger will get shot or a truckload of soldiers will be blowing up, nobody panics because it’s all part of the plan. But when I say that one little old mayor will die… well, then everyone loses their minds.

The subtext clearly indicates he feels a soldier’s life is undervalued and he feels it even closely because he has experienced it himself. He is very explicit in expressing his aversion towards the normalization of battle casualties and in fact, is causing him to resist by creating chaos in society.

In that story, his target was specifically the District Attorney Harvey Dent and he had made his intentions about dragging the DA to become a pawn into his game of tipping the scales of justice in society. But if analyzed deeply, he is only trying to send a message to the states worldwide.

Patton Oswalt backed his theory in one of his tweets and fuelled it even further by highlighting Joker’s manipulative abilities during police interrogation. He speculated it as a sign of professional military intelligence training. In fact, the clown prince is hypothesized of having planned a bigger strike on Gotham city to bring its people face to face with its vices. The validity of this evidence is still arguable given its all based on circumstances.

This was all just speculation, but Joker as a symbol did find a connection to all the elements of the theory. In fact, what is not often talked about is the fact that Nolan presented the third script of the trilogy along the same lines. Bane staging a massive attack on the institutions of Gotham was also a sign of the resistance against the abusive nature of the system and its organizations. The film referred to pop culture figures as a metaphor for lording power.

The PTSD theory may not have been the real cause of Joker coming into action but had only strengthened the mythology of the character. It fit well into the arcs of the Dark Knight Trilogy and gave meaning to the actions of Dark Knight’s iconic villain. Do let us know your thoughts on this.

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Doc Brown was Suicidal in Back to the Future

by Emily Keen

It’s been 34 years since the iconic time travel romp Back to the Future released but no other time heist script has aged as well as this mind-bending classic. Marty McFly set the screens on fire when he appeared as the guitar pounding teenager in the first film. The film not only conceptualized a great script around the space-time continuum but also played heavily on American values and fears that prevailed in the society in the 1980s.

The complex plotline required the audience to twist their grey matter to keep up. But even after that, there was a lot of trivia that invited questions. Jennifer’s transformation from Claudia Wells’ body to Elisabeth Shue’s form is the biggest mystery of all time. Marty’s parents being unable to tell their son who traveled back in time to influence their young lives is the height of naivety

The craziest and one of the most popular theories about this venture is that Doc Brown wanted to commit suicide. We are not going to see any more reboots of the franchise in the future. So all we are left with are the conspiracies spewed by fanatics who have their own ideas around the puzzling affairs of the film.

In this article, we are trying to understand if Doc Brown truly was suicidal.

The theory suggests that when Doc Brown was attempting to test the machine for the first time, his plan was to kill himself in the process. Using DeLorean as a time machine, he asks Marty to film the first attempt of pulling the time travel. In the same scene, we see the man recalling all his failed inventions. He has never attempted time travel before and is not sure if the machine will work. But even then he uses his beloved dog as a subject in the test run knowing very well, that his experiment might fail. While having the dog in the passenger seat, he stands right in front of the speeding machine. It is not difficult to decode his state of mind if you can read that scene. It has all the indications of his suicidal mindset.

Theorists believe that this was a do or die situation for the doc. If this experiment failed he was ready to give his life away along with the lives of his loved ones. On the other hand, he had “The Libyans” hunting him for the plutonium. He was sure that if he was caught, they will never let him live.

A different section of fans believes his mental state could well be understood when he recalled the incident of him almost having his head cut while trying to hang a clock in the bathroom. That his ultimate aim there was to hang himself to death!

Does this count as enough evidence to suggest that Doc Brown was suicidal? Do let us know in the comments.

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10 Greatest Gangster Movies of All Time

by Kaylen Summers


🍅82% ⌛2h 00m
What is it about: A businessman was imprisoned, drugged and tortured for 15 years. He is now desperate to seek revenge on his captors.
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🍅96% ⌛2h 25m
What is it about: Henry Hill is a half-Irish, half-Sicilian Brooklyn kid. He was adopted by the neighborhood gangsters at an early age and worked his way up the ranks of the crime family.
Watch now


🍅80% ⌛2h 59m
What is it about: Sam “Ace” Rothstein is a low-level mobster. He is tapped by his bosses to head the Tangiers Casino. Though it was successful in the beginning, his adversaries make things worse for them.
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Donnie Brasco

🍅88% ⌛2h 07m
What is it about: An undercover FBI agent infiltrates the mob. However, he becomes more interested in the mafia life than his normal life.
Watch now

The Godfather

🍅98% ⌛2h 55m
What is it about: Organized crime family patriarch, Vito Corleone barely survives a murder attempt on his life. His son Michael steps in to launch a campaign of bloody revenge.
Watch now

The Departed

🍅91% ⌛2h 31m
What is it about: In order to take down South Boston’s Irish Mafia, the police sends in an undercover agent. Meanwhile there is a dirty cop working for the kingpin. Soon, both sides realize that there is a mole on their side.
Watch now

The Man from Nowhere

🍅100% ⌛1h 59m
What is it about: Former special agent, Taesik lives a low life after his wife’s death. Now, his only friend named Somi, a little girl next door, is kidnapped and he is out to save her.
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🍅98% ⌛2h 55m
What is it about: Tony Montana becomes the biggest drug lord in the state murdering anyone who stands in his way. Increased pressure from the police and wars with Colombian drug cartels, eventually led to his downfall.
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The Untouchables

🍅82% ⌛1h 59m
What is it about: Elliot Ness is a young Treasury Agent who is determined to take down Al Capone. However, Capone has many cops in his pocket. With the help from veteran patrolman Jimmy Malone, will he be able to finally get him?
Watch now

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

🍅75% ⌛1h 45m
What is it about: After losing a sketchy poker match, a card shark and his unwillingly-enlisted friends decide to pull a heist on a small-time gang.
Watch now
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9 Most Terrifying Serial Killer Movies and TV Shows

by Emily Keen

We often dim serial killers as sociopaths whose minds nothing but evil. But did you know that Ted Bundy the infamous American serial killer and rapist worked for a suicide hotline and saved a child from drowning? Jefferey Dahmer was famous in his school years for being a prankster and his antics had gained him immense following then. The question arises that if they had these positive qualities which impacted the lives of people in good ways, what propelled them to go on a rampage with a knife their hands. That is indeed a very logical question given the fact that they did participate in activities that normally would be tagged “good”.

One way is to read books on criminal psychology which you will dread after reading a few pages if you are not a bookworm. The other way is to watch films based on the lives of these pathological killers. These films dive deep into the lives of these criminals which possibly hold the explanation as to what led these individuals formerly normal ad humane, succumb to darkness.

Here is a list of 9 films and TV shows that derive their arcs from the lives of real-life serial criminals and literary fiction revolving around the same concept.

Ted Bundy (2002)

Ted Bundy (2002) - MoriaEven true love is not enough to keep a man from committing heinous crimes when his cognitive functioning is abnormal. Serial killer biography “Ted Bundy” is exemplary of the fact. The sinister story of Theodore Robert Bundy under Matthew Bright’s direction generously covers his ability to commit murder and a monstrous sexual appetite.

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My Friend Dahmer (2017)

My Friend Dahmer Review: A Disturbingly Effective Portrait of a ...Jefferey Dahmer is an American serial killer who rose to fame by killing 17 men and boys. This film tells the story of his progression towards the stage of a murderer and liberally explores the incidents that led to it. The film brings to life his teenage life when he struggled to make it through school with the pressures of dysfunctional family life. His goofball antics gain a cult fan club at school but little can keep his vices from spiraling out of control.

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Wolf Creek (2005)

Wolf Creek – IFC CenterA road trip goes awry in the wilderness of Australia as a group of three friends is led into a trap by a stranger disguised as a Samaritan when their car knocks out in the middle of the journey. The film is directed by Greg McLean and is by and large a celebration of pure violence. The story begins with three friends taking a road trip in Australia and experience a car breakdown in the middle of nowhere. Mick appears as a ray of hope in that helpless situation and offers them a ride down the road. The group camps at night but wakes up in a completely shabby condition and separated from one another. Turns out the stranger was not a life savior after all.

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Monster (2003)

Monster Review | Movie - EmpireFrom patty Jenkins comes a thought-provoking and patho drama seeding from the underbellies of Florida. Aileen is a prostitute who falls in love with Selby after moving to Florida. In an unfortunate turn of events, Aileen commits a murder in an attempt to save herself from the brutal attacks of John. With one predicament resolved, life still does not seem to get any better. This forces Aileen to relapse and takes the same old road of violence and cruelty.

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Man Bites dog (1992)

Man Bites DogThis film is a satirical approach to exemplify the complicity of media in the stories they report. The plot follows a serial killer Ben, whose crimes are documented by two filmmakers Remy and Andre. But the footage is more of a presentation of Ben’s mindset and methods as a killer where he talks about the philosophy behind murder and why he does what he does. The crew recording the activities of rampage eventually become a part of the crimes Ben commits thus giving the audience a whole new perspective on the pitfalls of reporting.

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Mindhunter (2017)

Charlize Theron Says the Second Season of "Mindhunter" Will Hit ...As the title suggests, the show follows the activities of FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench. Deconstructing the disillusioned mindset of a serial killer is a part of their routine which goes on to inspire the idea for a full-blown profiling system used to hunt down psycho murderers. The show boasts a strong off the camera crew including Oscar-nominated director David Fincher Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron who is one of the show’s executive producers.

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Bates Motel (2013)

Bates Motel - Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore, Kerry Ehrin Season 3 ...Jaw-dropping callbacks, character development, and the overall message are what make this show a true masterpiece. This is not one of those predictable storylines even though the idea of the show is a borrowed one. The smaller stories making way through the main plot prove a driving force for the whole scenario negating the element of “fillers’’. There are no fillers. All of it is relevant. The story begins with an incomprehensibly brutal act of a killer murdering his mother and putting her remains on display in their house. The answers to this disturbing puzzle are revealed as the story progresses.

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Hannibal's cancellation gives rise to an online fan petition to ...This is a highly acclaimed crime drama series that borrows its characters from Thomas Harris’ novel. The central theme of cannibalism finds its garnish with a top tier team of CGI experts thus giving the audience a visually salubrious experience. The audio effect is also spotting thus amplifying the whole feel tenfold. The central character of the show is a psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter who has the bane to influence his patients to do exactly as he wants.

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Se7en (1995)

Movie Review: Se7en - Casual Rambling - MediumAnother David Fincher edge of the seat thriller that stays relevant even today holds an iconic end twist that makes the audience go crazy. The film sees a serial killer ending the lives of his victims based on the seven deadly sins. The case is assigned to two detectives- one on the verge of his retirement and the other is a newbie. The case affects both their lives in the most unexpected ways and that is what elevates the whole experience. It is dark, gripping and the end is one of the most shocking scenes you may have ever experienced.

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6 Best Vintage Classics Worth Watching

by Kaylen Summers

Das Boot

It is the time of the Second World War and a German submarine is hunting allied ships. However, soon it becomes the hunted. Even though the crew tries to stay alive below the surface, the situations are pushing both the boat and themselves to their limits.

The Green Mile

This one is a supernatural tale set in a Southern prison. Gentle giant John Coffey has the mysterious power to heal people’s ailments.  One of the head guard, Paul Edgecomb, hears about Coffey’s miraculous gift and he tries desperately to help escape the condemned man’s execution.

Life Is Beautiful

During World War II, an Italian book seller of Jewish ancestry loves to live in his own little fairy tale. However, his creative and happy life soon comes to an unexpected end when his entire family is deported to a concentration camp.  But even in lock-up he tries to make his son believe that the whole thing is just a game.

Seven Samurai

When the villagers asked a samurai for protection from bandits, he gathers six others to help teach the people of the village to defend themselves. In return they will be providing the soldiers with food. Unfortunately, a group of 40 bandits attacks the village and a giant battle occurs.

Cinema Paradiso

During his childhood a filmmaker used to visit his village’s theater and fall in love with movies there. It was also during this time that he formed a deep friendship with the theater’s projectionist.

Rear Window

While getting an action shot at an auto race, professional photographer L.B. ‘Jeff’ Jeffries breaks his leg and is confined to his New York apartment. While spending his time looking out of the rear window observing the neighbors, he begins to suspect that across the courtyard a man may have murdered his wife.

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8 Best Crime Movies to Stream on Disney Plus

by Emily Keen

You are about to get introduced to some of the best crime movies streaming on Disney plus. There are films that are straight-up solemn and follow heavyweight crime Lord’s. while there are others that are a lighthearted effort to give the audience a laughter-filled chase of criminals. These do not encompass any supernatural or superhero crime adventures. The movies are carefully picked based on their innately human and straight forward approach of tackling outlandish characters.

101 Dalmatians

Why Does 101 Dalmatians Look Like That? | Disney InsiderThe sadistic and villainous Cruella De Vil wants to make a fur coat out of Dalmatian pelts. But for that, she needs 101 Dalmatians. In an effort to gather the pelt, she hires thugs to kidnap the pups of Pongo and Perdita. The kidnapping leads to Pongo going on a quest to rescue his pups from the evil Cruella, with the help of his dog network. This is one of the most iconic animated films by the mouse house with virtually expressive and top tier animation skills.

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Adventures in Babysitting

10 Thrilling Facts About 'Adventures in Babysitting' | Mental FlossA comical adventure unfolds in downtown Chicago as a babysitter leaves her job by the day to rescue her friend. Her decision to leave with the kids causes them to face hazards of perilous proportions but that of course portrayed in a comical light.

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Blank Check

About — Blank checkIf you enjoyed “kid against thugs” stories like Home Alone and Baby’s Day out, you are definitely going to adore this one. The film circles around Preston who receives a blank check for a million dollars. But before he can fall back on his stack of cash and relax he has to show thugs chasing him for the money that he is not the kind of kid they should mess with.

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Dadnapped | Disney channel original, Original movie, MoviesMelissa hates the fact that her father’s only obsession is a character from his comic book and he devotes all his time to writing about him. In a mysterious turn of events, the dad gets kidnapped by two of his fanboys. Now it is up to Melissa and her friends to rescue him from the captivity of the sinister kidnappers.

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Emil and the Detectives

Emil And The Detectives - Trailer - YouTubeAnother “kids up against gangster’ adventure well handled by Disney Gloves, this is a story written by Children story writer Erich Kastner. The film sees Emil and his group of detective story aficionado friends going up against rogue criminals to retrieve a stolen envelope. Somewhere between a kiddie entertainment and serious gangster romp, Disney manages to give it’s audience an enigmatic chase set in the streets of Berlin.

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Get a Clue

Lindsay Lohan Was The Ultimate Mystery Solver In 'Get a Clue' - MTVLexy Gold a rich and sassy college diva writes for a high school newspaper. But her inner writer craves more and she decides to put her investigative skills to use. With her friends onboard she starts looking into the unexplained disappearance of one of their professors. Their investigative reporting in the local news daily attracts the attention of a corporate investigator.

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Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget' Movie in Development at Disney – VarietyA naive John Brown cannot do much with his abilities to become the greatest protector of law and order as he aims. But Dr. Brenda with her knowledge of robotics transforms the inept officer into a man full of talents and gadgets. He can now single-handedly fight the outlaws in the city. The film follows his quest of chasing and busting Riverton city’s darkest criminal, Claw.

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Max Keeble’s Big Move

Max Keeble's Big Move | Full Movie | Movies AnywhereMax Keeble is bullied and put down on the first day of school. When he finds out that his family had decided to move out of town, he plans a retaliation on each of the bullies thinking he will never see them again. But that move proves to be the biggest mistake since the family changes mind and decides stay back. Keeble must now face the bullies again.

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8 Best Gangster Movies Now streaming on Prime Video

by Emily Keen

The perception of criminals and gangsters we share today is all thanks to the cinema. If it were not for the story writers who decided to tackle the subject and take a closer look at the lives of outlaws who thrived in the underbelly of the society, a common man would never know what the underworld is made of. Gangster movies have evolved from pre-code crime to a modern-day version of street gangs and outcasts.

Here are 8  globetrotting films that capture the essence of the hood genre in its own unique style. You can stream these now on Amazon Prime.


  1. The Man From Nowhere

New Line to Remake Korean Hit “Man from Nowhere” | WorldFilmGeekTae Shik, an ex-con while living a peaceful and quiet life in solitude. He crosses paths with So Mi who, a child from the neighborhood who soon becomes his only friend. Things go south when So Mi’s mother messes with a local gang of criminals and gets herself and her daughter kidnapped. It is now up to Tae Shik to save them.


  1. Lord of War

A businessman discovers a gold mine of arms and ammunition and starts closing under the table deals with desperate arm seekers from unstable third world nations. This puts him on Interpol’s radar who suspect he is accumulating unnatural amounts of wealth doing illicit activities. Interpol officer Jack Valentine is now in his tail and hell bent on proving his crimes.


  1. A Bittersweet Life

Nicolas Cage - Lord Of War | Lord of warSun Woo becomes the manager at a high profile SKy Lounge after 7 years of proven Loyalty and his business management talent to its owner Mr. Kang. The owner has an affair with a young girl who he believes is cheating on him. Woo is tasked to catch them red-handed and kill them. But Woo surprisingly lets the man leave and that triggers bad blood between him and the members of his gang.


  1. Seven Psychopaths

Seven Psychopaths” is Bloody Smart | Reel ChangeMarty is a writer who has a hard time finishing his dream screenplay “Seven Psychopaths”. But thanks to his friend Billy he might just find all the inspiration he is looking for. Billy and Hans steal Charlie’s dog and invite infuriate the unpredictable, violent gangster. This sets a series of happenings which could help Marty finish his screenplay, but will he live long enough to do it.


  1. Flickering Lights

Flickering Lights · Stream | Streaminganbieter · KINO.deTorkild, a seasoned criminal makes the last heist of his career his key to getting out of the dirty business. He and his cronies are hired by a Man from Faro, to steal a bag from a secured placement. they soon discover that the bag contains a fortune large enough to start a clean business. But will the Man from Faro let them escape with the money they stole from him?


  1. King of New York

King Of New York Review | Movie - EmpireFrank White is a ruthless drug Lord who on his release from Jail, realizes that the city is not the same as he had left it. The film builds as the psychotic kingpin eliminates competition and drives all his efforts and money to a noble cause. This is one of those underrated gems in the genre that is a must-watch for every genre buff.


  1. Atlantic City

The Oscar-nominated movie "Atlantic City" is released | Local News ...Susan Sarandon plays Sally who is on the run from her gangster husband Dave who is a criminal. Sally moves to Atlantic City with the hope of making it big in the gambling industry. She meets Lou who becomes both her savior and possibly her only way to achieve the success she aims to accomplish. But the path they are headed is a dangerous one. will they survive to live the dream they are betting their lives for?


  1. A Time to Live, A Time to Die

Hou Hsiao-Hsien's THE TIME TO LIVE AND THE TIME TO DIE | Tue Sept ...A semi-autobiographical drama directed by Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao-Hsien the film follows the life of Ah-ha whose family moves from the Chinese mainland to the Taiwan countryside. As he grows, there are a series of events that lead them to become permanent residents if the island. when the family loses the head, Ah-ha’s siblings leave the house leaving him in charge of the household. The film builds around his journey of endurance and tribulations in transforming Taiwanese society.

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8 Best Thriller Movies to Stream on Disney Plus

by Emily Keen

Disney’s current line of movies and TV shows is as overwhelming as it can get. The mouse house went all in when filling up the service with their good old classics from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Besides this Disney plus exclusive content is also available.

Amid this whole roster, it could be difficult to track down a few movies from one particular genre. We have done the heavy lifting for you. Spotflik has different movies listed from specific genres from various streaming services. Here is a list of 8 Best thrillers films on Disney plus.


  1. Mighty Joe young

Mighty Joe Young (1998)Jill a young jungle girl, takes care of a young gorilla who grows into a tall wide specimen. An eco enthusiast makes an appearance in the mountains and convinces Jill that Joe could have a better life in a facility in LA. As they are ready to make the transition, they are faced with a lot of difficulties along the road and a host of conspiracies unravel.


  1. National Treasure

National Treasure' director wants a third movie, fears streaming ...The founding fathers have hidden a war chest that Benjamin Franklin Gates must now find. But the path he is about to take is not an easy one as he is also being chased by the FBI. And there is an evil villain who simultaneously seeks the treasure he is hunting.


  1. National Treasure: Book of Secrets

Review: National Treasure: Book of Secrets - Slant MagazineThe legendary artifact Hunter is back at it again. This time Ben Gates is faced with secrets of felonious proportions that connect his family to the murder of Abraham Lincoln. It is up to him to clear his family name off the crime. But that is just a part of the conspiracy. The bigger picture, in reality, is a global conspiracy that can be solved using a diary that holds deep secrets that will help him connect the dots.


  1. Race to Witch Mountain

Race To Witch Mountain Review | Movie - EmpireThe Earth is under a massive alien threat. Siphon a killer from outer space is hell bent on destroying the planet and two aliens in human form are in a quest to protect it. They seek help from Jack to go up against the ET monster.


  1. That Darn Cat

That Darn Cat!' is a delightful return to classic family ...D.C. is a Siamese cat owned by the Randall sisters. she is pretty much the reason for all the excitement on their lives. This time she wanders into an apartment where a bank employee, Margaret Miller is held captive. Miller comes up with an idea to get help by attaching an SOS note to the cat. when the sisters find it, they bring in FBI agent, Zeke Kelso to investigate.


  1. The Finest Hours

The Finest Hours Blu-ray Review - AVSForum.comBased on Casey Sherman and Michael J. Touglas’ book the film follows the 1952 coast guard rescue incident off New England Seaboard. The film zeroes in on four coast guards facing a furious storm and on a deadly mission to save the crew trapped in a damaged oil tanker.


  1. The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger Trailer 2013 Johnny Depp Movie - Official [HD ...This modern-day Western spaghetti set up is vividly imagined and insanely executed. A lawyer, John is on chasing an outlaw, Cavendish. In one encounter the formidable enemy almost kills them. But John is saved by Tonto who then teams up with him to bring down the villain.


  1. Turner and Hooch

12 Fun Facts About Turner & Hooch | Mental FlossScott Turner is a detective who leads a very disciplined life. Hooch, a monstrous dog turns his life upside down as he walks in. His owner is murdered and now it’s up to Turner to deal with his post-traumatic stress.

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Connected (2020) Trailer

by Kaylen Summers

Connected is a classic road trip comedy complete with a cute dog and a robot invasion. A desperate father finds himself less connected with his tech-savvy daughter. With her leaving for college, he must find a way to bring back the love and care that they once shared. The solution- a road trip at the last possible second. But, will that be enough to keep the family bonds tight?!

Releasing Date: September 18, 2020

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10 Best Mystery Movies On Netflix

by Kaylen Summers

There are movies that are just like comfort food. You know what it tastes like and you love having them. However, at times, we love something that can jolt our systems. When it comes to movies, Netflix has both of them and today we will be taking a look at the latter category of mysteries that are sure to keep you thrilled.

Here are some of the best mystery thriller on Netflix.


Christopher Nolan is a director who never fails to surprise us. His out-of-this-world science fiction movies are equal part mystery thrillers as well, and among them Inception stands tall and powerful. The movie takes about dreams and how a group of people can place ideas or extract ideas from another person’s mind.


Jack spent his life growing up in a room. He believes that the only things real in the world are inside that room. however, things changed when his Ma revealed that there are things outside the room as well. What will be his reaction? This mysterious tale has all the elements and a fresh plot to keep you hooked.


Sam Bell has spent almost three years in a Moon-based manufacturing facility. He is the only occupant there and all he has for company is his computer and assistant, GERTY. Within three weeks he is hoping to get back home to Earth. However, his plans get changed when an accident happens. Sam soon finds out that he is not alone.

Ex Machina

Caleb is a 26-year-old coder working for the world’s largest internet company. She wins a competition to spend a week at a private mountain retreat that belongs to the CEO, Nathan. When she reached there is quickly understands that she is there to participate in an experiment where she interacts with the world’s first true artificial intelligence.

Rosemary’s Baby

Featuring Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes, the movie is about a young couple who moves to a New York apartment to start a family. However, the soon-to-be mother, Rosemary suspects that her neighbors are strange and her unborn child is not safe growing around them. The movie is both creepy and mysterious, and can quickly get under your skin.

Mystic River

Sean Penn and Tim Robbins star in this mystery thriller. The movie tells about three men who were childhood friends. However, when a family tragedy happens to one of them, it rattles the life of the other two as well. This crime and drama movie has a high Rotten Tomatoes score of 88% and a high IMDb audience rating of 7.9.

The Hateful Eight

If you are a Tarantino fan then here is the director’s crime mystery from the west for you. We all know how much the director is influenced by the spaghetti westerns and this movie is exactly that. A raging blizzard has made a bounty hunter seek shelter. However, he didn’t expect himself to be caught up in a plot of deception and betrayal.


After Sept. 11 Los Angeles, the tension is really high. Unfortunately, it gets even higher when the lives of a Brentwood housewife and her district attorney husband coverage with that of a Persian shopkeeper, two cops, a pair of carjackers and a Korean couple over a 36-hour period.

The Invisible Guest

When a young businessman wakes up in a hotel room with him locked from the outside. He knows that things are not going to be on his side. Adding more to the mystery he is in, his girlfriend is there laying dead on the bed. With a prestigious lawyer that he had hired, now he must build a defense case for him or he will be taken to jail.


This darkly comic and provocative film is a paranoia-fueled action thriller. An unsuccessful writer uses a ‘smart-drug’ that lets him use 100 percent of his brain. He may have become the perfect version of himself, but his quick success attract shadowy forces that start to threaten his new life.

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Free Movie To Watch Online While In Quarantine

by Kaylen Summers

The fight against COVID9 continues and as you are staying home away from others, we’ve made a list of the best movies to keep you entertained. The best part is that you can stream them all for free!
Before we start…
🚨Please keep in mind that you can protect yourself and others from the virus.
🖐Wash your hands with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub for more than 20 seconds.
😷Use masks only if you have symptoms. Save them for health care workers who really need it.
🏡Most importantly, stay home and keep yourself entertained with these movies.

The Intouchables

🍅74% ⌛1h 53m 🎬Comedy, Biography
What Is it About: A paragliding accident makes an aristocrat quadriplegic. A young man from the projects takes up the job to look after him. The two become friends and make some heart-warming memories together.

Train to Busan

🍅93% ⌛1h 58m 🎬Adventure, Zombie
What Is it About: A mysterious viral outbreak has turned everyone into zombies. Now, the remaining ones must get on an express train to Busan to stay safe. But, will they be able to survive when some in the train are also infected?


🍅73% ⌛1h 58m 🎬Adventure, Zombie
What Is it About: From British director Guy Ritchie, this one is fast-paced crazy character-colliding filled film with two overlapping stories. A diamond is stolen and different gangs are after it.

Roman Holiday

🍅98% ⌛1h 59m 🎬Romance, Comedy
What Is it About: While visiting Rome, European princess Ann decides to take off for a night. However, she ends up a park bench after having a sedative. Luckily, an American reporter, Joe Bradley, finds her and takes her home.

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

🍅98% ⌛1h 59m 🎬Romance, Comedy
What Is it About: Gilbert Grape has a lot of responsibilities- his overweight mother, mentally impaired younger brother, Arnie and more. But, when he meets the free-spirited Becky, his world is turned upside down.

The Man from Nowhere

🍅100% ⌛1h 59min 🎬Thriller, Crime
What it’s about: A lonely former special agent is friends with Somi, a little girl next door. When she gets kidnapped by a gang, he is out to save her.

Rain Man

🍅90% ⌛2h 14min 🎬Drama, Psychology 

What it’s about: Charlie Babbitt is a selfish yuppie. When his father left a fortune to his savant brother Raymond, he must somehow get the money from his brother.

Big Fish

🍅75% ⌛2h 05min 🎬Drama, Psychology 
What it’s about: Edward Bloom led a life enormous passions and tall tales. But, he remained a mystery for his son. After his death, his son sets out to find the truth about his father.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

🍅93% ⌛1h 33min 🎬 Comedy
What it’s about: A man is trying to get back home for Thanksgiving. However, it is not turning out the way he thought. Now he has to stick with a shower ring salesman to get back home.

Taxi Driver

🍅97% ⌛1h 54min 🎬 Crime, Drama
What it’s about: A Vietnam War veteran works as a night-life taxi driver in New York city. His unstable mental condition and urge for violent action have let him into full outrage.
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Pixar’s Soul (2020) Trailer

by Kaylen Summers

Joe Gardner is a middle school music teacher. He is a longtime dream is to perform jazz music on stage. However, when he finally gets a chance, an accident causes Gardner’s soul to be separated from his body. He is transported to the “You Seminar”, where must work with souls to develop and gain passions before being transported to a newborn child.

Releasing Date: 18 June 2020


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8 Best Gangster Movies to Stream on Hulu

by Emily Keen

If gangster movies are your favorite genre, Hulu has an interesting lineup to sizzle your movie bucket list. From Mexican drug cartels, undercover cops, post-apocalyptic themes to even satanic worship, the movies cover some of the most bizarre themes. These movies dive deep into the lives of the gangsters and help us reflect on the underbelly of society. How some of the devious beings come into existence and how they help us confront the dark secrets of the system. You will hopefully find a plausible explanation to all these questions through these movies streaming on Hulu.

Here is a list of 8 best Gangster movies you can add to your watchlist:


Image result for Akira movieA young boy named Akira is kept recruited by the government as a subject for their studies of Parapsychology. In an unfortunate turn of events, Akira develops uncontrollable psychic power which is hard to contain and at one point blows out in the form of a nuclear explosion destroying all of Tokyo. This is mistaken by the rest of the world as a nuclear detonation and eventually leads to world war III.

Cartel Land

Image result for Cartel Land movieIn a harrowing documentary about the Mexican drug cartels, Matthew Heineman examines the journeys of two vigilante groups that emerged to retaliate against the atrocities of the drug business. On one side there is Dr. Jose Mireles spearheading a group called Autodefensas against the Drug cartel. While in America’s Arizona, Tim Foley leads an army of paramilitary forces, to prevent the vices of the Mexican Drug war from infiltrating the American borders. Heineman goes all in, with the aim of giving the audience an honest account of what really happened on the ground.

The Domestics

Image result for The Domestics movieNina and Mark are on the run from a group of deadly factions that emerge in a post-apocalyptic world. However, the noose begins to tighten against their necks as one of the search groups narrows down their search pushing their will for survival against the edge.


Image result for Destroyer movieAs an undercover LAPD cop, Erin Bell has been a part of a gang in California Desert for many years. She must fight her way through her own baggage and a bunch of extraneous factors to bring to justice the leader of the gang who has resurfaced after many years of exile.

Children of The Corn

Image result for Children of The Corn movieA young couple stumbles upon a dead body of a boy while driving through the Midwest. In an attempt to bring the incident to the notice of authorities, they wander off in a land where there are only children. They soon realize the young children are a part of a demonic cult, killing adults as a part of the sacrifice for their demonic deity. Not long until the couple is next on their list of offerings and the run for life begins.

The Kid

Image result for The Kid movieRio and Sara flee their hometown in an attempt to save themselves from their evil uncle. On the way, they cross paths with Sheriff Pat Garrett who is chasing a fabled bandit Billy the kid. Along the journey, Rio reflects on the life he has chosen and the kind of person he wants to be.

Once Upon a Time in Venice

Image result for Once Upon a Time in Venice movieA group of deceitful thugs steals Buddy, the dog of Steve Ford who happens to be a private detective in California. There begins his mission to rescue his favorite dog which leads him to forge an unlikely deal with Spyder the sly leader of the same group.

