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Clowns in cinema hall?! ‘It: chapter 2’ promotional events go wild

Pennywise is waiting at a theatre near you. LITERALLY!!



August 06, 2019

Americans! Get your clown suits on for the September Alamo Drafthouse It chapter 2 screening event.  The cinema chain is hosting a special screening only for people dressed as clowns.

So, if you aren’t creeped out by the clown on screen, the one besides you will definitely make your blood go cold. That’s right! They dare you to walk out without acquiring coulrophobia!

Alamo Drafthouse has a really impressive take on promotional events. But seems like this time they have taken it to a whole new level.

The audience need not replicate pennywise head to toe. Few strokes of white paint on the face, a red foam ball nose, oversized trousers and you are good to go.


11 American cities are in for this spine chilling drive of 2 hours 45 minutes. Yes! Andy Muschetti has revealed the epic runtime of the movie.

The makers are not letting their British fans down either. “It Chapter 2: The Vaults Experience” is a smothering underground journey into Pennywise’s world.

11000 square feet of London’s unused railway tunnels are being prepped for a downright heebie-jeebies ride.

The event is said to bring to life some of the epic sets from the movie. A highly interactive experience where the fans will totally feel like a part of ‘The Losers Club’. It’s free of charge and open to the public.

August 31st, save the date. And watch out, he could be anywhere!

Clowns in cinema hall?! ‘It: chapter 2’ promotional events go wild

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