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The Food Documentaries On Prime Video Right Now

by Kaylen Summers

Take a look at these food documentaries on Prime Video that can change the way you look at food.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Weighing more than 100 pounds and loaded up in steroids, Joe Cross was already having a leg in the grave. Adding to that he was also suffering from autoimmune disease- a disorder in which the human body recognizes itself as a thread. As Joe has reached the end of his rope and hope, he decides to not let go without a fight. Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead is his inspiring journey in which Joe took up the personal mission to regain his health.

Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story

We are obsessively proud of the food we have on our tables. From our Instagram pages to countless cooking shows and foodie blogs, food has become more of a status symbol than a basic need. Unfortunately recklessness generates unbelievable volumes of food wastes every year.  Filmmakers and food lovers Jen and Grant are taking a deep dive into the issue of food waste, by exploring farms, retails, and even through our fridges.

King Corn

Corn is one food item that has dominated the food pyramid of the fast-food nation for a very long time. How did this ultra-industrial, pesticide-laden, heavily-subsidized commodity become the key ingredient in most of the American fast-food? Two college buddies are out to find out the secret behind this by growing an acre of corn with the help of some real farmers, heaps of fertilizer and some genetically modified seeds.


When a mom feeds her son raw milk, and real food from farms, all his allergies, and asthma are healed. Realizing the health benefits,  people from around the country formed private clubs to get these foods. However, the state and local governments turn against them and start raiding their farms.


Three men are on a life-long search to find the diet that is good for not just our health, but also the environment and the future of our planet. This visual treat showcasing some of the best and tastiest food you can ever see on you screens.


Every day thousands of dollars of food are being dumped into the waste. These products are mostly good and can feed the nation’s poor and hungry. Filmmaker Jeremy Seifert and his circle of friends are one a journey, taking dumpster dives in the back alleys and gated garbages of supermarkets to unravel the truth behind good food grocery stores are wasting.

Eating Alabama


When life started to become complex, a couple decided to make it simple by eating how their grandparents did. Changing to a local and seasonal diet, they soon realized their food system has changed with the farmers who once populated their family histories. This documentary is about how food and sustainability is interconnected and about why food matters.

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8 Movies That Are Worth Staying In To Watch

by Emily Keen

It’s not hard for introverts to make choices when it comes to social situations. They love to stay in as going out amongst a crowd makes them uncomfortable. But in the case of extroverts, it would take something really compelling and strong to make their minds when it comes to staying in. These movies are among those reasons that will force them to give in and spend the night at home to experience some of the most exceptional pieces of cinematic art.


  1. 13th

Image result for 13th movie Ava DuVernayA captivating documentary by director Ava DuVernay that focuses on 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that illegalized slavery and “involuntary servitude”. The documentary brings out the long-lasting impact of the detention system that existed in America years ago and how it still affects modern Americans.


  1. Zodiac

Image result for zodiac movieAll A-listers in one film should be enough reason to give up on that night out you were anyway not sure about going to. The film follows a cartoonist in a chronicle who becomes obsessed with the case of a serial killer who appeared in San Francisco in the late 1960s till early 1970s to the extent that it ruins his professional and personal life. The movie stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo in prominent roles.


  1. The Big Short

Image result for The Big Short movieThe substance of this film is formed by a prediction of a financial crisis by four executive-level finance guys. The film develops as they stand up to the banks in retaliation. This is a must-watch if you haven’t already seen it.


  1. Milk

Image result for Milk movieThe film is based on the life of Harvey Milk, the LGBTQIA activist who went on to become California’s first gay elected official. The film is complete with footage from the archives. Sean Penn portrays the protagonist in this must-watch film.


  1. Atonement

Image result for Atonement movieBased on Ian McEwan’s novel, the film follows the story of Briony, a 13-year-old writer who secretly has a crush on his older sister’s love interest. When things start to heat up between the sister and her lover Robbie, he decides to interrupt by accusing Robbie of a crime he did not commit. Robbie is arrested and the course of all three lives changes forever.


  1. The Queen

Image result for The Queen movieIn the wake of the death of Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth II faces a lot of criticism as she sits on the throne. She attempts to balance the situation with utter composure. The film won Helen Mirren an academy award for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II


  1. The Place Beyond the Pines

Image result for The Place Beyond the Pines movieRyan Gosling plays a bike stuntman turned bank robber in this film. He needs money to Eva Mendes who is the mother of his child. The film also has Bradley Cooper starring as a police officer trying to climb the ladder in his department.


  1. First They Killed My Father

Image result for First They Killed My Father movieThe film is based on the life of a human rights activist in Cambodia fighting against the oppressive Khmer Rogue. Her attempts to survive and the battle against the oppressor are wonderfully depicted in this movie directed by Angelina Jolie.

