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Iron Man 2- Peter Parker is the Little Kid in The Mask

Apr. 30. 2020

This scene from Iron Man 2 attracted a lot of speculations post Spider-Man joined the MCU universe like the Son Tony Stark never had. The scene at the Stark expo showcases a little Kid saved by Tony Stark from a hammer drone attack. Fans had this wild idea that the kid was, in fact, the young Peter Parker.

The little guy in that scene is clearly a hardcore fan wearing the Iron Man mask. He is at the expo because he loves the tech and the man himself. And what do we know of teenage Peter Parker? That he is a science geek. Isn’t that great?

Peter Parker approves!

“It’s cool. I like the idea that Peter Parker has been in the universe since the beginning.” Tom Holland said in an interview.


Here’s the moment we are talking about:

In the final showdown of Iron Man 2, Stark Expo and its attendees are under attack by the suits and drones meant to be showcased at the presentation. In an attempt to control the suits, Whiplash reprograms all the devices to follow his command and lets hell lose in the city. His ultimate aim is to bring down Iron Man himself when he arrives at the Expo. As the drones set attacks, one after the other Iron Man fights to prevent civilians from getting hurt by any of the attacks. As one of the drones is about to attack a kid, Iron Man swoops in and takes down the robot. He then turns to the kid with the Iron Man mask and goes- “Nice Job Kid”. That kid right there is Peter Parker.

How are we so sure if it is just a theory?

Because Tom Holland himself confirmed it before the release of Spiderman Homecoming! The actor also said that Kevin Feige fully backed this theory and nothing makes him happier than the thought of Spiderman being a part of MCU for a long time.

None of the movies as of yet explicitly confirm this theory. But we do have a lot of Spiderman films coming up. Maybe the retcon will find its way in one of those. But even if it doesn’t, we already have a very powerful link between Spider-Man and his father figure to cherish forever.


Iron Man 2- Peter Parker is the Little Kid in The Mask

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