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The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit (1956)

Director: Nunnally Johnson

Runtime: 2h 33min

Year: 1956


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Gregory Peck

Jennifer Jones

Fredric March

Marisa Pavan

Lee J. Cobb

Ann Harding

Keenan Wynn

Gene Lockhart

Gigi Perreau

Portland Mason

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Tom Rath (Gregory Peck) is a suburban father and husband haunted by his memories of World War II, including a wartime romance with Italian village girl Maria (Marisa Pavan), which resulted in an illegitimate son he's never seen. Pressed by his unhappy wife (Jennifer Jones) to get a higher-paying job, Rath goes to work as a public relations man for television network president Ralph Hopkins (Fredric March). Drawn into poisonous office politics, Tom finds he must choose his career or his family.

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