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The Long Ships (1964)

Director: Jack Cardiff

Runtime: 2h 6min

Year: 1964


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Richard Widmark

Sidney Poitier

Russ Tamblyn

Rosanna Schiaffino

Oskar Homolka

Edward Judd

Lionel Jeffries

Beba Lončar

Clifford Evans

Gordon Jackson

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Moorish ruler El Mansuh is determined to locate a massive bell made of gold known as the "Mother of Voices." Viking explorer Rolfe also becomes intent on finding the mythical treasure, and sails with his crew from Scandinavia to Africa to track it down. Reluctantly working together, El Mansuh and Rolfe, along with their men, embark on a quest for the prized object, but only one leader will be able to claim the bell as his own — if it even exists at all.

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