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    Death to 2020 (2020) Trailer

    2020 was a tough year for all of us in many ways. With it finally coming to an end, Netflix decided to sum up all the dramatic events of the year into a mockumentary. Starring prominent actors like Samuel L. Jackson, Hugh Grant, Lisa Kudrow, and more, this comedic retrospective is a wonderful way to end the year and look forward to the future.

    Releasing Date: 27 December 2020.


    The Marksman (2020) Trailer

    Liam Neeson is back and this time he is playing the role of a hardened Arizona rancher named Jim Hanson. The movie revolves around a character who wants to be left alone. However, the long trail of eviction notices has something else to say. Things escalate when the ex-Marine sharpshooter crosses paths with an 11-year-old migrant Miguel and his mother Rosa running from drug cartel assassins.

    Releasing Date: January 22, 2021

    Palmer Trailer


    Palmer (2021) Trailer

    Palmer is the new drama from the fairly new streaming service of Apple TV+. The movie has Justin Timberlake in the leading role. The actor plays the role of a convicted felon who is determined to reform his life for the better. Directed by the famous 80’s movie icon Fisher Stevens, the movie is will be a new addition to the streaming platforms’ vibrant catalog. The central character named Eddie Palmer used to be a high-school football star. From being a hometown hero, his life takes an unwanted turn when becomes a convicted felon and is sentenced to twelve years in a state penitentiary. With his past still shadowing over him, Eddie looks to set his life back on track, while fighting the suspicious eyes of his small-town community.

    Releasing Date: January 29, 2021

    Wrong Turn: The Foundation.


    Wrong Turn (2021) Trailer

    The famous horror franchise is getting a reboot with the new installment of Wrong Turn. The movie takes us back to the woods with a whole new round of gruesome cannibalistic madness. The movie is scripted by none other than the franchise creator Alan B McElroy and has Mike P. Nelson on the director’s chair.

    Release Date: January 26, 2020



    Nomadland (2020) Trailer

    Nomadland is the feature-length adaptation of the book of the same name by Jessica Bruder. Directed by Chloé Zhao, the movie focuses on Fern, a woman who decided to live outside the conventions of society and its beliefs. The movie depicts more of an existential quest and struggles that Fern faces through her days of being alone and fighting her own perceptions.

    Releasing Date:30 December 2020

    Outside the Wire Trailer


    Outside the Wire (2021) Trailer

    Outside the Wire is a new action/sci-fi movie from Netflix starring Anthony Mackie. The actors are famous for playing the role of Falcon/Sam Wilson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Directed by Mikael Hafstrom, the movie has Mackie playing the role of Leo, a militarized android who is fighting technologically advanced enemies in the future. The movie is loaded with lots of action, robots, and explosions and comes from the same producers as that Extraction and The Old Guard.

    Releasing Date: January 15, 2021


    The White Tiger (2021) Trailer

    Based on the bestselling novel by Aravind Adiga, The White Tiger tells the store about an ambitious driver of a wealthy Indian couple. Using his wit and cunningness, he escapes from the poverty of his village and rising to the top by becoming an entrepreneur of his own. The movie is directed by Ramin Bahrani, with Ava DuVernay, Priyanka Chopra Jonas as the executive producer.

    Releasing Date: 22 January 2021



    Psycho Goreman (2021) Trailer

    RLJE Films and Shudder are partnering to bring a new intense horror-comedy. The movie tells the story of a young brother and sister who brings back to life an ancient alien who once failed to destroy the universe. The movie is written and directed by Steven Kostanski and has Matthew Ninaber playing the titular role of  Psycho Gorman. Other main cast members include Nita-Josee Hanna, Owen Myre, and Adam Brooks.

    Releasing Date: January 22nd, 2021

    nobody trailer


    Nobody (2021) Trailer

    We all know him from his brilliant performance in Breaking Bad and later as a lead role in its spin-off Better Call Saul. However, Emmy award winner Bob Odenkirk is all set and ready to surprise as with his new persona as an action star. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Ilya Naishuller and is written by the narrative architect of the John Wick franchise, Derek Kolstad.

    Releasing Date: February 26, 2021.


