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Check Out These Must-Watch Movies Coming To Netflix This October

Oct. 07. 2021

Ever swiped through Netflix all night trying hard to find a movie worth watching?

We have all been there. The act of finding a good movie on Netflix today is like finding a needle in a haystack. With more movies pouring in on a daily basis the task grows more tiresome and frustrating than ever. We’re here to lend you a helping hand by sorting out the 10 must-watch movies coming to Netflix that are guaranteed to give you a good time.

The Guilty

Directed by Antoine Fuqua, 2021
Netflix release: October 1

Being mostly loyal to the 2018 blockbuster of the same name, “Guilty” will offend some critics by its very existence. “Just see the original,” they would shout, ending any conversation about the movie and accusing it of not having potential. Anyway, if you’re willing to admit that the remake industry isn’t all black and white (and not the kind of American trend as Twitter seem to have tricked people into believing), there are a lot of interesting things here, including the fact that its recent hit on Netflix would lead people back to the original.

There are many places where “Guilty” could have gone wrong – but I’m sure some of them have been discussed in the producer’s office – and I’m happy to report that Fuqua and her team understood what went well with the original. They add the right amount of their own taste and flavoring as they retain the power of their sources which only purists can argue against their innocence in movie critics.


Directed by Adam Shankman,2007
Netflix release: October 1

The fact that “Hairspray” is kind-hearted and compassionate is not surprising. Adam Shankman’s film, beautifully adapted a romantic comedy from Broadway music, that echoes the thrilling spirit of the 1988 John Waters film, in which people with large bones, dark skin, or otherwise different folk bring terrible vengeance on bigots and conspirators who try to keep them down. Perhaps surprisingly, this “Hairspray”, full of polished nails, a Kennedy-era Baltimore beehive, and a heavily padded John John Travolta is worth every second.


Directed by David Fincher,2007
Netflix release: October 1

The Zodiac is a movie about seeing. See the process, see the opportunities, see the ropes to pick up and follow, even if they won’t go anywhere. Like Se7en, much of the focus is on the severity of the homicide investigation: collecting and comparing fingerprints, tired men cross-referencing clues, badly-lit offices, rounds with the media, and endless phone calls. The violence in the Zodiac is shocking, but brief, set for the first half-hour of the film. Even the use of crime photos is restricted. Unlike Se7en, David Fincher does not paint the music we play for our audience. This is a more subtle, terrifying thing that “ I know I’m right… but what can I do now?”


Directed by Adam Mckay
Netflix release: October 1

Do you want to laugh this month? No worries, Netflix has a lot to offer this term. Check out Step-Brothers, a Will Ferrel-John C. Reilly hit with a really good laugh waiting. The story revolves around two elderly men who would not let go of the nest, and are forced to live together when their parents got married. Even though they were arguing at first, they would soon be good friends, ready to dive into the old antics. “ Hey, can we build bunk beds? ”

There’s Someone Inside Your House

Directed by Patrick Kack-Brice,2021
Netflix release: October 6

Director Patrick Brice, best known for directing the Creep movie, is brought to the horror realm with a new slasher. “There’s Someone in Your Room”, based on Stephanie Perkins novel, follows a group of teenagers from a small Nebraska suburb trying to uncover the cause of a number of gruesome murders in their high school. What director Brice and writer Henry Gayden are trying to do in this genre is admirable and won’t disappoint you.

Fever Dream

Directed by Claudia Llosa,2021
Netflix release: October 13

Watching Dream Fever with no pre-information will make it really difficult to believe that this is not the original work of Claudia Llosa. The film is an adaptation of a novel of the same name by Samanta Schweblin, who collaborated with the Peruvian director. Everything Llosa brings to the film is as delicate as an atomic bomb. One wrong move, one wrong step, can blow everything up and cause disaster. I am happy that we are in the hands of experts when it comes to things like this: the result will be a solid plan of social criticism, family drama, and superhuman fear. come together to create a story like this. take your eyes off it. come out of her.

The four of us

Directed by James Cellan Jones,2021
Netflix release: October 15

If you’re looking for a little more drama in your movies, the streaming platform is ​​putting together an awesome dramedy movie to see in mid-October. What happens when two couples test their own version of Wife Swap? Chaos. After four weeks as lovers, the feeling changes forever. If they want something to go back to normal, first they have a lot of strong conversations and a lot of revealing to go through.

Escape the Undertaker

Distributors: Netflix, WWE Studios,2021
Netflix release: October 5

Netflix’s upcoming Escape the Undertaker, produced by WWE, is an interactive mode choose- your- own adventure special that, despite the spooky setting of the haunted house, seems to take on a ridiculous and ironic tone that could actually benefit this project. The film follows the bizarrely decorated and extravagantly zany tag team The New Day as they attempt to make their way through the ghostly mansion of legendary superstar The Undertaker, promising a skewed comedy that could be the kind of spark this Netflix Originals need.

Army of thieves

Director:Matthias Schweighöfer
Netflix release: October 29

Zack Snyder fans, you’ll have to spend the entire month of October for this, but it will be worth it. The Justice League director released his version of the film this year just as his Netflix zombie movie Army of the Dead was debuting on the streamer. Finally, a prequel to the film, Army of Thieves, will also arrive on Netflix this month. A small-town cashier has the opportunity of a lifetime when hired to help break some of the toughest safes in the world, teaming up with some of Interpol’s most wanted criminals to get rich.

Check Out These Must-Watch Movies Coming To Netflix This October

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