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Feel-Good Movies That Will Make You Happy

Jun. 18. 2021

Sometimes life can seem pretty grim and hopeless. Here are some movies that will make you feel better about life.

The Shawshank Redemption

The Shawshank Redemption is a masterclass in cinema’s unparalleled ability to provide a satisfying payoff after two hours of emotional agony. The story is adapted from a Stephen King novella and follows Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins), an innocent man who is convicted of a heinous crime, which lands him in Shawshank State Penitentiary. Dufresne suffers abuses of all kinds in this prison; some from authority figures, such as the warden, others from his fellow inmates. Despite his suffering, Dufresne never loses the will to fight, despite the pain. Andy fights for what he believes in, including his fellow inmates’ human rights, their right to education, and his own right to freedom, during all of his trials. This unshakeable determination and willpower enabled Dufresne to devise a long-con plan to break out of jail and eventually escape to freedom. The rewards of life are seen in this success. We are reminded that whatever demons we face today could be dwarfed by our chances of achieving our goals one day in the future, and the more we struggle now, the more we’ll be rewarded in the future.

Groundhog Day

It can be devastating to make the same mistakes time and again. Groundhog Day explores that feeling of monotonous failure in an entirely feel-good way. The film follows weatherman Phil Connors (Bill Murray) as he relives the titular day over and over again. There are many emotions and arcs depicted in the story that accompanies someone trapped in a never-ending cycle of daily disappointment: frustration, boredom, agony, and finally depression. In Groundhog Day, Phil tries to commit suicide a number of times due to the frustration of reliving the same frustrating day over and over again. Ultimately, Phil realizes that he can’t run from his problems, so he decides to face them instead. As he stops focusing on his problems, he begins improving himself. He finds true love, acquires a wealth of new skills, inspires those around him, and breaks the curse – all because he didn’t let life’s cyclical hopelessness keep him down. It’s a great movie to laugh at and learn from if you’re stuck in a rut.

The Sound of Music

It is truly inspiring to see an incompetent nun become an incredible nanny and stepmother in The Sound of Music. Maria, the film’s protagonist, leaves the convent to become Captain von Trapp’s nanny in 1938 Austria. As her bond with the family deepens, she discovers her ability to positively impact not only the lives of von Trapp’s children but also the emotionally distant Captain. Maria realizes she does not need to confirm – she can be herself and shape those around her into better people. The film’s central message is this: you don’t have to change the world around you, you can change the world by changing yourself. Maria embodies these qualities in the movie, which leads to the von Trapp family becoming more loving, empathetic, and joyful. The Sound of Music is a great watch for whenever you need something to make you feel better about life and remind you that life has a purpose for you, exactly as you are.


The movie Up is designed to combat insular, self-absorbed depression. Carl suffers from this disease at the beginning of the movie. Carl, who lost the love of his life before he could afford to go on an adventure together, resigns himself to a sad existence as an angry old hermit. This changes, however, when a young boy scout and a million balloons become attached to Carl’s home, turning it into a makeshift airship with an uninvited occupant. A trip into the skies results in Carl and the boy floating off on an impromptu adventure that teaches both of them a valuable lesson about living life to the fullest. Up may not be Pixar’s greatest or deepest work, but its first ten minutes have some of the most heartbreaking moments in film history and may cause you to pause the movie and call your loved ones just to tell them how much you care. Watch that part of the movie if you need a reminder about life’s meaning, then watch the rest to get a renewed sense of excitement for life’s endless possibilities, and maybe even get inspired to plan a surprise journey.


Cancer is a serious subject, regardless of context, as it negatively affects everyone it touches. The movie explores that negative stigma and applies a humorous, upbeat slant to a consistently dour subject – and it succeeds, mostly. Cancer isn’t so much the villain as it is the catalyst for main character Adam Lerner (Joseph Gordon Levitt) to gain some self-respect and get his life in order. Thus, 50/50 is less a drama about Adam’s illness than it is a story about taking charge of one’s life and using every obstacle as a stepping stone to a better tomorrow. Adam learns that his girlfriend has been cheating on him shortly after being diagnosed with cancer. If cancer had not threatened to take his life at any moment, he might have tolerated it. Thanks to his condition, he realizes the value of every moment, realizes he can’t waste them with bad company, and promptly breaks up with her. The moral of 50/50 is: adversity isn’t a roadblock, it’s an opportunity to reflect and grow. Life only gets better as you overcome obstacles.


If you want to turn a frown upside down, there’s nothing quite as effective as a wholesome, family-friendly adventure story about a marmalade-obsessed anthropomorphic bear. In this sense, Paddington does everything to brighten the mood and encourage optimism: it demonstrates a loving family that looks after Paddington and is willing to help him no matter what, it teaches valuable lessons in trust, and it shows how kindness can make a difference. In the movie, Paddington has to become a member of English society, earn a place within his adopted family, and evade a deranged taxidermist. The fact that Paddington is kind almost knocks out the first two birds (though that’s not something he’d ever do). As for the taxidermist, Paddington’s new family does everything in their power to get him out of harm’s way, using every resource at their disposal. Despite life’s challenges, as long as we keep our heads up and maintain a loving heart, no challenge is insurmountable. In addition, Paddington reminds us to ask for help when we need it – after all, life is a lot more fun and manageable with loved ones by our side.

Feel-Good Movies That Will Make You Happy

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