The Last Man

Image result for The Last Man movieAn action-drama sci-fi film that follows a combat veteran Kurt, who fortifies his home and builds an underground refuge as a preparation for the imminent doomsday. Joining him in his prep is Jessica who also shares the same vision about the future. As the film develops into an apocalypse, Kurt’s life surprisingly begins to fall in place.

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8 Best Fantasy Shows on Prime Video

by Emily Keen

Television is long gone from the minds of the people. Audiences are now more inclined towards online streaming services for watching their favorite shows and movies. They are comparatively more efficient and do not run on the clock. And more so, because they provide a distinct range of content for viewers to choose from. Fantasy is one crucial genre series and movies have played on heavily. Amazon’s latest list of fantasy shows is something to watch out for. The shows are highly unconventional with their plots and storytelling. Here is a list of 8 best fantasy shows to stream on Amazon Prime.

The Boys

Image result for The Boys tv showThe culmination of superpowers and human nature is never a sane idea because there are vices within human nature that can take over with the acquisition of power. The Boys is set in a world of superheroes who are managed by a multimillion-dollar conglomerate and eventually they start acting as per their own will. The Boys are the group of men who take it upon themselves to stop these rogue superheroes.

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The Tick

Image result for The Tick tv showArthur is an accountant and now trapped between the good and the evil. He is no superhero and has no superpowers whatsoever. He eventually learns that the city he lives in is governed by a villain who was thought to be dead. No one believes when Arthur tries to reveal the truth, besides The Tick, a man in blue who may as well be a figment of his imagination. Or is he?

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Orphan Black

Image result for Orphan Black tv showOrphan Black tells the story of Sarah Manning, who is trying hard to deal with the issues in life and while she is at it , she discovers there are a bunch of women out there who look just like her. Watch the mystery of these women unfold in this highly bingable and a fast-paced show on Prime Video.

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True Blood

Image result for True Blood tv showAn old school vampire lore set in modern times, where among humans live bloodthirsty demons through a truce of harmony and abiding by the rules of the society. The story builds around the love story of a vampire named Bill and a Waitress named Sookie.

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Image result for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine tv showCommander Benjamin Sisko is leading the Deep Space Nine crew stationed in the orbit of Planet Bajor. The space station’s position is strategical and of great value since it is situated near a wormhole which can be used to travel into great distances in the universe. For the same reason, an alien species wants control over the station and it is up to Sisko and his crew to stop the imminent invasion.

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American Horror Story

Image result for American Horror Story tv showThis is basically an anthology of horror stories that surround different characters in different episodes. AHS coalesces the theme of family drama with the horror element to give you a perfect evening watch.

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Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams

Image result for Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams tv showThis is an anthology of short stories based on Philip K. Dick’s novel. Each episode of the show picks up a premise from the stories and builds around a vital question that holds the key to the future. At the core, each story is a classic sci-fi story you may have witnessed earlier as Dick’s plots have inspired numerous science fiction narratives.


  1. The Man in The High Castle

Image result for The Man in The High Castle tv showSet in an alternate timeline where the Axis powers won World War II the dystopian series navigates through the course of the United States divided into three parts- A Japanese controlled state, a section controlled by Nazis and a buffer zone. Through the darkness of oppression emerges the hope from the tales of cinema that a guardian who could be the key to freedom.

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8 Best Gangster Shows on Prime Video

by Emily Keen

If you are looking for some good action, Amazon is currently hosting a series of gangster shows on its streaming service. These are shows with diverse premises and made in different languages. Mexican Drug Lord Crime drama to Italian Mafia fare and everything in between sits on the plate waiting to be devoured.

Have a look.

The Wire

Image result for the wireA homicide/narcotics team is put together to look into a drug-dealing racket. With the aim of deconstructing the truth that coalesces the bond between drug Kingpins and law agencies, Detective James McNulty leads a team of investigative aficionados. The show perfectly blends the worlds of bureaucracy, law, and red-tapism to give us a high voltage crime investigation series.

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The Sopranos

Image result for The SopranosTony Soprano is struggling to keep the balance between his family life and underworld business. But when he finds the scales tipping, he seeks help from Psychiatrist Jennifer Melfi

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Boardwalk Empire

Image result for Boardwalk EmpireAtlantic City treasurer, Enoch Thompson maintains ties with politicians and gangsters in his best interest. But the feds are curious about his unusual friendships. Set in the backdrop of the prohibition era, the show draws inspiration from Nelson Johnson’s book ‘Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times and Corruption of Atlantic City”.

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Sneaky Pete

Image result for Sneaky PeteWith the hope of leaving behind his past as a con, Maurius assumes a new identity, actually steals the identity of his cellmate – Pete. Pete’s family does not suspect the man since they haven’t seen him in a long long time. But over the course of time, Maurius discovers that the family has untold secrets of their own and staying with them could undermine the very purpose he has set out to accomplish. He must now find his way out of that world and that is not going to be easy.

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Animal Kingdom

Image result for animal kingdom tv showJoshua’s grandmother takes him in after the death of his mother. But his life takes an unusual turn when he gets involved with the criminal clan that she is the head of.

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Image result for Undercover tv showPair of undercover agents infiltrate the campground of a drug Kingpin. He is the largest manufacturer of ecstasy in the world. But things go south as the agents deconstruct his life and shut his network.

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Image result for vegas tv showThe sacred city of gamblers and entertainment sees a ruthless murder of a casino worker. The law enforcement charges Sheriff Lamb with investigative duties. The Sheriff in the process hinders the criminal activities of Chicago gangster Vincent Savino setting them against each other.

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Romanzo Criminale

Image result for Romanzo Criminale tv showA young man aspires to climb the ladder of an Italian drug ring. in an attempt, he seeks help from corrupt cops, politicians and secret service. The secret service aids him with the ulterior motive of overthrowing the government in power. Beyond all this scheming a police inspector Nicola Scialoja is hell-bent on bringing the criminals to justice.

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8 Best Spy Movies on Amazon Prime

by Emily Keen

To satiate that urge for a high concept spy thriller, Amazon Harbors a roster of old and new spy thrillers. The list is diverse ranging from the masterpieces of the silent era to modern-day franchise thrillers. You don’t have to hunt for the best ones amongst a big list of available options. We have handpicked the best spy movies for you right here.

The conversation

Image result for the conversation movieHarry Caul is a surveillance expert and is tasked with following a young couple by a cryptic client. Haunted by the memories of a past case gone wrong and perplexing tape of a conversation between the couple retrieved by his associate, he develops a strong feeling that the couple may be in some kind of danger.

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Mission Impossible: Fallout

Image result for Mission Impossible: Fallout movieThe high voltage spy franchise this time sees Ethan Hunt chasing a group of terrorists. The anarchists have planted three plutonium cores on different cities and it’s up to hunt to track them down before they detonate.

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Stalag 17

Image result for Stalag 17 movieSet in 1944 Germany, two American airforce prisoners are killed while trying to escape from a POW camp. The inmates have their doubts with sergeant Sefton who slips the German’s information in exchange for small favors. Determined to clear his name as a traitor, Sefton vows to expose the true snitch.

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Image result for Ronin movieA group of intelligence agents and former colleagues come together for one last mission. They are tasked with retrieving a briefcase before the Russians lay hands on it. Through a series of betrayal and drama, unfolds a perplexing narrative by John Frankenheimer.

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The General

Image result for The General movieA silent comedy film starring the legendary Buster Keaton, the film explores the atrocities caused by Union Soldiers. Keaton plays Johnny Grayson a southern railroad engineer whose fiance is captured while on a journey by Union forces. The film follows Gray’s quest through various means of trying to rescue his fiance from the captivity of the soldiers.

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Three Days of the condor

Image result for Three Days of the condor movieA CIA researcher finds himself in the middle of a quandary. All his co-workers are mysteriously killed. His nerdy nature, however, gives him a knack over the enemy he is facing. But can he win this battle alone?

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No Way Out

Image result for No Way Out movieAn affair went awry narrative where a navy office finds himself in a bit of a pickle not knowing if there is a way out. Tom Farrell becomes a prime suspect in the murder of the mistress of Secretary of Defence – David Brice. Brice Summons Farrell at the Pentagon but the murder suspicion blocks all ways out.

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The Spy Who Came in From the Cold

Image result for The Spy Who Came in From the Cold movieA spy, Alec Leamas on the verge of his retirement is tasked with a final mission of going undercover and retrieving information from the den of the Nazis about captive colleagues. But things go south when the Germans take Leamas himself under investigation and a labyrinth of plots and counterplots is uncovered.

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8 Amazing Zombie Movies Streaming on Hulu Right Now

by Emily Keen

For those of us who take pleasure in watching blood being spattered around and people being slashed, Hulu has updated its roster of Zombie movies with the following additions. These films may not be all annihilation and bleak. Some have a clear touch of romance while others are comical. So not just zombie movie fans, but a general audience with the tolerance for gore can enjoy these films in all capacity.
Here are 8 films carefully picked from Hulu’s current lineup of Zombie movies.


  1. 28 days later

Image result for 28 days later movieA lethal virus is accidentally unleashed in the city of London infecting most of the human population in the City. The film follows a small group of survivors trying to protect themselves from those infected. The virus acts on the infected human by turning them into killing machines.
The cast is led by Cillian Murphy and Naomie Harris.


  1. The Cabin in the Woods

Image result for The Cabin in the Woods movieA monster in the woods fare complete with a rather plausible and scientific explanation to it. But the truth unfolds in layers not all at once which is what makes this film and exciting watch. The film begins with a group of 5 college friends arriving in the woods and facing a zombie attack. The story develops as they unravel the secrets behind the ghoulish violence.


  1. Overlord

Image result for Overlord movieSet in the backdrop of D-day the story follows a group of American military parachutist aircraft accidentally crashes into the enemy zone in a village near Normandy. With just the Nazi Troops estimated target the paratroopers are totally unaware of the horror death awaits them in the region.


  1. Anna and the apocalypse

Image result for Anna and the apocalypse movieAnna and her friends must face an army of Zombies to reach their loved ones. The fighters all kinds of absurd as it involve clashing and singing their way through a zombie apocalypse. but as the story progresses they sense the civilization crumbling and realize the only people they can trust are each other.


  1. What we become

Image result for What we become movieWhile on vacation the Johansson family is brought face to face with a horror they had not imagined India wildest dreams. A virulent strand of flu terrorizes the neighborhood poses the authorities to push families into ultimate Quarantine. But as one member of the family escapes out they are faced with a dire situation that pushes them over the edge.


  1. Saint

Image result for sint movieA group of miserable villagers decides to put an end to the terror of Bishop Niklas and his gang of thugs. The evil bishop unforgiving returns as murderous ghosts every year as the full moon coincides with the day of their death. The film stars Huub Stapel and Egbert Jan Weeber is directed by Dick Maas and will forever change what the date of December 5 means to you.


  1. Contracted: Phase II

Image result for Contracted: Phase II movieThe second installment of this deadly disease horror sees Riley on a quest to unravel the mystery behind the cause of the outbreak which is now on the verge of sweeping human civilization as we know it. But he doesn’t have much time since he himself is battling the infection and he must uncover the truth before the ailment consumes him whole.


  1. Knights of the Damned

Image result for Knights of the Damned movieThe king has tasked his best knights to free his castle from the captivity of a dragon. But the castle is a long way ahead and the path is filled with sirens, warrior women and a notorious army of the dead. A tale full of knights and dragons and zombies in a mythological set up is absurd yet exciting.

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8 Best Space Movies on Amazon Prime

by Emily Keen

Astrophysics is a widely explored theme in the history of Hollywood. Movies like 2001: A Space Oddysey, Alien are a testament to the strong foothold of the genre in the minds of movie buffs. But when examined carefully, space is just a set up to the core concerns of humanity. Since we are already talking about colonizing other planets in the solar system, survival is the most important theme, most space movies are based on. Similarly, there are others that reflect on other aspects of human behavior. According to the legendary filmmaker Christopher Nolan, diving into the vast expanse of the sterile black universe brings us closer to the core of our being. Blending in more such philosophical concepts on a cosmic scale, here are 8 films you can stream on Amazon Prime video to understand the connection between our existence and the universe.



Image result for Oblivion movieIn a post-apocalyptic set up where the earth is left in ruins, a futuristic blue-collar drone repairman, Jack finds himself caught in the dilemma of leaving the only planet which he has ever called his home for a new one, he knows nothing about. Oblivion is a character-driven story expanded on a massive scale to give us a glimpse of a bleak future, aptly realizing the emotion and dynamic of a dystopian world.

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Image result for Interstellar movieChristopher Nolan’s very intimate project as we know it has everything ranging from wormholes to blackholes. This film transcended the others in the league by taking the concept of space physics a little too seriously and creating set designs that were utilitarian yet minimal. Driving its core as a father-daughter story, the film begins with Matthew McConaughey against the world with his view of space advancement and sending human civilization into space and then ultimately bidding goodbye to his daughter to delve deeper into the mysteries of the cosmos.

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Image result for Gravity movieDr. Ryan Stone a medical engineer is on her first mission to space as a part of a routine spacewalk accompanied by astronaut Matt Kowalsky. Of a million things that could go wrong, a space debris storm happens completely sabotaging their space shuttle to ruins. They are left with absolutely no anchor to hold on to in the nothingness of space. Only luckily tied to each other. Apparently the only way out of this vast expanse with no control of your movements is to go further ahead into it.

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High life

Image result for High life movieAlmost entirely based in the void of outer space, in a space ship High life is a mind-bending space romp brought to life by the sensualist filmmaker Claire Denis. Largely exploring the father-daughter dynamic on a deserted space shuttle heading towards a black hole, the film takes time to deconstruct the events that led up to this time. A group of humans volunteered to take up the space mission in search of an alternate source of energy but as their human desires and rationale began to take over their commitment, it led to utter chaos eliminating each one of them. The film explores highly philosophical themes like human emotions in the face of conflict and the overwhelming nature of desires even in the most excruciating environments.

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Invaders From Mars

Image result for Invaders From Mars movieDavid Gardner wakes up to an alien space ship making a landing into his backyard but he is unable to convince any of his peers of its existence. The aliens prey on the people in his life one by one. The boy begins to notice all the adults including his parents and school teacher acting strange and sets out to unravel the truth behind the bizarre happenings.

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Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Image result for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan movieAdmiral Kirk and Captain Spock are trying to navigate a midlife crisis when an old enemy rises again. Khan captures two of Kirk’s officers and challenges him to a battle. A tale of vengeance circling around a fairly destructive device opens into an intergalactic showdown between Kirk and his old nemesis.

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Star trek

Image result for Star trek movieKirk and Spock once again team up to defeat an evil Nero, a Romulan commander, whose vengeance endangers humankind. But standing in their way is their own rivalry which they must work around before it is too late. The revived venture although boasts a hot new cast still maintains the spirit of star trek films.

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Galaxy Quest

Image result for Galaxy Quest movieJason Nesmith stars in a fabled space TV show. Believing his on-screen adventures to be a testament to his knowledge of space, a group of aliens reaches out to him to find a permanent solution to the oppressive regime in the solar system. The film is hilarious in its premise but manages to deliver an earnest and sincere space drama.

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6 Best Comic Book Movies on Hulu

by Emily Keen

The modern comic genre was launched by Superman The Movie in 1978. And from then on DC has pretty much dominated the game of superhero comics. They launched multiple comic characters that went on to become cult favorites of millions around the world. Over the years Marvel also gained a strong foothold with their set of comic-based films in business. From then on it’s pretty much the battle between these two giants and of course their fans who are ready for a showdown debate over who’s best anytime. Here is a list of comic book-based films you can stream on Hulu right away:


  1. Professor Marston and The Wonder Woman

Image result for professor marston and the wonder womanDirected by Angela Robinson the film deals with the origin of wonder woman’s character and the man who was behind the creation. Professor Marston and his unusual family challenged the traditional norms of family life and relationships which ultimately leads him to design the character of Wonder woman. Inspired by the characters of the two women in his life and how their elliptical idea of love shapes wonder woman. The film also scans the struggles and criticisms the comic goes through before being accepted by audiences.


  1. Ingrid Goes West

Image result for Ingrid Goes West moviePlaying heavily on the theme of Social media obsession the film follows the life of Ingrid who becomes obsessed with a social media queen, Taylor. Things get interesting and they become friends and Ingrid eventually moves places to be with her. But as time passes, Ingrid begins to realize that Taylor isn’t actually who she is on social media.


  1. Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds

Image result for Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds movieThe commonplace idea of an afterlife, blown into a high concept movie! The film centers around a firefighter who dies on duty and is now facing a trial in his afterlife and must prove himself worthy of reincarnation. Although his story holds the plot together the film is really about the guardians who help him navigate through the challenges in the in-between the two worlds.


  1. Super

Image result for Super movieHilarious, unapologetic and dark is quite the bizarre amalgamation of ideas that you would expect from a superhero movie. But this is it! The film follows the life of Frank D’Arbo who loses his wife to a drug dealer and retaliates vigilante style. He transforms himself into a superhero called Crimson Bolt and goes on a punishing spree with a Wrench. Yes, that is his weapon of choice.


  1. Batman and Bill

Image result for Batman and Bill movieWe know for a fact that the Batman comics were created by Bob Kane. But apparently there was another man who had a huge role to play in bringing the caped crusader’s avatar to life and even Robin. His name was Bill Finger. Batman and Bill is a documentary that explores Bill’s contribution to Batman comics and tells us why he was not credited with the work he deserves the credit for.


  1. I Kill Giants

Image result for I Kill Giants movieThe fantasy thriller directed by Anders Walter and written by Joe Kelly follows the life of a weird child with incredible powers. That may not be evident at the very beginning since this is revealed and Barbara’s character arc is low key a slow burn. She believes there are giants living amongst us, the ones only she can see and kills them. The film has a very unique touch to the setting and the mood which is not all bleak and not all happy. It’s just the right balance between the real-world and Barbara’s fantasy world.

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PG-13 Horror Movies That Are Too Frightening

by Kaylen Summers

There is this notion that a good horror movie needs a lot of bloodshed and violence. However, there are many PG13 movies that have proved us wrong. These movies have spooked us, thrilled us and some have even made us scream our lungs out.

Without further ado, here are some of the best PG-13 horror movies that are too good.

Drag Me to Hell (2009)

Christine Brown is a loan officer. When she denies a woman extension, her life takes a turn to the worse. The Gypsy woman curses her. However, her boyfriend thinks that it is not real. With all hope lost, her only way out is a psychic who has promised to help her from being dragged straight to hell.

A Quiet Place (2018)

It’s the post-apocalyptic world. And the earth is filled with creatures that hunt by sound. One family is on the run to from the creatures and stay alive. Their only hope is to remain silent and make no sound. How long will they be able to survive? Stream this movie to find out.

The Final Girls (2015)

For fans of the slasher movie genre, here is one flick for you with some awesome slasher movie with some great meta-commentary. While a young woman grieving about the loss of her 80’s actress mother, she is pulled into one of her mom’s most famous slasher movies. After getting reunited, the mother-daughter duo must now fight off the film’s killer.

1408 (2007)

This adaption is of a lesser-known tale from Stephen King. The movie may be PG13, but it has enough of King’s trademark pulpy gore and scatological humor to give you chilling ghostly thrills and psychological horrors.

The Ring (2002)

There is nothing more spooky than The Ring, when it comes to PG13 horror. It is by far the scariest PG-13 movie ever made. The movie is an adaptation of the Japanese film Ringu, which is outstanding source material. The concept of unavoidable viral death and some scary iconography, this own is a cult classic.

What Lies Beneath (2000)

What Lies Beneath definitely has some major PG13 chills to offer. The movie revolves around the life of Claire and Norman who has moved back to his old house. As usual, the couple finds some spooky stuff happening around them. The movie is best for its casting of Harrison Ford. It’s not every day that you see him play the bad guy. (even though he is often the on-screen scoundrel).

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‘Stagecoach’ is on Amazon Prime. But is worth watching?!

by Kaylen Summers

American Cinema and its development owe a lot to the Westerns. Ultra stylized gun fights, morally muddy protagonist and lots of bloody violence- nothing is more nothing more wholesome, subversive, and iconic than a good western movie. However, for movie-history enthusiasts, the equation will not be complete without directors like John Ford and actors like John Wayne. Pioneers in their own ways, these people gave us some of the most memorable Westerns of all time- with Stagecoach still occupying a powerful and significant position in film history. But what makes this cult classic worth seeing after all these years?!. Let’s have some whiskey shots and find out.

Academy Awards

Released in the same year as Gone with the WindThe Wizard of OzMr. Smith Goes to WashingtonWuthering Heights, and Of Mice and Men, Stagecoach still managed to score seven Oscar nominations among the heavy competition. It got nominated for best picture, director, editing, art direction, and cinematography. It even bagged the prize for supporting actor (Thomas Mitchell) and music direction.

First Modern Western

Though Westerns were exceedingly popular in the early days of cinema, by the 1930s it fell out of favor. Nobody took them seriously and they ended up us low-budget B-movies. However, John Ford revived the lost status of the genre with Stagecoach. The movie brought realism and new storytelling methods to the genre and was a huge hit. For that, it is considered the first “modern” Western.

Influenced Later Movies

Stagecoach not only revitalized the Western but also became one of the most iconic and influencing movies of all time- for not just Westerns, but other genres as well. An example of this is the one scene in which the stuntman, Yakima Canutt, drops from a horse onto the ground and is dragged under the stagecoach. This scene can be seen imitated in later movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark and Maverick.

An Ensemble Film

Breaking away from the conventional Western movie plot, Stagecoach is an ensemble movie. It has a storyline with clear-cut main characters. The structure movie is much similar to the modern disaster movie. If you replace the threat of an alien invasion or a massive earthquake with the threat of an Indian attack, then you will get the formula for an ensemble movie like Stagecoach.

Officially Got Remade Twice

There are not many movies that get a remake. However, Stagecoach got officially remade twice. In 1966, a version of the movie was made with Ann-Margret as the prostitute, Red Buttons as the booze salesman, Bing Crosby as the doctor, and Alex Cord as Ringo. Later in 1986, a made-for-TV version was released with Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, and Waylon Jennings.

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8 Best Sci-fi Movies to Stream on HBO

by Emily Keen

Put the real world aside for a while and delve into the wondrous world of unimaginable happenings and possibilities. Sci-fi movies serve just the purpose. Whether you wish to see humans battling aliens or being enslaved by technological advancements or even diving into the secrets of cosmos Hollywood has movies across the spectrum for every kind of nerd. We have many great stories to witness from the most encompassing genre.

Here is a list of sci-fi movies you can watch on HBO now:

  1. Aliens (1979)

Image result for Aliens 1979Alien invasion terrorizes a spaceship and its crew who decide to respond to a distress signal and take it upon themselves to look into it. Director Ridley Scott gives us a complete entertainer filled with extraterrestrial horror and killer VFX is a masterpiece of a kind. The film finds it’s balance in science fiction and horror.


  1. Upgrade (2018)

Image result for Upgrade (2018)Upgrade builds around a technophobe whose wife is murdered in a mob attack. Driven by vengeance to bring the attackers to justice, he takes the offer of a man who offers him a pill that heals his paraplegic state. Leigh Whannell’s sci-fi flick is a generously hoards gore and violence and twists and turns in a believably futuristic setup.


  1. Rise of the Planet of Apes (2011)

Image result for Rise of the Planet of Apes (2011)You impart within animals the ability to reason, they will be quick to react when humans wrong them. This is the story of a chimpanzee, Ceaser, raised by Will, who manipulates his ape cognition by giving him a drug to enhance his brainpower. When Ceaser is locked up in an animal facility against his will, he breaks the cell and forms an army and spearheads an uprising against the humans. The larger than life epic, directed by Rupert Wyatt is an emotional fare that culminates into a grand battle among humans and apes.


  1. Robocop (1987)

Image result for Robocop (1987)Based in a crime-infested city of Detroit, the film follows the story of a terminally ill policeman who returns to his job as Robocop. The iconic depiction of mayhem was directed by Paul Verhoeven and accounts for one satisfying sci-fi venture.


  1. Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

Image result for Alita: Battle Angel (2019)Alita is the soul of a teenage girl trapped in the body of a battle robot. Doctor Ido revives her injuries and she sets on a quest to find the truth about her past. The film is a technological marvel directed by Robert Rodriguez and is derived from a Japanese manga of the same name. In the midst of seamless VFX and amazing storytelling be rest assured you this is a ride to cherish.


  1. The Abyss (1989)

Image result for The Abyss (1989)A diving team is tasked with finding a lost nuclear Submarine and as they set out on the journey, they are faced with alien attacks of unimaginable scale. Underwater! The sci-fi marvel comes from the aficionado himself-James Cameron and we are treated to one of the most splendid and jaw-dropping scenes of underwater action and crescendos.


  1. The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

Image result for The Adjustment Bureau (2011)Directed by George Nolfi, this film comes across as a hybrid of two genres- Science fiction and romantic drama. The film charts the life of US Senator on the verge of becoming president and his love interest Elise and a group of men who will go to any lengths to keep the love birds apart. In their most heartfelt performances as David and Elise, Matt Damon and Emily blunt are a talent to behold.


  1. Midnight Special (2016)

Image result for Midnight Special (2016)In an action-packed sci-fi thriller from Jeff Nichols, we see a group of religious extremists and the government trying to hunt a boy with supernatural powers and his father. A fast-paced chase that keeps you guessing until the very end is filled with suspense and boasts an abundance of special effects and interesting characters.

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Bad Trip (2020) Trailer

by Kaylen Summers

Bad Trip is an awesome treat for fans of The Eric André show. Made over more than 6 years, the movie has Eric André, Lil Rel Howery, Tiffany Haddish and Michaela Conlin in the lead role. The movie is directed by Kitao Sakurai and is produced by André, Jeff Tremaine, David Bernad, and Ruben Fleischer.

Releasing Date: April 17, 2020

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Black Widow (2020) Trailer

by Kaylen Summers

Black Widow marks the first solo-outing of the character after a decade of being in the Cinematic Universe. The movie will also kick start Phase 4 of MCU. Set as a prequel to the events of Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, the movie is expected to be placed after Captain America: Civil War in the MCU timeline.

Releasing Date: May 1, 2020

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7 Best Action Movies to Stream on Netflix

by Kaylen Summers

Netflix has an awesome line up of content ready for you to stream. However, the best of their movies come under the action and adventure category. They are impressively robust and skillfully crafted movie goodness. There is something for everyone- from silly shoot-’em-ups, awesome superhero flicks, to post-apocalyptic thrillers.

But, ‘with great content comes great responsibility’. that is, of course choosing the right movie to watch. But, it is not always that easy to do so. That’s why we are presenting to you the 7 best action films to watch on Netflix. You won’t be feeling bored tonight.

Wheelman (2017)

⌛1h 22min⭐3.2 /5
What good are action movies without heist, car chases and revenge? But, if you take this Netflix original for any other action movie, then you’re mistaken. Wheelman is a well-oiled entry into that oddly specific crime-action genre of ‘Stoic Getaway Driver Caught in a Crime Gone Awry’ films. It’s more like Drive, but only with a sloppy car and more guns.

The Babysitter (2017)


 ⌛1h 25m ⭐4/5

Get ready for some wicked, fun action! Since its release in 2017, this horror-comedy has grown its own cult following. The movie has become extremely popular for its disturbing (yet, oddly entertaining) plot. The team behind the movie is even working on a sequel. Deeply stupid most of the time, it is the movie’s sense of finding humor that takes it to the next level.

The Hurricane Heist(2018)

⌛ 103 min ⭐: 3.5/5

The Hurricane Heist is everything that its title says. The movie revolves around a group of thieves who are planning to pull off a massive robbery of the U.S. Treasury’s Mint supply in Alabama. However, what makes this heist nearly impossible is that there is a major category 5 hurricane on the loose, threatening the area. Get you a bowl of popcorn and buckle up! Because there are gonna be guns, cars, money and a monstrous hurricane-all in the same movie.

Game Over, Man! (2018)

⌛1h 40min⭐2.7/5
Not all action movies need to be dark and tough. Some can be downright funny too. This action-comedy is from the creators of Workaholics paying homage to the classic action film Die Hard. If that isn’t enough reason for you to watch this movie, then you are definitely missing out on a hell lot of fun.

Triple Frontier (2019)

⌛ 125 min⭐ 3/5

This heist thriller is a new big-budget action flick from Netflix, starring Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund, and Pedro Pascal. These Hollywood hunks play a group of former special-ops bros who reunite to take down an infamous cartel kingpin. However, during their assignment, they steal his profits, pushing them into a plot that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seats. If you are a fan of multiple plot twists and some high stakes action, then this one is for you.

Snatch (2000)

⌛103 min⭐ 4.3/5

Made in his iconic film making style, this crime comedy from Guy Ritchie is a fun British jaunt starring Brad Pitt and Jason Statham. While one part of the plot follows the diamond thief Benicio del Toro, the other part is about the small-time boxing promoter played by Statham. del Toro is looking to sell his stolen goods to some double-crossing gangsters. On the other hand, Statham is on the run from a ruthless drug lord who loves to torture.

Outlaw King (2018)

⌛2h 2min⭐3.45/5
 Well, technically this is a period movie. But, for anyone who is missing out on the GOT-style bloody action, this one is your pick. Outlaw King has everything from oceans of mud, truckloads of guts and misty, unconsidered nationalism. So what are you waiting for?!

Spectral (2016)

⌛1h 49min ⭐3.15/5

Ready for some military level action. This movie has the military fight alien invasion. What more can we, sci-fi fans ask for?! A European city has been taken over by some supernatural being. Now, it is the mission of a special-ops team to destroy the creature and save the day.

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Run (2020) Trailer

by Kaylen Summers

Directed by Aneesh Chaganty and written by Chaganty and Sev Ohanian, Run is an upcoming American horror-thriller film. The movie centers around a home-schooled girl who uses a wheelchair. She becomes suspicious about his overprotective mother and is hiding a dark, sinister secret from her.

Releasing Day:  May 8, 2020

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8 Best ’80s Movies You Can Stream Right Now

by Emily Keen

The golden era of the 80s is filled with cinematic masterpieces. It is hard to pick a few films that were best of all. But we have tried to cherry-pick a few that the audience at large would love to watch.

And now that we have so many streaming services available, it is not hard to get hold of these classics.  The 80s films span across a wide spectrum of movie genres Before the superhero films imploded and captivated the minds of the viewers, the film industry explored a range of genre that touched both ends of the spectrum. We have classics like The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink that never get old. Dark affairs like Beetlejuice and Heathers was the idea of horror back then. Action cinema saw marvels like Die Hard, Star Wars: The Return of Jedi.

It’s quite the roster and we are hoping the mood for retro flicks won’t wear off any sooner.


  1. The Shinning (1980)

Image result for The Shinning movie

A visual masterpiece created by Stanley Kubrick is the idol of horror for today’s horror aficionados. The haunting narrative is picked directly from the novels of the legend of horror stories- Stephen king.  Jack Nicholson gives a stupefying performance that pulls you down in the cave of darkness along with him.


  1. 9 to 5 (1980)

Image result for 9 to 5 movieThree women going up against their misogynistic boss builds into a plot that will get you hooked to the screen. The film stars Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin, and Jane Fonda in lead roles. The theme song of the film was the biggest hit of the decade.


  1. Caddyshack (1980)

Image result for Caddyshack movieThe tricks and pranks of this comical romp will leave you in splits. The members of Bushwood Country Club are here to entertain in this classic sports adventure.


  1. Fame (1980)

Image result for Fame 1980 movieThe plot is set in New York City performing arts high school and builds around a group of teenagers on a quest of understanding and perfecting their talent. The theme song won the Academy Award for the Best Original Song.


