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    I’m Thinking of Ending Things (2020) Trailer

    Netflix’s I’m Thinking of Ending Things is from the Oscar-winning director Charlie Kaufman and is an adaptation of the Iain Reid’s bestseller of the same name. The movie is more of an exploration of emotions like regret, longing, and the fragility of the human spirit.

    Releasing Date: September 4, 2020



    American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rule (2020) Trailer

    Nearly after a decade of the franchise, the American Pie movie series is all set to tell the story from a female-centric perspective with their fifth movie. Not a continuation of the original storyline, the movie is part of the franchise’s standalone spinoff’s. The movie will be released on Netflix and looks every much similar in theme with previous movies from the franchise.

    Releasing Date: ‎6 October 2020



    All Together Now (2020) Trailer

    All Together Now is the latest original movie from Netflix and is directed by Brett Haley. The movie is undoubtfully a tearjerker about finding hope even in the darkest of times. Amber Appleton’s personal life is more unstable than you can imagine. Juggling her high school drama club and a tedious job at the local donut shop, the young girl has her hands full, trying to support her family and achieve her aspirations at the same time.

    Releasing Date: August 28, 2020


    The Owners (2020) Trailer

    After Game of Thrones and The New Mutants, Maisie Williams is returning with a horror-thriller. The story is about two small-time crooks trying to scoop out a home in the middle of nowhere. They were looking to surprise the owners and steal them. However, they soon realize that they are trapped in a house of nightmares.

    Releasing Date: September 4, 2020

    seized trailer


    Seized (2020) Trailer

    Seized is for the fans of action-packed, no-nonsense, shoot first, and then shoot-again movies like John Wick, Taken, and Extraction. Taking the audience straight into the action, this throwback to the 80’s action has Scott Adkins playing the role of a Special force soldier, whose son is kidnapped.

    Releasing Date: October 13, 2020



    Judas and the Black Messiah (2021) Trailer

    Judas and the Black Messiah tells the story about Fred Hampton who became the chairman of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party. Marking the directorial debut of Shaka King, the feature has Daniel Kaluuya playing the historically important character, his fight against the deep-rooted racism in America, and ultimately how the FBI plotted to assassinate him.

    Releasing Date: October 8, 2021



    Alone (2020) Trailer

    Taking place in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest, Alone follows a recently widowed woman who is trying to cope by fleeing the city. Unfortunately on her way, she gets kidnapped by a mysterious man and is locked away in his cabin. Though she eventually escapes, she soon realizes that surviving the wilderness around him is a greater task.

    Releasing date: September 18



    Clownface (2020) Trailer

    Fans of slasher movies have something to cheer for. The newest addition to the cult genre of slasher movies is in the form of a killer clown. The long-awaited slasher tells the gruesome tale of a young man haunting the small town with murders and abductions by wearing a clown mask made of human flesh. Feels horrifying? Wait till you watch the entire movie.

    Releasing date: August 18, 2020



    Archenemy (2020) Trailer

    Directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer, Archenemy is a far darker superhero movie than you can imagine. Max Fist is not the average superhero you know. His reputation is really bad and people don’t respect them. However, Hamster and his sister Indigo believes that he has what it takes to become a real hero. They eventually team up to take down a drug toad.

    Releasing Date: 2021



    The Pale Door (2020) Trailer

    Blending the overused genres of horror and western, filmmaker Aaron B. Koontz skillfully presents a wholesome experience for the audience with The Pale Door. The movie includes Devin Druid, Zachary Knighton, Bill Sage, Pat Healy, Natasha Bassett, Noah Segan, Stan Shaw, and Melora Walters in the main cast list. The screenplay is penned by Aaron B. Koontz, Cameron Burns, and Keith Lansdale.

    Releasing Date: August 21, 2020



    Spree (2020) Trailer

    Starring Joe Keery (Stranger Things), Spree tells the story about a rideshare driver who also happens to be a social media influencer. The movie has a found footage approach and is a cynical commentary on how social media drives our current lives. It was initially planned to be released in the theatres. However, the movie will be released on digital instead.

    Releasing date: August 14, 2020



    Guest House (2020) Trailer

    A newly engaged couple looking to buy what is assumed to be a perfect house for them. However, there is a problem. They have to deal with a party animal tenant who is staying in the guest house. They decided to buy the house anyway and they quickly realize that it was really a bad idea. Directed and co-written by Sam Macaroni, the important cast members include Mike Castle, Chris Kattan, and Aimee Teegarden.

    Releasing Date: September 4, 2020



    Rogue (2020) Trailer

    Megan Fox is back with a new action thriller and this time she is fighting a gigantic, dangerous lion. The movie talks about a group of mercenaries who are out in Africa to capture an ‘asset’. Megan Fox is the leader of the team. However, things take a turn and what follows are explosions, bullets, and a daring escape attempt. It is the ultimate woman vs beast scenario.

