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The Invisible Man (2020) Trailer

by Kaylen Summers

The Invisible Man (2020) is the official retelling of the classic horror flick from Universal Studios. A crazed scientist stages his suicide and starts using uses his power of invisibility to stalk and terrorize his ex-girlfriend. Even though she approached the police, no one believes her. Now, it’s up to her to take matters into her own hands and fight back.

Releasing Date: 28 February 2020

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Bad Boys For Life (2020) Trailer

by Kaylen Summers

Bad Boys For Life (2020) will see the return of old-school cops Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett. The two are now part of a newly created elite team from the Miami police department called AMMO. They will be teaming up to take down Armando Armas, the ruthless leader of a Miami drug cartel.

Releasing Date: 17 January 2020

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MAJOR SPOILERS! Plot Details and Photos of Edgar Wright’s ‘Last Night in Soho’

by Kaylen Summers

Last Night in Soho is finally pulling back its curtains a little and it seems like director Edgar Wright is expecting to pull off a different approach this time.

 It was in a preview for 2020 movies, that Wright described his new film as an “all-out psychological horror”, set in 1960s London. The movie will have a lead character named Eloise played by Thomasin McKenzie. Eloise is obsessed with the time period of the 60s and ends up experiencing it. This has led many to speculate that there is some possibility of time travel involved. But, how exactly it will be presented in the movie is yet to be seen. Talking about his latest directorial effort, Wright had this to say.

“There’s something I have in common with the lead character in that I’m afflicted with nostalgia for a decade I didn’t live in. You think about ’60s London, what would that be like? Imagine if you knew everything you knew now, and went back. I’m taking a premise whereby you have a character who, in a sort of abstract way, gets to travel in time. And the reality of the decade is maybe not what she imagines. It has an element of ‘be careful what you wish for’.”

Fans also got a behind-the-scenes photo of Edgar Wright on set with Anya Taylor-Joy. The actress plays a character named Sandy, who shares a “mysterious connection” with Eloise.

Wright is known for his breakout hit Baby Driver released back in 2017. However, movie lovers would remember him for his early works with Simon Pegg. Popularly known as the Cornetto Trilogy, it was the movies Shaun of the DeadHot Fuzz and The World’s End that made Wright’s unique style recognizable. His later movie Scott Pilgrim vs The World went on to gain something of a cult following over the years. However, his greatest hit came as 2017’s Baby Driver. The movie was recognized by both critics and the general audience alike. It eventually went on to get nominated for three Oscars.

For more information, guess we will have to wait till Last Night in Soho hits the theaters on September 25, 2020.

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An Iconic Character from Spiderman to Cameo in Sony’s Morbius

by Emily Keen

There could be an unexpected cameo of a Spiderman character in Sony’s upcoming antihero flick Morbius. News has been doing rounds that J. K. Simmons could appear in Morbius in the form of J. J. Jameson.

A twitter handle, DR Movie News cited an unnamed source to have had a peek through the footage of the Daily Bugle editor-in-chief making an appearance in the Jared Leto film.

As reported by CBR.com – “Freelance media journalist Daniel Richtman seemed to confirm that footage of Simmons as J.J did exist for the upcoming Sony film, though no descriptions were provided.”

J. J. Jameson’s character has famously appeared in Sam Raimi’s Spiderman Trilogy. As of lately, he also made an appearance in Spiderman: Far From Home. MCU’s version of this fan-favorite character is in the form of a host of an online news show instead of an editor-in-chief of a newspaper.

It’s about time the two studios settle on a common version of hefty Simmons, as it seems he is not just passing by and is definitely sticking around.

Given the character has already appeared in a Marvel Studios film, it is clear that Sony needs an approval to use Jameson in Morbius.

So if they have come to an agreement on Jameson, does it mean that the SMCU and MCU are ready to build bridges?

If Jameson does make an appearance in Morbius, it is not wrong to assume that Sony well intends on sharing the Spider-Verse with the MCU.  In other words, Sony’s Venom and Morbius do not just exist in a shared universe of their own, but may somehow be connected to the MCU just like Spiderman.

Kevin Feige now has creative control over all Marvel characters and is also the one to broker the deal with Sony to maintain Spiderman’s presence across universes. It is possible that the new arrangement might have opened doors for various other characters to travel across the cinematic universes too. His statement about the new deal might have hinted at the existence of a multiverse between MCU and Sony’s Marvel characters.

“I am thrilled that Spidey’s journey in the MCU will continue, and I and all of us at Marvel Studios are very excited that we get to keep working on it,” Feige said. “Spider-Man is a powerful icon and hero whose story crosses all ages and audiences around the globe. He also happens to be the only hero with the superpower to cross cinematic universes, so as Sony continues to develop their own Spidey-verse you never know what surprises the future might hold.”

Morbius starring Jared Leto as the eponymous character will be directed by Daniel Espinosa. Matt Smith will be playing Loxias Crown and Adria Arjona is set to don Martine Bancroft.  Further, we have Tyrese Gibson as Agent Stroud and Jarred Harris in an unnamed role. The film will open in theatres on July 31, 2020.

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NEW UPDATE: Here Is What Rami Malek’s James Bond Supervillain Will Be Like.

by Kaylen Summers

It wasn’t long since the makers of James Bond 25 officially announced the title of the movie as ‘No Time To Die’. Other than this and the confirmation that Rami Malek will be playing the villain for the movie, nothing much about the movie has been revealed.

Now, we are getting new details about the supervillain who is all set to give Bond a run for his money. It was producer Barbara Broccoli, who shed some light into the upcoming finale to Daniel Craig’s tenure as 007.

The movie will see Oscar-winner Rami Malek play the villainous character named Safin. Malek got his first Oscar nomination and win for playing Freddie Mercury in the Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody. The actor is currently appearing in Mr. Robot Season 4. According to what has been revealed in the official synopsis, Safin is a “mysterious villain”, who’s armed with dangerous new technology. Talking about the details revealed in a recent preview of 2020 movies, Barbara Broccoli described Safin as follows.

“We’ve thrown the book at him on this one. He is really the supervillain. He’s the one that really gets under Bond’s skin. He’s a nasty piece of work.”

Bond movies are known for their great villains. However, Daniel Craig’s Bond movies so far had a mixed bag when it comes to villains. Considering that the actor gave us one of the greatest Bonds in the movie history, it’s fair to say that Craig certainly deserves a good villain to face off against in his last mission as 007.

