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What's that pig doing on the bed?

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10 Popular Family Dramas Available On Streaming


There is nothing quite like the love and craziness of family. We all agree that family is important and irreplaceable. Here are some really amazing films about families that you can watch: The Family Man As the name suggests, this is a film about the importance of family. The film sounds like a feel-good story, […]


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8 Family Friendly Movies on Amazon Prime


Parents who are having a hard time finding the perfect movies to watch with your kids, we got this. Amazon may not have a section labelled specially as family movies, but they do have films which suit the occasion. Here are 8 movies that you can watch with your kids without getting bored all along. […]


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8 Family Friendly Movies to Cozy up to on Netflix


Ever been in a discussion of shortlisting a movie with your family. Well, don’t even get me started on the choices of the kids. One might want to watch a scary ghost film, while the other wants a fun animated pic. The moment you open Netflix, people start throwing in all the weirdest opinions. So […]