  1. Mommy Dearest (1981)

Image result for Mommy Dearest movieWriter Christina Crawford systemically channelled her resentment towards her adopted mother who put her through years of physical and mental abuse. The book garnered a lot of attention than which led it to be made into a film which was also a major success. Fay Dunaway’s performance in the film went on to gain a cult following in the following years.


  1. Riders of the Lost Arc (1981)

Image result for Riders of the Lost Arc movieIndiana Jones has a separate fanbase altogether. He is an archaeologist who goes up against dangerous men to retrieve precious artefacts from the past. How hot is that? The franchise was a major hit and then was blown into multiple sequels, a TV series, comic books and Video games.


  1. Victor/Victoria (1982)

Image result for Victor/Victoria movieSeven Academy Awards! That should be enough to get you curious and excited about this film. The musical comedy follows the life of a struggling singer who finds her due after she poses as a man on stage following the advice of a gay performer. This is also one of the few mainstream films that portrayed the LGBTQ+ characters with a positive touch and absolutely no controversy.


  1. An Officer and a Gentleman (1982)

Image result for An Officer and a Gentleman movieThe film is a romantic drama that navigates the life of Zack Mayo as he tries to keep up with his life at the United States Navy as an officer under rigorous training while working out his relationship with his love interest Paula Pokrifki.

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8 Movies That Will Make Life Worth Living

by Emily Keen

Life isn’t that complicated. We tend to complicate things with our perception of things. What you need in such cases is to relax and think about it with a calm mind. If you need help with that, here are films that will help boost the optimism and give you a new and simple outlook at everything around you. Let us look at each of them one by one:


  1. National Lampoon’s Vacation

Image result for National Lampoon’s Vacation movieA man plans a trip with his family to an amusement park across the country. What could go wrong? Apparently everything as per ‘National Lampoon’s Vacation. Bad for them, but good for the audience because you will have a hearty laugh at everything that is going on.


  1. Forest Gump

Image result for Forest Gump movieForest Gump has an odd perception of every event that happened in America’s history in the 20th century.  It is rather charming how a boy with a sub-level IQ gives awfully practical views about every aspect of life.


  1. My Left Foot

Image result for My Left Foot movieThe film is based on the life of Christy Brown who suffers from cerebral Palsy. His entire being rests at the mercy of his left foot. But in no way does that affect the man’s perseverance thus giving us a fresh and positive outlook about life.


  1. As Good As it Gets

Image result for As Good As it Gets movieThe film circles around a maniac whose behaviour around others is affected by his OCD. Things take an interesting turn when he has to alter his way of life as he is placed in a new atmosphere. The film meticulously examines the impacts of OCD on the lives of human beings.


  1. Adam’s Apples

Image result for Adam’s Apples movieA neo-Nazi, now a recluse in church vehemently believes it is good in every human being. The Danish film gives us a positive outlook on life leaving us with a pleasant hangover.


  1. Erin Brockovich

Image result for Erin Brockovich movieEvery individual is earnest and impressionable. But sadly the societal conditioning moulds us to believe in the weaknesses more than strengths. ‘Erin Brockovich’ will forever change this notion about humankind. The film circles the life of a housewife who lands a job at an attorney’s office and overcomes societal pressure and also helps an entire community.


  1. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Image result for Ferris Bueller’s Day Off movieEver decided to skip school and that turned out to be the most amazing decision ever? Well, this is the same feeling this film is meant to evoke. A teen skips school along with friends and encounters various adventures. ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ is a feel-good film with a simple plot, and explores human construct in the most subtle manner.


  1. The Eighth Day

Image result for The Eighth Day movieThe phrase ‘mutual development’ makes much more sense once you watch this film. A man who is aimless crosses paths with a young boy who has Down’s syndrome and has fled the rehab where he was being treated. When the two of them meet, they embark on a journey with each other that will ultimately help them understand more about themselves and look at the problems of life with a whole new perspective.

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8 Movies To Watch If You Are Single On Valentine’s Day

by Emily Keen

All Rom-coms need not have a happy ending. Some could even see the characters go through a difficult breakup and rediscover a new self. The idea is not just to see a couple falling in love and calling it forever. It could also mean, breaking the shackles of a controlling relationship and living a free life.

A fairy tale ending is not necessary every time. Here are 8 such hilarious rom-coms that singles can enjoy on Valentine ’s Day.


  1. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Image result for Forgetting Sarah Marshall moviePeter (Jason Segel) takes a trip to Hawaii to get over a painful breakup. But guess who shows up in the hotel where he stays? It’s his ex! Could things get any worse? What ensues next is a hilarious tale of post break up dissing and showing off to each other. But what we need to take away from the film is that you need not give up hope if a relationship does not work out.


  1. Under Tuscan Sun

Image result for Under Tuscan Sun movieThis is a tale of a wife, who troubled with her husband’s infidelity, takes a holiday away from the mess and ends up purchasing a villa in Tuscany. The film has all the elements of love and passion. But it is truly about a woman standing back up after being knocked down by challenges.


  1. Legally Blonde

Image result for Legally Blonde movieElle tries to get back with her boyfriend and gets into Harvard Law School in the process. But as life at Harvard goes on, she realizes there is more to her life than just the boy she is chasing. Oh and she aces the course!


  1. Bridesmaids

Image result for Bridesmaids movieAnnie Walker a woman, in her 30s is asked to be her BFF asks her to be her maid of honour. The film is hilarious and the all-girls cast put up a phenomenal performance.


  1. 500 Days of Summer

Image result for 500 Days of Summer movieThis indie film is about the love that did not work out because one of them was just not that into it. The film beautifully breaks down the different phases of a relationship.


  1. How To Be Single

Image result for How To Be Single movieBased on a novel by Liz Tuccillo, the film follows the lives of four young adults on a quest to find love in New York City.


  1. The First Wives Club

Image result for The First Wives Club movieDiane Keaton, Goldie Hawn and Bette Midler star in this hilarious venture where their ex-husbands leave them for young women and now they want revenge for what they have been through.


  1. Bridget Jones’ Diary

Image result for Bridget Jones’ Diary movieIf someone loves you, they will never demand you change. If you find someone like that, keep them. Bridget Jones’ Diary is a highly relatable and comical flick about being single.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Watch Rumble in the Bronx

by Emily Keen

Rumble in the Bronx released in 1996 in the U.S. and this was the breakout film for the legendary Jackie Chan. He was already a huge international superstar by the time, but this is how American audience got the taste of his talent. The film is an incredible blend of comedy and Kung Fu. The story follows Keung who arrives in the Bronx for a relative’s wedding. How wrong could things go on arrival? Well, he gets caught up with a vicious group of bikers and diamond thieves. And that’s how the rumble began.

But there are some interesting details about the film that you never heard of:


  1. Shot in Vancouver

Though the title says the Bronx, the film was actually filmed in Vancouver. The New York citizens can figure this by taking one good look at the film. A section of the audience thought it wasn’t justified to the title. But Chan had different thoughts on this. He told his biographer, that people fishing for realism are missing the bigger idea.


  1. Jackie Chan’s introduction to the American Audience

Chan enjoyed success for his films thought the 80s and 90s in Asia. Rumble in the Bronx was his fourth Hollywood venture with Battle Creek Brawl, The Cannonball Run and The Protector being the first three. But the earlier three did not create waves as this one did.


  1. The Bronx was chosen to make it more relatable to Americans

Jackie Chan fans go to watch his films with one true motive. To witness his Kung Fu skills to the fullest. When first three films in Hollywood failed to create an impact, Chan decided to apply the formula of his Asian films to a western audience and just changed the place where the film was based to help them connect.


  1. The movie had the biggest opening in America

The film opened on 1736 screens. Box office records in Hong Kong were at their all-time high.


  1. Chan suffered an injury during the shoot

The behind the scenes stories of the film are rather interesting and inspiring. Jackie Chan sustained an injury during the shoot but went to great lengths to achieve the best shot even while he was on a wheelchair. The makers took close shots of Chan to make it look like he was running but in reality, he was only leaning on a wheelchair and moving ahead with his arms.


  1. Chan collaborated mostly with regulars for this project

For a major part of his career, the actor has worked with almost the same filmmakers. His uncle from Rumble in the Bronx appeared with him in Police Story. The stunt coordinator Sammo Hung is Chan’s classmate from the Peking Opera School when they were kids. Stanley Tong, the director of this film worked with Chan on five other projects.


  1. Chan turned down a role in Demolition Man just before making Rumble in the Bronx.

The breakout role he was looking for in American movies was not coming along. Sylvester Stallone, Chan’s closest friend in Hollywood offered him a role in Demolition Man, but he turned it down. He said in I am Jackie Chan “Another film Stallone offered me was Demolition Man, a movie with Sandra Bullock from the movie Speed. He wanted me to play a supervillain running loose in the far future, chased by a super cop, played by him. I didn’t feel right about that role either. It ended up going to Wesley Snipes—so the two people I’d wanted to work with, and couldn’t, ended up working with each other.”

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8 Spiritual Movies Every Seeker Must See

by Emily Keen

Spiritual Knowledge helps you in personal growth, self-reflection and understanding the true nature of life. What better than cinema to understand these concepts. The following films give a comprehensive view of reality and humanity. They will open your mind to new possibilities and perceptions.

Have a look:


  1. Awake: The Life of Yogananda

Image result for Awake: The Life of YoganandaThe person who introduced Hindu spirituality to the west, Yogananda, tells us about his life and the effects of yoga, science and religion through a serious of reconstruction, interviews and verité.


  1. One Track Heart: The Story of Krishna Das

Image result for One Track Heart: The Story of Krishna DasBefore emerging as a world-renowned Kirtan singer, Krishna Das travelled India in search of Neem Karoli Baba, the spiritual legend to find his way out of addiction and despair.


  1. Kundan

Image result for Kundan lama movieThe movie documents the life of 14th Dalai Lama, his choices and the sad fate that overpowered him. He did not see it coming. The documentary talks in details about The ruler of the state and other aspects of Dalai Lama that we do not know.  The film also shows how the Chinese occupation gained a stronghold in the land eventually stripping it off its independence.


  1. Zen

Image result for Zen movieDogen Zenji a monk from the XIII century embarks on a journey to China. On the quest of finding spirituality and true Buddhism, he meets another monk who shares with him the knowledge of meditation and methods of accomplishing enlightenment. Dogen Zenji returns to Japan with utmost faith in his teachings and spreads the knowledge to people of his homeland.


  1. Little Buddha

Image result for Little Buddha movieAs per the laws of nature, the Buddhist Monks of Tibet believe that Lama Dorje is reincarnated in the world as some other human. As they try to find his new avatar, they realize it that an American boy and an Indian boy and girl have served to become the objects of reincarnation. The movie also showcases the life of Prince Siddhartha since he rose to spiritual heights


  1. Ashes and Snow

Image result for Ashes and Snow movieThe film follows photographer Gregory Colbert’s who listened to the voices of animals and made 32 expeditions spread across the time span of 13 years. Through this documentary, he means to show us the common language that exists between animals and how the world of people and the animals living on the same planet is interconnected.


  1. Powder

Image result for Powder movieThe film follows the life of ‘Powder’ a new student who is nicknamed so because of his awfully pale skin. Powder has supernatural powers and energy that can wreak havoc. But what is the truth behind his powers? Is he some kind of a mistake or evolved version of humanity?


  1. Nobody

Image result for Nobody movieThe film is based on the concept of parallel realities and different worlds that are created by our actions and how we play different roles in each reality. But this truth is only witnessed by astral travellers since they have the powers to penetrate through their parallel lives.

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8 Romantic Movies To Stream On Your Movie Date Night

by Emily Keen

Movies, well entertaining are enough to please people of potentially very different tastes, especially on your date nights. Even the heartwarming ones are enough to stoke the romantic flames of a couple that navigates their relationship away from the boring daily life realities. Also, it is to be checked that the movie shouldn’t bum out too bad, for example, Schindler’s List might be a great movie, but ‘depressed about the state of humanity’ and this doesn’t turn to release desired date vibe.

Now, let’s check out some best score movies that give you a fantastic date vibe :


  1. Pretty Woman


Image result for Pretty Woman movieFirst of all, we have Pretty Woman, directed by Garry Marshall and starring Richard Gere, Julia Roberts, and Jason Alexander. It tells you about a man in a legal but hurtful business, who needs an escort for some social events and hires a beautiful prostitute whom he meets only to fall in love.



       2. Love Actually


Image result for Love Actually movieNext, we have Love Actually, a beautiful love story directed by Richard Curtis and starring Hugh Grant, Martine McCutcheon and Liam Neeson. The plot oversees the stories of eight different couples, who experience love in different ways during the crazy time of the year, just before Christmas.



     3. Me Before You 


Image result for Me Before You movieMe Before You is another one directed by Thea Sharrock and starred by Emilia Clarke, Sam Claflin, and Janet McTeer. It tells about a girl who lives in a small town forms an unlikely bond with a recently-paralyzed man whom she takes care of.



     4. Ghost 


Image result for ghost movie patrick swayzeGhost, directed by Jerry Zucker stars by Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg. The story is about a young man who is murdered and his spirit stays behind to warn his lover of impending danger, with the help of a reluctant psychic.



    5. Notebook


Image result for Notebook movieThe fifth one is the Notebook, directed by Nick Cassavetes, starring Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, James Garner, and Gena Rowlands. Summary of the movie says about a poor young man who falls in love with a rich young woman, giving her a sense of freedom, but they are soon separated because of their social differences.



    6. Dirty Dancing


Image result for Dirty Dancing movieNext is Dirty Dancing, directed by Emilie Ardolino, starring Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey, and Jerry Orbach. And it says about Frances “Baby” Houseman spending his summer at a Catskills resort with her family, falls in love with the camp’s dance instructor, Johnny Castle. 



    7. Bridget Jones’ Diary


Image result for Bridget Jones’ Diary movieThe movie Bridget Jones’ Diary, directed by Sharon Maguire and starring Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth, and Hugh Grant summarises a British woman who is determined to improve herself while she looks for love and records all her experiences in her diary.



    8. Like Crazy 


Image result for Like Crazy movieLast but not the least we have Like Crazy, directed by Drake Doremus, starring Felicity Jones, Anton Yelchin, and Jennifer Lawrence. The film builds around a British college student who falls in love with an American student, only to be separated from him when she gets banned from the U.S. for overstaying her visa.

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10 Movies That Make You Feel Like Travelling

by Emily Keen

Movies that don’t make you feel like you want to be in the places where they are shot are not really doing it right. Expert cinematographers make sure they give you the shot that makes transfixes your mind on that places you just saw onscreen. They make you want to travel to those places.

Here are some films with travel stories and the most brilliantly captured frames that will make you want to head out on an adventure.


  1. Eat Pray Love (2010)

Image result for Eat Pray Love (2010)Travelling is all about finding yourself. That is the reason most people do it for. Long term travel may not be a practical thing but if you watch Eat Pray Love, this could well be a change of perspective.


  1. The Inbetweeners 2 (2014)

Image result for The Inbetweeners 2The land down under awaits. This movie will definitely make your feet itch and brain crave for a holiday in Australia.


  1. The Hangover Part II (2011)

Image result for The Hangover Part IIStu is about to get married but then what is a wedding without some Hangover style drama. That is purely the gist this franchise thrives on. Will the pack of wolves settle their misdoings and make it in time for the wedding? Hell is about to break loose on the streets of Bangkok.


  1. The Beach (2000)

Image result for The Beach movieLeonardo DiCaprio goes in search of paradise in Thailand. Get ready to pack your bags to the amazing South East Asia.


  1. Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)

Image result for Under the Tuscan Sun movieDo you ever plan on giving everything up and buying a villa in the countryside? That is exactly what Frances does when she decides to move away from her cheating husband.


  1. Eurotrip (2004)

Image result for Eurotrip movieBackpacking around Europe is everyone’s dream. The four teenagers in the movie actually go about the plan during their summer break and as they embark on the journey, crazy stuff happens.


  1. Letters to Juliet (2010)

Image result for Letters to Juliet movieJuliet Balcony is the place where it all begins. An aspiring young writer sets out to unite two people in love with her talent in writing.


  1. Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again (2018)

Image result for Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again movieDonna goes backpacking around Paris and ultimately settles down on a Greek island which is no less than a paradise.


  1. A Good Year (2006)

Image result for A Good Year movieLife in the French countryside is a dream come true if you ask us. Don’t believe. Just watch this venture where a business tycoon from London starts falling in love with the slow country life.


  1. P. S. I Love You (2007)

Image result for P. S. I Love You movieThe iconic love story between Hillary Swank and Gerard Butler unfolds in the beautiful landscape of Ireland, the Wicklow Mountains to be specific.

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8 Puzzling Movies You Should Never Miss

by Emily Keen

If you have a thing for complicated storylines, we have some really dense and intricate flicks lined up right here for you. These are some of the most brilliant movies to have existed and we are sure you will regret not having watched them all these years. They will hurt your brain with mind-bending plots but you will still love them!


  1. Twelve monkeys

Image result for Twelve monkeys movieIt is not really easy to explain the plot of this Terry Gilliam film. A very predictable plot at first look, it is truly astonishing as to how the film does not feel like fiction at all. Genius is the word!


  1. The Game

Image result for The Game movie david fincherIf you want to get started with David Fincher films, The Game is your go-to. He has this knack over dismantling the layers of reality to create a whole new experience. If that does not shout genius than we don’t know what does. The film follows Michael Douglas who tries to solve a riddle in a simulated environment fabricated by his brother to understand how the world exists.


  1. Source Code

Image result for source code movieA nail-biting thriller that will have you jumping to the edge of your seat with every twist and turn. You can find numerous connections to reality in this film.


  1. Interstellar

Image result for Interstellar movieThe masterpiece skillfully blends science fiction and drama to give us an out of the world experience. The film explores some of the most eternal themes like family, love and treachery deeply rooted in human lives. It also helps us dive into the unexplored corners of the cosmos which is a different thrill altogether. We are just a tiny speck of dirt in the whole universe and this film proves it.


  1. Now You See Me

Image result for Now You See Me movieFour magicians find their calling to become the horseman which is their ticket into the world of real magic. But for that, they must bring a few corporate leaders to justice for their capitalist conspiracies. The way they do it will leave you in awe. There is absolutely nothing mediocre about this film. It is a magical experience.


  1. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Image result for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button movieThe unusual plot of this film follows a boy who is born old and ageing in a reverse manner to become a baby. The film is intense and beautiful in a very touching manner. If you haven’t seen it yet, add it to your list.


  1. Paycheck

Image result for Paycheck movieAn engineer is offered various projects to work on. But his memory is wiped clean as soon as he has completed the project. This is his routine until a client walks in with a project which will go on for 3 years. Will he take the project and sacrifice three years of life?


  1. Déjà vu

Image result for Déjà vu movieThis is not a new concept. We all have experienced this at some point or the other. It is the feeling that an event that you just experienced has happened before in the same setup. That is Déjà vu as we know it. But apparently this film gives us a whole new perception of the concept.

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8 Life-Changing Philosophical Movies

by Emily Keen

Hollywood cinema has explored some striking philosophical concepts. The characters play out a complex narrative with some even questioning the origin and purpose of our existence.

Philosophy may not exactly be a sub-genre of cinema. These movies come under various genres ranging from sci-fi to comedy. The philosophical concept is skillfully overlaid on a larger and known type of cinema.

Let us look at them one by one:

  1. Groundhog Day

Image result for groundhog day movie‘Eternal return’ is a concept proposed by Nietzsche. The film brings this idea to life by making the protagonist live the same day over and over until he realizes the importance of the present. The film is largely a comical account of a reporter’s life who hates the task he is assigned on a routine basis. The script is effortlessly funny and will an extremely delightful watch.


  1. Apocalypse Now

Image result for Apocalypse Now movieA U.S. Army captain is on an assignment of getting back a mad colonel who now supports the enemy’s army. The film builds around the journey of the captain on a quest to capture the colonel. It brings us some undealt with sides of the minds of soldiers fighting wars.


  1. Naked

Image result for Naked movieNaked explores the mindset of men who treat social institutions with utter disrespect and take pleasure in harming their sanctity. The central characters share the ideology but David Thewlis’ Johnny somehow takes the limelight with his riveting performance.


  1. Irrational Man

Image result for Irrational Man movieAre rules really necessary in living life? This is the question this film means to invoke in your minds through a subjective human arch and portraying the protagonist making some questionable choices just to fill some excitement in his otherwise boring and mundane life. The film is directed by Woody Allen and stars the wonder Joaquin Phoenix as the lead.


  1. The Turin Horse

Image result for The Turin Horse movieThe Nietzschean concept seems to occur more often than not in films that aim at creating an intellectual narrative. The spirit of time has more to offer than just existence. The film will make you rethink your take on relationships and social equations.


  1. Stalker

Image result for Stalker movieThe setup of this film is quite unsettling from starting to conclusion. A man called “Stalker” guides two men to a forbidden path along which they come across a spot which is known to fulfil wishes. The film is directed by Andrei Tarkovsky and never lets you be okay with whatever is going on in the film.


  1. The Double

Image result for The Double movieThe construction and destruction of human identity are explained with the aid of an imposter who enters the life of a worked up bureaucrat. The film is based on a novel of the same name by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Throughout the film exists a bleak and confusing streak that aims at decoding the ephemeral nature of human personality.


  1. Persona

Image result for Persona movieAn actress is quarantined owing to a psychological breakdown and the only person she shares a room with is a nurse stationed for her care. Things start to get intriguing as they both enter a state of intense emotional awakening that completely changes their perception of life.

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8 Movies For Those Who Love Studying

by Emily Keen

The book worms have an altogether different taste in movies. They do not prefer high-speed adventures or comedies. Their kind of entertainers tackle some complex theories in the world of science, philosophy, psychology, history, mathematics and so on. A normal viewer cannot get through these without feeling worked up since they require your undivided attention.

Here are 8 movies exploring complex themes for those of you who love to study:


  1. Good Will Hunting (Gus Van Sant, 1997)

Image result for Good Will Hunting movieA very straightforward attempt at telling a story about a passionate teacher who discovers the special ability of a janitor. His mathematic skills are unprecedented but his behavioural problems will not let him get a life he deserves. It is up to the teacher to mould him with sessions and training. The cast is phenomenal with their performances, and the script, quite succinct.


  1. As Good as It Gets 

Image result for As Good as It Gets movieDo you have an OCD? Then you will be able to relate with this film that attempts at telling a story of a maniac with a compulsive disorder and additionally a morally questionable behaviour. Life is in pieces until he meets a group of people who are different from his usual acquaintances. The plot is lively and the protagonist’s depiction of a man with OCD helps us understand various aspects about the life of individual of his likes.


  1. Code Unknown

Image result for Code Unknown movieThe film explores the life stories of multiple people, who may or may not be directly connected with each other, but there is a common link of social prejudice that ties their lives causing the consequences of the actions of one person, all the lives. The filmography is marvellous, presented to us in a world that is progressing towards deterioration.


  1. Brainstorm 

Image result for Brainstorm movieNeto is hospitalized in a mental facility owing to substance abuse. But the treatment worsens his condition instead of improving it. The film aims at exposing the toxic environment and irrational methodologies that prevail inside the walls of these ostensibly beneficial hubs of care and rehabilitation.


  1. A Beautiful Mind 

Image result for A Beautiful Mind  movieJohn Nash is schizophrenic and faces a worsened state of mind. The film examines the phase of John’s life where he is extremely careful about his contacts with the outside world giving the viewer a comprehensive view of the challenges faced by individuals like him.


  1. Tony Manero

Image result for Tony Manero movieRaul Peralta is a huge fan of John Travolta. The film progresses as he becomes an outlaw in the pursuit of his goals. The film is set in the countryside and aims at educating the viewer on the unpredictable social systems that prevailed in South America.


  1. A Dangerous Method

Image result for A Dangerous Method movieThe film is based on the lives of two of the prominent psychologists- Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. Both personages come under the spell of a woman who completely captivates their senses as they struggle to find an answer to the psychological problem the woman harbours.


  1. My Left Foot 

Image result for My Left Foot movieChristy Brown suffers from cerebral palsy but in no way does that hamper his perseverance. The film showcases the prominent phase of the man’s life thus giving us a glance of his adoptive talents and the effects of cerebral palsy on quality of life at large.

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8 Must-See Movies for Psychology Lovers

by Emily Keen

We are sequencing a series of movies that are plotted for psychology lovers. Clinging to your favourite narratives here you can find a few blends of psychology themed movies and why you should watch them. It comprises of different genres such as drama, thriller, etc. They are Also, you find your preferred stories including biographies, social psycho drams, psychopathologies, psychological additions, social turmoils and, also symbolic periods of psychology. 

Let’s have a look at these visual psychology treats:


  1. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975)


Image result for one flew over the cuckoo’s nest movieThis is a story of a crazy criminal who speculates that to serve his time in a mental institution will be easier than pushing his life in jail. It is a comedy-drama that highlights the behaviourism of individuals as well as narrates various forms of psychosis. It also screens the institutional processes of the 1960s and picturizes human cognitive dimensions. 



    2. Rain Man (1988)


Image result for Rain Man movieA melodrama which narrates the selfish rouge who is unaware of the fact that he has a brother who is autistic. The role of Charlie Babbitt was played by Tom Cruise who tries to take his brother under his control to snatch his inheritance. The entire play is adorable and it defines the dynamics of the family. 



   3. A Beautiful Mind (2001)


Image result for A Beautiful Mind movieIt is a biographical drama and dubbed as one of the best movies on mental health. It is based on a true story and more about a genius mathematician yet asocial in nature. The movie highlights the disorder of paranoid schizophrenia. Also, it tells the impact of such a condition on the personal and social life of a person. 



  4. Black Swan (2010)


Image result for Black Swan movieA Typical psychological horror movie that illustrates anxiety disorder and behavioural disorder. It narrates the rivalry and explores mental stress that a person comes across at the prime points of life. As Nina finds the director is about to replace her with Lily, she broke out to the dark phases of life where anxiety and rivalry welcome her to go mad. 



  5. Driving Miss Daisy (1989)


Image result for Driving Miss Daisy movieThe story tells the bond between a Jewish lady and an African American driver. A clear cut drama which reflects a lot of life lessons. This movie clearly traces and never forgets to echo how the relationship between the two prime characters grows. It highlights social discrimination prevailed in society and explores the psychological perspectives of life from different points of view. In addition, you can trace the message that relationships are not bounded by any boundaries. It also touches the problem statements of Alzheimer’s disease and its impact. 



  6. Memento (2000)


Image result for Memento movieA crime drama or can be said as a neo-noir psychological thriller that narrates the revengeful life of a person who is suffering from anterograde amnesia. A severe head injury changes the life of Leonard Shelby who was an insurance investigator. His wife was killed by someone and he was trying all the way to remember the murderer to take revenge. It narrates eh psychological dilemma encountered by those who are suffering from such severe memory loss. 



  7. Reign Over Me (2007)


Image result for Reign Over Me movieIt is a family drama that visualizes the desperate situation that a man faces when he loses this whole family. Charlie lost his family in the 9/11 terrorist attack and he drowns himself down in deep despair. However, when he meets one of his college roommates he finds relief for the rest of his life. In short, the movies gives a vivifying experience that blends different psychological emotions in a person’s life. 



  8. Ordinary People (1980)


Image result for Ordinary People movieThis movie sheds light on the deep mental anguish. Conard is losing his brother in a sailing accident. This loss tore him to deep guilt and he attempted to kill himself. Subsequently, Conard was his extended stay in a mental hospital. He finds his life back and tries to restore life seeing how his mother and father deal with the same situation. This movie highlights the dynamics of a family setting in its deep distress and the value of psychological therapy in real life.

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8 Saddest Movies That Will Make You Weep

by Emily Keen

Sometimes holding it all in does not work well. Not all of us can cry easily. And that may cause a feeling of frustration from within. Crying helps to keep you recharged and going.

For those of you who find it hard to cry, here are some tearjerkers that will definitely get the waterworks going.


  1. Sophie’s Choice

Image result for Sophie’s ChoiceCan you imagine a mother having to choose between which of her kids live and which one dies? Piercing isn’t it? This film about choice is set in the backdrop of the holocaust where a mother is forced to do what she has never imagined in her wildest dreams. Every time you think about it, you will cry a little.


  1. Toy Story 3

Image result for Toy Story 3 movieThe third instalment of the Toy Story franchise sees the toys battling an imminent death. They survive as usual but the effort they have to make to keep their life is heartbreaking. The film will give you a nostalgic trip to your childhood while confronting the truth about mortality.


  1. Romeo + Juliet

Image result for romeo juliet movie hollywood As we all know this is the greatest love story ever made. The classic Shakespearean tale takes you through the tragic life of the iconic couple and the sufferings they had to endure.


  1. Mary and Max

Image result for Mary and Max movieSuicidal depression induced by utter loneliness is the theme of this film. The gritty concept is showcased in the most heartfelt manner in this animated feature. If you never cried during an animation film, now is the time.


  1. AI: Artificial Intelligence

Image result for AI: Artificial Intelligence movieHaley Joel Osment plays a robot, who believes he is human. Things get pretty wretched when he is abandoned by his mother and as he mourns we can feel the grief permeating the screen and piercing right through the heart.


  1. The Lion King

Image result for The Lion King movieWhen Mufasa died we all wept like babies. And believe it or not, this will keep happening every time you watch The Lion King.


  1. One Day

Image result for One Day movieAnne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess star in this melancholic flick where they have a tradition to catch up each year for one day. They continue this for around two decades. The film is a slow burn and never has any movie be manipulative in such a positive way.


  1. Never Let Me Go

Image result for Never Let Me Go movieHailsham is an English boarding school with a seemingly idyllic environment. Kate, Tommy and Ruth live in a world which seems relatable yet not so much. This is a poignant love, betrayal and jealousy that will almost tear you up.

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8 Movies on Netflix That You Just Cannot Stop Talking About

by Emily Keen

These are age-old and hard to attain movies, but thanks to the golden age of the Internet, we now have a plethora of wonderful content available on-demand at your fingertips. Whether it’s a series like The Walking Dead that has captured our hearts for so long, or the ultimate in Internet stoner cinema, Stranger Things, there are so many things that you can watch and talk about at the drop of a hat.

Here are 8 movies on Netflix that you are probably on the verge of explaining on a late-night rant.

  1. Dear Zachary

Image result for Dear Zachary movieThis is the movie that will actually make you ball your eyes out. The trauma-inducing thriller is about a child whose father is murdered by his mother. The film is brilliant yet so depressing that you actually want to curl up in your bed and never go out in the world since you just witnessed its darkest corners.


  1. Shawshank Redemption

Image result for Shawshank Redemption movieThe movie has been standing tall with the highest rating on IMDb for a very long time now. No one could have imagined that a rather mediocre story about prison break could be told in such a comprehensive and majestic fashion.  It sinks and sinks and keeps sinking until it envelops your whole being.


  1. Hot fuzz

Image result for Hot fuzz movieThe comedy-action flick directed by Edgar Wright aims at portraying police officials in a funny light. Wright has a unique knack for visual storytelling and that is what makes this film quite phenomenal and a cult favorite.


  1. Oldboy

Image result for Oldboy movieSince Parasite’s Oscar win, we have started noticing that Korean movies exist and they are unarguably kickass, you might want to add a few to the list and Oldboy is the one you should start with. You will thank us later!


  1. Best In Show

Image result for Best In Show movieDirector Christopher Guest has undoubtedly reinvented mockumentaries and this is one of his works of art that you will want to discuss forever.


  1. American Beauty

Image result for American Beauty movie“Sometimes there’s so much beauty in the world, I feel like I can’t take it, and my heart is just going to cave in,” says Kevin Spacey in one of those iconic scenes that is considered the most artistic expressions of emotions in the history of cinema. The film could be a nightmare with a vile theme but will definitely captivate your thoughts.


