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The Man in the Moon (1991)

Director: Robert Mulligan

Runtime: 1h 39min

Year: 1991


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Reese Witherspoon

Sam Waterston

Tess Harper

Gail Strickland

Jason London

Emily Warfield

Bentley Mitchum

Ernie Lively

Dennis Letts

Earleen Bergeron

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Maureen Trant and her younger sibling Dani share a strong connection, but local boy Court Foster threatens to throw their bond off balance. Dani and Court meet first and have a flirtatious rapport -- but when he meets Maureen, he falls hard and they begin a passionate affair. The new couple try to keep their love hidden from Dani, but she soon learns the truth, disavowing her sister. But a heartbreaking accident later reunites the girls.

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