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Pokémon 3: The Movie (2000)

Director: Kunihiko Yuyama

Runtime: 1h 14min

Year: 2000


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Rica Matsumoto

Ikue Otani

Yuji Ueda

Mayumi Iizuka

Megumi Hayashibara

Shin-ichiro Miki

Inuko Inuyama

Naoto Takenaka

Akiko Yajima

Ai Kato

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When Molly Hale's sadness of her father's disappearance gets to her, she unknowingly uses the Unown to create her own dream world along with Entei, who she believes to be her father. When Entei kidnaps Ash's mother, Ash along with Misty & Brock invade the mansion looking for his mom and trying to stop the mysteries of Molly's Dream World and Entei!

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