    Releasing Date: August 28, 2020



    The New Mutants (2020) Trailer

    The New Mutants takes us away from the X-men universe (from what is known for now) and tells the horror-thriller set in an isolated hospital. A secret organization is holding a group of young mutants for psychic evaluation. Things go crazy as their newly found powers are put to the test and they have to run to keep their lives alive. If you are expecting a X-men type superhero movie, then you are in for a treat.

    Releasing Date: August 28th, 2020



    Project Power (2020) Trailer

    Starring Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the lead roles, Project Power is the rated R superhero flick. There is plenty of violence, bloody images, drug content, and some language too. The plot of the movie revolves around a wonder drug that unlocks superhero powers for those who use it.

    Releasing Date: August 14, 2020

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    by Kaylen Summers

    If you are looking for some great movies worth your time, then here is our list of movies that you need to watch.

    Someone Great

    What’s it about: This love-story-turned-break-up film is all about finding yourself after a painful break-up. Gather your gang, grab some wine, and watch this movie to rediscover yourself this Valentine’s Day.
    📺Watch it on: Netflix

    The Terminal

    What’s it about: Viktor Navorski lost his country for some political reasons. But, the problem is that he was on the plane when this whole thing happened. Now, he’s stranded at Kennedy Airport with a passport that nobody recognizes.

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    Charlie Wilson’s War

    A hard-partying Texas congressman finds himself in a little bit of crisis when he makes a socialite his girlfriend. She inspires into doing whatever he can to help the Afghan freedom fighters.

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    Time to Hunt

    What’s it about: Three outlaws want to leave their dystopian world and move to a faraway paradise, They plot a money heist to make their dreams come true, but ends up drawing the attention of a vicious killer.
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    Honey Boy

    What’s it about: From a screenplay by Shia LaBeouf, award-winning filmmaker Alma Har’el brings to life a young actor’s stormy childhood and early adult years as he struggles to reconcile with his father.
    📺Watch Movie: Amazon Prime


    What’s it about: Mother is the story about a mother and her teenage son Do-joon. When her mentally-handicapped son is accused of murdering a girl, the mother must go to great lengths to free him.
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    6 Awesome Movies And Where To Stream Them

    by Kaylen Summers

    Movies have always given us unforgettable stories and characters. Here is a mix of the latest must-watch movies available for you on streaming.


    What is it about: Michael Jennings is hired by high-tech firms to work on highly sensitive projects. His memory will be wiped after the project. After one such work, he receives only an envelope instead of a paycheck.
    📺Watch it on: Prime

    The Occupant

    What is it about: Unemployment makes an executive sell his apartment. However, he revisits his apartment using a spare key and becomes obsessed with the new family currently living there. Now he wants to recover the life he has lost, at any price.
    📺Watch it on: Netflix


    What is it about: After a recent break-up, Ben develops insomnia. He started working in a supermarket to kill time. However, his mental health starts driving artistic imagination to run wild.
    📺Watch it on: Hulu

    Rich in Love

    What’s it about: In order to prove his love towards Paula, rich kid Teto lies to her that he is poor. However, the lie soon spins out of control.
    📺Watch it on: Netflix

    The Kitchen

    What’s it about: When their mobster husbands are sent to prison, three 1978 Hell’s Kitchen housewives decide to take the Irish mafia into their own hands.
    📺Watch it on: Prime Video


    What’s it about: It’s St. Patrick’s Day and a vicious horde of body-switching aliens are attacking a college town. Now, it is up to three unlikely friends team up to save everyone.
    📺Watch it on: Hulu
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    Trending Movies On Streaming Services This August

    by Kaylen Summers

    Take a look at our list of popular movies and start streaming now.

    A Brilliant Young Mind

    A socially awkward teenage maths genius has trouble building relationships with others. However, things start to change when he got a spot in the British team to compete in the International Mathematics Olympiad. during the course of the competition, he finds new confidence and friendship.
    Watch it on: PRIME VIDEO

    Chemical Hearts

    Getting transferred from one school to another can be tough on you. When a high-school student got transferred, she found it difficult to adjust to her new surroundings. However, things took a quick turn for the better when she started working for the school newspaper, and there she discovers a whole new passion.
    Watch it on: PRIME VIDEO

    Small Apartments

    Are you into spooky movies? Here is something that is sure to give you a one in a lifetime experience.  Franklin Franklin is trapped in an LA apartment with a dead landlord in the kitchen and eccentric neighbors surrounding him. Not creepy enough?! Wait till you watch the movie.
    Watch it on: PRIME VIDEO

    Palm Springs

    Have you watched the classic movie Groundhog Day? Here is a modern take of the same concept. Same day repeating over and over gain. Carefree Nyles and reluctant maid of honor Sarah meet each other at a Palm Springs wedding. But, they did expect to live the same day in loops.
    Watch it on: HULU

    Running with the Devil

    Ready for some action-adventure? Nicolas Cage sure is. An important cocaine shipment is compromised. The Boss sends his two best henchmen on a dangerous mission to audit the supply chain.
    Watch it on: HULU

    Captain Fantastic

    A father raised his six kids in the forests of the Pacific Northwest away from normal, human civilization. Now, a turn of events has made him return back to civilization with his kids. But, it’s not as easy as it sounds. They are trying to assimilate back into society.
    Watch it on: HULU
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    Trending Movies On Netflix This August

    by Kaylen Summers

    This month some of the coolest titles are available for you on Netflix and we have made a list of the most popular ones.

