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    The Binge (2020) Trailer

    In the future, the government bans all drugs and alcohol, except on one night when all are legal. Three teenagers decide to have the night of their lifetime. However, they have to overcome their crazy principal, siblings, and many more awkward obstacles.

    Releasing date: 28 August 2020



    Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021) Trailer

    We all know what happened to the Justice League. With the rewrites and reshoots, the released movie did not resonate well with audiences. Ever since then, fans were running campaigns and online protests to make the studio release the director’s version  (the so-called original version) of the story. All efforts have finally come to success. HBO Max is all set to release the Synder cut of Justice League.

    Releasing Date: May 2021



    Let Him Go (2020) Trailer

    After playing the roles of Clark Kent’s parents in the Man of Steel, actors Kevin Costner and Diane Lane are back together playing the character of a couple who are out to try and help their grandson. After the death of their son, their son’s wife got married and moved to a distant place. When they finally went searching for them, it was revealed that their grandson and his mother are actually with some dangerous people.

    Releasing date: November 6, 2020


    The Doorman (2020) Trailer

    Lionsgate reveals the trailer for its upcoming action-thriller filled with punches, bullets, and explosions. The movie is about a former army soldier who is out to save her niece and nephew from a group of armed thieves who are planning to steal some priceless art from a building in New York City. Led by Ruby Rose and Jean Ren, other important characters are played by Aksel Hennie, Rupert Evans, Julian Feder, Louis Mandylor, Dan Southworth, Hideaki Itô, David Sakurai, and Kila Lord Cassidy.

    Releasing date: 9 October 2020

    The Babysitter: Killer Queen Trailer


    The Babysitter: Killer Queen Trailer

    Director McG had to face so much harsh criticism in the past, from critics, fans, and even actors. However, his horror-comedy romp in Netflix The Babysitter received a good welcome from the audience.  The movie is finally getting a sequel with McG back in the director’s chair. Picking up two years after the defeat of babysitter Bee and her satanic cult, Cole is still being haunted by the horrific events. His parents think that he is delusional and this makes him look like a freak before others at school. Trying hard to fit it, he soon realizes that the evil cult has come back from death to kill him and take revenge.

    Releasing Date: September 10, 2020

    movie trailer


    I’m Thinking of Ending Things (2020) Trailer

    Netflix’s I’m Thinking of Ending Things is from the Oscar-winning director Charlie Kaufman and is an adaptation of the Iain Reid’s bestseller of the same name. The movie is more of an exploration of emotions like regret, longing, and the fragility of the human spirit.

    Releasing Date: September 4, 2020



    Ammonite (2020) Trailer

    Looking forward to the award season, Neon’s upcoming drama Ammonite is a powerful drama set in the 1840s England. The movie has Kate Winslet playing the role of an acclaimed palaeontologist named Mary Anning who falls into a passionate affair with a married woman. Over time, both of them develop strong feelings for each other and they become romantically charged. Along with Winslet, the movie also has Gemma Jones, James McArdle, Alec Secareanu, and Fiona Shaw playing other important roles.

    Releasing Date: 16 October 2020



    American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rule (2020) Trailer

    Nearly after a decade of the franchise, the American Pie movie series is all set to tell the story from a female-centric perspective with their fifth movie. Not a continuation of the original storyline, the movie is part of the franchise’s standalone spinoff’s. The movie will be released on Netflix and looks every much similar in theme with previous movies from the franchise.

    Releasing Date: ‎6 October 2020



    Unhinged (2020) Trailer

    Played by Russell Crowe, the movie follows a unnamed central character who is going through some personal problems. His frustrations bursts out during a road rage as he starts assaulting  some people that he saw on the road. However, it soon reveals that there is id something more to the outrage than expected. If you are a fan of unexpected twists, this movie is set to thrill you to the core. Even in the lockdown of movie theatres, the movie is still expected hit theaters soon.

    Releasing Date: August 21, 2020



    Enola Holmes (2020) Trailer

    Netflix’s Enola Holmes is the upcoming adaption set to streaming on the OTT platform soon. A live-action take on the series of novels from Nancy Springer, the movie revolves around the Victorian teen Enola who is the sister of the infamous detective Sherlock Holmes. She was home tutored by her mother while her elder brothers were out doing their part in London. When her mother goes missing, the brothers return and takes custody of the young Enola. Their first decision was to teach the ways of lady. However, Enola had other plans, she decided to go on an adventure of her and find her missing mother.

