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The Abandoned (2006)

Director: Nacho Cerdà

Runtime: 1h 39min

Year: 2006


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Anastasia Hille

Karel Roden

Valentin Ganev

Paraskeva Djukelova

Carlos Reig-Plaza

Marta Yaneva

Jasmina Marinova

Svetlana Smoleva

Anna Panayotova

Monica Baunova

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Marie, a film producer, returns to her native Russia to find her birth parents. She quickly learns they are dead, and she has inherited their long-empty farmhouse. At the farm, she meets Nicolai, who claims to be her twin brother. Events take a terrifying turn when the two spot a pair of ghastly doppelgangers and the house itself seems to propel them toward a fate they should have met 40 years earlier.

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