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Vicky and Her Mystery (2021)

Director: Denis Imbert

Runtime: 1h 24min

Year: 2021


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Vincent Elbaz

Shanna Keil

Marie Gillain

Eric Elmosnino

Tchéky Karyo

Eric Savin

Romain Lancry

Vincent Deniard

Ezio Sutter

Monique Barbarat

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Stéphane decides to move to the beautiful mountains of Cantal in order to reconnect with his 8-year-old daughter, Victoria, who has been silent since her mother's disappearance. During a walk in the forest, a shepherd gives Victoria a puppy named "Mystery" who will gradually give her a taste for life. But very quickly, Stéphane discovers that the animal is in reality a wolf… Despite the warnings and the danger of this situation, he cannot bring himself to separate his daughter from this seemingly harmless ball of hair.

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