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Superman Star Henry Cavil Excited For Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker

Unfortunately, he has to wait a little longer like the rest of us.



September 04, 2019

Apparently, we are not the only ones looking forward to seeing the clown prince of Gotham in action. Recently, the Superman actor Henry Cavill revealed that he too is anxious to see Joaquin Phoenix onscreen as the iconic Batman villain Joker.

Recently, DC’s Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee took his first impression about the Joker movie to Instagram. Lee revealed that the movie will have a lot for fans to analyze when all the dust settles.

Lee’s first impression of the Joker movie is as follows: “Director Todd Phillips’ Joker is intense, raw and soulful. He’s talked about how his take on the Joker is not beholden to the character’s comic book roots. That said, there’s absolutely nothing in this film incongruous with our understanding of who the Joker is. If anything, Joaquin Phoenix’s mesmerizing and unsettling turn as the Joker gives us a deep and fully realized look into one of our favorite villains, and I’m sure elements will be embraced going forward in our ongoing, ever-evolving mythology. That’s what powerful, compelling stories do. And without a doubt-long time, DC fans will be spending a lot of time unpacking the many story revelations and questions this harrowing cautionary tale raises.”

Replying to Lee’s Post was none other than Henry Cavill, who simply said, “Can’t wait to see this!!”

Directed by Todd Phillips, the movie got debuted at The Venice Film Festival and received an 8-minute standing ovation from an enraptured audience. With numerous positive reviews pouring in from critics, there is no doubt Phoenix will be a worthy contender for this year’s Oscars.

The actor admits that a lot changed for him during the production of the movie as his attitude towards Arthur Fleck evolved.

“Throughout the course of shooting it felt like every day we were discovering new parts of his personality, up until the very last day” he says, “It was his struggle to find happiness and to feel connected and to feel warmth and love and that’s the part of the character I was interested in. He was so many different things to me. Who he was in the first few weeks of shooting was completely different than who he was in the end. He was constantly evolving. I’ve never had an experience like this. The more unpredictable and looser we left it, the more exciting it was.”

It looks like Cavill has to wait a little longer like the rest of us, as Joker is all set to hit theaters by October 4th.

Superman Star Henry Cavil Excited For Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker

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