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The Dinner Game (1998)

Director: Francis Veber

Runtime: 1h 20min

Year: 1998


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Thierry Lhermitte

Jacques Villeret

Francis Huster

Daniel Prévost

Alexandra Vandernoot

Catherine Frot

Edgar Givry

Christian Pereira

Benoît Bellal

Jacques Bleu

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For Pierre Brochant and his friends, Wednesday is “Idiots' Day”. The idea is simple: each person has to bring along an idiot. The one who brings the most spectacular idiot wins the prize. Tonight, Brochant is ecstatic. He has found a gem. The ultimate idiot, “A world champion idiot!”. What Brochant doesn’t know is that Pignon is a real jinx, a past master in the art of bringing on catastrophes...

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