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Northfork (2003)

Director: Michael Polish

Runtime: 1h 43min

Year: 2003


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James Woods

Nick Nolte

Claire Forlani

Daryl Hannah

Douglas Sebern

Ben Foster

Anthony Edwards

Duel Farnes

Mark Polish

Peter Coyote

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The year is 1955, and a great flood is coming to Northfork, Montana. A new hydroelectric dam is about to be installed in the mountains above the town, ready to submerge the valley in the name of progress. It is the charge of a six-man Evacuation Committee to relocate the townsfolk to higher ground. Most have duly departed, but a few stubborn stragglers remain – among them a priest caring for a sickly orphan, a boy whose fevered visions are leading him to believe he is a member of a roaming band of lost angels desperately searching for a way home.

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