    Releasing date:  September 23



    All Together Now (2020) Trailer

    All Together Now is the latest original movie from Netflix and is directed by Brett Haley. The movie is undoubtfully a tearjerker about finding hope even in the darkest of times. Amber Appleton’s personal life is more unstable than you can imagine. Juggling her high school drama club and a tedious job at the local donut shop, the young girl has her hands full, trying to support her family and achieve her aspirations at the same time.

    Releasing Date: August 28, 2020



    The Batman (2021) Trailer

    Fans of superhero movies got a massive surprise when DC dropped the new and first look trailer for their upcoming movie. Robert Pattinson will be wearing the cape this time and for fans who were waiting to see him as the dark knight, the trailer is a true treat. Directed by Matt Reeves, who is known for his work in the Planet of the Apes and Cloverfield,  the movie is to present a younger version of the caped crusader. It is also said to give fans a look of the superhero as ‘world’s greatest detective’, similar to the comics.

    Releasing date: 2021




    Death on the Nile (2020) Trailer

    Set as a sequel to the Murder on the Orient Express, the adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile brings back the renowned detective, Hercule Poirot back to the movie screens. The movie is star-studded with many big names appearing together on screen. the elaborate cast includes four-time Oscar nominee Annette Bening, Russell Brand, Ali Fazel, Gal Gadot, Armie Hammer, Rose Leslie, Emma Mackey, Sophie Okonedo, Jennifer Saunders, and Letitia Wright.

    Releasing Date: October 23, 2020



    Scare Me (2020) Trailer

    Shudder, the horror themed streaming service is ready to release another movie from the genre. Featuring the directorial debut of Josh Ruben, the new movie is titled Scare Me. During a power outage, two strangers seems to be stuck in a cabin in the middle of the woods. As the night progresses the two takes up the challenge to scare one another by telling scare stories. From what is understood from the trailer, the movie will be mostly featuring both horror and comedy elements.

    Releasing Date: October 1, 2020

    on the rocks


    On The Rocks (2020) Trailer

    We all know Bill Muray for his wonderful performances in movies like Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day. The actor is reuniting with director Sofia Coppola for a new movie co-starring Rashida Jones. The actor-director combo was last seen on the remarkable Lost in Translation. The new movie has Bill Murray and Rashida Jones as father and daughter meeting up after a long time. Jones’ character is going through a tough marriage with her husband traveling all the time. The father and daughter decide to find out where he is actually going.

    Releasing date: October, 2020

    Previous Posts

    Bill & Ted Face the Music Review: A Sweet Adventure And The Perfect Send-Off

    by Kaylen Summers

    Fans of the time-traveling, universe saving, cult classic duo Bill and Ted were awe-struck to hear that there was a third installment coming their way. Part of it was mostly for seeing everyone’s favorite Keanu Reeves reprising the role in the goofy, sci-fi comedy after almost two decades. Surely his reputation and fan following has increased over time. However, he took up the role once again to give the trilogy and character a wonderful climax.

    Making a new installment for a major movie from the past era has always ended up disastrous for Hollywood. Take 2016’s Ghostbusters, Ocean’s 8 (2017), and every Terminator movie after Judgement day for example. These studios sure know how to take good, successful franchises from the last decade and ruin it for the entire fans and movie-lovers. Fortunately, this time we can happily say that Bill and Ted Face The Music is a bright exception in the long streak of disappointments.

    Bill & Ted Face The Music mainly revolves around one thing- the entire space-time continuum is about to implode in on itself and ‘The Great One’ must produce a singular piece of music that can save ‘reality as we know it’. It is the single, core concept of the movie plot. However, with some time-traveling shenanigans and slow-paced humor, the movie is elevated to look and feel like the true continuation of the franchise. To put it a single sentence- they nailed it!

    More than just a continuation of their out-of-the-world adventures, the movie is more of a final showdown that eventually lets the beloved characters have the farewell they deserve. Skillfully combining enough callbacks and jokes to both Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey, it succeeds in bringing something fresh and new to the table. While Excellent Adventure was about time traveling and Bogus Journey was about the afterlife, Face The Music has no problem in combining parts from the two into a nicely crafted storyline.

    Bill and Ted are not young and adventurous. They have their families. The movie admits that and does justice to the canon by telling the story apt for our heroes at their age.  It felt as if they wanted to take the long time gap on purpose.

    [Spoilers ahead] The movie ends with Bill and Ted realizing that they are no longer the chosen ones. It was all meant for their two daughters. Thus giving us some home that there is a chance for some spin-offs in the future.

