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The Killing of a Chinese Bookie (1976)

Director: John Cassavetes

Runtime: 2h 15min

Year: 1976


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Ben Gazzara

Timothy Carey

Seymour Cassel

Robert Phillips

Morgan Woodward

John Kullers

Al Ruban

Azizi Johari

Virginia Carrington

Meade Roberts

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Cosmo Vittelli, the proprietor of a sleazy, low-rent Hollywood cabaret, has a real affection for the women who strip in his peepshows and the staff who keep up his dingy establishment. He also has a major gambling problem that has gotten him in trouble before. When Cosmo loses big-time at an underground casino run by mobster Mort, he isn't able to pay up. Mort then offers Cosmo the chance to pay back his debt by knocking off a pesky, Mafia-protected bookie.

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