  1. Food Inc.

Image result for Food Inc filmYou might not want to finish that Big Mac once this movie comes to mind. Because it tells you everything that is wrong with the food systems followed by the biggest fast-food chain in the world.


  1. Silver Lining’s Playbook

Image result for Silver Lining’s Playbook filmThis is one movie that you will never get tired of watching. No matter how low you feel, this film is meant to make you feel better. The film is a great story with Jennifer Lawrence playing a mental patient delivering one of the most phenomenal performances of her career.

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8 Movies on Netflix That You Didn’t Know You’d Love

by Emily Keen

For decades now, one of the most talked-about American exports is Netflix, which offers customers one of the largest streaming collections of anything you can find online.

The idea here is to guide you through the most surprising movies out there, paired with informative suggestions to see if they’ll make you feel you’re coolest. In our list below, we’ve picked 10 movies we love that have managed to land on Netflix, even if they’re not ones we know very well.


  1. ‘Almost Famous’

Image result for Almost Famous movieThe soundtrack of this film is the only upsetting thing about this film as per most people who have watched this film. Everything else is pretty cool. After so many years of release, the rock movie is still relevant and loved by most movie buffs.

  1. ‘Hush’

Image result for Hush movieIt is just scary how smart people can be. Now imagine if there is an added element of psychopathy to this smartness. This is a lethal dose. The man stalking the woman in this film is exactly the kind of psychopath we are talking about.


  1. ‘Sixteen Candles’

Image result for Sixteen Candles movieThis movie is a testament to how liberally sex and nudity were treated back in the 80s. The film has a PG rating when a lot of cine folks today would beg to differ on that aspect and demand it be rated R. All in all a light-hearted attempt at explaining coming of age feelings that develop during adolescence. But be assured that the ending will leave you delighted.


  1. Home

Image result for Home movieRihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and Steve Martin come together in a lavish and scintillating animated venture for kids. Don’t fret! Adults will equally love it.


  1. Hotel Transylvania 2

Image result for Hotel Transylvania 2 movieWhen it comes to the Transylvania franchise, it is loved by audiences across demographics. The second installment of the oddball Halloween adventure has some strong messages about family unity and diversity. You should bite!


  1. The Wood

Image result for The Wood movieA story of three friends on the west coast, who reunite after years for one of the guys is getting married. Things go south as the groom goes missing just before the wedding and the other two embark on a hilarious journey to find him and amidst the road trip, take a nostalgic trip down the memory lane.


  1. Mystic River

Image result for Mystic River movieThe Oscar-nominated film examines some serious themes it gets you brooding over somber aspects of humanity. This is truly a great film from the beginning till the end that will leave you aching and yearning for an alternate conclusion.


  1. To Kill a Mocking Bird

Image result for To Kill a Mocking Bird movieYou never realize how significant some films are until you have watched them. This is one of those masterpieces. It is like chicken soup for the soul. Does it seem like an exaggeration? It won’t seem like it once you have undergone a shift in the perspective about prejudice and the feeling that encourages it in humanity. Which is exactly what this film aims to do.

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8 Movies On Amazon Prime That Can Lift Your Mood

by Emily Keen

Of course, we didn’t find a film that improved mood across the board, but we did find one that may do the trick for you. Instead of stressing about the mood-up, consider taking a break and watching a film of your choice. That may be just the thing to boost your mood.

If that does not work, then we have the following suggestions for you.

  1. 50/50

Image result for 50/50 filmThis film has a hell of a lot going on. The entire film is centered on our protagonist Adam and his medical issues. A thoughtful departure from the typical comedy that sometimes can feel tiring, 50/50 is sure to keep you on edge.


  1. Lion

Image result for Lion filmYou will learn that by loving and learning about others, you unlock your inner self. This is an emotional and gripping tale about a 25-year-old boy (adopted by an Australian couple) who on a quest of finding his real parents travels across continents. We recommend it to all of you. You will love it.


  1. Salmon Fishing in Yemen

Image result for Salmon Fishing in YemenThis is a relationship film but it is not the typical one. It is a relationship drama that blends in a good chunk of a journalist’s life and their current situation. This is not a comedy and though it still has a few happy moments, with incredible performances from a wonderful cast.


  1. Sing Street

Image result for Sing Street movieMusic is in the air and that just adds to the uplifting routine. The boy who leads the track belongs to a family in the middle of a financial crisis. His sole focus right now is to impress a femme fatale with his music. Set in the 1980s, the film is a witty and cheerful story of a band’s successful journey and the protagonist’s pursuit of his love interest.


  1. It’s Kind of a Funny story

Image result for It’s Kind of a Funny story movieAdolescence isn’t always normal for every child. It sure isn’t for Craig Gilner. So he decides to get himself checked into a mental health center. The youth ward isn’t available leaving him with the only option of spending five days in an adult ward where begins a journey of mentorship that changes his life for good.


  1. Love is Strange

Image result for Love is Strange movieBen and George decide to tie the knot after four decades of courtship. That’s strange enough to even hand the title. The union sets off a series of events that makes up for a delightful ride for the audience elevated by the incredible cast.


  1. The Fundamentals of Caring

Image result for The Fundamentals of Caring movieWhat does it take to care for someone? If you are one of those emotionally dry people who cannot find an answer to this question, well then this is your chance. Paul Rudd in an attempt to get over his painful divorce decides to become a caretaker of a teenager suffering from muscular dystrophy. It is not the most adorable relationship you will see as between usual caretakers and their beneficiaries. The connection develops purely on sarcasm and profanity that transcends into mutual growth and emotional healing.


  1. The Intouchables

Image result for The Intouchables movieImagine you are bound to a wheelchair? An ex-con would definitely be the last choice on earth right? The protagonist, a rich paraplegic, thinks otherwise. He sees this as a life-changing experience for both of them and from there on ensues a poignant tale encompassing hilarity, surprises, and emotions all along.

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8 Really Sad Movies That Will Make You Cry

by Emily Keen

We all love watching tragedies, don’t we? We all love watching tragic movies, don’t we? As a matter of fact, it is one of the most popular sub-genres we’ve ever seen online. Since we’re short of ideas for a broader franchise, we’ve been giving the media industry and fans that love our films more attention than usual.

That’s why there are so many fan-created ‘diabolic’ films. Before the plot of any film is even set in stone, the watchers will be on the lookout for the possible disasters of the future, leaving all the actors in a bloody and dazed state.

Let us have a look at some of the classic tearjerkers of the era.


  1. Ordinary Love

Image result for ordinary love movieA tale of love and cancer which will make you weep like a baby. The film stars Liam Neeson, Lesley Manville, and Amit Shah.


  1. Harriet

Image result for Harriet movieCynthia Erivo plays Harriet Tubman in the film that explores her life and the dangerous missions she spearheaded to free slaves from the darkness of the Underground Railroad. The film also stars Leslie Odom Jr. and Joe Alwyn.


  1. Adrift

Image result for Adrift movieThe survival story of Tami Oldham and Richard Sharp, who endeavor to cruise the Atlantic Ocean. When Richard is left in basic condition after a storm, Tami must explore her approach to shore alone.

The film stars Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin


  1. Dumbo

Image result for Dumbo movieThis story about a young elephant who is picked upon at the circus will break your heart. The film stars Colin Farell, Michael Keaton, and Danny DeVito.


  1. The Aftermath

Image result for The Aftermath movieA British Army man and his wife shift to Hamburg as a part of the colonel’s assignment, but things go south when a  previous resident starts having issues with them. The film stars Alexander Alexander Skarsgård, Keira Knightley and Jason Clarke


  1. If Beale Street Could Talk

Image result for If Beale Street Could Talk movieThe film revolves around a pregnant woman whose fiancé has been wrongly convicted of a crime he did not commit. The tear-jerker stars KiKi Layne, Stephan James, and Regina king.


  1. Up

Image result for Up movieA 78-year-old balloon vendor goes in search of paradise in his flying balloon which happens to his dead wife’s dream. The film stars Edward Esnar, Jordan Nagai and John Ratzenberger.


  1. The Wife

Image result for The Wife movieDoes a woman’s success get shadowed in the image of their husbands? This classic tale of a devoted wife aims to tackle the very concept. The film showcases Glenn Close, Jonathan Pryce and Max Irons in prime roles.

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8 Psychological Thrillers You Should Watch

by Emily Keen

These movies will literally have your brain hurting with a mind-bending plot and overtly unusual character arcs. But it is the most satisfying experience to watch movies that are simply wholesome on a psychological level.

The perplexing feeling that develops while you are at it, is exactly what the directors of these movies want you to feel.

Here is a list of 8 Psychological thrillers that everyone should watch:


  1. Frailty (2001)

Image result for Frailty movieThe story follows two siblings and their incredibly strict father. The father accepts he is the errand person of God and that he has been instructed to battle evil spirits. While this is going on, an FBI operator is additionally searching for a serial killer known as “God’s hand.”


  1. Get Out (2017)

Image result for Get Out movieAn African American picture taker Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), is persuaded by his white sweetheart to visit her folks’ house in the forested areas. Chris immediately saw something is wrong with a couple of dark people living in that town, they appear to be controlled.


  1. A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)

Image result for A Tale of Two Sisters movieFilled with twists and turns, this Korean flick is sure to interest you. Each time you figure things will pass by ordinary, something insane and surprisingly turned occurs. The story rotates around the life of two sisters with a family loaded with privileged insights and secrets.


  1. Split (2017)

Image result for Split movieThree young people are caught by a weird man with different characters. He can be delicate, well disposed, and even neighborly at times. At others, he can turn rough, forceful, and insane without reason. Kevin has 23 personalities and his captives must discover an exit plan before the bad side of him dominates and kills them all.


  1. Asylum Seekers (2009)

Image result for Asylum Seekers movieThe film recounts to the tale around six misfits who are exhausted or dismissed by current society a desire to be conceded into the haven so as to flavor up their lives. Inside the refuge, they locate a world loaded with odd people, who they appear to venerate. They want to move into the establishment, but the problem is only one of them gets through.


  1. Shutter Island (2010)

Image result for Shutter Island movieThe protagonist is sent to examine the exercises of a dysfunctional behavior office situated inside an island. Turns out that proof brings up at DiCaprio being the crazy one and he has had envisioned this “analyst” situation in his mind the entire time. It is up to you to decide, who is the insane one?


  1. The Skin I Live In (2011)

Image result for The Skin I Live In movieA Spanish thrill ride about abnormality, science, and firearms. A plastic surgeon is chipping away at another type of engineered skin to assist people with serious burns. His techniques though are somewhat unlawful. He catches hirelings, whom he uses as his guinea pigs until one of them turns on him.


  1. Ex Machina (2015)

Image result for Ex Machina movieSoftware engineer Caleb Smith wins an excursion to meet his hero Nathan Bateman. Bateman shows Smith the freshest upset in innovation- robots that look incredibly, human. Things take an interesting turn when Smith begins to fall for one of the robots, Ava. In the wake of discovering Bateman’s damaging methods, he endeavors to save the robots.

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7 Oscar-Losing Movies And Where To Stream Them

by Emily Keen

Whatever your assessment of the Academy Awards, on the off chance that you care about film, you can’t simply expel them. The Academy’s champs serve as a past filled with film. Going through the rundown of Best Picture victors, you’ll see patterns come and go and in any event, get a harsh feeling of what was esteemed in films for every year and the movement of patterns.

Here are 7 movies that lost the Oscars, but definitely deserve your time.

  1. First Reformed

Image result for first reformed movieEthan Hawke was generally great and profoundly astute in his presentation in this film. First Reformed is an extremely unusual flick. Hawke plays a military cleric turned minister of a noteworthy church. A young mother (Amanda Seyfried) requests that he counsel her husband, whose agnostic perspectives strike as a crisis of faith to the pastor. The film in all its capacity zeroes in on the fate of the world and probably this is the reason it was in the running for Best original screenplay. You can stream it on Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, Youtube and Google Play.


  1. Black Panther

Image result for Black Panther movieA Marvel movie! Yes! But it lost. And if you haven’t watched it yet, do yourself a favor and please go watch it. You are missing a cinematic and superhero masterpiece. It is now streaming on Netflix.


  1. A Quiet Place

Image result for A Quiet Place movieThe Quiet Place crawls with Beasts who are blind and sensitive only to sound. The only defense against these monsters is to keeping pin drop silent in their presence. The film won a nomination for the best sound editing. The film is streaming on Vudu, Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube.


  1. Shoplifters

Image result for Shoplifters movieShoplifters already had a taste of a win at the Cannes Film Festival. The film set in Tokyo showcases aims to bring out the rare side of family integrity topped by an incredible performance by Sakura Andô. The film is streaming on Vudu and YouTube.


  1. Cold War

Image result for Cold War movieSet in the backdrop of the Iron curtain, the film takes us through the love story of a couple spanning over 15 turbulent years. The black and white format adds to the sanctity of the story that is much inspired by director Pawlikowski’s parents. An otherwise exhausted and dramatic tale of passionate love is wonderfully narrated and the cinematography simply adds to the feel. The film is streaming on Amazon video.


  1. Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Image result for Can You Ever Forgive Me? movieMelissa McCarthy and Richard E. Grant is awfully underrated in this stunning film based on queer characters. The film was nominated for the best picture. It is available on Amazon Video, iTunes, Google Play, or Vudu.


  1. RBG

Image result for RBG movieA riveting documentary about a woman with exceptional mental power was surprisingly left out of the contention of awards. “I ask no favor for my sex. All I ask of our brethren is that they take their feet off our necks.” The line sends chills down the spine and so does the story. The film is streaming on Hulu, YouTube, Vudu or Google Play.

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8 Movies So Disturbing That You Can Watch Only Once

by Emily Keen

When talking about kids – and this applies to both adults and kids – one very important thing to remember is the difference between what is called mature content and what is called hardcore content. It’s about ideas and themes. The sort of explicit scenes we’re mentioning in the films are clearly the kind of depictions and their content that deals with the dark and disturbing subject matter.

Considering the makers went to great lengths to bring out the horror in these ghastly cinematic pieces, they deserve to be praised. But yet they can be watched only once given the kind of violence that is being explicitly showcased in the movies.

Here are 8 such films that every movie buff should try to watch. We say try, because, if you are sensitive, you might just give up mid-way. Else it is a onetime watch and you get to boast about covering every kind of movie on earth.


  1. Schindler’s List (1993)

Image result for schindler’s listLet us begin with a winner. Based on the life of Oskar Schindler, the film is based set the backdrop of Nazi Germany. The German businessman and a party member of the Nazis, in addition, has a change of conscience and decides to help Polish Jews escape atrocities by giving them jobs at his company. He blows almost all of his fortune in the process but is still left with the guilt of not being able to do much for them.


  1. The Woman (2011)

Image result for The WomanThe last surviving woman from a cannibalistic tribe loses her way and is held captive by a local lawyer. In an attempt to civilize the woman, the lawyer puts the woman through some horrible trauma. The woman eventually discovers the lawyer and his family have some dark secrets of their own. The film showcases some highly disturbing murder scenes that will make you sick in the head. Nonetheless, the movie was received with much appreciation for exploring the subtle cues of misogyny that exist in society.


  1. The Human Centipede (2009)

Image result for The Human CentipedeHonestly, the film is awful. But the story of a grim doctor who performs tormenting experiments on the tourists caught the eye and it went on to gain a cult following. It got two sequels which were equally bad and a spoof version on South Park. The plot is so vile that even the thought of it will make you sick in the head. If at all there is any reason why you should be putting yourself through this agony, it is only to get yourself a pop culture knowledge upgrade.


  1. The Passion of the Christ (2004)

Image result for The Passion of the ChristIt is humanly not possible to watch this much blood being spilled if you will. The film was the highest-grossing R-rated film until Deadpool took over in 2016. Now, why is a film about Jesus Christ an R-rated film? It is because it is two hours of pure barbaric torture. Don’t say we did not warn you!


  1. The Last House on the Left (1972)

Image result for The Last House on the LeftThe Last House on the Left can easily be called one of the most controversial films in the history of cinema. So much so that the film was banned in the UK and the copies of its reels cut to destroy any chances of witnessing the deeply disturbing and degrading scenes. The plot follows a group of escaped prisoners brutally raping and killing two teenage girls. As Karma does it’s thing, the attackers find themselves in the home of one of the girls. The savagery that ensues as a part of vengeance will literally leave you feeling nauseous.


  1. Maniac (2012)

Image result for maniac movieYou know the film is a winner when it has sucked you in and twisted your senses to almost make you believe you are a part of everything that is going on. Good thing, just not when the film is about a psychopath serial killer who randomly murders womenkind as a part of his retaliation against a troubled childhood he had watching his mother be a sex worker.


  1. Hostel (2005)

Image result for Hostel movieHostel is a classic that holds the top spots when it comes to creepy and gory movies. The film follows two tourists in Europe who are tricked by two women to come seek refuge in a Slovakian hostel which in reality is a human trafficking center where they will be sold off to sadistic clients who take pleasure from torturing and killing people to blow off steam. The scenes are gory to a whole new level and explicitly showcasing all the inhuman disfiguring the humans are subjected to.


  1. I Spit On Your Grave (2010)

Image result for i spit on your grave 2010 movie posterA woman from New York is brutally gang-raped by a group of local men. They leave her thinking she would be dead. But luckily she survives and swears to bring the perpetrators to justice. But in the most grizzly ways possible. The film sparked a heavy debate on feminism since Jennifer was portrayed a hero in most of the second half of the film. The franchise gained several sequels but the original is considered the most disturbing of them all.

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8 Netflix Movies That Will Scare You to Death

by Emily Keen

The current lineup of horror films on Netflix is scary to a whole new level. It is so creepy that even watching the trailers will leave you terrified. From films based on true incidents to those aimed at scaring children, there is every kind of film available. And do not make the mistake of watching these alone. Just don’t!

Are you ready? Here goes!

  1. In The Tall Grass

Image result for In The Tall Grass movieFor a film including an hour of individuals strolling through grass, it some way or another stayed straight from beginning to end. The acting was convincing and balanced.


  1. Eli

Image result for Eli movieIf hospitals give you creeps, better stay away from this one. The plot circles around a boy who is admitted to the clinic following his diagnosis with a rare disease. The attempts at his therapy, however, unleash bouts of horror and thus a grisly tale.


  1. Eerie

Image result for Eerie movieThe film is set in a convent, idiosyncratic to most Hollywood horror films. A girl from a catholic school ends her life and the school thus invites a psychic to investigate the matter. But in the process a lot of hidden secrets and horrid tales about the convent resurface.


  1. Malevolent

Image result for Malevolent movieEver heard about the stories where the Ouija board attempt backfires? This is one of those tales, just that there is no Ouija board. A brother and a sister try to earn some extra cash dealing with paranormal stuff. Things go south and now they must run for their lives.


  1. Truth or Dare

Image result for Truth or Dare movieYoungsters often tend to go a little crazy and always want to go down the forbidden path. It is this inclination towards danger that usually lands them in trouble. That is pretty much the story of Truth or dare.


  1. The Ritual

Image result for The Ritual movieA group of 4 Britishers goes camping in the Swedish wilderness. But they are too deep in it until they realize they are not safe beyond the boundaries of their tents.


  1. The Bye Bye Man

Image result for The Bye Bye Man movieAgain a tale of college students who find themselves battling something they don’t even know is real or just hallucination. It’s the Bye Bye Man, a supernatural killer.


  1. The Disappointments Room

Image result for The Disappointments Room movieWell, it would have been fine if the were only disappointments. But they are ghosts and it’s not a pretty experience for the woman who just bought the new fixer-upper.

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8 Netflix Movies Based On True Stories

by Emily Keen

Looking back at the lives of those intriguing individuals who inspired some incredible cinema! Watch these films that are based on true events.

Here are 8 movies on Netflix that will help you witness the lives of some extraordinary folks.


  1. Dallas Buyers Club

Image result for dallas buyers club movieThe film draws inspiration from the story of Ron Woodrood, although Rayon’s sexuality in the film stays in limbo. There is no explicit revelation about him being a transgender or a crossdresser whatsoever. It speaks volumes about AIDS crisis and the stigma attached to HIV positive people and the consequences on their lives in the 80s and the 90s. The film has some of the most incredible performances by Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey.


  1. The End of the Tour

Image result for The End of the Tour movieFollowing writer David Lipsky’s unpublished account of Wallace in the most recent days of his book visit for Infinite Jest, the film is a ground-breaking chip away at the workmanship, talking with, virtuoso, despondency, and the manner in which inventive individuals see one another. Jesse Eisenberg and Jason Segel do probably the best work of their professions as Lipsky and Wallace.


  1. First They Killed My Father

Image result for First They Killed My Father movieThe film is pensive without being exhausting and genuinely wrecking without being manipulative. It’s an extreme watch however a solid film. The film recounts the genuine story of Luong Ung whose family was one of numerous that endured under the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.


  1. Other People

Image result for Other People movieIn light of Saturday Night Live essayist Chris Kelly’s genuine encounters, Other People recounts to the account of battling satire author, David (Jesse Plemons). He moves back home to care for his dying mother. Confounding issues is his dad, who won’t acknowledge David’s sexuality, even 10 years after he turned out. It’s a film that shifts back and forth between minutes intended to make you giggle and cry.


  1. Lincoln

Image result for Lincoln movieLincoln may happen during the most spellbound period in American history, however in contrast with our political atmosphere today, it’ll cause you to feel emphatically roused about the intensity of government. Daniel Day-Lewis is incredible as the titular character. Steven Spielberg’s standard wistfulness is altered down to attain a moving narrative.


  1. Schindler’s List

Image result for Schindler’s List movieSteven Spielberg’s film is now a characterizing account of the Holocaust. It won the best picture and gave Spielberg his place among the most renowned directors of the generation.


  1. The Two Popes

Image result for The Two Popes movieThe Two Popes covers the rising of Pope Benedict XVI (Anthony Hopkins) and his possible retirement and substitution by Pope Francis (Jonathan Pryce), told through a progression of anecdotal discussions paving the way to Benedict’s acquiescence in 2013. It is substantially more modern than the numerous Netflix Originals.


  1. Neruda

Image result for Neruda movieNeruda is an interesting, yet long and moderate track down film with artistic and political reverberation. Neruda lived in intriguing times and Larraín hypes the gatherings and talks skillfully combining a chase story.

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8 Highly Underrated Movies of All Times

by Emily Keen

Cinema is one tricky business. It gives the most passionate minds the space to channel their emotions and yet only a few manage to soar heights and actually get noticed amongst the troves of movies that are released. Not a very fortunate thing to happen to the films that were made with such dedication and alleviated by incredible performances.

You can almost sense the passion with which they were made and yet they somehow manage to slip under the radar. Seriously, why isn’t there enough love in these movies? Amongst these, there are those that may have to be flawed but still went on to become cult favourites.

We have some of these wonderful actors turning in great performances, but since the movie does not get enough vocal advocates, it simply drowns in the noise.  Take the excellent and stunningly crafted The Dark Crystal. The film is a visual treat and yet criminally underrated.

There are many more by the likes of these. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

  1.   Saved

Image result for saved movie mandy mooreThis movie is a testament to just how wonderful is Mandy Moore in comedic roles. The hilarious film is set in a Christian high school where the mean queen Hillary Faye tries to control her pregnant friend Mary. The sharp sarcasm around Christianity and the iconic scene where Mandy Moore hurls a bible at Jena shouting ‘I am filled with Christ’s love’ are the highlights of this highly underrated teen comedy.


  1.   Uptown Girls

Image result for Uptown Girls movieFrankly, this Brittany Murphy starrer never got the credit it deserved as a classic. It will leave you in tears and awestruck at just how much you can relate to Murphy’s Molly as a 22-year-old girl. One warning- the desire to get those Egyptian cotton sheets will stick around until you get one of those.


  1.   Hackers

Image result for hackers movieA cult favourite Hackers had quite the futuristic story and also happens to be the breakout film for Angelina Jolie. Everything about this film made a statement- the clothes, the visuals, the characters. Not to mention the music, that was devoured by younger audiences.


  1.   Into the Blue

Image result for Into the Blue movieMight I suggest this one, just for all Paul Walker fans? Take the word at face value- he looks so gorgeous in this one, you will fall in love with him all over again. That is basically one selling point of the film and the other being Jessica Alba’s character that brought her into the spotlight as a leading lady.


  1.   Alpha Dog

Image result for Alpha Dog movieThis gem has a separate elite movie nerd fan base and holds a respectful spot among movies that impact lives. It may not be a cinematic masterpiece, but the story has fire in it. Anton Yelchin is the star of the show, outperforming the star image he gained with big flicks like Star Trek.  


  1.   Pet Sematary

Image result for Pet Sematary movieDerived from a Stephan King book this is one horror experience you will want to have again and again. The story subverts expectations and constantly improves with every watch. This is the kind of movie that will make you feel disgusted and terrorized at once.


  1.   Right on Track

Image result for Right on Track movieThis sports adventure belongs to times when kids movies were everything but soft. The rugged race tracks are meant only for men and race car drivers Courtney and Erica Enders are on a quest to change the notions of a misogynistic world.


  1.   Dark Crystal

Image result for Dark Crystal movieAn astonishing work of art in every sense, The Dark Crystal is for those who have faith in the ingenuity of myths and legends. It will bring out a surge of emotions, including terror, awe, sympathetic and at times tears. And not just once or twice. It will happen each time you revisit this legendary piece of cinema.

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7 Brilliant British Movies to Watch On Netflix

by Emily Keen

Netflix has added to its list, the dark horses of the British cinematic universe. They are bringing in a whole new kind of drama, action and comedy to the table. The streaming service is buzzing with Guy Ritchie movies and Hugh Grant cinema all at once. Could it get any richer?

Here are 7 Brilliant British movies on Netflix that you should be adding to your watch list:


  1.     Trainspotting (1996)

Run Time: 93 min | IMDb: 8.1/10

Image result for Trainspotting movieDanny Boyle’s dark comedy in a very weird sense, speaks to you and tells you to get yourself together. The Scottish classic’s great humour and the incredible performances have a cult following around the world for.  Evan McGregor plays a drug fiend who shares his apartment with friends who are equally a disaster. The film charts the lives of these outcasts as they go through some vicious fights and crimes to finally give us a tragic hero ending.


  1.     Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)

Run Time: 107 min | IMDb: 8.2/10

Image result for Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels movieWhat’s the best place to kick off a crime comedy? In Hollywood’s popular opinion – Gambling. Our guy here loses big time in a rigged card game to a crime kingpin. To pay his debt, he decides to rob a gang along with a group of friends and there begins the hilarious 100-minute journey. This genius British crime comedy is the magnum opus of the legendary Guy Ritchie.


  1.     Theory of Everything (2014)

Run Time: 123 min | IMDb: 7.7/10

Image result for   Theory of Everything movieEddie Redmayne walked away with the Oscars for portraying the genius in the chair that year and we couldn’t be happier. It was well deserved. Stephen Hawking himself agreed to the fact that the film was broadly true and that there were multiple instances when he saw himself in the film. The story chronicles the life of the genius scientist and his wife Jane who stood by his side even when his world was crippled by the disease.


  1.     God’s Own Country (2017)

Run Time: 104 min | IMDb. 7.7/10

Image result for God’s Own Country movieA truly remarkable love story of a young farmer named Johnny and a Romanian migrant worker Gheorghe. The gritty tale of romance between two men will have you tear up emotions and yet feel delighted at the end. The chemistry between the two is absolutely magical and makes you want to savour every bit of their relationship.


  1.     Layer Cake (2004)

Run Time: 105 min | IMDb: 7.3/10

Image result for Layer Cake movieJust going to out a limb and say that this film rules and has everything you want in a fast-paced crime drama. Craig Daniel plays a drug dealer who has to get his hands dirty one last time before he walks away from the world of crime. But the tasks he has at hand are almost impossible? Will he and his crew survive the precarious situation?


  1.     About A Boy (2002)

Run Time: 101 min | IMDb: 7.1/10

Image result for About A Boy movieA man child has his way with single mothers, making them believe he is a single father to a son. When one fine day a young man (Marcus) really enters his life and changes him for good. Through a series of comical events, we get to experience a deftly crafted tale of a Casanova, exceptionally performed by Grant and his young pal, played by Hoult. 


  1.     Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

Run Time: 91 min | IMDb: 8.3/10

Image result for Monty Python and the Holy Grail movieKing Arthur and his Knights formed the inspiration for this historically accurate film loved by most movie nerds. Yeah! If you do not geek out on movies, chances are you haven’t even heard of this film. Terry Jones’ ultimate masterpiece is eccentric at best and loved by intellectual cinema fans everywhere.

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7 Edge-of-the-seat Thrillers to watch on Netflix

by Emily Keen

It is that thrill of experiencing danger without even being in one that draws us to thrillers. The tension and racing heart create excitement that is distracting enough from mundane life. We love to relish the action, suspense, anxiety, drama that comes along. Netflix recognizes your innate longing for the adrenaline rush and has modified its menu and thrown in some exciting thrillers. At times you may not be able to categorize a film as a hard thriller because it crosses the thin line to merge with the element of horror.

Here is the list of 7 edge-of-the-seat thrillers that you can stream on Netflix right now:


  1. Drive (2011)

Image result for Drive movieThis amazing thriller with an incredible soundtrack is one of Ryan Gosling’s best films. No doubt it has some crazy violence in it, but there is an equal balance of calm and composure. Gosling and Carey Mulligan both give a phenomenal performance but the plot of the film is what takes the cake.


  1. It Comes At Night (2017)

Image result for It Comes At Night movieWe have to give it up to A24 for creating some of the most eccentric thrillers and It Comes At Night is no different. It takes a special talent to not showcase the face of a monster and leave the audience to speculate and come to the conclusions of their own. The film centres around two families desolated from a worldwide epidemic and ultimately unravelling the truth that true danger lurks within. Not to mention the speciality of A24 to create these paranoid and creepy scenarios in the most scenic locations that make it just so hard to look away from the screen.


  1. The Hateful Eight (2015)

Image result for The Hateful Eight movieUnarguably one of Tarantino’s best films in the line of Spaghetti western inspirations, The Hateful Eight sees multiple similarities to vintage western classic frames. The cold snowy frames bear an uncanny resemblance to those of “The Great Silence”. Some would disagree on it being a called a 21st-century movie, yet no one can deny that it is three hours of utter fun. Netflix has both the theatrical version and the director’s cut of the movie to choose from.


  1. Panic Room (2002)

Image result for Panic Room movieDavid Fincher’s claustrophobia-inducing thriller is decidedly the most intense of all his films. The film opens with a group of burglars breaking into a house, causing a mother and daughter who live in that house, to lock themselves up into a panic room in their new apartment. We get to witness Jodi Foster’s amazing acting chops and what would become of Kristen Stewart as an actor in this cinema.


  1. Frozen River (2008)

Image result for Frozen River movieLooking for some female-oriented independent film to watch? Put Frozen River right up on the list. The story revolves around a single mother who is broke and in need of money to take care of her children. The desperate circumstances make her go down the forbidden path and illegally traffick immigrants across the frozen river. By staying true to the realities of the working class and deftly examining the crossover of race and class, the film has only managed to win hearts at large.


  1. Jackie Brown (1996)

Image result for Jackie Brown movieJackie Brown is the titular air hostess who is on a quest to play the gun dealer and the feds chasing her for the debt she owes and her crimes. The woman is slick and you never know what she is thinking. That’s where all the suspense fumes from. This is one of Quentin Tarantino’s famous classics that is surprisingly yet essentially low on the gore and violence.