    Train to Busan

    What is it about?  A virus outbreak is underway and it is turning everyone into zombies. In order to make the only safe part of the city, the unaffected people must travel by train. A father and his daughter are trying to make it there before the affected zombies turn them into one.

    The Town

    What is it about? This Ben Affleck movie has him playing the role of a career criminal who decides to go clean. He even gets involved with a recent heist victim. However, things are not looking good for him as the affair threatens to expose him and his crew of bank robbers.


    What is it about? Ready for some fantasy?  Tristan Thorn is wide-eyed and in love. In order to win the heart of the one he loves, he decides to set off on a journey across a forbidden realm. His mission is to find and retrieve a fallen star that has taken up human form.

    The Kissing Booth 2

    What is it about?  Fans of the Netflix romantic flick has something to cheer for. The streaming platform has a sequel to the hit movie and it is a direct followup to the story. Elle juggling her college days and long-distance relationship with Noah.

    Seriously Single

    What is it about? A social media expert is craving for a committed relationship. However, her bestie is not a fan of relationships and she thinks it is better for her to take up single-hood.
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    6 Awesome Movies That Are Worth Rewatching

    by Kaylen Summers

    Here are some awesome movies that are worth revisiting.


    We all have mentors and people who we idolize. For Chiro, a young African-American boy, it was drug dealer Juan that he takes up as his mentor. However, what he didn’t expect was Juan teaching him to understand more about what he wants in life and to seek his own path.

    The Host

    If you are a fan of kaiju movies, then this one is sure to keep you interested A river-monster created by careless U.S. military personnel in South Korea. This will be the most bizarre and painfully human version of a kaiju movie we’ve ever seen.

    Let the Right One

    Here is one with a good story that can make you feel happy and good. The story revolves around Oskar whos is a lonely 12-year-old. She is constantly bullied by her classmates. She becomes friends with Eli, the girl next door who comes out only at night.


    You read the name right. But, don’t worry. It’s not exactly what you think (almost). The movie is about Long-time friends in their 40s who decided to navigate through loss and heartbreak by taking a vacation and having some steamy affairs with younger men.


    Everyone knows this Oscar winner. The movie talks about Ki-taek’s family which is poor and unemployed. They slowly ingratiate themselves into the lives of the wealthy and glamorous Parks.


    Acts of Vengeance

    Ready for some revenge?! Staring the one and only Antonio Banderas, the movie is about a lawyer trains himself to seek revenge for the murder of his wife and child and eliminate the murderers. It is a wonderful thriller and is sure to entertain from start to finish.

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    Popular Movies Trending on Netflix, Prime, and Hulu

    by Kaylen Summers

    Stream the most popular movies trending on NetflixPrime, and Hulu this week.

    The Sleepover

    Ready for an action-filled comedy flick from Netflix?! When their parents get kidnapped, two siblings and their friends decide to take a wild adventure to save them. Little did they know that they were dealing with a group of international criminals looking for revenge for once cheating them.
    Watch it on: NETFLIX

    The Crimes That Bind

    It’s life. Things can easily go sideways so unexpectedly. That’s what happened with Alicia when she got accused by her son of raping and trying to murder his ex-wife. With things turning bad for her, she much takes a path that will change her life forever.
    Watch it on: NETFLIX

    Unfriended: Dark Web

    A young man buys an old laptop and finds some disturbing footage on it. He shows it to his friends and they discover that it belonged to some underground sadist community from the dark web. Unfortunately, what they didn’t knew was that the owners of the videos were hunting them down and had other plans for him and his friends. Told using computer and smartphone screens, this is one gruesome thriller that you don’t want to miss.
    Watch it on: NETFLIX

    The Invention of Lying

    Can you imagine a world where people don’t lie?  This movie is set in such a world where the concept of lying doesn’t exist. When an unsuccessful screenwriter finally discovers it, he uses it to gain fame and fortune. Unfortunately, lying comes with its consequences and for him, it was not something that he had anticipated.
    Watch it on: NETFLIX

    Love the Way U Lie

    Here is a movie that showcases the beauty of love, the feeling of loss, and falling in love in a mesmerizing way.  A deceased wife uses a spunky, lonely-in-love psychic to get her grieving husband back on track. However, things take a turn when sparks start to fly between them.
    Watch it on: NETFLIX

    Get Duked!

    When four boys decided to go out camping, they didn’t expect it to end up us their worst nightmare. Here is a dark comedy about the four boys who are on survival run through the wilderness, trying to escape a mysterious huntsman.
    Watch it on: PRIME VIDEO
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