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Elvis Presley is Alive and Featured in Home Alone

May. 25. 2020

A fan theory claims that not only was Elvis Presley alive when Home Alone released but that he also made an appearance in the film. This is not just insane. One might even call this theory “Bonkers”. Let us examine the evidence that indicates this is true.

Home Alone released in 1990. Elvis Presley died almost 13 years prior to its release. So even considering this idea for a moment seems ridiculous. But here goes!

When Kate McCallister realizes that her son has been left behind, she gets into a squabble at the Scantron airport staff trying to convince them to help her get to Chicago. In the scene, while she argues with the attendant, there is a man who looks so much like Elvis Presley.

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The man is spotted rocking a modest suit, just like any other extra from a scene in a Hollywood film. No bejeweled catsuit, no sideburns, basically nothing that is typical Elvis (because for all we know, he is not).

Careful scrutiny of his actions and head movements are done in a video below. Watch the video and decide for yourself as we have more evidence to cover.

The theory also emphasizes on the fact that Kevin’s convincingly inspiring bathroom performance on “White Christmas” is a point to be noted. It was the same song that Elvis made a cover for.

And if all of this is not reason enough to consider this theory, Home Alone director Chris Columbus mentioning Presley in one of his comments, totally is.

“They are convinced, these people, that this is Elvis Presley,” Columbus says. “That he’s faked his death, and because he still loves show business, he’s an extra in Home Alone.”

“Look at this guy,” he talks of the bearded man in the scenes “He’s not Elvis Presley!” (Sure he’s not, Chris…)

And the most notable and rather mysterious evidence is the anagram that a fan deduced to support this theory. It is strange that when you rearrange the letters of Kevin McCallister, you find a message “I, Mr. Elvis, act”. This is both spooky and hilarious at the same time. On one hand it does sound like a message from a ghost. But as far as logical reasoning goes, this does not even qualify as a perfect anagram. But even then, believers of the theory, consider this final piece of evidence as an important one.

But people, at least since the sarcastic tone in the commentary of the Director! That’s all we got for now! Home Alone is clearly getting more and more sinister with wild theories popping up time and again. Check out other Home Alone theories covered by Spotflik.

Elvis Presley is Alive and Featured in Home Alone

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