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Crawl Review

Jan. 14. 2020

It was a pretty disappointing summer for mainstream movies, as the massive, big-budget studio tentpoles kept on failing one after the other. Thankfully, the small-scale Crawl was a refreshing surprise to the summer box-office season. The movie has everything from the backing of a major studio like Paramount, to the feeling of watching those indies that people love to rave about.

Directed by Alexandre Aja, the movie features a brilliantly simple B-movie premise. A Florida college student Haley (Kaya Scodelario) returns to her former family home to check on her divorced father, Dave (Barry Pepper). A Category 5 hurricane is underway and he has not been answering any calls. The trip eventually turns into a rescue mission when she finds him trapped in the house’s crawlspace. His leg is broken and has a rather nasty looking bite mark from an alligator that found its way indoors. Things get even worse as more of the gators make way into their home, while the floodwaters rise.

With fast, action-packed, white-knuckle thrills, and plenty of people-chomping toothy reptiles, the movie is successful in delivering exactly what it had promised. It also gained quite a fan base by doing so.

Writers of the movie Michael and Shawn Rasmussen has successfully made a fool-proof plot which has no shortage of ways to put their characters in jeopardy. As the movie moves forward, the plot keeps the stakes high but refreshingly simple: don’t drown, escape the house, and avoid getting eaten.

The summer box-office needs more movies like Crawl. It is a relief for viewers from the intellectual burden of superhero movies and over-meddling CGI blockbusters. Though the movie is not a patch on Lewis Teague’s charming Alligator, a steady dose of more action-thrillers like this may help send comic-book carcinoma into remission.

Crawl Review

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