  1. The Cell (2000)

Image result for The Cell movieOne of Jennifer Lopez’s best performances throughout her acting career comes from a thriller directed by Tarsem Singh. The story sees Lopez as a social worker working who helps bring comatose patients back to life by using a technology that taps into the vulnerable parts of their brain. FBI agent (Vince Vaughn) shows up asking for her help to tap into the mind of a notorious serial killer to help find a captive. Although you might see a reflection of “Silence of the Lambs” in the film, the plot is a lot more unique, featuring incredible performances from the cast.

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8 Highly Conceptual Movies that are Hard to Understand

by Emily Keen

Conceptual cinema mostly focuses on a single concept and build a whole world around it. It does not fit the mould of low concept films which essentially follow the same formula to build a narrative.

The film is basically about the concept and less about the characters. In other words, the story is the protagonist.

Here are 8 films that are deemed highly conceptual and hard to understand.

  1. Coherence (2013)

Image result for Coherence movieIf multiple realities are a real thing this film got the concept just right. Eight friends start experiencing a chain of events hard to explain in normal terms. The only concept to explain it is the Schrödinger’s cat theory.


  1. Pi (1998)

Image result for Pi movie‘Pi’ revolves around the life of a mathematician who is obsessed with the stark contrast between mathematical regularities and human imperfections. It touches upon multiple themes including mysticism, religion and the connection of mathematics and the universe.


  1. Source Code (2011)

Image result for Source Code movieJake Gyllenhaal plays a government agent who is tasked with decoding the identity of a bomber who is dead in a train explosion. He now has to relive the last few minutes of the bomber’s life and find his motive. In the process, he unravels that there is actually much more at stake and things may not be as simple as they seem. The highly exploited concept of time travel is reimagined in this film with brilliant execution by all the actors.


  1. The Butterfly Effect (2004)

Image result for The Butterfly Effect movieAccording to chaos theory, a small event in one part of the world triggers a series of consequential events far away. The story focuses on life of Evan a teenager who keeps blacking out due to frequent headaches and wakes up in his past. He is tempted to make alterations to his past life not knowing it would have drastic effects on his present. Until he realizes the consequences of his actions he has already landed himself in a commotion of heinous proportions.


  1. Predestination (2014)

Image result for Predestination movieTime travel is fascinating but always rest in limbo. Predestination is a highly intriguing story of a time traveller who keeps touring between 1945 to 1943 in search of a vanishing bomber. Predestination Paradox forms the underlying concept of this mind-bending adventure.


  1. Upstream Color (2013)

Image result for Upstream Color movieThe symbiotic relationship between man, animal and nature form the pretext of this script. But overall the film touches upon many concepts. The film builds around two individuals who lose pretty much everything they had and embark on a journey of self-discovery.


  1. Inception (2010)

Image result for Inception movieThis movie will forever change how you perceive reality. At least for a few days after you have watched it! The Christopher Nolan movie added a new dimension to the league of intellectual cinema that people didn’t just love but worshipped. This is one true masterpiece that is loved by all tribes of movie buff alike.


  1. 2001: Space Odyssey (1968)

Image result for 2001: Space Odyssey movieIf you have watched this Spielberg visionary work of art, you would probably agree to the fact that the movie was far ahead of its time. A section of audiences may find the pace of the film weary. But the arcs are befitting for this deep space adventure. In fact, the pace is the most important element to create an impactful space opera. Kubrick did an amazing job at that!

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8 Creepiest Movies Streaming Now on Amazon Prime

by Emily Keen

Streaming services are up-ing their horror game by adding serious spooky content. They are hell-bent on giving you the most horrifying experience because of course you come seeking one. Why else would you watch a horror film right?

Here are some movies on Amazon Prime to send chills down your spine. They will sink in your heart and impress in your mind the creepiest images, that will leave you so scared, that you won’t want to leave the room alone.

Have fun watching these. Not alone!


  1. A Quiet Place

Image result for A Quiet Place movieAs blind creepy monsters crawl all around, a husband and wife must survive the petrifying situation and help their deaf daughter get through the horror too. The film is full of nail-biting tension and suspense. There is very little dialogue as the survival of the characters depends on staying quiet, hence the name.


  1. Amityville Horror (2005)

Image result for Amityville Horror movieThe baffling tale already narrated in1979 was revamped in 2005. The film speaks about the horror that lurks the Amityville home in Long Island.  Based on true incidents the flick explores the paranormal events that occur in the haunted house.


3.       Annihilation (2018)

Image result for Annihilation movieJeff VanderMeer’s sci-fi novel realized into a kaleidoscopic flick by Alex garland is one scary experience. A series of strange biological phenomenon shake up Florida and a group of women walk into the quarantined area to analyse the matter. Will they make it out alive?


4.       Cabin in the Woods (2011)

Image result for Cabin in the Woods movieThe ulterior motive of the makers of this flick is in a bit of a limbo. Whether they tried to make an entertainer or a horror film is unclear because they unleash a group of monster creatures on college kids for fun. How does that sound for an experience in the woods? Same old same old? But the fun element stands out and gets you till the end.


5.       Carrie (1976)

Image result for Carrie  movie The god of horror stories, Stephan King obviously had to face some kind of childhood trauma to be able to channel so much terror into his novels. Carrie is straight out of his teenage days, brought to fruition silver screen by Brian De Palma. Sissy Spacek gives a gritty performance as Carrie and Piper Laurie as her god-fearing mother deserves special applause.


6.       Children of the Corn (1984)

Image result for Children of the Corn movieThe film may have fewer production costs, but it did land very well in the annals of horror. This is a short story following a bunch of rural kids struggling to survive against the terror caused by “He who walks behind the Rows”.


7.       Chopping Mall (1986)

Image result for   Chopping Mall movieNot an explicit slasher by nature, but it does showcase human carnage in the form of electrocution and cutting off heads. If that information is hard to process, you better stay away from this “camping night at the mall” flick.


8.       Climax (2019)

Image result for Climax movieHorror does not really answer the question of why! It just happens. Can you even answer why you are drawn to scary films knowing you will be left terrified for days? No right? Same works in case of this film. The pic follows a dance crew and their successful venture which leads into a celebration night. Things go south when their drinks are spiked with LSD and that leads to a whole nasty situation. Again, do not question if all the nihilistic and cruel incidents are making a point.

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5 Chick-Flicks Every Single Should Watch This Valentine’s Day

by Emily Keen

Single this valentine? You go, girl! We have just the line up to rock that lonely night with some of the most amazing chick-flicks.

Here goes:

  1. The Notebook

Image result for the notebook movieYou have probably already seen this one or at least heard of it. It stars Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams who play teenage sweethearts who are caught in a dilemma of choosing between their families and love. The film is a wholesome ride filled with happy, emotional and romantic moments in abundance.

  1. Mean Girls

Image result for Mean Girls movieIs there anyone living who doesn’t know Mean girls? Probably not! This film is literally the boss of all chick flicks, with so much talk about fashion, catfights and ultimate girlfriend fun. So invite your gal pals and watch away.


  1. Grease

Image result for Grease movieThis is the one film that will demand you shed all the baggage and masks and just be yourself. So ladies, are you ready for a feel-good ride?

  1. 500 Days of Summer

Image result for 500 Days of Summer movieHappily ever after is too overrated. 500 Days of Summer is meant to tell you that every perfect couple need not end up together. This film explores the progressions of courtship and may not exactly be a happy ending for everyone. Be prepared for that, because how much ever this feels like a love story, it’s not one.

  1. Bridget Jones’ Diary

Image result for Bridget Jones’ Diary movieNot long ago was Bridget Jones complaining about the lack of dating action in life! Well now she need not, because of not one, but two men are fighting for her attention. And of course, she records all this in her diary for us to understand the way she sees it.


  1. Cadet Kelly

Image result for Cadet Kelly movieFor those of us who like to be called our own hero, could use some inspiration from the determined cadet Kelly. Even when Captain Stone is hell-bent on breaking her spirit, the clumsy yet dedicated cadet won’t give up.


  1. 27 Dresses

Image result for 27 Dresses movieThe selfless and hopeless romantic Jane, has served as a bridesmaid 27 times. But the adorable Jane finds out that her secret crush has been tapped by her younger sister, Jane begins to rethink her way of life.


  1. Easy A

Image result for Easy A movieThis is one of Emma Stone’s top 10 movies. She plays a not so popular high school student who’s cooked up wild weekend story reaches every ear in the school eventually leading her to rolling the eyeballs as she always desired.

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8 Movies on Amazon Prime that are Totally Hidden Gems

by Emily Keen

We are not even exaggerating when we say Amazon Prime has hidden gems. Even if you have been using the streaming service for a long time, there is a high chance you might have missed on these sizzling classics. The lineup includes a mix of new and old.

Be it, a cult classic or drama or a comedy, there is something that lines with the likes of each one of you. Brace yourselves for some of the best creations that popped out the Hollywood mould.


  1. ‘Superbad’

Image result for superbad movieWhat do coming-of-age boys desire the most? Do we even need to say anything else? It’s hilarious yet heartwarming to see them go to great lengths to get laid though. If you haven’t watched the coolest movie of the year yet, it’s high time you do! Jonah Hill and Michael Cera are a treat to watch in this teenage buddy comedy.


  1. ‘Forever’

Image result for 2.	'The Big Sick'  movieExcitement ensues as a suburban couple decide to break the monotony of life and take a trip in the woods. Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen lighten up your heart with their amazing onscreen chemistry.


  1. ‘The Disaster Artist’

Image result for The Disaster Artist  movieOne of the worst movies in Hollywood laid the foundation for one of the best. Could irony flex any further? We don’t think so. James Franco’s The Disaster Artist charts the making process of the cult favourite film “The Room”.


  1. ‘Arrival’

Image result for Arrival  movieAmy Adams gives the performance of the generation in this Sci-fi thriller that oversees dealings of human-alien. Adams is an expert translator and volunteers to undertake the mission of cracking the mystery around the intentions of the ET visitors.


  1. ‘Lady Bird’

Image result for Lady Bird movieIf smiling through tears is the kind of experience you seek, then Lady Bird is for you. This sweet coming of age story about a young girl will take you girls back to your sweet sixteen. Starring Saorise Ronan in the lead role, the film is directed by Greta Gerwig.


  1. Children Of Men

Image result for Children Of Men movieThe film has aged like fine wine and the more you watch it, the more you realize how visionary Cuaron is as a director. The film charts an intense journey of a man who is asked to escort a young pregnant woman away from the dark and difficult land that has not seen a new life since the past two years.


  1. Harlem Nights

Image result for Harlem Nights movieIf Eddie Murphy classics had a headliner, this would be it! Harlem Nights is a classic Murphy comedy that sees, a father-son duo sparring against the officials in New York to protect their livelihood.


  1. The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Image result for The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert movieFilled with love and laughter, three drag queens take a trip in the deserts of Australia hoping to find a gig of a lifetime. The bus on which they travel is called Priscilla.

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8 Brilliant Period Dramas to Watch on Netflix

by Emily Keen

Period Dramas are a guilty pleasure we all devour without being embarrassed. There is something about these costume oriented 18th century Scottish/English legends that captivate all audiences alike. Perhaps it is the lavishness of the frames that seeps into our minds or the elegance of the women that enchants our senses. Besides these dramas bring out the most awkward details of the lives of the people who were considered the makers of history. A dose of gossip is always a plus. If not any of the above, the blooming innocent romance and lurking infidelity in a regal set up is the kind of entertainment that unequivocally attracts audiences.

Here is a list of 8 brilliant period dramas streaming on Netflix


  1. Revolutionary Road

Image result for revolutionary road movieIf you felt Titanic was heartbreaking because Kate and Leo did not have a happy ending, this one will leave you shattered. Meant to say that as a positive trait as their onscreen chemistry is a treat to the eyes and you should watch Revolutionary Road for that in addition to its incredible storyline and screenplay.


  1. ‘Neruda’

Image result for Neruda movieThe Chilean communist drama about the infamous politician and poet Pablo Neruda is an act of revolutionary aesthetics and narration. Luis Gnecco is perfect in the role as the impish Neruda. The narrative navigates through the time of Chilean history when a cold skirmish broke between the government and the communist group. An utterly biblical mash-up of literature, politics heightened by splendid performances.


  1. ‘The Imitation Game’

Image result for The Imitation Game movieA British masterpiece helmed by Morten Tyldum is the life story of Alan Turing phenomenally portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch. Many believe Alan Turing was a hero who changed the world by breaking the Nazi Enigma code during World War II but did not get credit owing to his sexuality which also led to his persecution.


  1. ‘Howard’s End’

Image result for Howard’s End movieWhat happens when a conservative family crosses paths with an intellectual family? A situation of similar proportions brews up when the Schlegel family and Wilcox family meet in the late 20th century.


  1. ‘Daughters of the Dust’

Image result for Daughters of the Dust movieThis is a lyrical experience crafted Julie Dash that chronicles the lives of three generations of Gullah women in the South Carolina preparing to migrate from the region owing to vanishing ways of life. You can feel the frenzy in the inventiveness of the narrative and visual language.


  1. ‘Becoming Jane’

Image result for Becoming Jane movieNetflix sure does not have “pride and Prejudice”. But “Becoming Jane” is the closest any story could come to the 90s romance classic. The story is based on the life of the author of “Pride and Prejudice” Jane Austen herself and we may have just realized what forms the inspiration for most of her novels.


  1. ‘The Duchess’

Image result for The Duchess movieThe ever beautiful Keira Knightley and period dramas are a never-ending affair and we can’t deny that it is where she belongs. In ‘The Duchess’ the actress portrays the life of the Duchess of Devonshire charting all her life right down to the scandals of 18th century.


  1. ‘Lady J’

Image result for Lady J movieFor all you movie buffs who love Dangerous Liaisons, Lady J almost walks the same path where a woman intends to take down a man who cheats on her. Set in the reign of Louis XV, the makers have brilliantly blended wit with a highly promising narrative.

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8 Romantic Movies To Watch This Valentine’s Day

by Emily Keen

There are classic rom coms in Hollywood we often trip over. There are scenes that still get the audience swooning. For instance- Mark flashing a “To Me You Are Perfect” note to Juliet in Love Actually or the I’ll have what she’s having” moment in Harry Met Sally. No matter how many times we come across these scenes, there is a momentary gush of feelings.

But we often miss out on movies that drown in the noise caused by these cult classics. We keep chasing after the relatable feelgoods when there are troves of new feelings to experience. Here is a list of the rarest romantic films that you should be binging over this Valentines.


  1. Moonrise Kingdom

Image result for moonrise kingdom movieAccording to popular opinion, this is the film holds a spot in the top 5 movies of Wes Anderson. The man has a penchant for creating heartwarming stories with his knack over intricacy. A budding love of a pre-teen couple passionate yet mature forms the heart of the story. The story builds as they navigate the challenges of school life and the mindset of adults around them. The Moonrise Kingdom might as well be called the best adaptation of Peter Pan and Wendy’s onscreen chemistry.


  1. Amelie

Image result for Amelie movieMagic ensues when two kindred souls are trapped in a whirlpool of emotions and you know it is never going to be a straightforward love story. But that’s the beauty of Amelie. The back and forth journey of two people in love will leave you with an intense yet carefree hangover.


  1. Love & Basketball

Image result for Love & Basketball movieAmidst countless tales about how love suffocates between two achievers stands an honest attempt by Gina Prince-Bythewood. The film charts the love between two ball players that stems as a rivalry but blooms into an imperfect yet a trying relationship. Bythewood leaves no corner unexplored in this athletic feature. Right from the complications of being in the limelight, making business decisions and family planning Love & Basketball is an ode to love stories that endure the test of time and life.


  1. Let the Right One In

Image result for Let the Right One In movieThe love between two oddballs is still love. They just have a different way of expressing it but at the core still exist the same values- utter faith and zero conditions. This screen adaptation of John Ajvide Lindqvist’s novel brings together two misfits who have a peculiar inclination towards gruesome murders and bloodthirst. Creepy huh? If you don’t mind the grisly aspect of this romantic affair, you are about to have a whole new perspective about the unconditional love that we talk about all the time.


  1. WALL-E

Image result for WALL-E movieMake no mistake, it’s not just a robot! He feels passion, love and emotions just like you and I. 800 years from now when humanity would probably have evolved into humanoids with the human core still intact only abilities amplified, this is how the love between two people would look like. Andrew Stanton’s sci-fi space animated adventure takes you through different stages of WALL-E’s love story and he makes sure it permeates the screen and pierces right through the heart.


  1. The Apartment

Image result for The Apartment movieIf you are ensorceled with B&W era classics love sagas, The Apartment would be a bold choice. If you are thinking why “bold”, well for once it favours the idea of painful love and the other being the Avant grade characters build by Billy Wilder.


  1. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Image result for Forgetting Sarah Marshall movieFor all those getting over a breakup, Jason Segel’s methods of forgetting a significant other might just help. Or maybe not! If not that, at least you will laugh your heart out at this brutally honest tale of post break up struggle.


  1. Carol

Image result for Carol movieTodd Haynes means to tell you that love is not just a feeling that brews randomly. It is slow, lopsided and has its own language. It lies in the subtle cues that we often ignore thinking it is just ostensible and transient. What if it’s not? This intoxicating tale provokes so many questions and unattended emotions at once. It’s time you meet your feelings head-on!

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8 Best Valentine’s Day Movies On Amazon Prime

by Emily Keen

Date night with friends or boyfriend! A romantic film is a perfect way to end the night. But how do you choose a film right for the mood? Fret it not!

We have got a list of 8 movies that make up for a perfect valentine’s week line up on Amazon Prime. Here goes:


  1. Miss Congeniality and Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous

Image result for Miss Congeniality movieAn undercover FBI agent infiltrates a beauty pageant in this infamous rom-com headlined by Sandra Bullock. The first instalment is more on the romantic side while the second is a pal comedy featuring Regina King as Bullock’s partner.


  1. Because I Said So

Image result for Because I Said So movieA hilarious experience ensues as Daphne tries to get her extremely insecure youngest daughter find a perfect match and stop her from backing the wrong horse. The misunderstandings caused by Daphne’s overbearing fill the feature with an utmost chuckle.


  1. Thanks For Sharing

Image result for Thanks For Sharing movieA recovering sex addict and a breast cancer survivor find comfort in each other’s company and end up falling in love. But how are they supposed to make this work when they have to fight separate battles of their own? The film stars Mark Ruffalo and Gwyneth Paltrow in lead roles with Tim Robbins and Josh Gad as supporting cast.


  1. Cruel Intentions

Image result for Cruel Intentions movieYou could call this a revamp of Dangerous Liaisons with an added essence of true love, Cruel intentions come across as an exploration of the viciousness of human vices. The star cast includes Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Phillippe, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair star.


  1. Girl Most Likely

Image result for Girl Most Likely movieThis indie comedy charts the life of Imogene (Kristen Wiig) from the time she attempts to end her life and her mother takes her in. You would think this improves her life but it’s just the opposite.


  1. How To Be A Latin Lover

Image result for How To Be A Latin Lover movieIn the ultimate laughing stock we see Eugenio Derbez playing toyboy to rich widows to keep his desire of a luxurious lifestyle satisfied. When his cougar of a wife banishes him from her life, his quest of searching for a new flame earns him a total shift in perspective.


  1. The Big Sick

Image result for The Big Sick movieKumail Nanjiani’s relationship with Emily V. Gordon forms the basis of this feature dealing with cross-cultural conflicts in a love story. The film stars Nanjiani as himself and Zoe Kazan as Emily.


  1. Little Italy

Image result for Little Italy movieA love story at the mercy of a family feud forms the backdrop of the film. Will love see this couple to the end of the road amidst a business rivalry? Oh and maybe you should order some pizza if you crave food once you look at it.

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8 Rom-Coms to Stream on Netflix this Valentine’s Day

by Emily Keen

It’s the valentine season and we are sure you are looking for something to end a date with. Singles need not worry either. These movies will inadvertently cheer up any section of audience irrespective of their relationship status. There is something magical about these classics that spellbind even the most uninterested viewers. You just have to initiate. When it comes to rom-coms Netflix has quite a collection.

Here are 8 best Rom-coms to watch on the streaming service this Valentine’s:


  1. About Time

Image result for about time movieThis romantic narrative overlaid on the concept of time travel is monumentally packed with drama and emotions. It is a rather interesting blend of a love story and science fiction. As …. Realizes he can travel through time, all he wants to do is go back and woo an old flame.


  1. The Ugly Truth

Image result for the ugly truth movieA lovesick television producer (Katherine Heigl) strikes a wily deal with a cynical TV show host (Gerard Butler) who believes his perception of love is perfect. He is even almost winning the bet until his own feelings begin to wander the love he so claims to control begins to control him instead.


  1. Always Be My Maybe

Image result for Always Be My Maybe movieOne word! Hilarious! This comical journey of two childhood sweethearts reconnecting after 15 years will crack you up. The film stars Ali Wong, Randall Park and Keanu Reeves in a special role.


  1. The Theory of Everything

Image result for The Theory of Everything movieIf you think a science mind is not at all romantic, you need to watch Theory of Everything. This film captures the love between the most intelligent man on earth and his first love in the most incredible way.


  1. Hitch

Image result for Hitch movieWill Smith plays a Date Doctor who claims he can match people with their soul mates in just three days. He crosses paths with a Tabloid journalist (Eva Mendes) who swears to expose him and his sham at all costs. Little do they know the spar ultimately causes them to develop feelings for each other?


  1. Jane Austen Book Club

Image result for Jane Austen Book Club movieA tale full of love, bliss, failures ensues as a group of funny friends catch up years later in a Jane Austen themed book club.


  1. Good Luck Chuck

Image result for Good Luck Chuck movieCharlie is cursed with being lonely. He has dated a bazillion women and everyone finds their soul mate as soon as they break up with him. As life takes a beautiful turn and he stumbles upon Cam, a charming penguin girl. He instantly falls in love with her but will he be able to break the curse?


  1. Someone Great

Image result for Someone Great movieThe twenties won’t stay forever no? We eventually have to give up on our idea of a perfect relationship and embrace life like an adult. In an attempt of recovering from a brutal breakup, Gina takes a holiday with her friends that turn out to be a life-changing adventure.

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7 Reasons Why Love Actually is the Perfect Christmas Film

by Emily Keen

Over the years I have wondered why Love Actually never made the cut as a Christmas film, when in fact it had all the elements to measure up as one. To begin with, it deals with some of the most iconic love stories in all their glory. This is the crux of every Christmas film out there.

Arent holidays suppose to be romantic? What’s the fun if you do not share it with the person who loves you?

Here are ten reasons why Love Actually, actually qualifies as a Christmas film:


  1. True love need not always be romantic

Some of the most prominent relationships in the film are not romantic – Sarah and her sick brother, Billy Mack and his Manager and also the father-son duo.


  1. Awfully relatable characters

The tension of being around someone you are crushing overkills you and Martine McCutcheon and Hugh Grant realize the exact scenario on screen.


  1. That pain of unreciprocated love is beautifully captured

Who does not love the scene where Andrew Lincoln confesses his love for Keira Knightley? It is one of the most beautifully crafted scenes of closure. In fact, it’s perfect!


  1. The great Christmas play

The presence of Spiderman, lobsters and a giant whale during the birth of Jesus was absolutely normal and not at all questionable.


  1. It’s funny

Jamie struggling to communicate with his maid, Colin’s scheme of finding love in America and Billy Mack’s Radio interview should be the highlights when it comes to hilarity.


  1. The incredible music

The music by Craig Armstrong, The Beach Boys, Norah Jones, Kelly Clarkson, and Joni Mitchell powers up this magical journey of love.


  1. The Portuguese proposal by Colin Firth!

You will be in splits when you hear Colin proposing Aurelia for marriage every time you watch this film.

Just watch it! It’s worth every bit of time.

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8 Movies That Make You Think About Reality

by Emily Keen

For years we have been told that we only use 10 percent of what our mind is actually capable of. There are still theories contradicting this fact. But what if it’s true? These are movies that will help you walk through those passages of mind that you didn’t even know existed. The whole purpose of these films is to expand our consciousness and open our minds to new possibilities.

Total Recall (1990)

Image result for Total Recall (1990)Douglas Quaid has constant dreams about a trip on Mars but he has no idea why. Until he subjects himself to a memory implant which brings back some forgotten memories.

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K-PAX (2001)

Related imageA patient claims to be ET but the psychiatrist has a hard time believing his explanations.

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Predestination (2014)

Image result for Predestination (2014)A mind-bending time travel romp which finds a Temporal agent chasing his a criminal who has forever managed to escape through time.

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Identity (2003)

Image result for Identity (2003)Two plot lines run parallel to each other where one follows a series murders happening at a Motel and the other is a trial room set up where a psychiatrist is trying to prove the innocence of a man accused of murder. Is there a connection between the two?

Find Similar Movies>>

Unbreakable (2000)

Image result for Unbreakable (2000)David Dunn is unbreakable, and he does not notice the fact until he survives a deadly train crash and emerges completely unharmed from it. Elijah, a comic specialist might just know why that is.

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The Jacket (2005)

Image result for The Jacket (2005)The Jacket is a story about a wrongly convicted suspect in a crime that leads a war veteran to have visions from the future while he is locked in a body drawer as a part of experimental therapy.

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The Thirteenth Floor (1999)

Image result for The Thirteenth Floor (1999)Another “whodunit” mystery murder tale taken to a whole new level by throwing in a concept of a computer-generated parallel world.

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Triangle (2009)

Related imageJess and her friends land in an uncalled for a tragic situation where they are being hunted down one by one and Jess unknowingly is the way out of this quandary.

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8 Light Hearted Movies You Can Stream on Netflix

by Emily Keen

We all need an escape from the stress and tension of our daily lives. Netflix is the one escape that we are very thankful for. Do you know what more you should be thankful for? The light-hearted films the streaming service has on the list.

Don’t worry about doing the digging. We already did that for you. Here goes:


  1. Roald Dahl’s Matilda (1996)

Image result for Roald Dahl's Matilda (1996)As children, we all felt like getting back at the adults who tried to control every aspect of our life. What would you do if you had the power to teach these control freaks a lesson? Roald Dahl’s Matilda could give you some ideas.


  1. When Harry Met Sally… (1989)

Related imageThe cult-favorite rom-com is every hopeless romantic’s go to after an exhausting week.


  1. Set It Up (2018)

Related imageIt’s payback time for the horrible bosses! This story about two assistants fed up with their managers will give you a laugh of a lifetime.


  1. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018)

Image result for To All the Boys I've Loved Before (2018)What if someday your crush finds out the way you feel about them? You have no idea what to do right? Well, in Lara’s case it is just too many crushes whom she wrote secret letters to and now all of them know! How is she ever going to get through this?


  1. Burlesque (2010)

Related imageCliché is all you can call this plot that involves Christina Aguilera and Cher. Mostly a no brainer, but you just can’t hate it.


  1. Someone Great (2019)

Related imageThis may not be a great rom-com but watch it just to witness the best onscreen chemistry the trio shares onscreen.


  1. Falling Inn Love (2019)

Image result for Falling Inn Love (2019)The Inn is what drives the story that starts between a woman who wins a new tavern space and the contractor who is helping her refurbish it.


  1. Legally Blonde (2001)

Image result for Legally Blonde (2001)Is there anyone who has not heard of this teen classic? And if you did not know it was available on Netflix, You are welcome.

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8 Movies That Make You Think About Life

by Emily Keen

We often think of cinema as a medium to keep ourselves entertained. But movies do so much more than that. They help us gain a new perspective on life. Just like these movies we have listed below. They enlighten us and inspire us in more ways than we can imagine.


  1. Into The Wild

Image result for Into The Wild movieThis story about a nature lover who gives up on his life and goes in pursuit of wilderness will help you come to terms with the fundamental nature of human beings.


  1. The Truman Show

Image result for The Truman ShowWhat would it feel like if you find out, your life until now was documented for a reality TV show? The Truman Show is about a man who comes to find the truth about his life and now questions the significance of his existence.


  1. Crash

Image result for crash movieA brutally honest tale of racial tension that developed in America post 9/11 highlights different shades and complexities of human nature.


  1. The Shawshank Redemption

Image result for The Shawshank Redemption movieThis classic narrated by Morgan Freeman is a work of art built around the life of Andy Dufresne who is wrongly convicted for a murder he did not commit. Will he be able to redeem himself?


  1. Waking Life

Image result for Waking LifeA philosophical masterpiece crafted by Richard Linklater vividly illustrates the nature of the human mind.


  1. Pay It Forward

Related imageDoing good is not hard. The world would be a great place to live in had we practiced kindness like the 11-year-old boy does in this movie.


  1. Dead Poets Society

Image result for Dead Poets SocietyWhy do we let society define the way we should live? Who gets to decide if your dreams are normal or delusional? Dead Poets society raises some very important questions.


  1. Life Is Beautiful

Related imageThis is one heartwarming attempt at showcasing a parent’s love for their children and you will find yourself smiling through tears.

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Kevin from ‘Home Alone’ Grew Up to Be the Killer from ‘Saw’

by Emily Keen

There is this crazy theory doing rounds about Kevin McCallister being the Jigsaw. Home Alone films by 20th Century Fox were a major blockbuster of the 90s. In the film, Kevin gets left behind while his family goes on a vacation. Two burglars take note of the fact and try to break into the house. Kevin gives them a tour of hell with his cunning defense art. But this creative skill later evolves into a murderous instinct as per a few.

Jigsaw, on the other hand, is a crooked killer who resorts to killing people as a distraction from his imminent death. Jigsaw’s name is John Kramer. He has a peculiar way of murdering his victims. The captive must play the games they are surrounded with to stay alive. He kills them if they lose.

So where is the comparison here? Let us break it down for you

Kevin does not show any signs of abnormality as a child. Granted he only harms the bandits in defense. But the fact that he enjoys watching them suffer cannot be neglected. Jigsaw’s motive is to generate newfound respect for life in the minds of his victims but he too enjoys torturing them. Would it be totally nuts to assume that Kevin lost his grip on sanity when he heard the news of his illness and brought back the sadist mentality in a more violent way?

Both Kevin and Jigsaw use similar crafts to hurt their victims. Kevin’s speciality is building elaborate traps while Jigsaw makes up complicated games. Some of Jigsaw’s games have an uncanny resemblance to Kevin’s work of art.

Not to mention the blue eyes and blonde hair and oh, the mysteriously similar jawline they share. If we assume Kevin moved to the east coast after experiencing the events of home alone and grew up there, it all adds up. He possibly assumed a new identity of John Kramer and the rest is history.

The release timing of the two movies may not favour this theory since Kevin is just a kid in home alone films and he could only grow up to be a teenager by the time saw released in theatres. But Jigsaw is a fully grown man.  Nevertheless, James Wan, the maker of Saw fully supports this theory. That could mean something.

Only if the math of the release dates could add up, we would have every possible explanation to believe that Kevin did grow up into Jigsaw.

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8 Psychological Thrillers Streaming On Netflix Right Now

by Emily Keen

Thrillers need not always be about creepy monsters and surreal characters. The darkest corners of the human mind are much scarier and worth exploring. Hollywood’s cosmos of psycho thrillers is gleaming with the darkest gems that are highly underrated.  For fans of horror and mystery here are 8 of these brilliant psychological thrillers streaming on Netflix right now.

The Invisible Guest

Image result for the invisible guest movieA typical ‘whodunit’ plotline that will keep you guessing about the identity of a killer until the curtain falls on the final act.

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The Good Neighbor

Image result for The Good NeighborTwo tech-savvy guys, Sean and Ethan are hellbent on creating a haunting experience for their old neighbor. If you are thinking there is nothing particularly psycho about it, you should perhaps take a closer look at Ethan who would go to any lengths to push his poor old neighbor over the edge.