Previous Bond villains for Craig include Mads Mikkelsen as Le Chiffre in Casino Royale, Javier Bardem’s Silva in Skyfall and most recently, Christoph Waltz appearing as the iconic Blofeld in Spectre. Yet, these characters somehow failed to bring out the best antagonist for the superspy. Will Malek be able to pull it off, where other great performers have failed?

Meanwhile, there are rumors that Bond 25’s villain would be blind. Though that would be an interesting twist, the possibility of making this work out in a highly action-packed Bond movie will surely be a challenge for the makers (if the rumors are correct).

No Time to Die is slated to hit theaters on April 8, 2020. this means that we could be seeing a trailer for the movie anytime soon.

Check out our website regularly for more details and trailers about the movie before anyone else.

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The Grudge (2020) Trailer

by Kaylen Summers

A young mother kills her family in their own house. The Grudge (2020) tells how a single mother and a detective tries to solve a murder case. However, in the process, they soon realize that the house is cursed. Anyone who enters the house is doomed to die a violent death by a vengeful ghost.

Releasing Date: 2 January 2020

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It’s a Wrap for Daniel Craig’s Last installment of 007

by Emily Keen

The latest installment of the James Bond series, No Time to Die has successfully wrapped its shoot.

The official Instagram page of 007 confirmed the news. The news comes almost a month after Daniel Craig’s emotional speech on the final day of production in Italy. The Bond hunk was then tapped giving a heart-warming speech for a wrap up party.

The new picture features director Cary Fukunaga, Craig himself holding a clapperboard.

Post Spectre, this will be Craig’s last dive into the Bond universe. Fans are even more eager to see the actor don the secret agent for the last time. The makers were firm on having a strong story-line for Craig’s last film. And in the effort lost the original Bond director Danny Boyle.

Fukanaga finally came in as Boyle’s replacement, but the change led the film to be postponed until 2020. With his arrival Fukunaga made a few more additions to the line-up of the film including Rami Malek. Fukunaga has taken the shoot around the world and has been busy with the production of Bond 25. Craig’s on-set injury also added to the delay in the duration of the filming. But the shoot has finally come to an end.

Familiar faces are set to make returns in the 25th installment of the Bond series. Jefferey Wright will be reprising the role in the movie with his character Felix Leiter.

The movie is set to hit theatres in the April of 2020. Since the production is already complete, we can expect the first trailer to drop soon.

Stay tuned to Spotflik for more updates on movies.

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Antlers (2020) Trailer

by Kaylen Summers

Antlers (2020) is an upcoming supernatural horror film. It tells the tale of a small-town Oregon teacher and her brother, the local sheriff. They come across a young student in her school who harbours a dangerous secret. This eventually leads them to some frightening consequences.

Releasing Date: April 17, 2020

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Realease Date Set for James Wan’s Upcoming Horror Flick

by Emily Keen

Aquaman director James Wan’s latest horror romp now has an official release date. Before going ahead with the sequel of the DC movie, Wan has bet his time on a project that takes him back to his horror roots. The Warner Bros. movie, Malignant is set to hit the screens on August 14, 2020, as suggested by a report from ‘Deadline’.

The cast line up for the film includes Anabelle Wallis who recently starred in Netflix’s Peaky Blinders. Jake Abel of CW’s Supernatural fame is also a part of the horror freight. The rest of the lineup includes George Young, Michole Briana White, Jacqueline McKenzie, and Ingrid Bisu. Bisu has co-written the film alongside Wan. In addition, she will executive produce the venture with Wan and his Atomic Monster partner Michael Clear.

Not many details about the film’s plot have been revealed yet. For all, we know from Wan’s statements that the film will be a Hard-R thriller.

Wan had said in a statement:  “There’s been a bit of speculation as to what my next project is… all I’ll say is, I’m super excited to go back to my indie roots with this hard-R thriller,” Wan said of the project earlier this year. “An original horror idea (not a reboot/remake or anything based on existing IP) with old school, practical effects and no giant, blue screen sets.”

Malignant will be distributed by New Line Cinema with Starlight Media and Midas Innovation as the financers. The film is currently undergoing production in Los Angeles.

Wan’s previous direction credits include Saw, The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2, Furious 7, and the Mamoa starrer DC freight Aquaman. Wan’s Conjuring and Insidious sagas have gained him the reputation of a horror film honcho. With Malignant, the director plans to weave a new kind of horror fantasy.

The film is set to square off against three major wide releases on opening. These include Universal’s Nobody, Sony’s Escape Room 2 and Disney’s The One and Only Ivan.

Stay tuned to Spotflik for more updates on the film.

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Fast And Furious 9 Tapped Rapper Cardi B

by Emily Keen

Fast and Furious 9 has been making waves with it’s casting news lately. No very late after the news of Keanu Reeves possibly becoming a part of the Franchise future rolled out, they are ready with the next blow.

Cardi B has been signed for an unknown role in the upcoming installment of the fast-cars feature. The Fast and Furious frontman Vin Diesel dropped a clip of him and Cardi B acknowledging their last day of shooting in the UK.

In the video, Cardi B is seated next to Diesel, while he tells us that the entire cast has given the film everything. The Emmy winning rapper shares the feeling, declaring this film would be the best one of all the others in the franchise.

The news of Cardi being a part of Fast 9 comes on the final day of their UK shoot. Which means the queen of rap had been onboard for quite some time now. Looks like Diesel is hell-bent on not letting the hype die down. He kept it in the hopper and dropped the news yesterday as the film is nearing wrap. Cardi B recently sizzled alongside Jennifer Lopez in the hit stripper crime thriller Hustlers.

Many popular names have joined the cast in unknown roles including John Cena, Finn Cole and now Cardi. Reggaeton artist Ozuna will also be a part of this hot lineup. Ozuna and Cardi have previously worked together for the hit DJ Snake Song and its music video- Taki Taki.

Besides the new joiners, we have familiar faces making returns. Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Jordana Brewster, Chris Bridges (aka Ludacris), Nathalie Emmanuel, Helen Mirren, and Charlize Theron will be reprising their roles along with Vin Diesel.

The ninth film of the series is being directed by Justin Lin who had also helmed the third, fourth, fifth and sixth films of the saga. The film will open in theatres on May 22, 2020.

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Zack Snyder’s Upcoming Zombie Film Wraps Shoot

by Emily Keen

Zack Snyder is done with the principal photography of his upcoming film Army of The Dead. The Man of steel director took to Vero to acknowledge the wrap of his upcoming zombie romp.


Since Dawn of the Dead (2004), this will be Snyder’s first zombie feature. The director stepped away from the movies post Dawn of Justice (2017) owing to a family tragedy. Army of The Dead marks a comeback to his momentarily snoozing career.

