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Megiddo: The Omega Code 2 (2001)

Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith,Paul J. Lombardi

Runtime: 1h 44min

Year: 2001


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Michael York

Michael Biehn

Diane Venora

R. Lee Ermey

Udo Kier

Franco Nero

Chad Michael Murray

Guy Siner

Michael Chinyamurindi

John DeMita

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Stone (the Antichrist) becomes President of the European Union and uses his seat of power to dissolve the United Nations and create a one world government called the World Union. Megiddo is a supernatural ride into a world teetering on the edge of the Apocalypse. It follows the rise of a Machiavellian leader bent on amassing the armies of the world for the battle of Armageddon while calamities of Biblical proportions pummel the Earth. Though both prequel and sequel to The Omega Code, Megiddo works also as a stand alone story for anyone who missed its predecessor. For at its emotional core, Megiddo is the Caine and Abel story of the two men enamored with the same woman, raised as brothers, who grew up to find themselves pitted against each other over the fate and souls of the entire world.

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