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Buster’s Mal Heart

Related imageWhen Rami Malek’s at the heart of the story, don’t expect anything sane or normal! But one thing is for sure! You are in for a ride of a lifetime. The Oscar-winning actor plays an ordinary man who one fine day decides to give up on his life as a family man for life on the run because he is convinced that an event called ‘The inversion’ is about to change the world.

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Image result for brick movieA classic film noir, the film overlays the elements of old age detective films over seemingly modern characters. Gordon-Levitt’s character drives the entire film which is a masterpiece in itself when it comes to plotting, dialogues, and astuteness.

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Berlin Syndrome

Image result for Berlin SyndromeSet in Berlin the film follows the journey of an Australian backpacker Clare who loves to explore places and meet new people. But are all strangers really dreamy-like they show in romantic comedies? The one Clare meets is definitely a nightmare.

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Image result for creep movieIt is everything the title literally says. There is something so disturbing yet utterly fascinating about this found footage romps that they will keep you coming back. Creep charts the life of Aaron, a videographer who finds himself working for a man(Josef) who is about to die of cancer and wants to document his life for his unborn child. But whatever Josef says, his stories do not add up.

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Image result for HushImagine you are home alone and suddenly you realize that you have an invited guest. The terror that would craw above the knees is unexplainable. Now hold that thought. Let’s say you are deaf and mute too. Feel the chills down the spine yet? Exactly the feeling this slasher flick aspires to invoke.

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Related imageIf any of you are aspiring thriller filmmakers, consider Burning as the masterclass session you need. The film is simply amazing with developing a story that will take even the most uninterested audience to the edge of their seats. A must watch a psychological thriller that takes brilliantly dissects the concepts of class divide and toxic masculinity.

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8 Movies That Are Sure to Make You Cry

by Emily Keen

No matter how strong you think you are when movies bring out a whole lot of relatable sentiments it will trigger waterworks whether you like it or not.

Here are 8 such movies that are sure to make you cry when you watch them.


Image result for beaches movieA tale of childhood friendship eternalized by the love between two best friends and the performances of Barbara Hershey and Bette Midler. If nothing else, do not underestimate the power of music to tickle the eyes.

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Brokeback Mountain

Image result for Brokeback MountainIf this poignant account of homosexual attraction between Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger does not make you cry, I don’t know what will.

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Holland’s Opus

Image result for Holland's OpusThere is always that one teacher in everyone’s life whose words or actions have a huge impact on their life. Have you thanked them for doing it yet? If not, this story about a music teacher will compel you to do so.

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The Joy Luck Club

Related imageA mother-daughter story that will make you reach for the phone and call your mom once it’s over.

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Image result for StepmomSusan Sarandon and Julia Roberts give us the ultimate tear-jerker with their bizarre relationship that takes an unusual turn.

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The Lion King

Related image

Not just the deers, zebras, and the elephants, we were all rejoiced and teary-eyed when Rafiki held little Simba high up in the air like the king he was.

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The Fault in Our Stars

Related imageYour life is about to end. How do you process the feelings of love at this stage when nothing is certain enough? Grab a box of tissues before you start watching this tale about two teens battling cancer and at the same time their feelings for each other.

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The Hate U Give

Image result for The Hate U GiveThis brutal drama about the life of a black girl highlights the struggle of surviving in spaces of white dominance when you belong to a black neighborhood.

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8 Good Movies to Watch When Home Alone

by Emily Keen

Some movies mean to convey emotions that cannot be fully felt in the presence of company. Such features are best enjoyed alone. Here are 8 such movies that may be solemnly devoured when you have the house all to yourself.


  1. Honey Boy, 2019

Image result for Honey Boy, 2019A poignant account of actor Shia Labeouf’s life explores an emotionally toxic relationship he had with his father and how the consequential PTSD changed his life.

  1. Waves, 2019

Image result for Waves, 2019Another complicated father-son relationship maverick which pushes the boundaries of conventional narratives coupled with phenomenal cinematography and sublime acting.


  1. Uncut Gems, 2019

Image result for Uncut Gems, 2019A high thrill adventure set in the backdrop of New York city driven by an ecstatic Adam Sandler whose life at the moment to be described in one word would be- crisis. Not to mention the Safdie brother’s signature style tension build-up that will keep you at the edge of your seat.


  1. The Lighthouse, 2019

Image result for The Lighthouse, 2019An oddball script that is carried only by two characters. That’s right! Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe phenomenally enact the struggle, the frustration, and weariness they undergo while being stuck over an island with each other.


  1. The World Before Your Feet, 2018

Related imageA very uplifting account about life realized through Matt Green’s obsession to walk every street of the city and document the character of what we call New York. It took him six years!


  1. Last Breath, 2019

Image result for Last Breath, 2019A tense and gripping tale of a diver who is stranded 100 meters below the surface of the North Sea just 5 minutes away from his Last breath while the rescue is 30 minutes away.


  1. Midsommar, 2019

Image result for Midsommar, 2019Well here is the deal. If you suffer from Anxiety, stay away from this one. This is Ari Aster’s second psycho-thriller taking satanic rituals to a whole new level set in the backdrop of beautiful Swedish mountains. Don’t fall for its aesthetics. It could drive a sane man crazy!


  1. The Mustang, 2019

Image result for The Mustang, 2019Matthias Schoenaerts proves he is very eloquent with expressing his emotions without saying a word. This is one of those rare gems which deserves all the appreciation for the underlying subtext more than the story and more so for the way it is narrated.


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8 Best Animated Movies of All Time

by Emily Keen

It all started with simple 2D drawings on the screens. The animation genre was once only an effort meant mostly for a juvenile audience. Even the pioneers wouldn’t have foreseen its power as the richest medium to channel creativity and imagination. If we were to handpick a few in the genre that really pushed the boundaries of innovation with the drawings and characters, these 8 films would be it!


  1. ‘Rango’ (2011)

Related imageThe director of Pirates of Carribean gives us quirky animated western which charts the adventures of a thespian lizard. The film uses references from some of the most classic western genre opuses including Clint Eastwood’s “Man with No Name” which gives it a peculiar feel.


  1. ‘Coraline’ (2009)

Image result for Coraline’ (2009)Everything that shines is not gold. Coraline, our titular character learns this the hard way. The stop motion animation flick crafts some crisp 3D frames and a brilliant storyline.


  1. ‘Charlotte’s Web’ (1973)

Image result for Charlotte’s Web’ (1973)Watch this one just to witness Templeton the rat dancing and singing to “the fair is a veritable smorgasborg-orgasborg-orgasborg!”. You will cherish it forever.


  1. ‘Grave of the Fireflies’ (1988)

Image result for Grave of the Fireflies’ (1988)An attempt supposedly made to target the child audience but is in fact an intense post-war set up that shows the struggle of teenage siblings who are learning to survive in the world in the wake of the hostilities.


  1. ‘Fantastic Planet’ (1973)

Image result for Fantastic Planet’ (1973)Everything! Literally everything about this film is odd. Right from the eerie soundtrack to the papercut animation, this is simply a work of art by French animator René Laloux.


  1. ‘The Secret of NIMH’ (1982)

Image result for ‘The Secret of NIMH’ (1982)A symbolic fable that attempts to take a dig at heinous experimentation on animals and a gesture at celebrating the strength of single moms through a light-hearted yet strong story of a widowed mouse.


  1. ‘Up’ (2009)

Image result for ‘Up’ (2009)Simply put – an achiever! The film garnered much attention after it became an opening film at the Cannes Film Festival. The stunningly animated frames skillfully refine the plot to realize into what we can call the best magical realism fable ever made.


  1. Howl’s Moving Castle’ (2004)

Related imageAn unpleasant witch curses a young woman with an old body. The woman’s only way out is a young wizard who moves around in a walking castle.

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8 Best Space Opera Movies of All Times

by Emily Keen

Space operas as a genre are a tremendous effort. The VFX, extravagant set pieces and vivid imaginations are quintessential to the success of these movies. Not all Soap operas made in Hollywood to date have made it to the winner’s list. It’s a total gamble. If the film wins, the makers become legends. If it doesn’t, well then, they get drafted into Hollywood’s loser’s list.

Here is the list of 8 great space operas which turned out to be massive hits:


  1. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Image result for Star Trek II: The Wrath of KhanTwo ship commanders sparring against each other in the dark of space, this installment of Star Trek Franchise takes the villainous nature to a whole new level. With staggering performances and one of the most striking death scenes, this deserves the number one spot on the list.


  1. Star Wars: Original Trilogy (1977 – 1983)

Image result for Star Wars: Original TrilogyThe Trilogy is the one true definition of what a space opera means in all respects. All three films are considered benchmarks in the world of cinema.


  1. Serenity (2005)

Image result for Serenity (2005)Ever come across a film that is so wholesome that it becomes difficult to pick one good moment? Well, Serenity is one of them. The movie was specifically applauded for creating a whole new world with well-drawn characters.


  1. Alien (1979)

Related imageIf you haven’t watched this movie in a theatre, you are missing out on an experience of a lifetime. No movie will ever be able to match the dark depths of space as recreated in Alien. The film revolves around a group of humans making a run from an Alien spaceship, hellbent on destroying them.


  1. Interstellar (2014)

Image result for Interstellar (2014)Simply put – Work of art, made sublime by the direction of Christopher Nolan and scaling the height of classics owing to wonderful performances and brilliant cinematography.


  1. Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Image result for Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)James Gunn’s GOTG may not be a classic space opera but it would not be fair if we just dismiss it. The dazzling visual effects and comical tone which spans across the film help the film make the cut.


  1. WALL-E (2008)

Image result for WALL-E (2008)So far the only animated film to be classified as space opera Pixar’s WALL-E builds entirely around a robot. It would not be right to say that they have a perfect vision of the future but the ideas are quite refreshing.


  1. Galaxy Quest (1999)

Image result for Galaxy Quest (1999)The film begins with spoofing the ideas of space opera and sci-fi culture but then takes a sharp turn to give you a perfect space adventure.


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7 Must Watch Movies Every Teacher Should Watch

by Kaylen Summers

Teaching is not just a job. It is a responsibility given to shape the minds of the future. A good teacher is remembered by their students forever. However, if you are not so good at teaching, it will not just be affecting you, but others as well.

These movies are not going to help to teach better. However, they will surely encourage you to become a better human being and look at students with a much positive perspective.

The Squid and the Whale (2005)

An indie-pop by Noah Baumbach follows the crumbling marriage of a couple and how it affects their two sons. Both parents are writers but are perceived differently by their children. Inspired by the father, Walt is quiet a talent at school but takes weird decisions of giving up his love life, because his father apparently is not a big fan of monogamy. The mother, on the other hand, has fallen out of love with Bernard and finds a romantic interest in another man.

Good Will Hunting (1997)

This one is a cult classic. Will Hunting has a genius-level IQ. Yet, he chooses to work as an MIT janitor. His talents were recognized by Professor Gerald Lambeau when he solved a complicated graduate-level math problem. The professor took it to himself to help the confused youth reach his full potential.

It’s A Wonderful Life (1946)

Premiered in 1946, this movie has without a doubt stood the test of time. Guardian angel Clarence Odbody walks George Bailey through an alternate reality George was never born. Holiday movies may come and go, but this is a heartwarming movie that will always stay close to you.

Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

We all need more of Olive’s confidence. She is chubby, bespectacled and fabulous. there may be moments when she might doubt it. But she knows that there is no one actually like her.

The Karate Kid (1984)

Some of you might have already seen this one. But, it is still worthy to be on the list for being the hugely popular classic underdog tale. Daniel LaRusso is hassled by the school bullies. Luckily, it is in his apartment building that martial arts master: Kesuke Miyagi lives. He agrees to train Daniel and teaches him more than just self-defense. With newfound confidence and wisdom, will Daniel be able to face off against his tormentors?

The Blind Side (2009)

This is the story of Michael Oher, a homeless and traumatized boy. With the help of a caring woman and her family, the movie tells about how he became an All American football player and first-round NFL draft pick. If you love watching stories about the underdog overcoming and winning, then this is the one for you.

October Sky (1999)

Here is another story about overcoming and achieving. The movie is based on the inspiring real-life story of Homer Hickam, a coal miner’s son. Gaining inspiration from the first Sputnik launch, he decides to study rocket science against his father’s wishes. Luck favored the brave, as he eventually became a NASA scientist.

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Lovebirds (2020) Trailer

by Kaylen Summers

A happy couple was on a night out. Unfortunately, their car gets hijacked by some stranger and he hits a random pedestrian. He then abandons the car and the couple, making it look like they are ones who committed the crime. Now, it is up to them to prove their innocence and bring some light into the mystery.

Releasing Date: April 3, 2020

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8 Movies Every Entrepreneur Must Watch

by Kaylen Summers

There is a lot to learn and a lot to implement when you are an entrepreneur. And sometimes the best way to do it is from your coach. We talking about movies that can inspire you and keep you motivated for your entrepreneurial goals.

Here are 8 great movies that every entrepreneur must watch:

Steve Jobs (2015)

Every entrepreneur is inspired by this man one way or the other. We all look up to him for his achievements and success. That makes this movie more interesting. Telling the real-life story about Steve Jobs, the movie tries to paint the intimate representation of the brilliant man at its epicenter.

The Founder (2016)

Here is another true story and it’s about how Ray Kroc build his vast fast-food empire. It was while working as a salesman for Illinois that Kroc met Mac and Dick McDonald. They were then running a burger joint in South California. Impressed by the brother’s speedy system of making the food, Kros pitched them an idea for franchising and the rest is history.

Joy (2015)

Being an entrepreneur is tough. Being a woman entrepreneur is even tougher. Joy is based on the life of one such woman. She is a single mother who fights her way up to become one of the most successful women entrepreneurs in the country.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (2019)

Here is a story that proves that perseverance and determination can take you far. The tale is about a thirteen-year-old boy in Malawi who fought against all odds to save his family and village from famine. His unconventional invention was his ticket to success.

Atlas Shrugged: Part I (2011)

Based on the 1957 novel by Ayn Rand, this movie is part drama. part thriller and part science fiction. But, most importantly, it is about the struggles of a powerful railroad executive named Dagny Taggart. With the society around her crumbling, she is struggling to keep her business alive.

The Fifth Estate (2013)

The Fifth Estate offers a look at the relationship between WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and his early supporter Daniel Domscheit-Berg, who later became his colleague.  With his website growing tremendously and influencing many, an irreparable rift appears in between the two friends.

Molly’s Game (2017)

Molly Bloom is a young skier and former Olympic. But, now she is off to become a successful entrepreneur. Unfortunately, things are not looking great for her after she establishes high stakes in an international poker game. Now the FBI is after her. Will she be able to outrun them and keep her goals?

Vice (2018)

Dick Cheney is the CEO of Halliburton Co. George W. Bush chose him to be the running mate for his 2000 elections. Cheney was not new to politics. He used to be the White House chief of staff, House Minority Whip, and defense secretary. However, when Bush finally became the president, Cheney started using his newfound power to help bring some changes to the country.

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7 Must Watch LGBT Movies Of All Time

by Kaylen Summers

Society is welcoming the LGBT community is with open arms and a lot of people coming out bravely day after day. In this time of woke culture, our movies are also embracing this change. This can be noted well in the movies of the last decade and some even before that.

Here are 7 must-watch movies that embrace the Pride spirit with love and care.

God’s Own Country (2017)

Set in rural Yorkshire,  this movie tells the story about a young farmer. He led a normal life with daily frustrations, binge drinking, and casual sex. But things took a huge turn when a Romanian migrant worker arrives. The two realize that they have feelings for each other and thus begins a conflicting love story.

Love, Simon (2018)

Love is for everyone. But, things are not that easy for Simon. Don’t misunderstand this as some typical teenage dating crisis. This is more complicated than that. Seventeen-year-old Simon is yet to reveal his friends and parents that he is gay. But, that’s not the only complication. It seems like he has fallen for an anonymous classmate online too.

Brokeback Mountain (2005)

This one is set during the summer of ’63. Two cowboys are working together on a shepherding job. Over the course of time, the two develop a raw and powerful bond between them. But, little did they know that it will last for a lifetime. Now, the two are on an emotional conflict trying to break away from the lives they were forced to live in and want they want.

Milk (2008)

This 2008 movie is the biopic of the person who made history- Harvey Milk. He is the first openly gay person to be ever elected into public office. He began his fight for gay rights in San Francisco during the late 1970s. This inspired many to join him in his fight for equal rights in America.

Blue Is the Warmest Color (2013)

Internationally well renowned, this movie is on the list for treating LGBT in the most normal and perfect way possible. The movie is about Adèle who falls in love with blue-haired Emma. The two discover love and desire in others. With Emma asserting her as a woman and as an adult, Adèle grows, seeks herself, loses herself and finds herself.

Call Me by Your Name (2017)

It is the 1980s in Italy. Seventeen-year-old teenage Elio makes friends with his father’s hired research assistant. Soon, the boy realizes that he has more than just friendship with the adult man. The two fall in love and thus their story about love and passion grow. But, will his parents be able to understand their relationship?

The Danish Girl (2015)

This one is also another inspiring movie based on the life of a real-life person. Einar Wegener is the first known individual to undergo gender transformation. Einar’s groundbreaking journey and Lili Elbe is the core of this movie.

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8 Feminist Movies to Watch on Netflix Right Now

by Emily Keen


Women centred films are slowly breaking the stereotypes and coming to the fore with more innovative and intriguing plots. Filmmakers are coming up with powerful issues surrounding women as opposed to archaic stereotypes where women were just considered a decoration for the script. Here are 8 films streaming on Netflix that have strong stories played by equally staunch actresses.


  1. Portraits of feminism

Image result for Portraits of feminism documentaryA dozen women activists are interviewed in this documentary where they share their views around the evolution of society as a safe and welcoming place for women.


  1. Is not it romantic?

Related imageNo, it’s not. It is just a girl on a journey of self-discovery and learning the importance of self-love.


  1. Dumplin’

Image result for Dumplin’Ever felt like you are not happy with your body? Most women do and that’s the issue this film expects to tackle in the vein of a light-hearted teen comedy.


  1. Lionheart

Image result for LionheartThe ceiling is glass. All you need is a Lionheart! Shot in Nigeria, the film is written, directed and enacted by Genevieve Nnaji as the central character.


  1. Mona Lisa SMILE

Related imageMaking life decisions does not seem like a big deal for women in our world right now. But the young women of the mid-twentieth century did not think of it as normal. Watch Mona Lisa Smile to find out how they emerged out of the cocoon to believe in a whole new reality and the fact that they had every right to shape it.


  1. The Incredible Jessica James

Image result for The Incredible Jessica JamesModern women want to be self-sufficient for themselves and would still believe in old school romance. Why is it hard to accept that strong women feel no different want nothing different when it comes to love without compromising on their self-esteem? The film raises some very pertinent questions.


  1. She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry

Image result for She’s Beautiful When She’s AngryWhoever type casted feminists as rude, men bashing creatures, definitely need to watch this film. The film brings to fore some very prominent moments from the second wave of the feminist movement.


  1. Historias cruzadas

Related imageNo oppressor can survive once the force of nature decides to reconcile. Historias cruzadas documents the combat of mid-20th-century domestic workers in the United States who joined hands against ill-treatment by employers and in the process inspired many city women to question the norms of gender stereotypes.


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8 Female Empowerment Movies on Amazon Prime

by Emily Keen

Looking for movies with some powerful and complex female characters? In times where women are battling with issues that are deep-rooted in the society since ages, a dose of motivation would not hurt. In fact, that is more of what we need.

Here are 8 very staunch women-centric titles, streaming right now on Amazon Prime.


  1. The Help

Related imageA young Journalist in 1960s decides to stick up for a story about the lives of domestic staffs in Mississippi that invites rage of the high-class employers.


  1. Lady Bird

Image result for Lady BirdA woman can steer past a thousand troubles but not a stubborn mom. Watch Saoirse Ronan in the skin of a lovely high school senior trying to get it right with her mother along with a whole eventful year at the high school.


  1. Moana (2016)

Image result for Moana (2016)Why is Moana on the list? Come on. How else would you inculcate the idea of strong women in the minds of coming of age girls and boys?


  1. Hidden Figures

Image result for Hidden FiguresDid you know that the mission that launched astronaut John Glenn into the orbit, was spearheaded by three women at NASA?


  1. Mulan

Image result for MulanA girl is not the one to carry forward the father’s legacy? How about we talk after you watch Mulan?


  1. A League Of Their Own

Image result for A League Of Their OwnYou’d think it’s easy to be in All-American Girls Baseball League. Well then here is the reality.


  1. Wild

Related imageCheryl Strayed begins her journey of self-discovery along the 1,100 mile-long Pacific Crest Trail after a harsh divorce. Reese Witherspoon as a protagonist gives a staggering performance in this adaptation of a bestselling novel Directed by Dallas Buyers Club.


  1. Bad Moms

Related imageThings hit the roof as a trio of overworked moms go astray to take time to themselves until they are facing a clique of moms who comply with their responsibilities as good moms.

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8 Family Friendly Movies on Amazon Prime

by Emily Keen

Parents who are having a hard time finding the perfect movies to watch with your kids, we got this. Amazon may not have a section labelled specially as family movies, but they do have films which suit the occasion. Here are 8 movies that you can watch with your kids without getting bored all along.

  1. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017)

Image result for valerian and the city of a thousand planets (2017)Rated PG-13, IMDb score: 6.5/10

Luc Besson’s The Fifth element may not exactly fall within the confines of family movies, but Valerian sure does. The film is an adaptation of French comics and has a PG-13 rating. The film has its share of absurd ferocity but the kind that does not hurt the eyes since it is mostly computer-generated. Oh, and there is a sexy dance number by Rihanna!


  1. The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Space (2017)

Related imageRated G, IMDb score: N/A

Again a G-Rated feature which is safe for watching with children of all ages. Paul Hunts Cat in the Hat saga this time explores the wilderness of the solar system. This the absolute go-to if you want to get your kids started on the sci-fi space adventures.


  1. Power Rangers (2017)

Image result for Power Rangers (2017)Rated PG-13, IMDb score: 6.0/10

This reboot of the original Power Rangers film is a next-level adventure. Tidied up for the new-gen audience (older kids basically), it follows the power rangers dealing with some obnoxious rumour peddling happening at school. The violence is animated and the kids get to venture into the vivid world of the gang fighting evil monsters.


  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows (2016)

Related imageRated PG-13, IMDb score: 6/10

Before you pounce on our decision to add this movie to the list, wait! Agreed that this turtle spoof carries a load of foul language and toilet humour, but they have definitely sobered down on the sexual content. If that’s what had you worried and a little “Jackass” and “son of a b****” here and there does not bother you, go for it!


  1. Hugo (2011)

Image result for Hugo (2011)Rated PG, IMDb score: 7.5/10

A quirky ride power packed for a younger group of audiences is what Hugo is at large. The tale speaks of Hugo, an orphan who loses his father in a fire. While there is nothing particularly concerning or even alarming about the film, the tone adopted in the film by Sasha Baron Cohen’s character where she speaks of pregnancy and infidelity may have upset a few sections.


  1. Zathura: A Space Adventure (2005)

Related imageRated PG, IMDb score: 6.2/10

This whimsical space adventure has two brothers (aged 6 and 10) put aside their conflicts and embark on a journey that will have them facing off against infuriated extra-terrestrial beasts. An absolute No-No if you despise foul language though!


  1. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)

Related imageRated PG-13, IMDb score: 8.3/10

Are you surprised Indiana Jones made the list? You are probably thinking “why anyone in their right mind would want to show their children scenes of melting humans and skeletons”? We don’t want that either. The Franchise’s third instalment goes subtle on the element of “atrocious” and that is how it made the cut. Indy this time pairs up with his father Henry (played by Sean Connery) to give us a wholesome movie full of action, adventure and drama.


  1. Jack Frost (1979)

Image result for Jack Frost (1979)IMDb score: 7.2/10

Jack Frost visits the town every year and along with him brings wintertime. But this time fate takes an unexpected turn and the master of cold has his heart warmed by a local woman Elisa. Lovestruck, the conjurer pleads to become human. But the transformation comes with its share of troubles that Elisa’s family must now endure. The stop motion animation feature harbours certain terms that in the times could be considered offensive.


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8 Movies Guaranteed To Cheer You Up

by Kaylen Summers

We all know that movies have the power to evoke emotions in us. Some movies scare us, thrill us, disgust us and make us sad and while there are others that cheer us.  These movies are maybe subtle. But still, they are capable of triggering a positive vibe within us.

Here are 8 movies that are sure to cheer your mood up.

Morning Glory (2010)

This one is about a young and devoted morning television producer who is desperate to keep the failing show on the air. She recruits a former news journalist and anchor. But it seems like they disapprove co-hosting the show due to its lack of real news stories.

Selma (2014)

The tales of victory are not over. This one is from history books. Selma is a place Alabama where segregation in the South was at its worst. This lead to a march that ended in violence. As a result, President Lyndon B. Johnson was forced to make a famous statement and ultimately led to the signing of the Civil Rights Act.

Notting Hill (1999)

William Thacker leads a humdrum existence as a London bookstore owner. However, things are thrown into a romantic turmoil when the famous American actress Anna Scott visits his shop. One thing leads to another and the two kisses each other, marking the beginning of a full-blown affair. But, will the average bloke and glamorous movie star overcome their radically different lifestyles find happiness in their love. You will have to stream to find out.

Galaxy Quest (1999)

Really for some intergalactic space adventure?! While most crews volunteer for a heroic space mission, here is one who had no idea that they were walking into a battle between two intergalactic species. The funny part is that both these species think that they are some intergalactic heroes while they are actually stars of a 1980s sci-fi show.

Before Sunrise (1995)

This love story has a cult-following of its own. It was on his way to Vienna that Jesse meets Céline. He is an American and she is a student returning to Paris. The two instantly connect with each other and gets off the train in Vienna. With no money for lodging, they wander through the city together, experiencing Vienna night together and the company of each other.

Hot Fuzz (2007)

As a former London constable, Nicholas Angel finds it difficult to adapt to his new assignment in the sleepy British village of Sandford. Not only does he miss the excitement of the big city, but he also has a well-meaning oaf for a partner. However, when a series of grisly accidents rocks Sandford, Angel smells something rotten in the idyllic village.

Nacho Libre (2006)

Nacho Libre is loosely based on the story of Fray Tormenta (“Friar Storm”), aka Rev. Sergio Gutierrez Benitez, a real-life Mexican Catholic priest who had a 23-year career as a masked luchador. He competed in order to support the orphanage he directed.

Walk. Ride. Rodeo. (2019)

This movie has a true story of survival that will surely inspire your children.  Amberley Snyder is a nationally ranked barrel racer. After barely surviving an automobile accident, she is now paralyzed from the waist down. But with strong will-power and determination, she fights back to her place in the sport she loves.

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7 Most Inspiring Sports Movies You’ll Love Watching

by Kaylen Summers

The magic about sports movies is that they are independent of the sports they talk about. So people who don’t know the sport or don’t like sports can enjoy it, resonate with the emotion it is selling and also get inspired by it. But, this is only applicable to sports movies that are great. This means that there are a lot of bad sports movies out there that can easily ruin your day.

So, how will you avoid the bad ones and get the good ones?! One way to do it is with this list of sports movies. We have picked up some of the most intriguing sports movies that can surely make you emotional and root for the antagonist.

Bang the Drum Slowly (1973)

This TV movie is about the friendship between Chicago Bears players Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers. The movie has a very young Robert De Niro in the role of a redneck from Georgia.  He is a Yankees catcher who soon reveals his starting-pitcher friend that he’s dying. We guarantee you that this sports movie is sure to make you cry.

The Boxer (1997)

Although we cannot consider this one as a typical sports movie, the narrative does revolve around a big game. Daniel Day-Lewis plays the role of a former IRA member and boxer. He is trying to navigate in the new world after serving 40 years in jail. Will his boxing skills be enough to help him survive?

Creed (2015)

Just when they thought that the Rocky series had run out of gas, they introduced Fruitvale Station star Michael B. Jordan to add some adrenaline into the franchise. The movie features a young Adonis Creed struggling with his identity. With the old Rocky in the mix, we have one emotional sports movie that is worth watching.

Rush (2013)

In every sports movie, there is always someone to root for. It can be a team or an athlete. But, in the 2015 racing movie Rush, the movie makers made both the main characters bad guys. The movie is based on the intense real-life rivalry between Formula One racers James Hunt and Niki Lauda. The best thing about this sports movie is that it questions our need to place the main characters as good or bad.

A League of Their Own (1992)

There is nothing more charming to watch than a comedy about a women’s professional baseball league during World War II. With Tom Hanks acing the role of an alcoholic manager. This movie will surely be a touching, memorable laugh for you.

Rocky (1976)

Taking place long before all the sequels, the montage sequences, and before Stallone became chiseled up, this movie is the most inspirational for its simple narrative of an underdog fighting his way over against all obstacles.

Hoop Dreams (1994)

Remember Boyhood?! Hoop Dreams is a similar documentary about two Chicago-area teens, William Gates and Arthur Agee. More than just a sports-based story, this three-hour film is a realistic reflection of poverty, broken families, and a failing education system.

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8 Movies Universally Loved by All Audiences

by Emily Keen

There is a general divide among audiences when it comes to a penchant for movies. There will be a section that loves indie classics. There are others who have an inclination towards mainstream cinema. But then there are movies that managed to push these barriers of categorization and enthrall audiences across the band. Here are 8 such films that managed to strike the chords in the hearts of movie buffs at large.


  1. Star Trek (2009)

Image result for star trek (2009)A vengeful Kirk is on a quest to defend the Federation from a ruthless Romulan seeking revenge. Will he live up to his father’s legacy? This reboot is considered one of the best renditions of the classic Star Trek saga.


  1. The Great Escape (1963)

Related imageAs the name suggests, the film is about allied prisoners of World War II planning an escape from a German camp. The film has been critically acclaimed for its top of class acting and background score. Be assured that if you do decide to watch it, you won’t get bored.


  1. The Hunger Games (2012)

Image result for The Hunger Games (2012)Since we are talking about universally loved movies, THG deserves a mention by all means. The popularity of the books formed the foundation of success for the films no doubt. But THG films do have a selling point of its own- Jennifer Lawrence.


  1. Spider-man 2 (2004)

Related imageI doubt there is anyone who will disagree with the fact that Sam Raimi’s Spiderman the benchmark of the spidey universe. Peter Parker’s love life is falling apart as he tries to bring down the wicked scientist named Doctor Otto Octavious. The film perfectly blends the elements of romance, action, and evil coming off as a work of art superhero romp.


  1. Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)

Related imageJames Cameron truly went all out with the second installment of Terminator. Arnie is back from the future one more time to protect John Connor from a shape-shifting monster, Robert Patrick. The film’s blockbuster performance at the box office is primarily credited to the hot and raging CGI that blew the crowd. It is an absolute classic amongst all other Terminator movies.


  1. My Neighbour Totoro (1988)

Image result for My Neighbour Totoro (1988)Imagine you are vertically stretching your body and the force you are using actually pulls a tree out of seed in a matter of minutes without you even touching it. This is just one of the many mystical powers Satsuki and Mei discover in the forest of wondrous spirits. Hayao Miyazaki’s complement to country life leaves you in the state of a pure transcendent hangover in its wake.


  1. X2 (2003)

Related imageBryan Singer’s X2 unfolds as the social struggle of the gifted continues and they keep their moral high ground fighting on the right side of the battle. The second slab of the x men has some pretty interesting character arcs overlaid with bold action sequences. The fan-favorite outshines its predecessor in all aspects and takes the story of the spandex swathed superheroes to a whole new level.


  1. Inception (2010)

Related imageChristopher Nolan’s signature move to couple a mind-numbing concept with entertainment lands Inception right in the lap of eternal classics. You might need to watch it twice because it is heavy to process in a single watch. But the psychedelic assortment of dreams and reality will leave you with an out of body feeling.