His wife Deborah, Wesley Coller, Ori Marmur, and Andrew Norman are co-producing the venture alongside Snyder himself.

The Netflix exclusive’s plotline picks up 6 years after the city of Las Vegas has been put under isolation down to a Zombie outbreak. Amidst the vicious assortment of the walking dead, a mercenary (played by Dave Bautista) brings together a group of soldiers to retrieve a casino owner’s money from the quarantined zone of the zombie-infested city.  Snyder came up with the idea of the plot and put together a script along with Shay Hatten.

Apart from Bautista, the movie contains one exciting line up including Ella Purnell, Omari Hardwick, Theo Rossi, Ana De La Reguera, Huma Qureshi, Hiroyuki Sanada, Chris D’Elia, Garret Dillahunt, Raúl Castillo, Nora Arnezeder, Matthias Schweighöfer, Samantha Win and Rich Cetrone.

When the project was announced Snyder was excited to have full creative independence with a film. He said in a statement, “There are no handcuffs on me at all with this one. I love to honor canon and the works of art, but this is the opportunity to find a purely joyful way to express myself through a genre. It will be the most kick-ass, self-aware — but not in a wink-to-the-camera way — balls-to-the-wall zombie freakshow that anyone has ever seen. No one’s ever let me completely loose [like this].”

In a recent interview, he also expressed how the movie has given him a chance to introspect and grow.

“With Army [of the Dead], it’s difficult not to do to a social statement because the movie is about building a wall for refugees and veterans but it’s also fun to do a zombie heist in Vegas. It makes it richer and better. I can’t help myself. I’ve always worked in a self-reflective way. Cinema is a reflective art form.”

History has not been very kind to Netflix’s decision of giving directors full creative control over films. Films like Roma, Gerald’s Game Apostle and Hold the Dark have failed to generate a consistent response from the audience. Snyder, however, seems pretty confident about his ideas as the movie falls well in the confines of his creative expertise.

Netflix has not given an official release date for the movie. Zack However has revealed the launch could happen somewhere in the winter of 2020. We are hoping the project is worth all the wait.

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Bloodshot (2020) Trailer

by Kaylen Summers

Bloodshot (2020) is the upcoming movie based on the comics from Valiant comics. Ray Garrison is a marine who got murdered along with his wife. However, he was resurrected by a team of scientists with the help of nanotechnology. With the nanobots in his bloodstream, he becomes a superhuman, biotech killing machine – Bloodshot.

Releasing Date:  21 February 2020

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Dolittle (2020) Trailer

by Kaylen Summers

Dolittle (2020) tells the story of Doctor Dolittle, a former doctor who turns to treat animals because of his love for all creatures. Eventually, he soon discovers that he can communicate with the animals. He, thus, embarks on a fantastical adventure.

Releasing Date: 17 January 2020

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The Turning (2020) Trailer

by Kaylen Summers

The Turning (2020) is an upcoming psychological thriller based on Henry James’s classic 1898 novella The Turn of the Screw. The plot tells the story of a young nanny who is hired to take care of two orphans. However, she soon realizes that their country’s mansion is haunted.

Releasing Date: 24 January 2020

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Walter White Alive?! Here Is What The Series Creator Revealed.

by Kaylen Summers

Fans of the Breaking Bad TV show will surely not be forgetting Walter White’s presumed death scene in the series finale. When a movie sequel based on the series was finally announced, the obvious question that arose in everyone’s mind was about Walter White.

Is he still alive? Will he be returning back in the movie?

For those who are still hoping for the miraculous survival of Walter White, get ready for some really bad news. Recently on ‘The Rich Eisen Show’, the series creator Vince Gilligan finally confirmed the fate of the Walter White character and revealed what we can expect from the upcoming movie.

“You know what, yeah,” he said, “I’m gonna give you that one too, Rich, because I love you so much and because it’s your fifth anniversary. Yes, Walter White is dead.”

Bryan Cranston played the lead role as Walter White in the hit AMC series. However, it seems like the movie will have his then co-star Aaron Paul in the spotlight.

The Breaking Bad show is a pop culture phenomenon and is still considered as one of the most beloved TV series of all time. Unfortunately, the show came to an end with five seasons and 62 episodes and ever since then the fans were clamoring for more.

Though there were rumors about a Breaking Bad movie long before, it never got materialized. However, fans did get the spin-off series Better Call Saul with Bob Odenkirk reprised the role of crooked lawyer Saul Goodman.

With the director of the movie declaring that Walter White is dead, the possibility of seeing the two awesome on-screen crime partners again has finally come to a sad end. Still, it seems fair to not rule out the chance for Bryan Cranston to appear in a flashback sequence or in the thought of Jesse Pinkman.

But, the makers of the movie are conscious about any possible leaks od such plot detail. From what we have seen from the trailer, it will be Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman serving as the central character. Other confirmed casts include Charles Baker and Matt Jones- returning as Skinny Pete and Badger.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie will be premiering on Netflix and in select theaters on Oct. 11.

Here is the complete interview with Gilligan from The Rich Eisen Show:

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The Gentlemen (2019) Trailer

by Kaylen Summers

The Gentlemen (2020) is an upcoming movie directed by Guy Ritchie. The movie talks about a British drug lord named Mickey Pearson who has created a highly profitable marijuana empire in London. He is looking to sell off his drug empire to a dynasty of Oklahoma billionaires.

Releasing Date: 24 January 2020

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The King’s Man (2020) Trailer

by Kaylen Summers

Directed and produced by Matthew Vaughn, and written by Karl Gajdusek, The King’s Man is a prequel to the Kingsman film series. The plot of the movie takes place during the early-1900s and describes how the spy agency was formed.

Releasing Date: 14 February 2020

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The Jesus Rolls (2020) Trailer

by Kaylen Summers

Made both as a remake of the 1974 French film Going Places and a spin-off to the 1998 cult film The Big Lebowski, The Jesus Rolls (2019) is a crime comedy flick written, directed, and starred by John Turturro. The movie will see  Turturro reprises his role as Jesus Quintana from The Big Lebowski.

Releasing Date: 2020

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Crystal Skull Writer Returns To Script Indiana Jones 5

by Kaylen Summers

For fans of Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford’s announcement about Indy 5 came with a lot of excitement. The actor even promised that the fifth installment from the franchise would begin production soon. Unfortunately, the whole project was in pre-production far too long as the studio was finding the right person to pen the new adventure. But now it seems like Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull screenwriter David Koepp will be returning back to pen the script for Indiana Jones 5. The writer was previously onboard the same project but was eventually removed.

