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Silent Night, Bloody Night (1972)

Director: Theodore Gershuny

Runtime: 1h 25min

Year: 1972


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Patrick O'Neal

James Patterson

Mary Woronov

Astrid Heeren

John Carradine

Walter Abel

Fran Stevens

Walter Klavun

Philip Bruns

Staats Cotsworth

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On Christmas Eve 1950, Wilfred Butler dies in a burning accident outside his mansion in East Willard, Massachusetts. The residence is bequeathed to his grandson, Jeffrey. Twenty years later, lawyer John Carter arrives in East Willard on Christmas Eve with his assistant and mistress Ingrid, having been charged by Jeffrey (now registered as a patient in a mental asylum) to sell the house. The house, the town, even Jeffrey himself — all hold dark secrets that will be brought to light.

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