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Inferno (1999)

Director: John G. Avildsen

Runtime: 1h 35min

Year: 1999


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Jean-Claude Van Damme

Pat Morita

Danny Trejo

Gabrielle Fitzpatrick

Larry Drake

Vincent Schiavelli

David "Shark" Fralick

Silas Weir Mitchell

Jonathan Avildsen

Jaime Pressly

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Eddie Lomax (Jean-Claude Van Damme) is a drifter who has been in a suicidal funk since the death of his close friend Johnny (Danny Trejo). Riding his motorcycle into a small desert town where Johnny once lived, Lomax is confronted by a gang of toughs, who beat him and steal his bike. However, Lomax is not a man to take an injustice lying down, and soon he begins exacting a violent revenge on the men who stole his motorcycle, with local handyman Jubal Early (Pat Morita) lending a hand and several area ladies offering aid and comfort.

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