    Morbius (2021) International Trailer

    Upcoming comic book movie, Morbius dropped a new international trailer for the movie and it looks like the Marvel anti-hero’s first live-action adventure will have Jared Leto playing the role of the living vampire and it will be taking place in the Venom Universe. The movie is set to revolve around the enigmatic antihero named Michael Morbius, who tries to cure his rare blood disease and ends up accruing rare vampire-like superhuman abilities.

    Releasing Date: March 19, 2021

    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier


    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021) Trailer

    After a long wait, we finally got our first look at the action-packed series of Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The events of the series are set to continue the Avengers: Endgame storyline, in which Steve Rogers passed his iconic shield down to Sam. With the original Captain America gone, Bucky and Sam are out on there on adventures and trying to find their own place in the world without their friend.

    Releasing Date: March, 2021


    Matteo Garrone’s Pinocchio (2020) Trailer

    Academy Award-winning actor Roberto Benigni as Geppetto, the old woodcarver from the classic tale, this adaption brings us the stunning visuals from Italian locations. Pinocchio is a nine-year-old in the sorry and is on an adventure of his life as he is being chased and kidnaped by bandits.

    Releasing Date: 25 December 2020

    Fatale Trailer


    Fatale(2020) Trailer

    Derrick is a successful sports agent who gets into a one-night stand with a sexy and mysterious woman. However, it turns out that the woman is actually a determined police detective who is looking to entangle him in her latest investigation. As things move forward, Derrick soon realizes that his colorful life is fading before his eyes.

    Releasing Date: December 18, 2020

    The Mauritanian Trailer


    The Mauritanian (2021) Trailer

    Based on Mohamedou Ould Slahi’s diaries written during his long time in prison, The Mauritanian, tells the story of one man who was captured by the U.S. Government and was prisoned for a long time without charge or trial. His only hope for justice is his defense attorney Nancy Hollander and her associate Teri Ducan.

    Releasing Date: February 21st, 2021


    Land (2021) Trailer

    Land is the upcoming drama movie that makes the feature-length directorial debut of Golden Globe winner Robin Wright. She also plays the lead role in the movie alongside other actors like Demián Bichir and Kim Dickens. Written by Jesse Chatham and Erin Dignam, Land talks about a local hunter who brings a grieving lawyer from ending her life, as she finds a retreat in the tough wilderness of the Rockies. The movie is set for a world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival.

    Releasing Date: 12 February 2021

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    10 Meryl Streep Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

    by Kaylen Summers

    Meryl Streep is a performer who is in her own league. She debuted as a Broadway actor and went on to be nominated for 21 Academy Awards and is to date the most nominated actor at the Golden Globes. Her stature in cinemas unquestionable and she has delivered some of the most iconic characters ever. Here are some of her best performances to not miss:

    Julie and Julia

    Meryl Streep plays the inimitable culinary expert Julia Childs in this breezy, warm film. It is the story of her, and a young aspiring chef who is inspired by her. Meryl Streep fits perfectly into Julia Child’s shoes as if the two were one person! Her charm, wit, and technique make it absolutely believable that she is a chef and a lover of food. She carries the film on her shoulders and delivers a performance that you will want to watch again and again.

    The Devil Wears Prada

    Meryl Streep fascinates yet another time in this sophisticated film about fashion and glamour. She plays the editor of the most coveted fashion magazine in New York. Her new assistant, a young woman in awe of her is unable to keep up with her volatile ways of working. The film is a fun take on how they find their balance. Meryl Streep is forthcoming, agile, and very assertive in her portrayal. The character’s layers come through with nuance in her brilliant performance. She sure is a treat to watch in this film.

    The Post

    This is a political thriller based on real events. It chronicles the attempts of a few journalists at The Washington Post to publish documents related to the infamous Pentagon Papers. Meryl Streep plays the woman editor who handles the publishing of the materials along with her subordinates. She shines through with her committed performance as a headstrong, ethical journalist. The film also depicts how gender is a means of discrimination while handling news items of political significance. Ms. Streep carries all the weight of the layers of this character with a sense of ownership, making it yet another gem of a performance from her.


    This is the story of a food critic and a newspaper reporter falling in love and trying to start a family. Meryl Streep plays the self-aware food critic who is nonchalant and very charismatic. She gives a great performance as a woman who has fallen in love with a man who is unsure if he can be a family man. The pangs of new love, the uncertainty of being in a long-term relationship, the conflicts of motherhood. Etc. come through very convincingly in her portrayal. She brings new life and elevates and otherwise rom-com material into something more substantial and impactful. This is a film that is real and relatable, and, her performance enhances its believability many notches higher.

