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Movies That Entrepreneurs Should Watch

Sep. 22. 2021

Losing money? Demotivated? Get cheered up by the following entrepreneur success stories. 

The Pursuit of Happiness

Are you demotivated because of failure? Try this one of the most inspiring stories of Chris Gardner in The Pursuit of Happiness. The film earned Will Smith (who played Chris) an Academy Award nomination, which has one of cinema’s most emotionally uplifting endings. Chris Gardner is a struggling salesman who struggles to support himself and his son while working as an unpaid intern at Dean Witter. Chris’ continuous failures cost him his money, house, and even his wife. He didn’t wallow in self-pity and failure; instead, he was upbeat, determined, and more intelligent and decided to do better about his family’s situation and pursued happiness. 

The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of the Wall Street tells the story of  Jordan Belfort of wall street. Jordan was a wall street trader who rose to the top of the marketing business and was arrested for fraud and lost everything. Leonardo DiCaprio through his amazing performance as Jordan conveyed the real motives of the movie. This film serves as a cautionary tale about what may go wrong when greed gets in the way of genuine ambition. However, as the ambitions come true, there will be temptations by money, celebrity, power, and drugs, which can put success at risk. Maintaining success is as necessary as being ambitious because maintaining success necessitates a combination of self-control and awareness. Wolf of Wall Street is one of the most appreciated and financially successful films of Leonardo DiCaprio.


 Billy Beane, the general manager of the Oakland Athletics, ran down a computer generated data analysis and successfully assembled a baseball club on a tight budget. This unproven sabermetric strategy was his greatest plan to overcome his budget issue. The story narrates about his obstacles and how he achieves an extraordinary achievement in Major League Baseball (MLB) through his unconventional strategies to beat the odds. The movie attains the feel of reality among the audience through the acting skills of Brad Pitt. This film is one of the great entrepreneur movies that teach us to never give up and instead fight back even in the most difficult situations.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Gain your entrepreneurial ideas along with the taste of Sushi. Jiro Dreams of Sushi is an astonishing Netflix food documentary. It tells the story of a restaurant business that is passed down from father to son, putting a lot of pressure on Jiro, the oldest son, to do well in the eyes of his sushi-legendary father. Jiro runs the restaurant – Sukiyabashi Jiro, and made the headlines when former American President, Barack Obama dined there. Director David Gelb gives us a portrait of an 85 years old man and his passion for culinary. 

The Intern

The Intern is not the type of intern you think. Here, the intern is a retired man who has to work in a modern digital environment and follows the rigid fashion E-commerce businesswoman who succeeds on her own. Now that she’s decided to hire him as a senior intern, the startup company is willing to try something new because of his experience. The senior intern influenced the good growth in the personal and professional life of his co-workers. Stunning Anne Hathway as the successful young businesswoman and classic Robert De Niro as the senior Intern makes the movie a first-class entertainer. The following quote is a sample of the deep philosophy of entrepreneurship in the movie, “Beginning is not only for youth but everyone”. Hence, it is a compilation of self motivation and the evolving fashion marketing world.

Movies That Entrepreneurs Should Watch

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