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Meeting Point (2021)

Director: Umut Evirgen

Runtime: 1h 30min

Year: 2021


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Melisa Şenolsun

Levent Üzümcü

Belcim Bilgin

Bora Akkaş

İrem Sak

Necip Memili

Alican Yücesoy

Müge Bayramoğlu

Celil Nalçakan

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She is 24, has completed a postgraduate course, and speaks three languages. She likes the gothic style, rides a motorcycle and is an atheist. She is against any restrictions. But the environment she is in, the music she listens to, and the conversation she makes has never satisfied her. She is obsessed with her question: “Why am I here?”. He is 54. He is a sarcastic manager and workaholic. Successful, principled, proper and moral. He is Muslim, but drinks alcohol. He is at war with himself due to his strict adherence to his principles. He’s worried about his life passing by. He doesn’t feel that he belongs where he is. They meet at night on the pavement, having emerged from two different establishments for some fresh air. They will spend a few hours together. Very important hours… A warm, night-time story about loneliness and community, distance and closeness.

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