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Victim (1961)

Director: Basil Dearden

Runtime: 1h 40min

Year: 1961


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Dirk Bogarde

Sylvia Syms

Dennis Price

Anthony Nicholls

Peter Copley

Norman Bird

Peter McEnery

Donald Churchill

Derren Nesbitt

John Barrie

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In early 1960s London, barrister Melville Farr is on the path to success. With his practice winning cases and a loving marriage to his wife, Farr's career and personal life are nearly idyllic. However, when blackmailers link Farr to a young gay man, everything Farr has worked for is threatened. As it turns out, Farr is a closeted homosexual -- which is problematic, due to Britain's anti-sodomy laws. But instead of giving in, Farr decides to fight.

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