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Maja Ma (2022)

Director: Anand Tiwari

Runtime: 2h 15min

Year: 2022


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Madhuri Dixit

Gajraj Rao

Ritwik Bhowmik

Barkha Singh

Srishti Shrivastava

Sheeba Chaddha

Rajit Kapoor

Simone Singh

Kavin Dave

Ninad Kamat

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Pallavi Patel is a quintessential, middle aged, devoted housewife who is famous for her dance and cooking. Her husband, Moanohar Patel, is the chairman of the society and her daughter is pursuing PhD in sexuality and gender importance. She is also a huge supporter of the LGBTQIA+ group. A rumour about Pallavi’s sexuality, threatens to disrupt her middle-class family's ethos, on the eve of her son Tejas' engagement with a rich, NRI girl.

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