    Bill and Ted Face the Music may not be the perfect movie. Sure, it may feel scrappy at times, but the positiveness, humor, and the extreme likeness that it evokes in the viewers are worth mentioning. There is no other way better than this to say goodbye to the Wyld Stallyns.


    Read More

    New Movies Available For Streaming This Month

    by Kaylen Summers

    Here is the lineup of new movies available on Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu this month


    🎬2020 ⌛1h 46m ⚡Crime

    Streaming on Netflix, Santana is a tale of two brothers who ended up on the two different sides and their shared rivalry.  While one brother is working as a narcotic agent, the other is general. Both are out to get revenge on the drug lord who murdered their parents decades ago.

    Unknown Origins

    🎬2020 ⌛1h 36m ⚡Mystery

    A serial killer is out leaving a trail of clues along with the bodies of his victims. To catch him, a detective must seek the help of his mentor’s nerdy, comics-loving son. Only he has the ability to decipher the murder’s clues and stop him before some else falls victim to the crime. Will the two be able to join hands and solve the mystery?


    🎬2017 ⌛2h 01m ⚡ Suspense

    A young husband and wife live in an old Victorian Mansion and the wife spends most of her time renovating the place. One night, a stranger walks into the house and started living in their guest room. Things worsen his wife and children arrive and surprisingly the husband seems to be friendly and welcoming to accommodate them.

    Love, Guaranteed

    🎬2020 ⌛1h 31m ⚡Romance

    We all have at least taken a peek at some of the dating apps out there.  Though we complain about not finding any matches, one would ever go as far as suing them.  Love, Guaranteed is about a cash strapped attorney who takes on a charming client to sue a dating app that guarantees users of finding love. However, it seems like the two are going to end up falling for each other.

    The Perfect Stranger

    🎬2011 ⌛1h 26m ⚡ Suspense

    A car accident changed Jonathan’s life in every sense. His wife is missing and some unknown woman has taken her place claiming to be his wife. She even has valid documents and IDs to prove that she is telling the truth. Now, Jonathan must somehow prove the truth and find out what happened to his real wife.

    The Festival

    2018 ⌛1h 38m ⚡ Comedy

    After getting dumped by his girlfriend, Nick and his best mate Shane are off to an epic three-day music festival to get over the heartbreak.

    Read More

    8 Most-Awaited Movies That Got Postponed Due To The Pandemic

    by Kaylen Summers

    The pandemic has left many movies waiting for a theatrical release and many film buffs inpatient. The awaiting line-up is truly impressive and picked eight movies that are the most anticipated.

    Avatar 2

    avatar 2 movie stills

    Originally intended to be released on December 17, 2021, Avatar was set to release every other December from then. However, the pandemic has delayed the shoots, and the makers of the movie have decided that it is better to skip this year and release the movie one year later. The first Avatar movie was released in 2009 and was a huge blockbuster. With the studios looking to build a franchise, fans of the movie are sure to get an epic adventure on Pandora.

    The Batman

    One of the other major movie productions that got delayed due to the pandemic was Matt Reeves’s upcoming Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson. The movie was supposed to be released on  June 25, 2021. Unfortunately, production delays and Pattinson getting affected by Covid19 has moved the movie release to March 4, 2022.

    Black Widow

     Disney tried its luck by releasing its delayed movies on its streaming platform and failed miserably. Hopefully, they are not trying to do the same with Marvel’s Black Widow. The movie was intended to be a summer tentpole releasing in May 2020. With the theatres closed across the globe, the movie is moved to May of next year along with other Phase 4 movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


    Fans of the cult classic slasher movie were excited to hear that a new installment of the franchise was coming their way. Unfortunately, it looks like they have to wait even further as the studio decided to keep the movie on the shelves till 2021. The exact date is yet to be decided. Till then we will not be hearing much about the movie.


    The 1984 movie Dune was a visual extravagance in concept, visuals, and performance. When the studios decided to remake the film into a new, grander version, we all were expecting nothing less. Now, the studio has announced that it will be shifting its release date from December of 2020 to October of 2021.

    Free Guy

    Ryan Reynolds is known for his hilarious moments both on-screen and off-screen. When the trailer for his new movie Free Guy was released, fans were more than excited for the movie. Initially agreed to be released on July 3, 2020, the action-packed CGI-heavy flick is now shifted to December 2020. 