    She Devil

    This is the story of an underconfident housewife who tries her best to save her marriage. Her husband is in love with a glamorous novelist played by Meryl Streep, and he leaves the marriage to be with her. What follows is how the wife plots revenge to get back at both of them. Meryl Streep slays as the other woman who is mysterious, luring, and hated by the wife. She is sophisticated, suave, and edgy. Her wit and dark humor only enhance the impact of her performance. This is a fun comedy-drama that you will really like.

    Death Becomes Her

    This is a black comedy fantasy film about two women – a writer and an actor who have a crush on the same man. They drink a magic potion for eternal youth and accidentally end up being immortal. Meryl Streep plays the neurotic, narcissistic actor who is love lorn and mad about making it to the top. She brings forth the comic element of the story very engagingly. Her chemistry and on screen presence is stunning and she walks in and out of the scenes with natural ease. Watch this film for a fun, exciting experience.

    The Iron Lady

    In a biopic of Margret Thatcher, United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, Meryl Streep plays the part and delivers one of her most significant performances of all time. She won an Oscar for the part and rightfully so. She is fierce, sensitive, and extremely assertive as Ms. Thatcher. She is so convincing that she almost disappears into the skin of the character. She breathes her own life to the role while also keeping intact the fundamental traits of the Prime Minster. Watch this film for a solid performance from this legendary actor.

    The Bridges of Madison County

    In one of the most sensational films of all time, Meryl Streep plays Francesca, a housewife in the suburbs of the country who has the house to herself for a few days. She meets a man who documents the bridges of different places and the two develop an attraction that is fated, consuming and beautiful. Ms. Streep is a dream to watch in this film. Her natural sensuousness spills over onto her performance and what you see on screen is a chemistry so immersive that it is difficult to forget.

    August: Osage County

    This is a comedy that is based on a dysfunctional family. Meryl Streep plays the matriarch of the family who suffers from cancer. Her children visit her for an unexpected family reunion post a tragic incident. She is annoyingly convincing as the matriarch! You will want to love to hate her because her performance is that believable. The film reflects on themes of honesty, acceptance and love in families. All the tension is brought forth by the screen presence of Ms. Streep, who binds the characters together with her effervescence.


    This is a film about a twice-divorced man who tried to figure his life out. Meryl Streep plays his former wife who leaves him for a woman. She played the role of a bisexual woman way ahead of her time. Her performance makes sexuality a normal, acceptable thing instead of overtly sensationalizing it. She exudes her natural ease and presents herself perfectly as a woman who is exploring herself. This is a film that has many interesting takes on relationships. Meryl Streep stands out with her beautiful performance even though the film has many other actors in important roles.

    Read More

    10 Best Coming of Age Movies

    by Kaylen Summers

    The years of growing up when you are too old to be a kid, yet young to be an adult is perhaps the most confusing time of life. Coming of age films capture all the chaos and adventure of those mad years. Here are a few films from the genre that are amazing in their portrayal of life’s most exciting times:


    School is a time for hard work and study, but it is also the time to have all the fun you can! This is the story of two girls, high school prodigies, who realize that all the academic laurels they earn make no sense if they forget to enjoy their time. So they decide to hit the most happening year-end party and things turn really crazy. This is a fun film about two young adults who are just taking a break from being responsible. We have all been there, haven’t we?!

    American Honey

    A loud, racy film about a young teenager, American Honey captures all the chaos of becoming an adult. It follows a girl who is confused, curious, and aimless – something that teenagers bring with them for all of us. The story is deeply immersive in her world that is full of music and a constant search for a sense of belonging. The narrative brings out what teenage feels like to most women, and how clueless they often get given that it is also an age when they are most restricted by parents and society at large.

    Call Me By Your Name

    This is a whirlwind of a romance between a 17-year-old boy and his father’s research assistant. The story is a welcome change in terms of its portrayal of a gay romance in the most beautiful manner. When a teenager and an adult fall in love, the dynamics are bound to be turbulent. The boy in all his confused teenage mental state experiences a longing so pure that it guides his emotional and sexual coming of age in the most unexpected ways. Watch this film to have your heart squeezed out by some exquisite romance.

