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Sonic the Hedgehog Review: An Adventure You Don’t Want To Miss

Feb. 24. 2020

We all remember the onslaught that happened when the Sonic movie dropped its first trailer. The main criticism was about how the CGI depiction of Sega’s classic video game hero looked.  Surprisingly the makers of the movie took the fans’ reactions seriously and reworked on the character. And we are happy to say that their efforts have paid off well.

With a clever plot, stunning visuals and an amazing performance from the fabulous actor Jim Carrey, the movie is panning out to be a blockbuster at the box office. Being the first surprise hit of this year, the movie is being praised as Jim Carrey’s return to his comic form.

Sonic, as you all know, is a blue hedgehog with unbelievable speed abilities. As his world is being destroyed by a devastating tragedy, he escapes from his planet and reaches ours. However, the danger is still not over. In the new world too, bad guys are after him to steal his powers.

Ben Schwartz voices the beloved hedgehog onscreen, with James Marsden playing the role of Tom Wachowski, the sheriff of Green Hills. Jim Carrey plays the maniacal sociopath, Dr. Ivo Robotnik.

What makes Sonic the Hedgehog stand apart from most of the live-action movies is its script. The movie has a terrific script and its credit goes entirely to screenwriters Patrick Casey and Josh Miller. Rather than sticking on to the Japanese source material or completely revisioning the plot, the writers infused their creativity to give out the best of both world

Sonic is established as a compelling character who is desperately lonely. He is still a boy who wants to understand more about humans, make friends and have lots of fun. This makes the character more endearing to the audience. The amazing acting by James Marsden makes the anthropomorphic, supersonic, CGI hedgehog more convincing and sells the relationship between the two characters even further.

Jim Carrey’s performance as the hysterical and threatening Dr. Robotnik is the main highlight of the movie. The actor has never been this funny since Dumb and Dumber. He steals the show fare and square. Anyone else as this diabolical, but the knockdown funny character would have looked foolish. But, Carrey’s brilliance made the character unique and acceptable.

Among so many movies with more CGI than creativity, Sonic the Hedgehog remains a well-balanced fusion of both. The movie is entertaining through out and has the right pace and runtime to keep both adults and kids enthralled.

Sonic the Hedgehog Review: An Adventure You Don’t Want To Miss

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