    Ghostbusters: Afterlife

    Another classic franchise that is getting a modern-day sequel is the fan-favorite Ghostbusters. Though an all-female version of the movie was released earlier, it was not accepted well by the audience. This installment, however, is said to be a direct sequel and was expected to release on July 10, 2020. The movie is now rescheduled for a  March 2021 release.

    No Time to Die

    Perhaps the most anticipated movie to have postponed due the pandemic is none other than No Time to Die, adding another chapter to the James Bond movie franchise, this one will mark the last time we will see Daniel Crag as the 007. With more than enough trailers released for the movie, fans were all set to see the movie in April 2020. Now, they will have to wait until April 2021 to watch the movie.

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    7 Best Netflix Family Movies To Watch With Your Kids

    by Kaylen Summers

    Many of the streaming originals may not be that fun to watch with your family or kids. Luckily, Netflix is focusing more on kids-friendly content that is ideal for viewing as a family. Here are some of the best from such family movies streaming on Netflix.


    Martin Scorsese making a kids movie can feel a little out of place. However, he has made one of the most noteworthy movies from the list- Hugo. Based on the book The Invention of Hugo Cabret, the legendary director has built a memorable world around a young orphaned boy who is living alone in a railway station in Paris.

    Ralph Breaks the Internet

    If you have already seen Wreck-It Ralph, then the sequel installment for the movie is one that you don’t want to miss. While Ralph’s first outing was grounded in the world of arcade games, the new adventure takes them to the world of the internet and its endless possibilities. Filled with fun-filled moments and special appearances from other Disney-owned properties like Star Wars and Disney Princess, the movie also focuses on realistic issues like toxic masculinity and online culture.

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

    Spider-man is a superhero for all ages. Fans were really not happy with how the amazing Spider-man movies turned out to be. However, when they brought Miles Morales and the spider-verse to the table, it was more than just excitement for the fans. Seeing different ‘Spider-people’ (and ham) from parallel universes crossing over to save the multiverse is an epic sight worth watching.

    The Croods

    This comedy animated movie about a caveman family trying to find a place in the changing world is just the right one to refresh your family. The prehistoric adventure has led Grug and his family into unfamiliar terrain and a young boy appears to help them find a new shelter. However, Grug is having a hard time following his lead. With the studio, looking to release a sequel late this year, now is actually the perfect time to watch this fun movie.

    The Main Event

    Fan of WWE? Then the good news is that the wrestling entertainment roster is teaming up with Netflix to bring their original movies to the platform. One such movie is the recently released The Main Event. The movie is about an 11-year-old young boy who is obsessed with WWE. He discovers a magical mask that lets him.

    Spy Kids: All the Time in the World

    Many of you guys may not be knowing about the fourth installment from the Spy Kids franchise. Since the third 3D version of the movie was too much for the audiences, it was a surprise that the studio went for another movie. However, this time it is more of a rebooted version with new characters. Jessica Alba plays the role of a stepmother to two children and is a former ex-agent.

    Walk. Ride. Rodeo.

    Based on a real-life survival story, this amazing tale is one that is worth sharing with your kids. Amberley Snyder is a nationally ranked barrel racer. However, after surviving a brutal accident, she is left paralyzed from the waist down. Now, she has to gather her inner strength and what is left of her physical strength to earn her place back in the game he loves the most.

    Read More

    8 Best Movies To Stream On HBO Max

    by Kaylen Summers

    Warner Bros.’ newest streaming platform HBO Max has an impressive lineup of wonderful movies waiting for you to stream. Check out this streaming guide to find the best ones.

    Ad Astra

    Brad Pitt in space! The actor is on an intergalactic mission to save mankind and to bring his lost father back home. You cannot exactly call this movie science fiction, because of the emotional theme the movie holds in its core. However, there are many moments of suspense that make it worthy to be a blockbuster. From a zero-gravity fight sequence to jump-scares involving wild animals, Ad Astra makes it rewarding even without the pulpier sci-fi elements.

    Jojo Rabbit

    We all know Taika Waititi as a fun-loving actor, writer, and director from the Marvel cinematic universe. With Jojo Rabbit, The director proves that his style of storytelling through humor also has the capability of handling serious, relevant, and emotional content.  The movie is about a young boy who is torn between his nationalism and love of his mother, all while having Adolf as his imaginary friend. Winning the Oscar for the best-adapted screenplay, Jojo Rabbit was nominated for 5 other categories as well, including the best picture.

    Batman Begins

    Christopher Nolan’s epic superhero trilogy has undoubtedly marked the modern superhero era in Hollywood. The first installment of the movie, Batman Begins introduces us to Nolan’s version of Gotham city and the caped crusader. The movie narrates the journey of orphaned Bruce Wayne into the masked crime fighter, Batman.