After his departure, the studio tried many writers including Solo: A Star Wars Story writer Jon Kasdan and Dan Fogelman who wrote This Is Us. But none seem to work and finally, Koepp was brought back to the project. The news was revealed by the writer during a recent interview while promoting his new book ‘Cold Storage’.

“I actually am again.” The writer announced, “I’m working on it again. We’re still trying. And I think we’ve got a good idea this time. We’ll see.”

Koepp has been collaborating with Steven Spielberg several times in the past with movies like Jurassic ParkWar of the Worlds and of course, the much-maligned Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. He is also known for the screenplays of movies like Spider-ManStir of Echoes and The Mummy.

Granted that blockbusters like this often go through a lengthy development process, it is evident that Steven Spielberg and Lucasfilm are having a tough time spinning the right plot for the movie. The movie will probably see Harrison Ford’s final onscreen adventure as the iconic hero, and with David Koepp back on board, we hope that Jones will get the farewell he deserves. But, things can also take a turn to the worse given what happened last time around with the franchise.

Currently slated to release on July 9, 2021, the movie will begin shooting in April 2020. But, till then we will keep you posted with further details.

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Like A Boss (2020) Trailer

by Kaylen Summers

Like A Boss revolves around two friends who try to build a successful beauty company from the ground up. However, their friendship is tested with a buyout offer, putting them at war both professionally and personally. Directed by Miguel Arteta and written by Sam Pitman & Adam Cole-Kelly, the movie has Tiffany Haddish, Rose Byrne, and Salma Hayek in the lead roles.

Releasing Date: January 10, 2020

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Charlize Theron’s Cipher Gets A New Look For Fast & Furious 9

by Kaylen Summers

The villainous Cipher is returning back to the Fast and Furious universe and this time she is going to have a new look. Actress Charlize Theron who was introduced into the franchise in 2017’s the Fate of the Furious, has confirmed that she will be returning in Fast & Furious 9. Though there were numerous reports on the Oscar-winner’s second trip to the franchise, none were officially confirmed till now.

Cipher is a cyber-criminal mastermind who blackmailed Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) to do her bidding by keeping his old flame Elena Neves (Elsa Pataky) and their infant son hostage. When Dom disobeyed one of her orders, she even kills Elena in front of him as a punishment. Though Dom and his team eventually get the upper-hand on her, Cipher evades capture and flees.

With the inevitable showdown between Dom and Cipher still waiting, her return to the new installment is making us a little anxious about what to expect. Whatever the case may be, Theron is porting her new looks and we are literally blown away by it.

View this post on Instagram

She’s baaaaack #Fast9

A post shared by Charlize Theron (@charlizeafrica) on

The actress is donning the short razor-sharp new haircut, replacing the longer hairstyle she had in her first Fast & Furious movie. While she had a blond look then, her new look features a mix of black and blonde.

Initially, it was rumored that Cipher would be returning on Dwayne Johnson-led spinoff, Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. Speculations were that the character was going to be revealed as The Director of the sinister organization Eteon in Hobbs & Shaw. Though there’s no official evidence to suggest that such a plan was considered, it is believed that the plan was eventually dropped. Either way, we will be seeing Theron back in action soon for Fast & Furious 9.

The ninth installment will also see the return of director Justin Lin, who directed the third, fourth, fifth and sixth entries in the Fast & Furious franchise. 

Fast & Furious 9 is expected to release on May 22, 2020.

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The First look of Sophia Lillis Starrer Gretel and Hansel is Out!

by Emily Keen

The favorite fairy tale of all times gets an all-new spin. Hansel and Gretel our good ol’ bedtime story, is coming to life on the silver screen to scare your sleep away.

Only this time Gretel will be center stage. Sophia Lillis of IT and IT: Chapter 2 fame will be playing Gretel. The Orion Pictures’ upcoming horror feature titled Gretel and Hansel will be directed by Osgood “Oz” Perkins.

The creepy recreation of the fairy tale classic opens in theatres on January 31, 2020.

January is not exactly a prosperous time when it comes to cinema. But Gretel and Hansel might prove to be the Humdinger for the month of trashy movies.

Starring alongside Sophia Lillis will be a newcomer Sammy Leakey. The rest of the lineup includes Charles Babalola, Alice Krige, and Jessica De Gouw. Rob Hayes has finished working on the script and the production is already underway.

Brian Kavanaugh-Jones and Fred Berger are co-producing the venture along with executive producers Sandra Yee Ling, Macdara Kellehe.

Sophia has soared to heights of fame with her appearance in Stephen King’s IT franchise. She will be back to play Beverly in the second installment releasing this September. Her big-screen debut was with the 2016 drama, 37. She has also featured in TV mini-series like Sharp Objects, and her own franchise Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase.

Here is the first image of Sophia Lillis as Gretel, sourced from Orion Pictures.


The plot of the re-imagined version of the gothic tale falls along the same lines as its original version. Gretel leads the brother (Hansel) to the woods in search of food and work. Except for this time, they will witness something far more horrifying than only a miserable witch.

The director did give away a few details about the plot. This is what he said in his statement:

“We tried to find a way to make it more of a coming of age story. I wanted Gretel to be somewhat older than Hansel, so it didn’t feel like two twelve-year-olds — rather a sixteen-year-old and an eight-year-old. There was more of a feeling like Gretel having to take Hansel around everywhere she goes, and how that can impede one’s own evolution, how our attachments and the things that we love can sometimes get in the way of our growth. Sophia Lillis is really fantastic. She has one of those faces that the camera immediately understands, which is something that rarely happens. For my style and for my taste, which tends to be minimalist and a little bit more mannered, she’s really a dream.”

Perkins described the plot of the movie as “awfully faithful to the original” fairytale. But will the audience embrace this creepy take on the legend of Hansel and Gretel? Only time can tell!

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Woody Harrelson to Make a Comeback in Venom 2

by Emily Keen

The cinematographer of Venom 2 in his recent interview dropped news about Woody Harrelson being a part of the second installment of the franchise.

The sequel will be helmed by Andy Serkis. Robert Richardson (Oscar-winning cinematographer) will be handling the cinematography.

Richardson was recently asked why he decided to work on Venom 2. In response to which he gave away a detail about an unknown cast member of the sequel. Woody Harrelson who made an appearance in the end credits scene of the first installment will be making a return in the sequel.

