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The Collector (1965)

Director: William Wyler

Runtime: 1h 59min

Year: 1965


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Terence Stamp

Samantha Eggar

Mona Washbourne

Maurice Dallimore

Edina Ronay

Kenneth More

Allyson Ames

William Beckley

David Haviland

William Bickley

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Freddie is an inept bank clerk with no future. His only hobby is collecting butterflies, which gives him a feeling of power and control that is otherwise totally missing from his life. He comes into a large sum of money and buys himself a country house. Still unable to make himself at ease socially, he starts to plan on acquiring a girlfriend - in the same manner as he collects butterflies. He prepares the cellar of the house to be a collecting jar and stalks his victim over several days.

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