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8 Best Movies to Stream on Amazon Prime Right Now

by Emily Keen

Too much time is lost each day scrolling through the overwhelming options available on streaming channels. In the hope of getting the gist and finding the right movie, you keep analyzing titles and scan through the descriptions but end up more confused about which one is right for the occasion.

We thought we could scale down the level of misery for you by helping you pick some of the best movies that are available on Amazon right now. So here goes:


  1. Midsommar

Related imageA limerick of classics such as The Wickerman, the film unwinds in the backdrop of a stunning summer solstice that almost blinds you out to the technical mastery at times. Ari Aster’s third attempt at sending you down hell hole of savagery is undoubtedly a masterpiece. Through the landscape of grief, codependence, and angst, follows an extraordinary performance from Florence Pugh. Pugh, enroute on a trip with her boyfriend and his friends ends up in the middle of a pagan ritual which points untangles into a pitch dark comedy.


  1. The Report

Related imageContagion and Side Effects writer Scott Z. Burns’ directorial debut is a procedural thriller aimed at exposing CIA’s use of torture post 9/11 attacks through a senate investigation. Adam Driver heads the probing team at the command of Dianne Feinstein. This is a skillfully crafted and sharply executed thriller that in no way deviates from the central gist. And what shall end into a Report as the title suggests!


  1. Late Night

Image result for Late NightIf you are into BTS Hollywood stories, then add this to your list right away. The story introduces Mindy Kaling as an aspiring writer for late-night show host Emma Thompson. But here idealistic principles face off against the practical and surviving spirit of the women she idolizes and the all-male writer staff. The film starts high on laughs and ends on a surprisingly emotional note. Thompson is incredible as usual and Kaling is phenomenal as a charming and innocent novice.


  1. The Terminator

Image result for The TerminatorA relentless mash-up of sci-fi, drama, and action, The Terminator was the breakout film for the legendary James Cameron. The film meticulously traverses through the concepts of drama and romance in the vein of a full-blown sci-fi script. The cult favorite is one of Linda Hamilton’s iconic roles packed with some high voltage action scenes and comes across as an extraordinary buildup of the script by Cameron.


  1. Instant Family

Related imageAn intense and honest film pertaining to the positive and negative aspects of foster home parenting. But kudos to the way the film deals with the comedy without downplaying on the significance of the emotions it is meant to convey. Rose Byrne is someone to be treasured and celebrated for the way she has held up in the comical genre for all these years. She outdoes herself in this one and that is all we can say.


  1. A Simple Favor

Related imageIt is twisted, but it is gorgeous! Even with so much absurdity going around, A simple Favor keeps you hooked until the end revealing secrets and weird details at each turn. A single mother (Anna Kendrick) agrees to look after Blake Lively’s son while she is away. But the situation takes a bizarre turn when Lively goes missing and a series of truths begin to unravel about her mysterious life.


  1. Climax

Image result for ClimaxThis crowd-pleaser from Gasper Noe is the director’s most sober attempt at mixing the ingredients of paranoia and insanity. Anyone who has seen Irreversible and Enters the Void would agree. Sofia Boutella’s dance crew call for an all-night celebration following a successful performance. But its too late until they realize their drinks have been spiked with a potent dose of LSD. What ensues next is an overpowering psychedelic experience as a cumulative effect of all the crushes, rivalries and violence amongst the crew members.  This is one of those tales that will make you exhale heavily and slowly as anxiousness begins to crawl up the nerves.


  1. Serenity

Related imageSerenity is one of the quirkiest films of 2019. The plot is a straightforward “rescue my ex-wife from her abusive husband” story. Although Fisherman Baker Dill is not doing this out of love for his ex-wife. She has offered him $10 million if the plan of this premeditated murder is successful. It’s not much of the story that falls into the quirky groove. It’s the weirdest turns the film takes. If you like weird, you are going to have a blast for sure.

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8 Best Rom-Coms to watch this Holiday Season

by Emily Keen

Romantic comedies and holidays are lovers in paradise. Too cheesy? But that works just fine for the movies coming your way. Since you asked, here is the gold from the tinsel town’s romcom minefield.


  1. When Harry Met Sally (1989)

Related imageWe are talking holidays so let’s start with the classics first. And of course, Harry Met Sally aces the list for obvious reasons. Rob Reiner’s classic love story charts the life of Harry (Billy Crystal) and Sally (Meg Ryan) as they meet in college and eventually fall in love. The film is adored by viewers across generations and harbors some of the most phenomenal quotes doing the rounds of the rom-com universe since forever.


  1. Love Actually (2003)

Related imageThere is not a single hopeless romantic who won’t know this gem. Is there? If you don’t know Love Actually, you do not qualify to watch any of the below movies. Just kidding! But this classic rom-com by Richard Curtis is no joke. It follows the life of 9 couples across London until Christmas. The movie is a wide spectrum of narratives exploring the definition of love for people of various age groups and mindsets with a schmaltzy yet a classy mold.


  1. Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

Related imageHelen Fielding’s bestselling novel forms the plot for this film. The feature follows a year in the life of a protagonist which ends with holidays. Perfect for a holiday watch, the film stars the wonderful Renee Zellweger who lived in the film is pretty much smoking, drinking and documenting her life in a journal. Though the film breathes through self-humiliation, it still stands tall in the list of evergreen romcoms.


  1. You’ve Got Mail (1998)

Related imageA romance that stems through mail struggles to survive through the blows of a rivalry imbued by capitalism. But the people involved are not aware that they are in fact just pawns in this game called irony. A man and a woman who anonymously share their routine struggles with each other on an online platform do not know that they are the same people rooting for each other’s failure in real life. It is an interesting journey along which the man, eventually finds the truth but still keeps up with the act. setting aside all his anger and frustration he solely focuses on supporting the woman who is out of business thanks to a big bookstore he just opened around the corner. You’ve got mail is a story incredibly narrated and phenomenally played its two protagonists, Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.


  1. The Holiday (2006)

Related imageTwo women from different corners of the world, rent each other’s houses to spend a holiday away from their everyday surroundings and problems. As it happens the swapping of environments works in their favor as they may have found themselves the love they were always looking for.


  1. The Best Man Holiday (2013)

Image result for The Best Man Holiday (2013)The second installment of Malcolm D. Lee’s 1999 classic rom-com reunites all characters after a gap of 15 years. Most of the guys are going through either emotional labor or financial trouble when one of the fives puts together a vacation plan for the boys to get back together during Christmas. The ensemble does not disappoint with their comeback chemistry. But this time Lee has thrown in a few chunks of melodrama too.


  1. While You Were Sleeping (1995)

Related imageLucy (played by Sandra Bullock) is a train token collector who develops a major crush on a regular traveler. One day she saves the guy from an oncoming train in the wake of which he is hospitalized. In order to get permission to see the comatose man, she lies to the hospital and even his family about her being his fiancé. But things take a terrible turn when Lucy falls for his brother as she starts spending time with his family. Its one big messy story and frustrating too. But Bullock and Bill Pullman’s chemistry is what cuts us some slack and makes us hang in there.


  1. Last Holiday (2006)

Image result for Last Holiday (2006)Imagine one day you find out you have very few days left to live. What would be the first thing you want to do? Take a trip to a place you always wanted to? That’s what Georgia Byrd does in the film. The film is high on the experiences of her Last Holiday to Europe with a sprinkle of romance. The plot is mostly predictable but its fun to watch Georgia have the time of her life on the trip.

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8 Action Movies to Stream on Hulu Right Now

by Emily Keen

For those looking for action movies on Hulu, you’d probably don’t want to miss out on these shared favorites which the streaming service has added to the list.

Hulu’s list of action cinema is a power-packed roster of movies exploring all kinds of action- be it blood spilling or bombs exploding all around. You have a wide range of options to choose from

Here is the exciting bunch of action movies streaming on Hulu right now:


  1. The Way Back

Image result for the way backThe Peter Weir directorial venture opens with Poland being invaded by the Soviet Union. The film is a character-driven narrative moving around the struggle of a Polish Army officer who is captured in a Siberian Gulag labor camp. The atmosphere at the labor camp is not particularly something he is fond of and as a result decides to escape along with his companions Mr. Smith (Ed Harris), Khabarov (Mark Strong), Valka (Colin Farrell), and several others. The way back is a long way home. If you feel can connect with the real struggle of surviving in hard environments more than a simulated action set up, this is your bet.


  1. Kick-Ass

Related imageEver look at these avenger fight scenes in a city where the whole city is in ruins thanks to these superheroes fighting bad men? The idea of Kickass is somewhat the same. It is the superhero myth realized and in a way we all fear. A young youtuber with crime fighting capabilities is drawn into a world of real heroes. What ensues next, spills a lot of blood.


  1. Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Image result for Mission: Impossible – FalloutWhat started as an adaptation of a 60s spy TV show, is now a full blown franchise. Mission Impossible is mostly a skirmish between Father time and Tom Cruise where the one is always trying to best the other. But this movie has a perfect summer feel and a pleasant surprise with Henry Cavill joining the force.


  1. Total Recall

Related imageThe plot is a straight-up bonkers sci-fi movie narrative adapted from Philip K. Dick’s short story “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale”. Arnold Schwarzenegger as Douglas Quaid opts for a memory of vacation package from the Rekal company which implants the desired memories in the minds of their clientele. Quaid specifically chooses a package which triggers events of a spy in a enemies are hunting a spy on Mars. The plot is driven by these memories implanted in his brain.



  1. Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Related imageIf you like Hellboy, then you are going to love Hellboy II. As we have all established that Guillermo del Toro loves his monsters and has every trick up his sleeve to make us fall in love with them too. The second installment of the franchise sees Hellboy on a  quest to stop an angry prince from awakening a golden army of monsters that will eradicate humanity if aroused.


  1. Kill Bill Vol. 1

Related imageQuit drooling at the picture of Uma Thurman there. Yeah, all you men! But can’t blame anyone as she simply nailed her role in Kill Bill Vol. 1. Thurman stars as an a member of a group of assailants who are betrayed and left to die. The movie follows her journey of vengeance. Expect all the blood and gore as you would in a Tarantino movie. In fact it is gore to a whole new level. We are talking “blood sprinkling from limbs as though it would from a firearm level” gore.


  1. Road House

Image result for Road HouseA wholesome bar bouncer action doubled down with some Patrick Swayze powers. Swayze works at a bar in Jasper Missouri as a bouncer. Everything is normal bouncer duties until Brad Wesley shows up with an intention of taking over his place of employment. Now it is upto Swayze and his gang of bouncers to prevent the greedy corporate owner from taking it away.


  1. From Russia With Love

Related imageThis is film comes around as one of the top James Bond films. This is the second film of the franchise with Sean Connery still playing Bond and outwitting his rivals. The plot involves Bond travelling to Turkey to assist a Soviet clerk and unravelling truths about SPECTRE’s actual intentions in case of Dr. No.

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8 Best Movies to Stream on HBO Right Now

by Emily Keen

HBO has been on a dropping spree lately but is known to make up for what has been removed with even more intriguing features. The carousel seems to just get better and interesting. But that sure could get overwhelming if you don’t have the guide at hand and the time to weigh your choices. So here you go!

We have prepared the guide you need with 8 movies that definitely deserve a spot on your watch list:


  1. Leaving Neverland

Image result for leaving neverland documentaryThere is something solemnly unusual about the frames of Leaving Neverland. Be it the audible breathing and swallowing sounds filling interview segments or the allusive display of archived photos. Leaving Netherland documents the lives of victims who faced subversion by the hands of music and dance legend Michael Jackson. The documentary does not patronize the star but walks us through the darkest hallways of a predatory mind and its long term implications on the lives of victims. Many of us know Jackson’s rise as a dance icon, his struggle with racism and battle with deteriorating health owing to his skin bleaching procedures. Did battling with demons, also give rise to one? How else do you contemplate an act as grave as child molestation?


  1. Jane Fonda in Five Acts

Image result for Jane Fonda in Five ActsYou cannot question the altruism in someone who gets arrested for taking a stand against a global crisis. But there is still too much truth shadowed by her larger than life image and the sense of accountability that follows. The doc sees Fonda candidly narrating the high and low points of her life that made her the person she is now. Not to mention how cautiously and sincerely the film investigates the facts using real resources.


  1. Happy Death Day 2U

Related imageRemember the time you thought Happy Death Day ends where it ended in 2017? With Happy Death Day 2U you need to make peace with the fact that if filmmakers can resurrect dead without making it look like a big deal, they can also revive a closed story to birth a sequel out of it. Christopher Landon realized he could squeeze more out of the premise and there we have Tree getting caught in the time warp again thanks to her love interest’s pal Ryan. Turns out he caused all this quantum physics, time muddling mess in the first place. Where in the first installment, Tree finds a way out of the time loop, in the second one, Ryan messes up again to put Tree through the same misery yet again. Landon’s script is a winner and so is Rothe’s performance.


  1. The Mule

Image result for The MuleEarl Stone’s desperate circumstances land in a driver’s job for a Mexican drug ring. But to his misery, he is not even aware of the nature of cargo he is asked to deliver. The man does an exceptional job as a driver and that leads him to be droned by DEA agent Colin Bates. Now that he has the money, his past deeds begin to haunt him which will either land him in prison or dead at the hands of the drug lord.


  1. The Hurt Locker

Image result for The Hurt LockerThe human mind’s predisposition toward hardships is inadvertent. And that may well explain the Chris Hedges opening quote of the film- “War is a drug”. The film brings out the perspective in the most natural way possible. Kathryn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker rises in a typical war set up in the volatile regions of Iraq, this time solely focusing on the experiences of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal team, zeroed in on one specific character- James. The hothead is a master in bomb disposal but manages to keep everyone at a distance thanks to his hot dog tendencies.


  1. Rescue Dawn

Related imageDieter Dengler will be remembered for his great escape from the unbreakable POW camp in Laos. Warner Herzog’s commendable yet far from actuality charts the story of his break out from the impenetrable prison.


  1. Upgrade

Image result for upgrade movieIf you share an unprecedented liking for sci-fi and slasher movies this movie is it. Call it the soberest attempt at glorifying gore in the vein of science fiction and efficient storytelling. That’s the art director Leigh Whannell has mastered and upgrade proves it. The film overlaid on the foundation of “AI taking control of humanity” and then conveniently builds a plot with revenge fantasy. Whannell is known for his ever-evolving, gory murder tactics. You will get that a lot in this one too.


  1. The Miseducation of Cameron Post

Image result for The Miseducation of Cameron PostIf you haven’t guessed the gist from the title, well here it is. The “miseducation” refers to her being sent to a remote area called God’s promise to “normalize” her sexuality. This happens in response to her being caught in the back seat of a car with a prom queen. The film explores the ridiculousness of the mindsets and the terrifying effects of being labeled gay with light and humory tone.

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8 Holiday Classics to Stream on Hulu this Vacation

by Emily Keen

Trying to get into the holiday spirit and yet it’s not kicking in? Well then quit dwelling over futile practices like cookie baking and gift wrapping. We know exactly what will help you.

These 8 features that Hulu takes pride in calling Holiday films:


  1. Home for the Holidays

Related imageStarring the extraordinary Robert Downey Jr. and the ever adorable Holly Hunter, the film is helmed by Jodie Foster. The story charts the life of Claudia Larson (Played by Hunter) is forced to spend Christmas with her madcap family in Baltimore because Voila! Her daughter wants to spend vacation with her boyfriend! Drama and comedy evenly occupy the film’s best scenes which in a way is a writer’s way justifying familial imperfections.


  1. Anna and the Apocalypse

Image result for Anna and the ApocalypseLet us be honest here and agree that this is not exactly a holiday material. It’s about a bunch of high schoolers battling zombies. A more apt way would be to call it a Yuletide zombie romp packed with peppy beats. This critically acclaimed British indie feature holds a 78% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


  1. Jingle Bell Rocks!

Image result for Jingle Bell Rocks! huluTrolls are bashing “All I Want for Christmas Is You” left right and center and if you agree with them, then you also are probably exhausted with the recurring tunes of holidays. For those who cannot resonate with mainstream Christmas films, this documentary explores all alternate genre of Christmas music filled with weird and off the wall holiday songs. Mitchell Kezin, the maker has a one on one chat with musicians who make independent Christmas music and the people who love it.


  1. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Related imageCynically the concept of Santa Claus is quite creepy. A man who breaks into houses in the middle of the night leaving packages and munching snacks seems scary than angelic. Pardon the misanthropic spin on the happiest myth of Christmas but that’s what drives this film. A group of researchers blows up an ancient burial ground that brings the original Santa out of the shadows. And make no mistake, this Claus ain’t no “ho ho laughing, gift giving” old man! He is evil and turns a Finnish research facility into a battleground.


  1. A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale

Image result for A Dogwalker’s Christmas TaleA spoiled rich kid ends up running out on her credit card limit and now has to take up a job and learn to be more responsible. The enticing part is the kind of job she chooses to inculcate sense of responsibility within. She takes up a dog walking job. Starring besides her is the Christmas movie legend Jonathan Bennet.


  1. Pooka!

Image result for Pooka!Hulu’s horror anthology Into the Dark gives us a film-long episode showcasing a junior struggling actor whose new job as a ragdoll Pooka totally messes up with his mind. The film also stars Dale Dickey of Winter’s None and Unbelievable.


  1. A Very Terry Christmas

Related imageAmongst all the movies we just talked about, none fits better into the mold of a Christmas film like A Very Terry Christmas. It is one of the most feel good Christmas features wherein the Brooklyn Nine Nine star sets the tone with phrases like “Ooh, don’t you just love a blue sky? A pretty, Christmas-y blue sky.” It is so good that if you might just get caught in the loop of watching it over and over.


  1. Midnighters

Image result for MidnightersA couple is drunk on New Year’s Eve and accidentally hit and kill a pedestrian. Dark huh? Well then don’t wait for morality to kick in. They do not turn themselves in. Instead, they take the cadaver home and wait until their blood alcohol levels normalize. Oh and this is when it gets creepy- Once they are sober they discover a piece of paper in the dead man’s pocket with their address on it. So much for a holiday movie.

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‘Cats’ Review: Not The ‘Pur-fect’ Musical You Were Expecting

by Kaylen Summers

There is no doubt that Cats was one of the most highly publicized movies of this holiday season. However, all came crumbling down when the movie finally got released on December 20. Opening to a poor performance both critically and commercially, the movie only made a little over $38 million worldwide. This is nothing compared to its huge production budget of $90 million and another estimated $115 million spent on prints and advertising.

According to a popular online entertainment-news website, even if the movie is able to hit $100 million worldwide ($40 million domestically and $60 million internationally), there will still be a loss of about $71 million. Let’s not forget that the star-studded movie also ended up giving many of its actors a career lowest performance yet.

Directed by Tom Hooper, the movie is produced by Working Title Films and Amblin Entertainment. Both these studios are backed by Universal Studios. Hopper is known for his Emmy nominating works for Prime Suspect and John Adams. He also won an outstanding directing Emmy for Elizabeth I.

 Cats was getting a lot of thrashing even before its release. Most members of the audience felt that the early trailer of the movie was weirdly disturbing. The actors’ costumes and make-up effects are enhanced by CGI and people were not liking it. Though the makers of the movie took efforts to correct the CGI before release, it now seems like it was all in vain. The movie is at a critics score of 18% and a 54% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. It also received a C+ on Cinemascope.

The narrative of the movie is quite simple and adapted from Andrew Lloyd Weber’s incredibly popular musical of the same name. The musical, however, was inspired by T.S Elliot’s poetry collection Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats. Unfortunately, the real problem in bringing such a musical fantasy to the screen is that it requires an enormous amount of willing suspension of disbelief. This live-action movie about singing cats fails to conjure that. The CGI actors’ are enhanced to look like cats and are also cat-sized. They sing and dance under the huge set of towering trash cans, tables, etc. That is really too much for the general audiences to handle.

Another major flaw is how the movie lacked better transitions between the musical numbers. This is evident in the disrupted narrative flow of the movie.

With that being said, if you are a fan of music and dance, you should definitely give this one a try. But, for the makers-this is one gigantic box office bomb that Universal will not be forgetting for a long time.

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A Quite Place Part II (2020) Trailer

by Kaylen Summers

Sequel to hit ‘A Quiet Place’, the movie follows the Abbott family as they face more terrors in their fight for survival in silence. As they are forced to venture outside the sand path, they discover that the creatures that hunt by sound are not the only threats that they need to worry about.

Releasing Date: 18 March 2020

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Antlers (2020) Trailer

by Kaylen Summers

Antlers (2020) is an upcoming supernatural horror film. It tells the tale of a small-town Oregon teacher and her brother, the local sheriff. They come across a young student in her school who harbors a dangerous secret. This eventually leads them to some frightening consequences.

Releasing Date: April 17, 2020

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7 Must-Watch Classic Movies On Hulu

by Kaylen Summers

Hulu is mostly known for streaming current television (and of course, a few of their original shows). But, what many movie lovers still don’t know is its surprisingly extensive library of movies, all free to subscribers. With movies from almost all genres, there are many classic movies in this streaming service that are worth watching. Lucky for you, we have created a list of such movies to help you start streaming right away.

Here are 7 must-watch movies on Hulu:

A.I.: Artificial Intelligence (2001)

Steven Spielberg completing a project that was originally conceived by Stanley Kubrick may seem like a great moment in movie history. However, when the movie was released back in the day, fans were divided.  Today, the movie has become a genre masterpiece. The plot is about David, an artificial boy longing to be real. If you haven’t seen the movie for some time,  now is the right time to revisit it. The movie’s representation of the impactful climate change and the role of technology in our lives will certainly feel relatable now.

Chasing Amy (1997)

Yes, you heard it right. Back in the ’90s, this movie was nicknamed as the “Ben Affleck falls in love with a lesbian” movie. Though the plot is pretty much that, Chasing Amy is more about love than just sexual politics. It explores the male insecurity in finding love and maintaining it and other human emotions. The movie is a wonderfully crafted rom-com with a bittersweet ending.

Chicken Run (2000)

If you are looking for precious, quality family films on Hulu, then you should definitely try out this 2000 hit from Peter Lord and Nick Park.  The movie shares a similar to prison break movies. But, this time it is the chickens who will be breaking out. Besides that, the movie also held the title for the highest-grossing stop-motion animated film for almost 20 years now.

Escape From Alcatraz (1979)

Speaking of prison break movies, here is one that is an all-time classic from the genre. Escape from Alcatraz is about three men who try to escape from the maximum-security prison at Alcatraz. The impenetrable federal prison was broken only once and the three men were never to be heard of again.

Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)

Don’t mistake it with the recent miniseries on Hulu. We are definitely talking about the classic one. This romantic comedy is so good that you’ll be amazed to know that it is directed by the same person who helmed the Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire movie. Starring Hugh Grant, Four Weddings and a Funeral  tells the story of Charlie, who is uncomfortably busy with four weddings and a funeral. However, among the weirdly big circle of friends present at each event, Charlie keeps on encountering the beautiful American Carrie, played by Andie McDoweel.

Let the Right One In (2008)

This one will surely not be your first choice for a romantic movie on Hulu. However, there is something about Let the Right One In that makes it romantic and sweet from all the other movies. Yes, the flick is about a little boy and a little girl vampire and it’s a little spooky at times. But, no one will ever deny how sweet it is for this movie to present the beloved as the ultimate protector for her lover.

Fever Pitch (2005)

You might know Jimmy Fallon only as the host of The Tonight Show, he also had his luck tried in movies. Fever Pitch is one of his best works. This charming adaptation of a Nick Horny book has Fallon paired with Drew Barrymore and a wonderful story that is relevant even today.

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6 Most Iconic Bond Lines Of All Time

by Kaylen Summers

Whenever the name James Bond is mentioned, the first things that come into our minds are the guns, gadgets and espionage thrills. But there is more to bond than just that. The international man of mystery is known for his wit, playfulness and sexual innuendos. These have given rise to some of the most iconic Bond lines ever.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 10 most iconic Bond lines of all time. If you haven’t seen these movies, do check out them too, as they are sure to entertain you.

“I Think He Got The Point”


Not all bond moments are hardcore serious. There were plenty of scenes in old Bond movies that were downright funny. The 1965 film Thunderball featuring Sean Connery has this gem that is laughably bad, yet simply hilarious. The scene has 007 sitting on a beach with Domino (Claudine Auger). Domino suddenly notices Largo’s henchmen quietly sneaking behind them. Bond immediately shoots the bad guy with a spear gun and says: “I think he got the point.”

“I Always Enjoyed Studying A New Tongue”


In Tomorrow Never Dies, the super-spy tries to learn from a Danish professor named Inga Bergstrom. However, the two ends up making love, leading to the iconic cheesy dialogue from Bond: “I’ve always enjoyed studying a new tongue.”

“Keeping The British End Up, Sir”


The Spy Who Loved Me is often considered one of the best Bond movies from Roger Moore. In the movie after defeating Karl Stromberg (Curt Jurgens), Bond and Anya Amasova (Barbara Bach) escapes using a pod.  On the way, the two celebrate their victory by having sex. It is when the superiors ask him what he was doing that Bond makes the funniest reply ever: “Keeping the British end up, sir.”

“I Thought Christmas Only Comes Once A Year”

I Thought Christmas Only Comes Once A Year

Pierce Brosnan had some of the most poorly received bond movies. The 1999’s The World Is Not Enough was not an exception. However, this one-liner is surely something memorable. Denise Richards plays Dr. Christmas Jones, the main Bond girl in the film. Though her character got criticized by many, the name did help make some cringy Bond jokes. One such comes when Christmas and Bond are on the bed together and he cracks the joke:  “I thought Christmas only comes once a year.”

“A Martini. Shaken, Not Stirred”


Fans of Bond will never forget his choice of drink- “A Martini. Shaken, Not Stirred”. The line first appeared in Ian Flemming’s book and later made its way into the first James Bond movie Dr. No.  Ever since then it started appearing constantly in almost all the Bond movies to date.

“Shocking. Positively Shocking.”


Though most of Bond’s iconic lines are funny jokes, there is no one who delivers it best than Sean Connery. Take this one for example. The pun from the 1964 film Goldfinger would have not been this much fun if it wasn’t for his brilliant timing. James Bond was making out with a girl. Suddenly he sees the reflection of a henchman in her eye. He quickly starts to fight the thug and shoves him into the tub, where he gets electrocuted by a lamp. Bond makes an exist saying: “Shocking. Positively Shocking”

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8 Inspiring Movies That Every Woman Should Watch

by Kaylen Summers

Hollywood is known for pleasing their audiences. But, while they do so, they often marginalize many others as well. Take women audiences, for example. Many still believe that they only love light-hearted subjects like romantic comedies. But women, like all humans, are multifaceted and unpredictable. This should be reflected in the movies about them as well.

Luckily, there are many visionary filmmakers who share the same notion. We have selected some of these works that every woman should watch at least once. These movies are empowering, joyful, strong and unforgettable.

Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

🎨Drama, Comedy ⌛ 1h 41m 🍅91%

We all need more of Olive’s confidence. She is chubby, bespectacled and fabulous. there may be moments when she might doubt it. But she knows that there is no one actually like her.

Fargo (1996)

🎨Drama, Crime ⌛ 1h 38m 🍅93%

This Coen brothers neo-noir comedy-thriller has a pregnant detective as the main character. She is investigating the case of two homicidal maniacs. For those who think that movies about punching macho men and exploding cars have high stakes, then you should definitely watch Fargo. Here is a woman who is at her most vulnerable, yet strongest time.

Thelma and Louise (1991)

🎨Drama, Mystery ⌛ 2h 10m 🍅84%

If you haven’t seen this one, you are missing out on the best there is. This movie is iconic for so many reasons. No other movie has ever represented the power of female friendship and support like this one. Two women are on a road trip, taking a break from their day-to-day life. However, things took a wrong turn and now they have to face the whole world, with no one to help expect themselves.

 The Blind Side (2009)

🎨Drama, Sports ⌛ 2h 9m 🍅66%

This inspiring tale is about the NFL player, Michael Oher. He was a traumatized kid. But, with the love and kindness of a woman, he overcame his worst times and changed his life for the better. He went on to become a prized player for the Baltimore Raven and the Tennessee Titans.

The Color Purple (1985)

🎨 Period Drama ⌛ 2h 34m 🍅80%

Here is another movie that shows how a woman can be of great support to another woman. Being a black woman back in the days means you have to face double discrimination- one based on gender and the other on race. Poor, abused Celie Harris had to face the same. However, her only solace was the friendship she had with two other women Shug and Sofia.

 Erin Brockovich (2000)

🎨 Period Drama ⌛ 2h 34m 🍅80%

Most people know Erin Brockovich as the woman who fought against the energy corporation Pacific Gas and Electric Company and saved many lives from chromium poisoning. But for us, she is a living symbol of persistence. This movie showcases her fight against the corporate giants.

Blue Is The Warmest Color (2013)

🎨 MeloDrama ⌛ 3h 7m 🍅89%

Perhaps the most wonderful thing about this movie is that it doesn’t make a great deal of two women falling in love with each other. The movie tells the wrenching love story between a french teen and an older art student.

Pitch Perfect (2012)

🎨 Romance, Music ⌛ 1h 52m 🍅80%

The movie does have some stereotypes when it portrays the good girls, the mean girls, and the weird girls. But, we can ignore that for a while, as this movie is really entertaining and empowering to watch.  The plot is about a group of misfits coming together to compete at the national a cappella competition.

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11 Great Christmas Movies to Stream on Amazon Prime 2019

by Kaylen Summers

The most wonderful time of the year is back. And you know what that means?!

It’s finally time to start watching all our favorite Christmas and holiday movies. Lucky for us, Amazon has an array of options to choose from. From evergreen classics to modern heartwarmers to seasonal rom-coms, here is a list of the best Christmas movies to stream on Amazon right now.

The Grinch (2018)

⌛1h 32m ⭐6.3/10

The Grinch is perhaps the most adapted holiday staple of all time. But, no matter how many versions arrived we just can’t get enough of this troublesome character each holiday season. Recently, we got an animated adaptation with Benedict Cumberbatch voicing the titular character. This is definitely a well-done version of the beloved Christmas classic.

Home Alone (1990)

⌛1h 43m ⭐7.6/10

The holiday season is not complete without Home Alone. This cult classic has multiple sequels, but none will ever come anywhere near the original. When Kevin was left home alone for Christmas, he has to save himself and the house from some robbers. Ranked as one of the best Christmas films of all time, this one is a must-watch for any holiday season.

Christmas Lodge (2011)

⌛1h 30m ⭐6.3/10

Mary Tobin is back at her family lodge for some nostalgia and renovations. However, what she didn’t expect was… wait for it, love. Will the Christmas season fill her life with the magic of life?

A Christmas Kiss (2011)

⌛1h 36m ⭐6.2/10

Wendy is an aspiring interior designer. She shares an impulsive kiss with a man in an elevator. Unfortunately, it turns out that the man is her boss’s boyfriend, Adam. Yikes!! After a twist of events, she finds herself decorating Adam’s home. A perfect setup for a romantic plot, right?!

Christmas for a Dollar (2013)

⌛1h 41m ⭐4.4/10

The Kamp family is in the throes of the Depression. With the holiday season finally arriving, the family must now find a way to come together and discover the true meaning of the holidays.

Holiday Engagement (2011)

⌛1h 32m ⭐6/10

Hillary Burns’ fiancé leaves her unexpectedly. However, before leaving home for the holidays, she decides to hire an artist to pretend to be in a relationship with her. Will the two be able to pull it off? Or will there be another twist waiting for them? Start streaming to find out.