This is what Richardson told ‘Collider’:

“I was looking forward to entering into that arena with Batman years ago with Ben [Affleck]. I thought, ‘Well this is something I haven’t done that I would love to try to do.’ And then Andy Serkis, who I worked with on Breathe, gave me a call a month ago and said that he was up for this and would I be willing. I’d seen the film. I watched it again, then they sent me a script and I felt like, yeah, I would say yes anyway to Andy just because I would say yes to Andy, but I also think it’s a great… I think it’s unexplored yet, and it’s going to explode, and this film, I think, will help it explode, because you have a remarkable central character with Venom, but now you’ve got Woody Harrelson, who’s going to obviously make his own little entrance here, and we’ll see what else comes in with the Sony Marvel collaboration. I look forward to it. It’s a massive change for me, but I’m excited. I think Hardy is one of our best. He never misses. I so look forward to sitting with him and watching him perform.”

We know for a fact that the confirmation of Harrelson’s entry has not come from the higher-ups in Sony or even the Director. But can’t doubt the credibility of information coming from a person inner circle can we?

Speaking of the end credits scene we mentioned earlier, it shows Eddie Brock (the host to Venom) approach Cletus Kasady (portrayed by Woody Harrelson) a deranged serial killer for an interview.

Cletus says in his final statement “When I get out of here- and I will… there’s gonna be carnage”. The words were spoken and the comic cult went bonkers. Carnage was coming!

As per comics, Carnage is a symbiote who takes over Kasady. But, unlike Venom, he has no inclination towards rules and morals. Was that a sneak peek into the plot of the sequel?

As of yet, we do not have any reports on the arc of Venom 2. So will it be hard to predict the significance of Harrelson’s Carnage? Definitely! He could be a primary villain our guy Venom is slated to take down. Or he could be a part of the bigger problem altogether.

If you are wondering how Harrelson landed as the perfect piece of the puzzle, know that it’s not completely out of the blue. Ruben Fleischer (director of Venom) shared a professional history with the actor thanks to Zombieland. The team thus found the perfect Kasady!

As for Richardson, he seems delighted to be a part of the project, and couldn’t wait to work alongside Serkis and Hardy on this highly anticipated sequel. We do have confirmations that familiar faces will make a return in the upcoming installment of the franchise. Michelle Williams will be back as Eddie Brock’s former fiancée, Anne.

The possibility of a high voltage red vs black symbiote battle is gaining fad amongst fans. But what the sequel truly has in store will only be revealed in the October of 2020. Stay tuned to Spotflik for more updates on Venom 2.

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Disney’s Upcoming Animation Movie Revealed at the D23 Expo

by Emily Keen

Disney has spilled the beans on the film that was holding on to the November 2020 slot.

Raya & the Last Dragon is a fantasy action-adventure which draws its essence from the culture of Southeast Asia. The film was upstaged at the D23 Expo by Walt Disney’s Chief Creative Officer, Jennifer Lee.

The movie showcases the life of a warrior Raya, who is faced with a challenge of saving the Kingdom of Kumandra against a dark force. And for that, she needs to find the last surviving dragon.

The panel members at the Expo had the pleasure of witnessing a splendid 3-minute long footage from the movie.

The clip showed Raya (voiced by Cassie Steele) and her younger brother, heading through a lush green forest and finally coming face to face with Sisu. Sisu is a gorgeous pink and teal dragon voiced by Awkwafina of Crazy Rich Asians fame.

Sisu can apparently also transform into an old woman. Raya is a highly skilled swordswoman.

The movie will be directed by Paul Briggs and Dean Wellins who also have Frozen and Big Hero 6 to their credits. The script was composed by Crazy Rich Asians’ writer, Adele Lim. Osnat Shurer will be producing the venture which is slated for release on November 25, 2020.

The plot features an unconventional face of planet earth and a civilization that celebrates the power and wisdom of mythological creatures –The dragons. The dragons have all vanished from the planet except for one- Sisu. The Land of dragon in the age comprises five different clans. Raya takes up the challenge with a bunch of eccentrics to bring unity and light back to the land.


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Unchartered’s Second Director Has Officially Shaken Off the Project

by Emily Keen

The week seems to get tougher by the hour for Tom Holland and Sony. First, it was the calling off the deal over Spiderman profits with Marvel. Fans are biting Sony’s head off for the abrupt decision.

And then comes the news that Dan Trachtenberg has emptied the director’s chair of Unchartered.

The 10 Cloverfield Lane director is the second one to bail out on the project. Shawn Levy was the first director who took up the directorial task and then had to drop it because of a slammed schedule. Earlier to that, two more folks including David O. Russell and Neil Burger were being prepped to helm the project. The latest draft of the script is written by Jonathan Rosenberg and Mark Walker.

The film adaptation of a game series stars Tom Holland in the lead role and will begin production early next year. Sony confirmed Trachtenberg’s exit on Thursday.

In May 2019, Sony launched an exclusive studio ‘Playstation Productions’ solely dedicated to adapt its huge line up of Video games in Television and Films.

Unchartered is the first joint venture of Sony and ‘Playstation Productions’. The game series focuses on the adventures of Nathan Drake who lives as a treasure hunter. The fourth Series of Unchartered was a huge hit and sold around 15 million copies worldwide.

The movie, however, will narrate Drake’s life as a child and how he grows to become a treasure hunter, rather than directly diving into adulthood. None of the other cast except Tom Holland is announced as of yet. But considering the project already has a release date, the word on the remaining cast members should be out in the coming months.

Unchartered will be Holland’s fourth movie to open in theatres next year. His other projects include Dolittle, Pixar’s Onward and the long-awaited Chaos Walking which will release later in 2020.


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Ezra Miller Revives Dying Hopes, Lists The Flash as one of His Upcoming Projects

by Emily Keen

DC’s extended universe has faced quite many obstructions and The Flash is definitely at the forefront of all quandaries. The project has been under development for a long time now. But Ezra Miller pulsed up dying hopes in his recent interview.

Warner Bros. usually bets its money on sequels based on the success rate of predecessors. Apparently Justice League’s flat performance did not work in the favor of the ‘fastest man alive’. And without a doubt, The Flash’s production is bearing the brunt of its big-time failure.

But Ezra Miller’s latest statement comes as a ray of hope for the fans who eagerly await a solo flick of the scarlet speedster. In his recent visit to Seoul, Miller confirmed to ‘W. Korea’ that his upcoming projects include Fantastic Beasts 3 and The Flash.

Miller’s contribution to DC has so far been restricted to cameos he played in Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. And later in Zack Snyder’s Justice League he got a significant screen time made the best use of it.

