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Firelight (1998)

Director: William Nicholson

Runtime: 1h 43min

Year: 1998


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Sophie Marceau

Stephen Dillane

Dominique Belcourt

Kevin Anderson

Joss Ackland

Lia Williams

Sally Dexter

Emma Amos

Maggie McCarthy

Wolf Kahler

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In 1838, lovely governess Elisabeth agrees to bear a child of anonymous English landowner, and he will in return pay her father's debt. At birth she, as agreed, gives up the child. Seven years later she is hired as governess to a girl on a remote Sussex estate. The father of the girl, Charles Godwin, turns out to be that anonymous landowner. So Elisabeth has to be her own daughter's governess, and she can't reveal the secret of her tie with little Louisa.

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