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Are Voldemort and Hitler the Same?

by Emily Keen

‘He who must not be named’ in J.K. Rowling’s fantasy world comes as a mirror image of a man in the real-world who killed thousands of people while he reigned over Germany. J.K. Rowling herself admitted that her supervillain from the Harry Potter Series has numerous parallels with Hitler, the king of Nazis.

The first clue being, both of them had a difficult childhood owing to people’s inability to comprehend their views. Adolf Hitler had a difficult time fostering familial bonds. Similarly, Tom Riddle shared minimal connection with his parents on an emotional level. This is the reason he ends up in an orphanage.

Their educational experience is however poles apart but ends up in them becoming more inclined towards the evil in the world.

Hitler failed twice during his mandatory education and missed a chance to be admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. We wonder how different the history of the world would turn out had he made it to the institute. It is however quite surprising to have someone of Hitler’s stature to have such a poor academic record.

Voldemort however was the exact opposite and aced his magical tests to become a part of elite wizard clubs and his abilities only grew stronger with time. It is tragic for someone like him to have ended up becoming the bad guy who only brings the wizarding world so much pain and suffering.

Furthermore, both men became powerful by walking the path of betrayal. Hitler came to power staging the Reichstag fire and Voldemort by seizing control of the ministry of magic.

Both men exploited the fears of minorities and pit them against a major section of the population. Hitler convinced the Aryan race that they are threatened by the Jews. While Voldemort tricked Pure Bloods in the wizarding world to believe that muggle-borns were the enemies and needed to be eliminated. Both men gained immense power by creating a divide among the people. They weaponized the fear and anxiety of the minorities and used it to create chaos.

They both selectively chose one community to represent the enemy. Voldemort called them “Muggles’ while Hitler chose “Jews”. They then used the differences to spread the far infection and complete destruction to propagate the idea that only one race is superior thus causing the deaths of thousands of people.

Racism is quite evident in both their strategies. The ulterior motive also remained the same. Both men had a spite against impure races when in fact both of them belonged to the same race they spread hatred against.

Hitler wanted to create a world with only Aryans who were tall, blonde, and had blue eyes. When according to some studies it was found that he had Jewish lineage. He himself was nothing like an Aryan. He was short and had brown eyes.

Voldemort made it his ultimate aim to eliminate any person with muggle connections. A muggle-born wizard, or a muggle friend or any person who had any kind of muggle origin was tagged unfit according to his rules. He considered muggles as an impurity in the Wizarding world and wanted to cleanse it off the impurities. It’s like he had some serious personality disorder.

Both Hitler and Voldemort had an inner circle of trusted allies. For Hitler, it was the Schutzstaffel(SS) And Voldemort had the Death Eaters at his disposal.

The identification procedures followed by these groups of people are rather similar- A mark on the skin. The marks used were both symbols of peace and positivity. Hitler used Swastika as his symbol which represents peace in Sanskrit. Voldemort’s Death Hallow is considered a symbol of good omen in the magic world.

Both men shared an obsession with priced antiques. While Voldemort chased Horcruxes all his life, Hitler had a huge collection of precious pieces.

Voldemort’s biggest desire was to claim the Elder Wand which was considered the most powerful wand in the magic world. Also known as the Wand of Destiny, it is something Voldemort badly wanted.

Hitler had a Lance of Destiny in his priced collection of objects. Also known as the Holy Lance, this was the Lance used to pierce Jesus Christ to the cross. The one who possessed the Lance was believed to be blessed with its esoteric powers and gained the ability to win most battles in life.

The evidence is overwhelming and we can’t help but feel thankful that both these characters did not exist in the same world at the same time. Imagine Voldemort having his hand on an atomic bomb and Hitler possessing the power of magic. What chaos would the world witness then?

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Were Petunia and Vernon Aware that Harry was Voldemort’s Horcrux?

by Emily Keen

Besides the fact that the Dursley couple was terrified of wizards combined with Petunia’s jealousy towards Lily (Harry’s mother) is there a valid reason why they treated him so harshly? Vernon most certainly convinced Harry that magic is nothing but a myth. There is a plausible explanation to their utter disregard for Harry’s feelings.  One that might not be clear at first, but if you can connect the dots, it’s all right there.

The reason is Harry being one of Voldemort’s Horcruxes. There is evidence suggesting that a Horcrux has a very negative impact on its surroundings and the people who possess it. Most of Voldemort’s Horcruxes were inanimate objects(Except Nagini). That made it easy to claim them. The ring could be worn. The diary could be read. Dursley’s being the legal guardians to Harry Potter, became the ones in ownership of him.

So was his presence itself that made them even crueler? Their mindless way of going about life indicates the same.