Miller in the skin of Barry Allen was loved by the audience for his naïve and outlandish spirit. It would not be wrong to say that he in his capacity added life to an otherwise dreary script of Justice League.

The movie significantly disrupted the dynamics of DC in its wake. Ben Affleck stepped down as Batman and Henry Cavill’s future as Superman dwells in a dungeon of doubt.

However, the major setback for The Flash has been the relentless shuffling of Directors. The film has seen at least 4 directors renouncing the project over creative differences. That is basically on Ezra Miller himself as he insisted on a screenplay which is more on the darker side as opposed to the vision of John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein. The duo wanted the script to size up into a fun and playful experience. Similar differences arose with Seth-Grahame Smith and also Rick Famuyiwa when they took up direction of the speedster romp back in 2016.

Andy Muschietti has been sitting tight on the director’s chair since arrival and we hope it stays the same. With the stability at the director’s chair and a word of confirmation from Miller, the red streak is sure to light up the screens sometime in 2020.

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Keanu Reeves and Carrie Anne Moss Returning to Matrix 4

by Emily Keen

The year 2019 has been the year of franchises and as we speak, another one seems to have revived after a long long time.  Matrix 4 has been announced and we have familiar faces making a return.

As reported by ‘Variety’ Lana Wachowski will be writing and directing the movie. Good news is, Keanu Reeves and Carrie Anne Moss will pair up again as Leo and Trinity for the fourth installment.

Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow have teamed up to back this project which will return after a gap of 15 years.

The film is likely to begin shooting by the start of 2020, but producer and distributor Warner Bros. have not yet announced an official release date for the film. Matrix landed in 1999 as one of the trailblazing sci-fi action thrillers inspiring a revolution in the world of science fiction.

Considering the level of effort that goes into the creation of a Sci-fi marvel like Matrix, progressively perfecting the effects to meet the standards of the time, will take at least a year. So we can predict the release date will move further into 2021.

Keanu Reeves proved his worth as an action hero through the very Matrix Trilogy. Back in the days, Carrie Anne Moss was not a very familiar name either before she starred as Trinity in the Franchise. She portrayed the role of a hacker who had the ability to break out from the Matrix. Both actors did their lifting quite well and that was also a major factor in the success of the Matrix Universe.

There is still a degree of uncertainty around Morpheus’ character which was played by Laurence Fishburne. The fourth narrative involves the younger self of the character as reported by trade report. This essentially points towards a recasting.

Fishburne and Keanu Reeves have however teamed up outside the matrix franchise for a couple of movies including John Wick: Chapter 2 and John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.

The first Matrix movie was considered a game-changer and grossed over $460 million at the box office. It was not just the sci-fi storyline that fired up the brand. Everything from culture to the filming was unique and par excellence.

The subsequent movies in the trilogy were a definite success but unlike the predecessor were not at the top of their game. And just like that, the franchise faded into oblivion.

But the announcement of the unnamed fourth sequel has awakened the sentiments of the Matrix cult. And having the same faces recreate the electrifying chemistry of Leo and Trinity stirs up further nostalgia.

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Michael Rooker is the latest addition to Fast and Furious 9

by Emily Keen

Guardians of Galaxy fame Michael Rooker is officially on board for Fast and Furious 9.

The sizzling line up made of Vin Diesel, Charlize Theron, John Cena, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Ludacris, Tyrese Gibson, and Helen Mirren will now be joined by Finn Cole, Anna Sawai, and Vinnie Bennett.

Rooker who played Yondu (Peter Quill’s mentor) in the Guardians of Galaxy, landed the role of Buddy in the ninth sequel of The Fast and Furious series. His addition to the roster was confirmed by ‘Deadline’.

Yondu’s character dies at the end of the second volume of the Guardians of the Galaxy while saving Peter Quill. Superhero movies are known for invariably scheming resurrections, but that won’t happen to Yondu. Director James Gunn made it pretty clear that he had no plans of bringing Rooker’s character back to life in Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 3.

With the production kicked off in June 2019, not many details of Fast and Furious 9 are known yet. Justin Lin is back at the helm after having amazingly delivered the pitches of third through sixth parts of the franchise. The script is penned by Daniel Casey.

Rooker already has Harold Becker’s Sea of Love, Tony Scott’s Days of Thunder, Alan Parker’s Mississippi Burning and Oliver Stone’s JFK to his credits. The year 2020 seems quite overwhelming for Rooker who will also star in Amazon’s The Dark Tower pilot. His imminent projects for the year include Fantasy Island releasing on February 28 and Monster Problems on March 6.

Fast and Furious 9 will be hitting the screens on May 22, 2020. Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham will not be a part of the film thanks to their commitments to Hobbs and Shaw. But it would be interesting to watch where the script goes with Rooker’s coming in. Also for fans who crept out thinking this could be a wrap, be assured that the tenth installment is already in place with April 2021 locked in for release.

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Edgar Wright’s New Psychological Thriller Gets Release Date

by Kaylen Summers

Anyone who saw 2017’s Baby Driver will not be forgetting the director of the movie- Edgar Wright, for his unique style of story-telling and visual comedy. Two years after his summer smash hit, the director is back again with another original flick. But, this time Wright is all set to deviate a little from his iconic style for the London-based psychological thriller.

Titled Last Night in Soho, nothing much has been revealed about the movie so far. However, during the early stages ahead of filming, Wright revealed that the movie will be a thriller which will remind many fans of Nicolas Roeg’s 1973 thriller Don’t Look Now and Roman Polanski’s 1965 feature Repulsion.

Finally, we got the official confirmation from Focus Features that the movie is slated to release on Friday, September 25, 2020. If the date remains unchanged, then we will see the movie face off against The Many Saints of Newark, the upcoming prequel film to The Sopranos.


However, Last Night in Soho has an impressive cast to power it to the top of the box-office. The movie will star Anya Taylor-Joy (New Mutants), Matt Smith (Doctor Who), Thomasin McKenzie (Jojo Rabbit), Michael Ajao (Attack the Block), Synnøve Karlsen (Clique), Diana Rigg (Game of Thrones), Terence Stamp (Superman), and Rita Tushingham (A Taste of Honey). Wright will be co-writing the script with Penny Dreadful‘s Krysty Wilson-Cairns. The film will be produced by Wright, Nira Park, and Working Title’s Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner. It will also be released overseas by Universal Pictures International.

There is no doubt that Baby Driver helped Wright to mark his name on the Hollywood map. The movie starring Ansel Elgort, Lily James, Jon Hamm, Eiza Gonzalez, Jamie Foxx, and Jon Bernthal, went on to gross $226 million worldwide. It was also a massive hit with critics and received three Oscar nominations. With the upcoming movie, Wright will surely make his way into the list of top Hollywood directors.

