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Most Watched Movies On Streaming This April 2021

Apr. 26. 2021

Looking for the best movies to watch this weekend?! Then check out these popular titles available on your streaming services.

Love and Monsters

⌛1h 49m 📺 Action, Adventure

What is it about:  Joel Dawson is out to find his high school girlfriend Aimee in a world taken over by monsters.

Color Out of Space

⌛1h 51m 📺Sci-Fi, Mystery

What is it about: In a remote farmstead in rural New England, a family notices that a recently crashed meteorite is infecting their land and properties.


⌛1h 32m 📺 Mystery, Thriller

What is it about: When a young woman returns home to kill her abusive father, she found him already dead. Now, she must save herself from the same fate.

Thunder Force

⌛1h 47m 📺Action, Adventure

What is it about:Two childhood friends become a crime-fighting superhero duo and goes on to fight the evil miscreants.

Arlo the Alligator Boy

⌛1h 32m 📺 Comedy, Animation

What is it about: A half-human- half-alligator boy leaves his sheltered life in the swamp and search for his long-lost father.

Doctor Bello

⌛1h 35m 📺 Drama,  Adventure

What is it about: A cancer specialist forms an unlikely bond with seven-year-old Sam. He must seek the help from Doctor Bello to help save the kid’s life.


⌛1h 42m 📺 Horror, Fantasy

What is it about: Students in a high school started exploding. Mara and Dylan are left to survive a world where any moment can be their last.

African Safari

⌛1h 22m 📺Drama, Comedy

What is it about:The Lion Whisperer, Kevin Richardson takes us on an extraordinary journey across the most spectacular sceneries on earth.

Why Did You Kill Me?

⌛1h 23m 📺 Documentary

What is it about: When 24-year-old Crystal Theobald gets killed, her devastated family used social media to track down her murders.


⌛1h 21m 📺 Documentary

What is it about: Fox Rich is fighting for her husband’s released from the Louisiana State Penitentiary while raising her six sons.

Most Watched Movies On Streaming This April 2021

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