    Lady Bird

    In her final year of Catholic school, Christine changes her name to Lady Bird in her search for reinvention like most teenagers. She has a year of college to get through and the plot comes alive with all the classic elements of a coming of age story like romance, friendships, fitting in, conflicts with family..etc. The film is entertaining and also very representative of the in-betweens that teenagers often presents us with. It is a complicated age in terms of the physical and emotional changes a person goes through and the film portrays all of those confusing feelings with a subtle sense of understanding.


    Set in a remote Turkish village, this is the story of five young orphaned sisters and their struggles of growing up in a conservative neighborhood. Themes of sexuality, acceptance, and social confirmation that women experience are dealt with in the film. The plot is rife with depictions of how society treats young women differently and imposes a certain moral code on them while their male counterparts live a more free and unsupervised life. The film is very relatable and real owing to its honesty of emotions and that makes it a very fulfilling watch.

    Little Women

    Adapted time and again in different versions, there is no other story more coming of age than Little Women, a novel by Louisa May Alcott. This is one of the oldest and most classic versions of the film that tells the story of four sisters as they navigate their lives and ambitions. The film depicts how women are often taught to downsize their intelligence to suit the egos of their male counterparts and how sometimes being married becomes the most important identity of women. Those who try to swim against this tide are doomed to an isolated life that is characterized by loneliness and a constant conflict between being free and giving in.

    The Spectacular Now

    Based on the age-old trope of a young bookish girl dating a high school bad boy, this is a film that treats the subject in a very different manner. The passion of the young sweethearts is so real and innocent that it will make you want to go back to your own school love. There is something undeniably charming about naïve young adults falling in love and the fact that they are opposites only adds to it. Watch this film to be reminded of the beauty of young love and the ways in which it sparks excitement like none other in teenage minds.


    Boyhood is a coming-of-age film that literally explains how nothing major happens in these years of growing into an adult from a teenager. It follows the protagonist for 12 years and is filmed at different locations over time to document his life as an adolescent. The film making technique is unique and explores the patience it requires in life to accept change, grow as a person, and brace through experiences that are new and sometimes uncomfortable. Filled with brilliant performances and beautiful music, this is a film that is a must-watch for lovers of the coming-of-age genre.


    Teenage is often characterized by unmanageable temper for most youngsters. This is the story of a teenage girl who always loses her temper and is trying to climb out of her chaotic high school life. She accidentally steps into the boxing ring one day and gets hooked to the sport. The controlled display of aggression in the ring helps her feel anchored and to tame her own anger in personal spaces. The film depicts how she uses the sport as a personal tool to help herself out of her turbulent teenage life.

    Rebel Without A Cause

    This is a film that explores the lives of suburban middle-class teenagers. The film explores themes of decay of purpose among the youth, problematic parenting patterns, and the conflicts between generations. The narrative tries to bring forth an excellent commentary on how the young are treated in lesser elite communities and how their aspirations are often limited by their social status. The consequences of capitalism on young minds is also a theme that overarchingly appears throughout the plot.

    Read More

    10 Best Romantic Movies of All Time

    by Kaylen Summers

    All of us love a good love story! Here is a list of some of the best, most timeless onscreen romances that will sweep you off your seat:


    Regarded as the most romantic film of all time, Casablanca is a timeless tale of love. It follows a lonely bar owner who has to make a difficult choice between being with his lover and helping his husband crossover the border. The two lovers meet in Casablanca where he owns his bar in a turn of coincidence and they are suddenly drawn into their old love that perhaps still remains aflame in their hearts. What follows is how they resolve the situation and whether or not they choose one another, yet again.

    Love and Basketball

    This is a coming-of-age love story between two teenagers who get together through their shared love for basketball. As they age, their love for the sport and each other grows, and they become bonded more than ever. This is a classic love story of two people growing together and includes all its related themes like music, career, life, priorities, and the like. Beautifully executed with some amazing performances, Love, and Basketball is a love story for all times.

    Before Trilogy

    This is a 3 part trilogy by Richard Linklater which chronicles the love story of Jessie and Celine, two youngsters who accidentally meet during a trip. The three parts – Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before Midnight is symbolic of the various stages in a romantic relationship. The story spans over several years and depicts the characters in their youth, midlife, and early old age. The narrative is such that it is filled with conversations between the two characters, bringing out the importance of communication in sustaining a romance and also indicating that growing together as individuals is an essential component of love.

