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Mary Poppins is a Timelord and We have Undeniable Proof

Apr. 30. 2020

P L Traver’s classic book Mary Poppins about a London nanny was adopted in an iconic Disney film in 1964. The film drew as many as 13 Oscar nominations and bagged Julie Andrews an academy award for her stunning performance as Mary Poppins.

The story follows a mysterious magical nanny who comes down to help a troubled household with their issues. She is appointed to take care of the children of a busy banker and a Suffragette.

As we are all aware, Mary Poppins is not just any nanny. She is stern as a nanny but also kind and caring at the same time. Her magical abilities include the power to speak to animals, transporting her to different places, and the ability to fly. These and certain other traits that she possesses are have made some fanatics come up with an eccentric hypothesis. The theory suggests that Mary Poppins is actually timelord from Doctor who. For starters both characters are British, but we are not going to use that kind of platonic similarity as evidence to prove a highly debated theory.

It is a widespread belief that the quirky nanny shares a lot in common with the timelord from the Doctor who series.

We have lined up certain aspects of this fan theory to debate its pros and cons and to make sense of its implications. Let us examine if these aspects do have a plausible explanation to back this claim.

  1. If time lords have a dress code then Mary clearly follows it. When she appears with a long scarf and a sweeping trenchcoat she looks like she just blended the styles of 4th and 12th Any change in costumes bears an uncanny similarity with the outfit choices of the doctor. We cannot ignore the fact that Emily blunt just loves rocking a bowtie. In the infamous musical, the nanny likes to wear shoes that give her audience the idea that she is a levelheaded person. We see the doctor walking about in his super comfy converse most of the time.
  2. Her bag is bigger on the inside. If that is not timelord technology then we don’t know what is. Or all we know that bag could clearly be her Tardis. Timelords’ fictional time machine come spacecraft is also small on the outside but looks like a control room from within.
  3. Remember the scene when Timelord says he speaks horse? His exact words being “he is called Susan and he would like you to respect his life choices”. Mary Poppins says the exact same thing to Matthew and she is referring to a dog down the street. Similarly, there have been many other quotes that both these characters use in their respective worlds. Another very odd yet significant commonality between them is that they speak a language that normal people would tag “Alien”.
  4. Mary Poppins takes the kids on a space adventure. Mary’s umbrella technically cannot support flight for so many people. So we are guessing she uses the Tardis to take the children and Bert to space.
  5. Mary Poppins comes to people’s lives to fix their problems. She helps them mend broken relationships and leaves when her job is done. She constantly travels in search of such tasks and does not stop in one place forever. And what do we know about the timelord? The parallel between both their life choices shouts that they both are meant to be the people with similar purposes in life. Timelord does not exactly come into people’s life sniffing their troubled state. He is more of “gets into trouble and helps whoever he stumbles upon in the process” kinda guy.

What are your thoughts on this? Do let us know in the comments!

Mary Poppins is a Timelord and We have Undeniable Proof

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