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5 things You Did Not Know About the Dark Knight Trilogy

by Emily Keen

Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher’s version of Batman did not make quite the buzz and crash-landed flat at the box office. Christopher Nolan’s Batman begins, however, was a gleaming success that kick-started a regime of an undying fervour for the Bat and that was it. The Dark knight trilogy remains to be one of the greatest version of the adaptation of the caped crusader on screen. Even with a sombre undertone, the film managed to bring entertainment to the table. It was Nolan’s genius that the character was revived in a resplendent fashion.

In a way, DC owes it to Nolan and in all fondness to Christian Bale that to get the Batman back in the game after Schumacher’s rendition failed miserably in 1997.

Here are 5 things you may have never heard of the greatest Trilogy ever made:

  1. Christian Bale Fell Asleep during filming.

Christian Bale himself agreed to have slumbered in the middle of a shot. While shooting for the scene where he just dozed off and never heard the word action. He said, “In Batman Begins, in the first scene I had with Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman, I fell asleep. In the scene, I was meant to be waking up, so I laid down and just fell asleep. And I didn’t hear ‘Action.'”

“In the scene, I was meant to be waking up, so I laid down and just fell asleep. And I didn’t hear ‘Action.'” He continued. – “I woke up with Michael Caine poking me in the ribs and going, ‘Look at that! He’s bloody fallen asleep, isn’t he? He’s bloody fallen asleep!’”


  1. The subtle hints in Nolan’s creations

Jim Gordon’s daughter was named Barbara Gordon in the trilogy.  Coleman Reese who had mysterious connections with the Riddler was addressed as Mr Reese in the 2008 film. That phonetically sounds like Mysteries

“They asked me if he [Jim Gordon] saw any giant alligators.” cops implicitly referring to Killer croc when John Blake warns them about Bane taking refuge in the city.

The character arc of Roland Dagget, who appears in the animated series, is altered in TDKR and his name is changed to John. Selina Kyle’s roommate Jen is actually representing Holly Robinson from the comic who was a hooker and trainer with the catwoman.


  1. Nolan’s gritty narrative changed the game

Batman’s character lost its charm with Batman and Robin (1997). As mentioned earlier, the film turned out to be a complete disaster owing to which the makers had to halt the fifth instalment which was called Batman Triumphant.  Nolan in all his capacity, breathed a new life into the story with his realistic approach as opposed to the theatrical entries staged in Schumacher’s films. Nolan stayed true to the essence of the character as described in the comics and that went to gather the attention of a whole new faction of the audience.


  1. The Boy Wonder – Robin

Robin’s arc was never meant to fly in Nolan films. But he did decide to give the character a role in his narrative. Not as a direct sidekick of Batman but as an assistant to detective James Gordon. He fully re-moulded the character to give him detective abilities instead of gymnastics.


  1. The Movies were a mix of different comics

Christopher Nolan’s obsession with the Batman story began with Richard Donner’s Superman (1978). “What I loved about Superman was the way New York felt like New York, or rather Metropolis felt like New York. Metropolis felt like a city you could recognize — and then there was this guy flying through the streets.” Nolan said.

Batman Begins (2005) drew major inspiration from Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One (1987), Blind Justice (1989), and The Man Who Falls (1989). The Dark Knight (2008) plotline was the amalgamation of Batman #1 (1940), Batman #251 (1973), The Killing Joke (1988) and The Long Halloween (1996-1997). The Dark Knight Rises (2012) was the closest to Knightfall (1993). It also picked up a few elements from No Man’s Land (1999-2000) and The Cult (1988). Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle in TDKR was inspired by Catwoman: The Dark End of the Street (2001-2002)

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[Crazy Fan Theory] Did Batman die in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’?!

by Emily Keen

There is a section of fans that suspect that Bruce Wayne actually died at the end of The Dark Knight Rises. What immediately comes to mind is, what about the scene where Bruce is seen enjoying a coffee with Selina Kyle? Well, they call it Alfred’s fantasy which is born out of guilt that he walked out on his master Bruce when he needed him the most.

These lines said by Alfred in the move might help put things in perspective

“Every year, I took a holiday. I went to Florence, there’s this cafe, on the banks of the Arno. Every fine evening, I’d sit there and order a Fernet Branca. I had this fantasy, that I would look across the tables and I’d see you there… You wouldn’t say anything to me, nor me to you. But we’d both know that you’d made it, that you were happy.”