In the meantime, we will keep you update more about Wright and his new psycho-thriller.

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New GI Joe Spinoff Movie To Feature Undercover Specialist Chuckles

by Kaylen Summers

Even the die-hard fan of the old G.I Joe lineup may not be familiar with the undercover expert: Chuckles. But don’t worry,   we will be seeing the character from the comics, making a big-screen appearance in what is reported to be a spin-off from the franchise.

Paramount and Hasbro have already announced the upcoming movie Snake Eyes months ago. The new spin-off can build up to a G.I Joe Cinematic Universe sometime in the future. Reportedly, writers Josh Appelbaum and Andrew Nemec, who wrote Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol and Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies, are attached to pen the script. The pair will also be writing the Tom Clancy-based thriller Rainbow Six for Paramount.


The immensely popular G.I. Joe was first adapted as a live-action movie with 2009’s G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. The movie grossed over $300 million at the box office and paved the way for the sequel G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013). The movie added Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to the cast and performed even better at the box office, grossing over $375 million.

Though Paramount sought to continue the success of the franchise with a third installment called G.I. Joe: Ever Vigilant, the movie didn’t even make it past pre-production. Initially reported to be released in 2016, the project juggled directors and eventually wound up in development hell.

With Snake Eyes spin-off, G.I Joe is all set to return back to the silver screen once again. Directed by Robert Schwentke (Insurgent, Allegiant), the film will follow Snake Eyes’ journey to Japan for training and his eventually joining the G.I. Joe team.

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These Ghostbusters 2020 Set Photos Will Make You Nostalgic

by Kaylen Summers

When it comes to iconic movies, none is more recognizable than Ghostbusters. Released during the ’80s the original movie and its sequel were nothing short of blockbusters. The movies kick-started a wide range of spin-off cartoon shows, merchandises, theme-park rides, and eventually became one of the most influential pop culture artifact of all time. Though the studio was eager to cash-in on the fame with a third installment, the production never happened.

However, in 2016 the studio decided to do a gender-swap reboot of the original. The movie crashed and burnt at the box office, receiving severe backlash from the fans. This put the future of the whole franchise in jeopardy and it was obvious that the studios were up for another shot.

Yet, in early 2019 Jason Reitman, son of original Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman and an Oscar-nominated filmmaker shocked fans everywhere with the announcement that there is going to be another Ghostbuster movie and it is going to be the direct threequel to the original.

Nothing much about the movie was disclosed and all we got was a small teaser that didn’t reveal much (only some easter eggs and other teases). Despite all this secrecy, the internet blessed us with some set photos. Here are some of those photos that popped up online:

Though these new Ghostbusters 2020 images certainly don’t give away anything new about the plot, it is sure to create some true nostalgic sense for its die-hard fans.  Now, all we can hope is that this newest attempt at bringing back Ghostbusters will somehow be enough to truly satisfy these fans. Whatever the case may be, we will keep you posted.


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Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’ Movie Will Include Multiple Widows

by Kaylen Summers

Scarlett Johansson will be reprising her iconic role as Black Widow in her upcoming highly anticipated solo flick. Set as the first movie to kickstart Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the movie will be a prequel taking place after the events of Captain America: Civil War. However, it seems like there is a lot more to look forward to in the movie than just that.

Recently, Rachel Weisz accidentally revealed that there will be multiple Black Widow operatives introduced in the movie. “There are quite a number,” said Weisz told IGN, “I’m a Black Widow and there’s Scarlett and Florence. There’s quite a bit of other characters you’ll also meet that are Black Widows.”

The news is exciting since the makers were quite silent in the past about any details of the movie. From what we know now, it is okay to assume that the Black Widow code name will actually be shared by some of the new cast members as well. However, this is not something new.

In the comics, the Black Widow Ops Program was one of the Department X’s espionage training programs.  It plays a critical role in Natalia Romanova’s (Natasha Romanoff) life. Based at the Red Room facility, it had been a Cold War program to train the deadliest female spy in the world. It was created due to the success of their previous sleeper agent and assassin the Winter Soldier. It is obvious that the movie will be pitching on this idea, with multiple female spies trained under the program.

Black Widow will debut on May 1st, 2020. In the meantime, we hope that more details about the movie will be revealed. Stay tuned to get updated.

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Top Gun: Maverick(2020) Trailer

by Kaylen Summers

Top Gun: Maverick is the direct sequel to 1986’s Top Gun. The movie takes place 34 years after the events of the original film. Captain Peter “Maverick” Mitchell is the new flight instructor of Top Gun. He guides Bradley, Goose’s son to become an aviator like his father.

Releasing Date: June 26, 2020

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Live-Action Akira Movie Has Been Delayed For ‘Thor 4’.

by Kaylen Summers

It looks like Marvel loves sidestepping Warner Bros. in every way possible.  First, it was with James Gunn. After being fired by Disney, the writer-director was hired by WB for doing a soft reboot of their Suicide Squad. Hearing the news, Marvel immediately hired Gunn back to his Guardians project(Though Gunn ensured fans that he will be going for Suicide Squad first). Now, Marvel is at it again and this time it is with Taika Waititi.


Waititi and Warner Bros.’ live-action Akira movie has been put back on hold as the director is turning his attention to Thor 4 next. The project is based on Katsuhiro Otomo’s 1982 manga and 1988 anime feature of the same name. WB has spent more than a decade trying to get the project off ground. Many directors including Albert Hughes (The Book of Eli) and Jaume Collet-Serra (The Shallows) were involved with different earlier iterations of the project. However, all of them were eventually abandoned.

It was in September 2017 that Waititi got officially attached to direct Akira. But, the movie only received an official 2021 release date less than two months ago and was planning to go into production by the end of this year (or early 2020).  With the director now signing for Thor 4 over at Marvel Studios, Akira is going to have to wait.


According to new reports, Warner Bros. has officially announced the delay for Akira, citing script and budgetary concerns as the reason. The similar scenario occurred earlier in 2012 when Jaume Collet-Serra was assigned to direct the movie. Just days ahead of filming, the plug was pulled over budgetary issues.

On the other hand, it is unlikely for the studio to look for another director, considering that Waititi has come as close as anybody else to finally making the live-action Akira a reality. Besides that the studio has already invested too much into the project that waiting for two more years will not be a huge deal.

