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Living Out Loud (1998)

Director: Richard LaGravenese

Runtime: 1h 40min

Year: 1998


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Holly Hunter

Danny DeVito

Queen Latifah

Martin Donovan

Richard Schiff

Elias Koteas

Mariangela Pino

Eddie Cibrian

Clark Anderson

Ellen McElduff

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Judith Moore is suddenly single after discovering her husband of fifteen years, a successful doctor, has been having an affair with a younger woman. Judith stews, plans, plots and fantasizes, but she can't decide what to do with her life until she goes out to a night club to see singer Liz Bailey, who is full of advice on life and love. While out on the town, Judith is suddenly kissed by a total stranger, which opens her eyes to new possibilities... which is when she notices Pat, the elevator operator in her building.

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