They tortured their orphan nephew and never let him have a normal childhood. They pampered their own son and raised him to be just as evil and arrogant as they were. Dudley is seen misbehaving with a snake at the Zoo. It’s safe to assume he is mean to animals in general. We cannot forget the time when the Dementors attacked Dudley for being in possession of a criminal soul.

If the Dursleys did hate Harry so much that they felt no shame in treating him like a servant, why did they not put him in an orphanage right away? This makes us give them the benefit of doubt. It is possibly their exposure to a Horcrux that made them behave so callously with their nephew.

So why are other people not affected by Harry’s presence? It is probably because they do not own him in any way and don’t spend much time with him. The longest Harry is known to spend time with is Ron. He is the only person who stays so close to him all the time. But the ownership aspect works here as well. In fact, they break contact when they are asleep at night. So that puts Ron and the others in a safe zone.

Do you think this makes sense?  Do let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Hogwarts is all in Harry’s imagination!

by Emily Keen

We know this could be a buzzkill of stellar proportions for all Harry Potter fanatics. But the truth is the writer herself has not denied this theory. So what do we infer? Does J.K. Rowling support this fan theory?

Pains to say, but it could be possible. Rowling has admitted that writing Harry Potter novels for her was an escape from the hardships of life.

Harry’s plight was not much different. How long could a sane mind endure the torture of the Dursleys?

Image result for harry potter dursley gif

They were pathetic to him. As an orphan who had no one else to turn to and held no importance in the world where he existed, could he have made up a whole new world in his mind?

A world where the good triumphed over bad. A world where every soul knows Harry Potter. We all grew up wishing the world might really exist. That someday we might find platform 9 3/4, take a one way trip to Hogwarts and never return.

What hope meant to each potter fan was the existence of that very world. And now the theory dismissing its presence in the movie itself! Nothing could hurt more.

But based on psychological reasoning and the reaction of the human mind to persistent trauma, it could be true.

J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter screenwriter Steve Kloves in a discussion in 2012 revealed something that to some extent imparts weight to the theory in question. Kloves pointed out Alastair, a spider from the cupboard who Harry speaks to. Alastair’s character and the toys that Harry retrieves from trash, was, in fact, to help the audience question the legitimacy of Hagrid’s appearance. It is to trigger a thought that Harry might have summoned Hagrid in his mind and that he may not be real after all.

Image result for harry potter playing with  toys gif

J.K Rowling’s response to this was rather unexpected. She totally got on board with Kloves’ theory.

Her exact words were- “I think that’s a fabulous point, and that speaks so perfectly to the truth to the books, because I had it suggested that to me more than once that Harry actually did go mad in the cupboard, and that everything that happened subsequently was some sort of fantasy life he developed to save himself,”

Considering J.K. Rowling’s obsession with dismissing fan theories, this was rather unusual.

Harry continually bears the brunt of Dudley and Vernon’s aggression. The father-son duo leave no chance to emotionally torture and degrade him. The sadistic family even locks potter in a room for an entire summer.

Every new school year, the Dursleys try to keep Harry from going back to Hogwarts but somehow Harry breaks free from their confinement.

For the first time, it’s Hagrid.

Image result for harry potter hagrid appears at the door gif

The second time, it’s Ron to the rescue with his flying car.

Image result for harry potter flying car rescue gif

And the third, it’s Harry pulling himself together and finally standing up against his crooked uncle.

Image result for harry potter try me gif

Does this highlight Harry’s desire to brave the Dursleys?

Karl Smallwood of Cracked.com once pointed out the unusual nature of injuries in Hogwarts, while Harry’s injuries were still so human. We see Ron barfing snails and Hermione’s overgrown teeth but the boy who survived is only getting broken bones. Perhaps it only aligns with the abuse he is going through on Privet Drive.

Image result for harry potter broken arm gif

Now if you are wondering if that really was a fantasy, why would it include returning back to the Dursleys during vacation? As far as speculations go, that could only be an indication that Harry’s life was getting better. Being locked in a cat Flap was still better than the cupboard if you will. Once difficult times were over he would bring his Hogwarts world back to life. A world where he had friends who cared about him and magic to solve all his problems.

Perhaps he is drawn towards an enemy as dangerous as Voldemort was an indication of his desire to be strong and courageous. He dreamed of being so powerful that even the world’s most dangerous villain would be bothered by his existence. Another coping mechanism that gives hope in times of absolute helplessness.

Related image

The wizarding world might never be the same for us after reading this theory. The thought that Hogwarts is all in Harry’s imagination altogether forfeits our childhood dreams. Well, what do we know? Someone might have made all this up because they were sick of all the Harry Potter fad. And maybe Rowling is just playing along. And who knows. Alastair could have been an Acromantula and he really could speak to Harry after all. Remember Aragog? We still believe Hogwarts was as real as Ron’s arachnophobia.

Related image

What do you think of this theory? Let us know in the comments below.


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