Thor 4 is expected to begin shooting within the next year and probably hit the theatres by 2021 or 2022. So, till then there won’t be much happening with Akira (if everything goes as expected).

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The King’s Man (2020) Trailer

by Kaylen Summers

Directed and produced by Matthew Vaughn, and written by Karl Gajdusek, The King’s Man is a prequel to the Kingsman film series. The plot of the movie takes place during the early-1900s and describes how the spy agency was formed.

Releasing Date: 14 February 2020

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Bond 25: The New 007 Is A Marvel Movie Actress

by Kaylen Summers

As Bond 25 is developing under production, more and more news about the flick is being released. Our the past few days many set photos and rumors were out revealing returning characters. But the biggest one yet is the announcement that a Captain Marvel actress may be the new 007.


Actress Lashana Lynch is said to be the next 007. However, it won’t be in an upcoming Bond movie. It will be in Bond 25 itself. Confusing?! If you are aware of the Bond 25’s plot, then it’s easy for you to understand that this is not that much of a straight-forward deal. But, we have some theories on how this whole situation is going to play out in the movie (Spoiler Warning!! – just in case if any of our theories come true). Bond features a retired James Bond living in Jamaica. So, the 007 number has been handed over to any other MI6 agent. With the recent announcement, it is best to assume that Lynch will be that MI6 agent. There might even be a scene in the initial part of the movie where M says: “Come in 007” and Lynch swings in to give as an action-packed bond-style stunt sequence.

This is not the first time that we see a woman do fieldwork in the Bond universe. Moneypenny had her share of on-field action until she made a mistake and was forced to get back to a desk job. However, it will be a kickass moment to watch when a black woman take on the 007 moniker, even if only briefly.


The untitled Bond25 movie also marks Daniel Craig’s last outing as the handsome MI6 agent. So, the casting of a new actor as Bond is inevitable. Names of many actors including Idris Elba popped up when there were debates on who should be playing the characters next. However, some fans were unhappy with changing the race of the character. Commenting on the debates, Elba said: “You just get disheartened when you get people from a generational point of view going, ‘It can’t be.’ And it really turns out to be the color of my skin. And then if I get it and it didn’t work, or it did work, would it be because of the color of my skin? That’s a difficult position to put myself into when I don’t need to.”

If the new reports are true about Lashana Lynch, then these discussions are likely to resurface again, since this time 007 has a different race and gender. Whatever the case may be, all questions will be answered when Bond 25 finally hits theaters on April 8, 2020.

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Samuel L. Jackson To Star In New ‘Saw’ Movie Produced By Chris Rock

by Kaylen Summers

It seems like there is no stopping Samuel L. Jackson, as the busiest star in Hollywood is joining yet another franchise. Reports say that the actor will be playing a key role in the upcoming Saw movie. The new installment of the Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures horror franchise will also have Max Minghella and Marisol Nichols.

The movie kick-started with Chris Rock pitching a concept for a new Saw movie to Lionsgate. The studio liked the pitch and give it the green light immediately. Rock will also be appearing in the movie as a police detective investigating a series of grisly crimes. Jackson will play his father. Minghella will play William Schenk, Rock’s partner, and Nichols will play Capt. Angie Garza, Rock’s boss.

Originally created by James Wan and Leigh Whannell in 2004, the franchise revolves around the fictional character John Kramer, also called the Jigsaw Killer, who traps victims in situations that test their will to live. Tobin Bell has portrayed Jigsaw in all eight films of the franchise.

Lionsgate is keeping most of the details about the plot under wraps. But, they ensure that it will keep the fans at the edge of the seat with its tricky traps, clever clues, and sneaky suspense.

Joe Drake, chairman of the Lionsgate Motion Picture Group said: “We think Samuel L. Jackson and Chris Rock along with Max Minghella and Marisol Nichols make this film completely special in the ‘Saw’ canon and we can’t wait to unleash this unexpected and sinister new story on fans of this franchise. This is next level of ‘Saw’ on full tilt”

The next installment is expected to hit theatres by October 23, 2020.


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Is Disney Finally Doing It is Right?! The Feminist Agenda Behind The New Live-Action ‘Mulan’ Movie

by Kaylen Summers

Disney’s live-action retelling of its classic animated movies continues with the latest addition Mulan. The movie is based on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan, a brave warrior woman who takes her father’s place in the army to fight against the invading Northern Forces.

Disney’s princesses had always been the epitome for gender stereotyping. Over the years, this was criticized severely by many and Disney clearly didn’t wanted to address serious issues like gender politics in their narratives. It is in this light that we should understand that the recent retellings are not just about taking us down the nostalgia lane or rendering a perfect live-action remake of their old blockbusters. The movie studio wants to correct their past mistakes and tell stories that are more appealing now. Diversity and representation are trending topics and Disney wants its share of the buzz.

However, no matter how hard they try, it all ends up as desperate gimmicks to get attention. Recent movies like Captial Marvel (Well, you know who owns Marvel, right?) and Aladdin showcased this desperateness. Captain Marvel was introduced as the first solo woman superhero movie of their decade-old cinematic universe. The movie failed tragically in its silly attempt to project the superhero as a feminist symbol. Later, they did the same with the live-action remake of Aladdin. Rather than being just a love interest for Aladdin, the lead female character Jasmine was given a satisfying arc that didn’t stand apart from the main plot. Unfortunately, the movie was still about the male protagonist and his adventures.

With Mulan, Disney might be aiming for a full-on feminist movie. The original 1998 animated flick, directed by Tony Bancroft and Barry Cook, itself was praised by critics for exploring and breaking conventional gender norms. The movie was released during the third wave of feminism and Disney was trying to capitalize on the trend. Despite many positive feminist images and departing from the usual “damsel in distress” storyline, the film had its troubles in staying true to its feminist thoughts.

The recent teaser that dropped appears serious in its content and lacks many Disney elements including their iconic songs. With an Asian woman in the lead role, the scope of the movie widens into territories that were once marginalized.

In the teaser, an elder woman of the family is seen explaining the traits of a ‘good wife’. These traits, of being quiet, composed, graceful, and disciplined, are the ones that Mulan’s family wants to see in her. While these traits are being told one by one, a montage of Mulan dressing up in their traditional female attire and makeup is shown juxtapositioned with her training with her sword.

The original flick may have had a hard time figuring out its feminist agenda. But, the new live-action version might focus more on its feminist core. Rather than Mulan just trying to be a man to break the gender stereotypes, we might get a Mulan who can finally embrace her female qualities to become a superior warrior. After all, the traits for a great warrior are also being quiet, composed, graceful, and disciplined.

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