Miracle On 34th Street (1994)

⌛1h 54m ⭐6.5/10

Even though this is a remake of the original 1947 film, this has a following of its own.  Kris Kringle is the acting Santa at Cole’s Department Store in New York.  His mission is to bring a little holiday magic to the children he meets. Eventually, everyone starts to think that he is the real Santa Claus. This heartwarming film will surely make your holiday season special.

The Holiday (2006)

⌛2h 18m ⭐6.9/10

This Christmas love story has Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz in the lead role. The two women swap homes for two weeks before the holidays. Winslet’s character ends up in Los Angeles, while Diaz is in a cottage in Surrey, England. However, things turn romantic as both ladies fall in love with their new locales. Talk about holiday season magic.

A Christmas on Miracle Lake (2016)

⌛1h 50m ⭐4.4/10

Not all Christmas movies are happy and cheerful. Take this one for example. It start off devastatingly sad. A boy returns to the pond where he used to play hockey with his now-deceased friend. But, when he comes back to visit at night, the pond magically becomes a hockey rink. Morbid, but sweet.

A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

⌛ 30m ⭐8.3/10

A little too short, but a holiday gem. A Charlie Brown Christmas is a timeless classic. The short movie tells us how Charlie learns the true meaning of Christmas. The movie debuted back in 1965 and ever since then, it remains as most-watched movie in the holiday season.

It’s A Wonderful Life (1946)

⌛ 2h 15m ⭐8.6/10

There’s no classic Christmas movie like It’s a Wonderful Life. Premiered in 1946, the movies have without a doubt stood the test of time. Guardian angel Clarence Odbody walks George Bailey through an alternate reality George was never born. Holiday movies may come and go, but this is a heartwarming movie that will always stay close to you.

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6 Must-Watch Classic Movies to Stream on Netflix

by Kaylen Summers

Can any old movies be a classic? There are many people who think so. But in order for a movie to be called classic, it needs to stand the test of time. A classic movie is itself an influential piece of cinema that retains the thrills, wonder, and momentum at any point in time from its release.

Netflix a handful of these bonafide films. Some are stark black and white films, while others are beautiful Technicolor extravaganzas. Whatever the case may be, only a few of them are worthy to be called classics. Here are the best classic movies you can find on Netflix now.

Strangers on a Train (1951)

🎭 Drama, Mystery ⌛1h 43m 

From the master of cinema Alfred Hitchcock himself, this is a tense and suspenseful adaptation of a novel by Patricia Highsmith. Bruno is a psychotic male. He meets a tennis player named Guy, during the train journey. Soon, it is realized by Bruno that both are looking to kill someone. Then comes the master plan. In order to mislead the cops, they decide to exchange the murders. Will their plan work out?!

West Side Story (1961)

🎭Drama, Crime ⌛2h 33m

This famous musical is a retelling of Romeo and Juliet. However, the old setting is replaced by the harsh blacktop of 1950s Manhattan. Lovers Maria and Tony are caught up in the battle between their gangster families. Realizing that the feud will only end in disastrous consequences, Maria sends Tony to put an end to the fight.

Logan’s Run (1976)

🎭Action, Adventure ⌛2h 00m

Here is some retro sci-fi goodness. In the distant future, people who turn 30 years old are killed. This is done to maintain equilibrium and conserve resources. ( Thanos seems like a super fan of this movie). Michael York was a former exterminator. But when he turns 30, he is on the run to do everything he can to survive past his expiration date.

Poltergeist (1982)

🎭 Fantasy, Horror ⌛2h 00m

Ready for a horror classic? A family in suburban California is being haunted by invisible ghosts and monsters. Some of them are playful, while others are downright evil. Penned by Steven Spielberg, this movie has one of the most iconic lines in movie history: “They’re heeeere!

Pretty in Pink (1988)

🎭 Drama, Comedy ⌛1h 36m

This Brat Pack rom-com tells the story of an idiosyncratic teenager who is from the wrong side of the tracks. She falls in love with one of her more popular and wealthy classmates. This creates huge dismay among their respective friends. Will the two overcome their obstacles and finally unite?! You have to watch it, to find out.

Heathers (1988)

🎭Drama, Teen ⌛1h 43m

This teen drama is an all-time cult classic and must-watch vintage movie. Winona Ryder and Christian Slater star in this pitch-black comedy. They play the role of teenagers who are planning to kill off the Heathers, the mean girls at their high school.

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‘You’ve Got Mail’ is secretly a tragedy. Here is why!

by Emily Keen

You’ve Got Mail is a simple romantic comedy that came out in 1998. Unlike many other films that release in the 90s the film did not gain instant recognition and fan following. But over the years went on to grab a spot on bucket lists of movie buffs and the became the honor of every airplane seat screen.

Plus the 90s attire adds an unusual charm to this perky romcom. Be it Kelly’s pixie hair cut or Joe’s bulging blazers. And then we have Joe’s dog who imparts a sense of intimacy to their encounters. Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox strike up an online friendship not aware of each other in real life. However, their fates do clash in the real world in the least congenial manner. Joe is the owner of a big chain of bookstores and puts Kelly a small bookstore owner out of business.

Directed by Nora Ephron, the film explores multiple conditions prevailing in the 90s. Primarily the dial-up internet and its ability to bring complete strangers together.  That is in fact what forms the crux of this poignant tale of love. A match made in AOL and two people waiting to hear the three magical words- You’ve Got Mail’. The story wholeheartedly explores the pros and cons of internet love made sublime by the riveting performances of the actors.

Conflicting business interests cause a few sour experiences in the first few meetings between Joe and Kelly. Joe eventually finds out that the girl he has been talking to online and the one he can’t put up within the real world are the same. And somehow he is mesmerized by the two sides of her personality- an adorable friend and a feisty businesswoman. And from there begins his quest to woo and charm the lady.

As a literary, he knows every trick of old fashioned love to get the lady to like him back. He sends her flowers, quotes her favorite writers and even bumps into her at the places she visits often. Sounds romantic?

It is a proven fact that however modern, a woman cannot escape the charm of old school love. It is timeless and has the power to lead a man straight to her heart.

Although this wholesome tale of love effervesces into a tragedy on some level.  Here is why

We have another character complicating the matters of the lives of the central characters. Frank is Kathleen’s boyfriend who is mostly consumed in his own world of fiction. Our girl here is caught up amidst the unsettling relationship she shares with her pretentious boyfriend and the man who took usurped her livelihood.

Besides being a woman in love, she is also an independent bookstore owner who is passionate about selling books to kids.

The film concludes with Joe taking over Kelly’s bookshop leaving her with a small section of Fox book stores which mimics her story hour for children. At the same time, we see a happy ending to a love story that initiated in the virtual world. But a part of you can’t help but question the nature of this conclusion. Doesn’t it tell you that in the end, its capitalism who won?

It’s jarring this realization. Once you read the underlying context through the lens of entrepreneurship and monopoly the weight of the film as just a romantic flick somehow withers away. And you are left to wonder if that how a love story is supposed to reach a conclusion.

But the irony of the matter is Kathleen the victim of capitalization herself loves Starbucks a chain that disrupted the business of coffee shop owners at large.

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21 Bridges Review

by Emily Keen

An NYPD officer, Andre Davis (Chadwick Boseman) is assigned the murder case of seven colleagues. The case is rather strange as the culprits who did the killing look like they themselves were set up. They arrive at a location hoping to buy 30 kilos of cocaine and find 300 kilos uncut. Just when they realize they have been framed, they panic end up shooting all the police officers at the scene.

Davis particularly takes the case personally. Basically another Hollywood exhausted plotline of ‘son joins force to avenge the death of a cop father’. Senior officer Captain McKenna (J.K Simmons) feels they need someone who does not mind getting his hands dirty. And here is Davis who walks with one finger on the trigger. While at the same time harbors immense respect for his badge. Just right for the case! What follows is a high voltage chase around the city of Manhattan where Davis orders a shut down of all the transport routes connecting the city to the outer world, including the 21 Bridges. The manhunt unravels conspiracies of heinous proportions.

Davis’ character is quite Sherlock Holmesy as the guy sharply works out the math of the number of shooters and their current whereabouts from the crime scene evidence. Assisting Davis on the case is narcotics expert Frankie Burns (played by Sienna Miller). She brings quite a satisfying performance with her role as a tough woman and a skilled servant of the law.

What you have to look out for are the amazingly choreographed chase and shootout sequences.

The Russo brothers in all their capacity have tried to make the film into a wholesome experience. Brian Kirk clearly blends the elements of drama, suspense, action and weird mindsets of criminals to create fresh screen experience. Boseman, as usual, brings an incredible style to the character. His flair and skills are always there to add weight to an otherwise ordinary script.

All in all 21 Bridges is a thrilling and exciting noir.

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10 Intelligent Movies to Watch Before You Die

by Emily Keen

Many of us think movies happen to mirror the realities of life. But the power of cinema lies beyond preconceived notions and limits of social order. For years the masterminds in the movie industry have created numerous features to help humanity believe in the power of possibilities. It is one powerful medium that has helped open our minds to newer perceptions and ideas.

Here are 10 intelligent movies that disrupted methods of traditional storytelling to weave some of the most engaging on-screen experiences.


  1. Run Lola Run (1998)

Image result for run lola run

A redheaded Lola is on the clock to save her boyfriend who runs errands for a local gang and ends up losing their money. One of Tom Twyker’s highly energetic and high voltage drama that sets the dynamics of a unique film. Twyker proves his expertise in mixing animation and live-action to create a transcendent love story.


  1. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Image result for A Space Odyssey

This is the first film in the industry that detailed the meaning of human evolution and what there is to learn from it so we can protect our future. Rarely do you come across a gem that enchants you and slowly absorbs you into itself. Stanley Kubrick’s space thriller created a spellbinding experience by perfectly blending the elements of mystery, music and highly advanced cinematic technology. The pace of the film is what actually made the film the work of art that it is although it demands the viewer to be very patient.


  1. I Love You, I Love You (1968)

Related image

The film is based on a unique theme that studies the fleeting nature of life along with the importance of our existence. It follows a case of a “science experiment gone wrong” leaving a man trapped in his past memories


  1. Zodiac (2007)

Related image

A fresh take on the concept of suspense, Zodiac builds an interesting plot triggering a series of emotions amongst viewers. The film is based on true events that terrorized the state of America in the late 1960s up until the early 1970s. A serial killer who chooses to communicate with a news agency in code thereby gaining the attention of a Journalist.


  1. Double Indemnity (1944)

Image result for Double Indemnity

If you wish to experience cynicism in its purest form, Double Indemnity is for you. The tale of tragic heroism where a cheap and greedy couple experiences a gradual downfall owing to the choices they make. The film is one of the greatest Noir epics ever made by the genius Billy Wilder. The variations of each character are so beautifully captured, you will simply fall in love with the experience.


  1. The Sixth Sense (1999)

Image result for The Sixth Sense

The film that broke M Night Shyamalan into the limelight will blow your mind with one of the most epic ending twists in the history of cinema. The film primarily revolves around a child Psychologist and his little patient. How their miseries bring them together and how they help each other overcome their fears will leave you at ease even with a lot of ongoing tension.


  1. Psycho (1960)

Related image


A masterpiece painted by Hitchcock with unique strokes of horror and suspense, this film paces into an incredible finale. A secretary defrauds her employer and flees to her lover. On the way she stops at a motel which she has no idea has quite a horror lurking within. The film was re-released multiple times and earned four Oscar nominations.


  1. The Gift (2015)


An old friend drops by a couple’s house and starts to bother them with his trust issues.  There is always a sense of mystery surrounding each scene. It’s ultimately for the audience to decide how they want to perceive it.


  1. The Truman Show (1998)

Image result for The Truman Show movie

Imagine you wake up one day and your whole life turns out to be a lie. This forms the plot for The Truman show. A man finds out that his whole life was actually controlled by a TV show. The film provokes the viewers to reassess their lives through diverse plot arcs.


  1. Memento (2000)

Related image

Memento is the cult classic from director Christopher Nolan and harbors a strong fad among movie buffs for its unconventional structure. A man loses his wife and normal life at the hands of a criminal. Memento is the journey of his revenge which is further complicated by his short term memory loss. The film is a highly engaging experience and tackles intense philosophical concepts.

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7 Time Travel Movies That You’ll Love Watching

by Kaylen Summers

There is nothing like watching a mind-numbing time paradox reveal onscreen. These movies from the sci-fi subgenre work on the age-old question: “What will happen when someone meddles with time?”

Apparently, these movies have plenty of answers for that. So, let us examine the best ones from them. Here are 7 time-travel movies that you’ll love watching.

The Time Machine (1960)

3.8 / 5.0

There is no talking about time travel movies without mentioning the classic Time Machine. Based on the famous science fiction novel by HG Wells, this movie is about a Victorian Englishman who travels into the distant futute. There he discovers that human race is divided into two hostile species.

Somewhere in Time (1980)

3.6 / 5.0
Not exactly time travel. But, the concept comes under the same realm. Richard Collier is a young writer. On the opening night of his first play, he finds an old lady who begs him to go back to her. Puzzled, he soon discovers that she is a famous stage actress from the early 1900s. Things take a wild turn as he becomes more obsessed with her. Eventually, he self-hypnosis and travels back in time to meet her.

Minority Report (2002)

3.8/ 5.0
Fan of Tom Cruise?! Apparently, he did some time traveling too. John Anderton is a top ‘Precrime’ cop in the late-21st century. Their advanced technology can predict crimes before they’re committed.  However, the plates are turned when Anderton becomes the quarry as another investigator targets him for a murder charge.

Time After Time (1979)

3.55/ 5.0
The wildest chase of the century! We all know about Jack the Ripper and the famous writer H.G Wells. This story bents these characters further, than we ever thought possible. The killer escaped capture and is trying to escape by time traveling.  Wells on the other hand is on the pursuit to stop him.

Timecop (1994)

2.95/ 5.0
Not the best pick for a time travel flick. But, this one has its own merits. In the future, there are officers who regulate time travel. One of those officers must defend his life against a shady politician. Apparently, these two have a tie to his past.

Predestination (2014)

3.75/ 5.0

A Temporal agent is sent on an elaborate series of time-travel journeys. His mission is to prevent future killers from committing their crimes. In his final assignment, the Agent  must face his greatest challenge. He must find a criminal who has been dodging him throughout time. If he doesn’t stop him, it may lead to the devastating attack in which thousands of lives are lost.

About Time (2013)

3.9/ 5.0
Not all time travel movies have to dark, gritty and sci-fi. How about a time travel romantic comedy?! You just got your wish fulfilled then. Tim’s father tells his son that the men in his family can travel through time. Tim can’t change history, but he can change what happens and has happened in his own life.  So, he decides to make his world a better place- get a girlfriend. But, things are not that easy as he thinks.
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Hogwarts is all in Harry’s imagination!

by Emily Keen

We know this could be a buzzkill of stellar proportions for all Harry Potter fanatics. But the truth is the writer herself has not denied this theory. So what do we infer? Does J.K. Rowling support this fan theory?

Pains to say, but it could be possible. Rowling has admitted that writing Harry Potter novels for her was an escape from the hardships of life.

Harry’s plight was not much different. How long could a sane mind endure the torture of the Dursleys?

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They were pathetic to him. As an orphan who had no one else to turn to and held no importance in the world where he existed, could he have made up a whole new world in his mind?

A world where the good triumphed over bad. A world where every soul knows Harry Potter. We all grew up wishing the world might really exist. That someday we might find platform 9 3/4, take a one way trip to Hogwarts and never return.

What hope meant to each potter fan was the existence of that very world. And now the theory dismissing its presence in the movie itself! Nothing could hurt more.

But based on psychological reasoning and the reaction of the human mind to persistent trauma, it could be true.

J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter screenwriter Steve Kloves in a discussion in 2012 revealed something that to some extent imparts weight to the theory in question. Kloves pointed out Alastair, a spider from the cupboard who Harry speaks to. Alastair’s character and the toys that Harry retrieves from trash, was, in fact, to help the audience question the legitimacy of Hagrid’s appearance. It is to trigger a thought that Harry might have summoned Hagrid in his mind and that he may not be real after all.

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J.K Rowling’s response to this was rather unexpected. She totally got on board with Kloves’ theory.

Her exact words were- “I think that’s a fabulous point, and that speaks so perfectly to the truth to the books, because I had it suggested that to me more than once that Harry actually did go mad in the cupboard, and that everything that happened subsequently was some sort of fantasy life he developed to save himself,”

Considering J.K. Rowling’s obsession with dismissing fan theories, this was rather unusual.

Harry continually bears the brunt of Dudley and Vernon’s aggression. The father-son duo leave no chance to emotionally torture and degrade him. The sadistic family even locks potter in a room for an entire summer.

Every new school year, the Dursleys try to keep Harry from going back to Hogwarts but somehow Harry breaks free from their confinement.

For the first time, it’s Hagrid.

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The second time, it’s Ron to the rescue with his flying car.

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And the third, it’s Harry pulling himself together and finally standing up against his crooked uncle.

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Does this highlight Harry’s desire to brave the Dursleys?

Karl Smallwood of Cracked.com once pointed out the unusual nature of injuries in Hogwarts, while Harry’s injuries were still so human. We see Ron barfing snails and Hermione’s overgrown teeth but the boy who survived is only getting broken bones. Perhaps it only aligns with the abuse he is going through on Privet Drive.

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Now if you are wondering if that really was a fantasy, why would it include returning back to the Dursleys during vacation? As far as speculations go, that could only be an indication that Harry’s life was getting better. Being locked in a cat Flap was still better than the cupboard if you will. Once difficult times were over he would bring his Hogwarts world back to life. A world where he had friends who cared about him and magic to solve all his problems.

Perhaps he is drawn towards an enemy as dangerous as Voldemort was an indication of his desire to be strong and courageous. He dreamed of being so powerful that even the world’s most dangerous villain would be bothered by his existence. Another coping mechanism that gives hope in times of absolute helplessness.

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The wizarding world might never be the same for us after reading this theory. The thought that Hogwarts is all in Harry’s imagination altogether forfeits our childhood dreams. Well, what do we know? Someone might have made all this up because they were sick of all the Harry Potter fad. And maybe Rowling is just playing along. And who knows. Alastair could have been an Acromantula and he really could speak to Harry after all. Remember Aragog? We still believe Hogwarts was as real as Ron’s arachnophobia.

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What do you think of this theory? Let us know in the comments below.


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Why you should watch ’12 Angry Men’?

by Emily Keen

It’s a courtroom scene. The Judge announces to the jury “if there is reasonable doubt in your minds as to the guilt of the accused, a reasonable doubt, then you must bring me a verdict of not guilty. Now however if there is no reasonable doubt, then you must in good conscience find the accused guilty. However, you decide your verdict must be unanimous. In the event that you find the accused guilty, the bench will not entertain a recommendation for mercy. The death sentence is mandatory in this case. You are faced with a grave responsibility. Thank you Gentlemen”

That’s where it begins. 12 Jurors are assigned the task of reaching a verdict in a case in which a young boy is accused of murdering his father.

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Responsibility for humankind means many things. To a few, it is a choice while to others it is inevitable. Between these two perceptions lies a fine line. Which sometimes blurs and outweighs the core beliefs of humanity. The reason is possibly man drifting from his true self owing to experience and evolution.

When the 12 men enter, the discussion room, the chaotic setup paces and gives an impression of how unimportant the case is to each one of them. Besides one person, every man in the room is talking about trivial things like how they have to be somewhere once all this is over or how this is their first experience on a Jury.


The film does a marvelous job of keeping things as real as possible. The entire movie is shot in that small meeting hall where the morals of these men are put to test by various factors. It is the sheer intelligence of the makers to introduce a story that is most uncertain when it comes to the end result. Of course, there are only two outcomes. They either come out pleading guilty or not guilty. But it is not the verdict we are worried about. It is the people who are assigned the responsibility of breaking the case down but are simply unwilling to put an effort.

But as we said, there is one man! To make them realize that they are dealing with a human life after all.  Davis’ character in the film is incredibly well thought of and brilliantly executed by the amazing Henry Fonda.

An intense drama created in one small room takes you through a series of realizations. At one point, the truth about the murder seems irrelevant. It is just 12 normal humans exchanging thoughts and realizing where they stand with their views and beliefs.

In the beginning, it is Henry Fonda against the 11. The thoughtful architect wants to give the accused a benefit of the doubt and talk about possibilities.

The way Fonda shows his presence of mind even with a few hefty in the room trying to yell and talk him out of his merciful mindset is explicable. As he analyses all the evidence and witnesses, one by one the jury members begin to realize that they may have missed important facts about the case. Now they have the same goal as Davis- Not to rely on biased witnesses and bring out the facts of the mysterious murder. From here the excitement builds on.

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Davis is never confident he will be able to change all perspectives in that room. In fact, he is uncertain of the truth more than anyone in that room. At one point he is even left dumbfound when one of the men questions his method of assumptions and asks him what if the boy really killed his father? But he is willing to put himself in the victim’s shoes to understand his plight as a slum dweller. Things like violence are an everyday experience for a boy of his origin. And the fact that he was not able to clearly detail his alibi after looking at his father’s dead body.

A brash cobb keeps yelling on top of his voice. At one point he even loses his cool and threatens to kill Davis only to strengthen his argument even further. You will absolutely adore Davis for the dignity and calm that he manages to keep in the most volatile space. Among men who he slowly turns on his side one by one, proposing the most logical possibilities. And in the process, showing them men, that there are more things to them than just themselves.

There are no special effects, no dramatic storyline. Just a simple story played out magnificently by these 12 gentlemen. Fonda’s Davis may be the highlight of the story. But the other 11 characters have a fair share of screen time. In the duration of 96 minutes, director Sidney Lumet makes sure you understand the personality of each character.

It is rather difficult to captivate an audience without giving them something elegant to stare at. The makers, however, manage to keep interests piqued with the minimal resources they have. Zooming in on characters, close facial shots and the sly background score on occasions where the men are struck with deep realizations amplify the effect.

The discussion in that room is built to give the audience, the entire account of the murder. At no point would you feel the need to see how the murder happened. Thanks to the brilliantly scripted conversations you can actually visualize what must have happened at the crime scene.

The characters are undergoing uncomfortable experiences in the room like sweating, no fan and most importantly, the arguments. But the plot never suffocates and succumbs to the claustrophobia of a small room. The script is out an out a winner. If you want to witness tension in its most raw form, this is the film you need to watch. It is marvelous how you feel what each of these characters feel. Very rarely do you come across a script that successfully weaves awkward scenes with gawkiness permeating all the way out of the frame.

It is also a powerful message about the nature of Justice and the nature of humanity itself. How law sometimes fails to understand the truth and takes wrong decisions. We judge others based on superficial details that we know and have heard of. Almost every time forgetting to realize there could be a flipside to the reality that we see.

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Why ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’ Is A Must Watch For Every Woman?

by Emily Keen

She is spunky. She is stylish. She gets what she wants! That’s Holly Golightly for you. The iconic diva from ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s will always be cherished for her style and substance. She is what makes the film the classic that will never go out of style. The woman became the fashion dream of the era in her chic wardrobe and elegant neckpieces.

Blake Edward’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a perfect film for women pursuing their dreams. And Holly is a perfect face of unpretentious womanhood.

Well, that’s one thing that has her character engraved in the hearts of men and women generations later. The other quality is her way of life. She believes she is entitled to have anything she sets her heart on. And most importantly in enjoying the process of pursuit. Maybe that’s what makes her so unique.

Holly is basically a nineteen-year-old, craving the taste of a luxurious lifestyle. She thinks there are no compromises when it comes to the desires of the heart. She chooses to leave her loved ones and dismisses the norms of society which compels a woman to follow a rulebook. She sets out to see what more life has to offer beyond family and friends.

In doing so, she emotionally disconnects with herself and others. The idea of happiness is lost in the midst of standards of society and materialistic desires. No emotions, just a sense of responsibility towards her dear brother whom she wishes to support in life. Not even her pet cat is a beneficiary of receiving the love buried deep under the pile of dreams and expectations.

On a moral compass, Holly’s choices and methods seem rather dubious. Yet the character seems so real and relatable. Audrey Hepburn’s portrayal of Holly is phenomenal. Her charisma will blow your mind while her style has you swooning. She wants what she wants but makes some questionable choices in the process. At some point, you just wish there was someone who can tell her that she is worth much more than petty gifts and a few dollars.

Besides the story does not try to please the audience either. It is a ride with Holly, who is just being herself and winning hearts with her magical self. At no point does the plot look like it is meant for fan service or to please any of innate human fantasies. It’s just the journey of a girl trying to fit in society. The story too is not a conventional piece of the cinema setting the protagonist on the quest for love or trying to idolize her. She is simply Holly Golightly being herself who needs someone to remind her that all she needs to be in this imposing world is her own self. That is what will get her true love and that’s enough to make her happy.

The honesty of the story is what makes you love the film more than anything. It may not be your good ol’ entertainment flick. But it is definitely a film that you would love to revisit when you feel vulnerable. For all women facing an existential dilemma, this film is a perfect reminder to be themselves and not who the world wants them to be.

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‘Legally Blonde’ is the sequel to ‘Clueless’

by Emily Keen

It would be one crazy surprise if Elle Woods (Legally Blonde) would, in fact, turn out to be the grown-up Cher Horowitz (Clueless). If you think about it, the two cheerful blondes have quite a lot in common. In addition to being rich and stubborn, they can outsmart anyone in an argument with their twisted sense of logic. So is it really possible that Legally Blonde is, in fact, a sequel to Clueless?

The ages of both characters when calculated align just right. Clueless hit theatres in the summer of 1995. In the film, Cher enters her sweet sixteen in the April of that year. So technically she should be a sophomore by the year 1997 and in college by 2001. 2001 is the year when Elle enters college to get her law degree.

In addition, the two blondes look surprisingly alike. Both are popular valley girls and possess similar personalities. And the most important trait they share in common is their pomposity.

Cast your mind back to that class debate scene in Clueless. The whole set-piece is handled with absolute sensibility blending in subtle humor. It is in that scene the audience realizes that the girl who until now seemed ‘clueless’ in fact more perceptive and mindful than they thought. She cleverly presents her viewpoint on the American Government’s dilemma of accommodating Haitian refugees by using one of her self-tested strategy of restructuring resources.

Although her intuition is good, her methods lack precision. But when it comes to a debate, no one who can put her down. Not even teachers. If the girl thinks she deserves an A, the teacher who marks C be damned.

Cut to Elle Woods, who according to our theory is the grown-up Cher. As an adult, she must now face her choices and decide what she wants to do in life. And with close scrutiny, one realizes that growing up has also helped her talents evolve. She has a fresh perspective on every fact and that’s what sets her apart from her rivals. In Legally Blonde again, Elle uses a personal experience to prove the fake argument presented by the defense. But this time it’s not just instincts but a move backed by hard facts. You bet Harvard has done some good to her innate talents.

Of course, Cher and Elle exist in totally different cinematic franchises. By now you may even come up with enough evidence to prove so. The obvious one is going to be the parents of both characters. Elle’s parents are opposed to her pursuing a law degree, while Cher’s father unconditionally supports her daughter. But it would be simply amazing if the theory of them both being the same people turned out to be true. Cher proves her worth as a successful leader time and again. She would easily outsmart a proficient lawyer had she pursued a degree in the field. Elle takes the leap and makes it happen. She joins law school with an entirely different motive but soon becomes outshines her peers. Including the person, she was there for in the first place.

With their fates shockingly aligned, it is hard to dismiss thoughts of Legally Blonde being a sequel to Clueless.

What do you think?

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How ‘North By Northwest’ pioneered the new breed of action cinema

by Emily Keen

Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest retains its reputation as an inspiring espionage thriller even decades after its release. Contemporary thriller franchises including James Bond, Mission Impossible have unequivocally borrowed the template of this great thriller.

But what is that makes this film the pioneer of action cinema?

To begin with, no movie buff can ever get enough of the larger than life adventure and glorious set pieces. The film has had a lasting influence on generations of cinema. The glossy backdrop, sensual themes, and high voltage adventures, seen in big franchises like Fast and Furious are all borrowed elements from Hitchcock’s all-encompassing action-adventure.

It is said that screenwriter Ernest Leham was tasked with writing a show stopper script to give the fans the best Hitchcock movie of all time. Alfred’s favorite frontman, Cary Grant plays the role of Roger Thornhill an ad exec mistaken for government agent George Caplan. Thornhill is thus forced to make a run from the law and assailants chasing him to death. He is desperate to clear his name of all the charges against him and sets out to find the real Caplan. Except the real Caplan is only a decoy created by the American government to draw the enemy’s attention away from an undercover operation.

Alfred considered plot details to be supplementary in his films. ‘MacGuffin’ was a term invented by Angus MacPhail for films but popularized by Hitchcock through his films. It is used to describe a plot device which builds the story but ultimately holds no significance to the audience whatsoever. In the case of North By Northwest, ‘George Caplan’ is the ‘MacGuffin’.

The film structure is laid down with a careful arrangement of set pieces to boost the excitement of the story. An interesting fact about North By Northwest, revealed by Hitchcock’s biographer John Russell Taylor was that the film was outlined as an exciting line up of action sequences. A story was later developed to piece all these sequences together. Did you ever think that the action bits of the cinema we consider a decoration to the script could actually be the foundation of the plot?

But that is Hitchcock!

An expert in multiple genres of suspense including crime drama, murder mysteries, and psycho thrillers, the aficionado had his way of communicating with the audiences through various components in the frame. For instance, smartly fading out voices of a conversation with noises. Just a way to let you know that “Whatever they are saying is not important. Just enjoy the ride”

Furthermore, he enjoyed outdoing himself with every film he made. Explains the perfection and originality of his action sequences in every film. In one of his interviews, Hitchcock spoke of the famous crop duster scene in North by Northwest.

It rather overthrew the expectations of the audience with the attempt on hero’s life happening in an open field as opposed to usual norms of dark corners of streets and the attackers using a biplane instead of a car.

The process of piecing together the action scenes has become a method for thriller foundations since then. And cheat death stunts, cars flying in the air and parachute fisticuffs in franchises like 007 had become the selling point for films in the niche.


Christopher McQuarrie, writer, and director of the two latest MI films admittedly follows Hitchcock and Lehman’s Method to compose his movies.

Another factor that adds to the excitement is its elegant protagonists. Cary Grant’s charm in most films makes ladies go weak in their knees. This idea of a suave and witty gentleman was generously replicated for the character of James Bond. It would not be surprising to know that Grant was Ian fleming’s first choice to play Bond in Dr. No.

Thornhill’s ability to charm and the handsome grey suit was a direct pick for Sean Connery’s 007. And if you recollect Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt, the man depends entirely on his own instincts and wits to survive. The idea of a protagonist who knows exactly what to say to turn a situation in his favor rules franchises like MI and 007.

The larger than life experiences weaved by Alfred Hitchcock in North by Northwest kick-started a regime of stylish spies and action heroes. The idea was absorbed and further modified by Bond films. The globetrotting bits from Vin Diesel’s Fast and Furious and Keanu Reeves’ John Wick films also originate from this very Hitchcock romp.

Sophisticated themes and sense of humor prevails in action adventures of the modern era. Audiences fancy the characters for the thrill they bring with their near-death experiences and still manage to keep it attractive. No wonder North by Northwest has an enduring effect on cinemas to date.

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Earthquake Bird

by Kaylen Summers

Set in 1989 Tokyo, this psychologically unsettling and atmospheric thriller is director Wash Westmoreland (Colette, Still Alice). Lucy Fly is an enigmatic young woman who is haunted by her painful past. She gets into an intense relationship with a handsome yet similarly troubled local photographer named Teiji. When a naive newcomer, Lily Bridges goes missing and probably dead, their lives turn upside down.

Releasing Date: November 15, 2019

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