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Diabolik (2021)

Director: Antonio Manetti,Marco Manetti

Runtime: 2h 13min

Year: 2021



Luca Marinelli

Miriam Leone

Valerio Mastandrea

Alessandro Roja

Serena Rossi

Luca Di Giovanni

Vanessa Scalera

Roberto Citran

Antonino Iuorio

Daniela Piperno

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1960s, the city of Clerville. The forthcoming visit of heiress Eva Kant, who'll be bringing a famous pink diamond with her, catches the attention of Diabolik, the infallible and elusive thief whose real identity is unknown: while trying to steal the jewel, he finds himself bewitched by Eva's charm, a feeling she may be reciprocating. But the police, led by Inspector Ginko, is rapidly closing in on him...

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