Could it be possible? Christopher Nolan’s films are anything but straightforward. So we cannot totally dismiss the probability of it being true.

Let’s examine the facts, shall we?

We saw “The Bat” explode over the ocean and it was an Atomic Bomb if you will. There is hardly any chance of a human surviving an explosion of those proportions. Even if he does, he’d at least undergo a mutation from all the radiations.

There is absolutely no scene where it was indicated that Batman might have had a chance to dodge the blast.

But what about Alfred? Is he really hallucinating?

After all the love he had for the master and the fact that he was not there to support him in his tough days would obviously lead us to believe that Alfred is hurt and broken beyond measure and only projects that image of a happy Bruce to put his misery to rest.

What do you guys thin? Do let us know in the comments.


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Jeffrey Wright confirmed in the role of Batman’s GCPD Ally

by Emily Keen

The Batman director has spilled the beans on the actor’s identity set to don Commissioner Gordon. Jeffrey Wright is now confirmed for the role of the caped crusader’s ally from the police department.

The rumors of Wright playing Gordon have been doing the rounds for quite some time now. Although the Westworld actor’s onboarding was not verified by any of the makers or the directors until yesterday.

The Cloverfield director took to his tweeter account to introduce Wright as Gordon.

The tweet did not say much. He merely wrote the word Tweet!  And Gordon with a hashtag followed by a bat emoji. So there you go. You know who the head of the Gotham city Police Department is.

The Batman’s casting is still an ongoing affair or at least it seems so since there is not much confirmation on the finalizing of many characters. For now, all we know is that Twilight star Robert Pattinson will play Bruce Wayne, Zoe Kravitz has been tapped in as Catwoman, Paul Dano will don The Riddler and now it’s Wright in the skin of James Gordon.

Jonah Hill has reportedly walked away from the role of Oswald ‘Penguin’ Cobblepot which led to Jason Alexander volunteering to play the role. Although it does not seem that Reeves has accepted the Seinfeld actor’s offer.

The Batman, as far as we know, follows the life of young Bruce Wayne and the plot will be somewhere along the lines of Bruce Wayne trying to track a serial killer in Gotham City, keeping suspicious of almost every supervillain in the comic. But the makers were upright in stating that the film is a standalone affair and has no connections with the DCEU whatsoever.

DC movies do not have a great reputation of standing tall at the Box Office with a shared universe. On the other hand, individual ventures tend to perform a great deal. It worked for Joker. Might as well turn out the same way for the masked vigilante’s latest.

The film has locked June 25, 2021, for release. Its currently under the pre-production phase and hopefully we will have news on more castings rolling out soon.

Stay tuned to Spotflik for more details on the film.

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The New Riddler is Ready to Challenge The Batman

by Emily Keen

Paul Dano has been tapped in as the Riddler for the upcoming Robert Pattinson led Batman movie. For a while, there were rumors about Jonah hill being in talks to play the character, but it seems the makers have finally settled the deal with Dano.

Dano’s character in the movie will be named Edward Nashton who goes on to adopt a villainous new identity as Edward Nygma.

The news of Dano’s casting was confirmed by Matt Reeves himself through Twitter.

Tantamount to his name, the Riddler is known to challenge Batman with tough to solve puzzles.

Riddler’s character first appeared in a live-action Batman series in the 1960s. The character was then portrayed by Frank Gorshin. Following which, the infamous portrayal of the character by Jim Carrey in the 1995 film Batman Forever, left a mark.  In the recent Fox series Gotham, the role was marvelously handled by Corey Michael Smith.

The news broke almost 3 days after Zoe Kravitz landed the role of Catwoman in The Batman movie.

As for Dano, his previous credits include Escape at DannemoraSwiss Army ManLooper and, in the dual role of Paul and Eli Sunday in There Will Be Blood. He also produced and co-wrote 2018’s Wildlife.

The Batman is set to begin shooting by January and will open in theatres on June 25, 2021. The latest reboot of the franchise follows the life of young Bruce Wayne.

Spotflik keeps you updated on all the latest happenings of Hollywood. Stay tuned!


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