    Doctor Sleep

    We all know Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of Stephan King’s The Shining. The movie is one of the best cult classic horror movies out there and has inspired many movie makers and storytellers alike. However, during the time of its release, there were many problems involving King and Kubrick. The writer was not satisfied with the adaptation and claimed that it was too different from the source material. Years later, the movie gets a sequel titled Doctor Sleep, and this time it is a Stephen King approved version. Though it is more of a sequel to the original source material, you are sure to find many subtle nods and references to Kubrick’s masterpiece as well.

    Blade Runner: The Final Cut

    When it comes to world-building and sci-fi movies, one movie will always be at the top of the list- Blade Runner. Set in the dystopian future of 2019 Los Angeles, the movie has Harrison Ford playing the role of a hard-boiled detective who is out to find artificial humans known as androids. Directed by Ridley Scott, Blade Runner still remains a timeless classic and still serves as a reference for those modern movie makers and studios who are looking to build a new world in their movies.

    The Fighter

    From David O. Russell, The Fighter is a biographical drama about the underdog boxer Micky Ward. Christian Bale underwent a monumental physical transformation to take up the role of Ward’s older brother and trainer, Dicky Eklund. While Ward went up the rankings as a welterweight boxer, his brother fell deeper and deeper into drug addiction. If you are looking to see an exciting feel-good movie and some masterclass action, start streaming this one right away.

    Ford v Ferrari

    Christian Bale is remarkable when it comes to portraying wonderful characters on screen. His latest addition to the list of brilliant performances is the 2019 film Ford v Ferrari. The biographical movie has Ford Motors trying everything they can to win the 1966 Le Mans race in France. Their biggest challenge is to beat Ferrari  and tasked with this mission is the American car designer Carroll Shelby and hot-headed British racer Ken Miles, played by Matt Damon and Bale respectively. 

    Gangs of New York

    Leonardo DiCaprio was a global heartthrob after the success of the movie Titanic. However, this reputation quicked came to a quick stop when he teamed up with Martin Scorsese for the 168 minute 19th century period piece. DiCaprio plays the goatee-sporting, Irish-American tough guy Amsterdam Vallon with the method actor extraordinaire Daniel Day-Lewis.

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    ‘The Devil All the Time’ Review: Tom Holland Redefines Himself As An Actor

    by Kaylen Summers

    Netflix’s newest entry into the thrillers catalog is powerful, yet the disturbing blend of faith, crime, and violence. Based on the acclaimed novel of the same name by Donald Ray Pollock, The Devil All the Time unfolds a sprawling story that is set across generations, families, and two wars. The movie lasts for more than 2 hours and there is a large ensemble of characters that you will eventually lose track off. With such an elaborate set of events and characters, it would have been wiser for Netflix to run it as a mini-series than a movie.

    The slow-burning, dark thriller opens with Willard Russell’s (Bill Skarsgard) return back to his home after the traumatic War in the Pacific. Even though he tries to make a family, it becomes a failure. His wife Charlotte (Haley Bennett) dies after falling to illness and Russell eventually ends his life by committing suicide. This leaves his son Arvin (Tom Holland) to live the life of an orphan in a godless land. He is surrounded by murders, serial killers, and more awful men who believe that God is making them do it. It was in his teenage years that an opportunistic and sleazy preacher (Robert Pattinson) arrives, setting in motion some of the most gruesome tragedies of Alvin’s life. 

    God, war, and the innately violent nature of humans creates the main core of the story. Even though the movie uses the novel’s texture to tell this story, it fails to capture its depths. There are many instances where it feels like the characters can engage with each other only through violence. This pretext of violence resists the depth that the movie desperately needs. Instead of focusing on how violence has impacted multiple generations of Americans, it felt more like a voyeuristic exercise on heinous crimes.

    The performances by actors are highly commendable. Tom Holland miles away from his Marvel appearance and proves that range is much greater than anyone would have expected. Robert Pattinson looks comfortable in his portrayal of the corrupt preacher. 

    Even though it fails to include noteworthy black or brown faces, like many other midwestern period pieces before it, The Devil All the Time stands strong for the brutal portrayal of violence and religion in the heart of the country. Most of the movie may turn out to be vicious and dark for many viewers, However, its truthfulness to the darkest aspects of human behavior and the brilliant, engaging performances from the actors makes this movie rewarding.

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