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Libeled Lady (1936)

Director: Jack Conway

Runtime: 1h 38min

Year: 1936


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Jean Harlow

William Powell

Myrna Loy

Spencer Tracy

Walter Connolly

Charley Grapewin

Cora Witherspoon

E. E. Clive

Bunny Beatty

Otto Yamaoka

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When a major newspaper accuses wealthy socialite Connie Allenbury of being a home-wrecker, and she files a multi-million-dollar libel lawsuit, the publication's frazzled head editor, Warren Haggerty, must find a way to turn the tables on her. Soon Haggerty's harried fiancée, Gladys Benton, and his dashing friend Bill Chandler are in on a scheme that aims to discredit Connie, with amusing and unexpected results.

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