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6 Amazing Food Documentaries On Netflix

by Kaylen Summers

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

🍅99% ⌛1h 22m

Fan of Sushis?! Netflix has provided an entire documentary set for you then. Jiro Dreams of Sushi features revered sushi chef Jiro Ono and Masuhiro Yamamoto. Jiro Ono is known for his perfection in his work. However, his elder son struggles to keep up with his father’s legacy. This documentary and food movie has the highest Rotten Tomato ratings and one of the best from the genre.

Forks Over Knives

🍅59% ⌛1h 30m

Featuring Lee Fulkerson and Matthew Lederman, this Netflix movie takes us deep into the science of food consumption. There is a popular claim that the major reason for all our degenerative diseases is the inclusion of  animal-based and processed foods. This profound claim is evaluated in this one and half-hour-long documentary.

The Magic Pill

🍅N/A ⌛1h 22m

There is a global combat against illness going on around the world. This never-ending battle is fought by the best doctors, scientists, and chefs. They believe that many diseases can be successfully controlled and even eradicated by making dietary changes. They believe that fat is the source of fuel and it should be embraced.

Theatre of Life

🍅100% ⌛1h 34m

Food is art. There is no doubt about that. Making it, serving it and eating it is a form of art. However, an exceptional soup kitchen in Milan,  the Refettorio Ambrosiano, is raising the bars as chef Massimo Bottura and 40 of the world’s best chefs including Ferran Adria, Rene Redzepi, Alain Ducasse, Daniel Humm, and many others serves food for the refugees and homeless from the food wastes of Expo Milano 2015.

A Tale of Two Kitchens

🍅N/A ⌛29m

This Netflix original documentary is about two restaurants from two countries that shared the same vision. Gabriela Cámara is an acclaimed Contramar in Mexico City. The employees working there are treated as family. While at Cala in San Francisco, the staffs hired are from different backgrounds and cultures. This includes ex-felons and ex-addicts also. Watch how these two kitchen help individuals grow.

Food on the Go

🍅N/A ⌛29m

The diaspora of millions of Italian emigrants opened up a whole new world of flavors to the nations of the American Continent. Some got adapted while others remained true to its Italian roots. This documentary is about the many similarities and differences between such dishes. Food on the Go featuring Mercedes Cordova and is only availbe for streaming on Netflix.

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Taika Waititi’s Next project is a Soccer Documentary, Not Thor 4!

by Emily Keen

Taika Waititi’s upcoming project is Next Goal Wins. The film is based on a British soccer documentary of the same name and was directed by Mike Brett and Steve Jamison. The feature adaptation of the documentary will have Iain Morris working on it along with Taika Waititi. Fox Searchlight has effectively backed Waititi with his abrupt new project.

Next Goal Wins depicts an uplifting account of the American Samoa soccer team. Dutch coach, Thomas Rongen takes up the challenge to train this team against the tide of their “forever losers” reputation to becoming strong World cup contenders. The doc premiered at 2014 Tribeca Film festival and also created quite a buzz at British Independent Film Awards by winning the Best Documentary.

This classic “underdogs prepping for a winning streak” narrative, has won hearts with its comical mood. And who better than Waititi, to serve a strong storyline with a dash of humor?

Imaginarium Productions owned by Andy Serkis and Jonathan Cavendish bought the rights to this documentary in 2015. Following which, they approached Waititi to direct the adaptation who then got Garret Basch to produce it.

For a director to write and direct three completely different movies and yet deliver an incredible experience each time seems challenging. Starting from Jojo Rabbit, Next Goal Wins and then Thor: Love and Thunder, the ride seems pretty schizophrenic.

Marvel’s Thor 4, will kick start production at the beginning of 2020. It was surprising to see Waititi giving a nod to another directorial venture in the wake of Jojo. But since Next Goal wins is relatively a smaller project, it shall wind up well in time for the helmer to begin with the MCU sequel. Disney has locked in November 5, 2021, for the release of Thor: Love and Thunder.

Fox Searchlight seems head over heels for Waititi post making of Jojo Rabbit. Set in the era of Nazi Germany Jojo Rabbit is a satirical depiction of the life of a naïve young boy. The feature stars Scarlet Johanson, Rebel Wilson and Waititi himself in a very crucial role. It is set to release on October 18. The period drama is galloping high hopes of an Oscar.

The New Zealand based actor turned director has introduced audiences to the most pristine regions of the comical spectrum. It would be interesting to watch how he recreates the impact of a successfully narrated soccer story with a “Waititi spin” to it.

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