    Brokeback Mountain

    This is a film that explores the romance between two young men as they spend time together at a mountainside. The film is a beautiful take on same-sex romances and portrays the complex, delicate love of the protagonists with a subtle sense of understanding. Widely acclaimed by critics and movie lovers alike, this is a film that was ahead of its times. The theme of homosexual love was not explored when this film came out. It set the conversation rolling on the topic and did a wonderful job of telling a fragile story in the most sensitive way.

    When Harry Met Sally

    After meeting through a cross-country trip, Harry and Sally keep trying to meet each other again for almost a decade in this romantic comedy that lifted the standard of the genre from mindless feel goodness to something substantial. The love between the two protagonists is tender, yet loud and urgent. The viewer is sure to feel their pangs in this beautifully crafted story with great performances, amazing background score, and complementing visuals.

    Bridges of Madison County

    Francesca is a housewife who gets to have her house to herself for the first time in many years. As she relaxes and enjoys her peace, a photographer who is covering bridges of the suburbs passes by and she accidentally is bound to be host to him. What follows is an electric, fated romance that has the both of them in a whirlwind of emotions that they did not expect to every experience. What follows is how they deal with themselves and what choices they make in the end about their love and relationships.

    In The Mood For Love

    Written, produced, and directed by the cinematic genius Wong Kar Wai, this is a film that is so atmospheric that you will fall in love with each frame. It is the story of a man and woman whose spouses have an affair and who slowly develop a romantic affinity for each other themselves. Complex, intense, and deeply poetic, this is a film that is regarded as a classic in world cinema. The music is stunning and the performances are so fluid that it is an unforgettable experience for every movie lover.


    You may have watched it, but any list of timeless love stories is incomplete without a mention of Titanic! Set against the tragic journey of the Titanic that eventually sank in the ocean, this is the story of Jack, a man of modest means, and Rose, an aristocratic woman. The movie is so iconic that its dialogues and scenes have been etched in the memories of viewers who have watched it. Watch this film if you have not for a love story that swims across time and death.

    Call Me By Your Name

    A story about a young teenager who falls in love with his father’s research assistant, this is a film that explores gay romance in all its glory and intensity. The dynamic between a teenager and his older lover is unlike anything we have seen on screen and it is so poignant that it is hard to forget. The film is bold in its narrative yet subtle in its presentation. The urgent restlessness of an almost forbidden love comes through so seamlessly in the film that you will be left with a soft, lovelorn heart in the end!

    The Notebook

    Based on Nicholas Sparks’ novel of the same name, this is perhaps one of the most-watched love stories of all times. It is a classic story of how love finds its way against all odds. What begins as a summer romance for Noah and Allie becomes an emotion that they cannot live without. The relationship is condemned by her mother and the couple meet and part in ways that spark more longing in them than ever. Watch to find out what happens to their burning romance and how they manage to keep the fire alive across borders and time.

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    10 Essential Feminist Movies Everyone Should Watch

    by Kaylen Summers

    Gone are the days of treating women like lesser human beings. We are in the era of inclusion and parity and cinema has played a major role in creating dialogues around these topics. Here are a few kickass feminist films that you must watch if you want to be a part of the change:

    Kill Bill

    Kill Bill is a 2 part American martial arts revenge story written and directed by Quentin Tarantino with Uma Thurman in the lead. Thurman stars as the lead character Bride who sets on a journey to take down the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad and their leader Bill, who tried to kill her and her unborn child. The film is racy and packed with scenes that showcase the true resilience of the female mind and body. It is an inspiration to be strong against odds and shows that anger is not only for men to exhibit.

    Thelma and Louise

    Thelma and Louise is an American female buddy road film that has attained the status of a cult classic over the years. Directed by Ridley Scott, this is the story of two friends who embark on a road trip and land in unforeseen circumstances. There are many moments in the film that remind us that most other mainstream films stereotype women. This film is a welcome change compared to them, and it explores female friendship in ways that we have not seen before on screen.

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    This is a historical period film that explores the romance between a female painter and an aristocratic woman whose portrait she is commissioned to paint. The visual language of the film is so acutely feminist in its perspective that this film can be called a manifesto on the female gaze in filming. It has stunning landscapes, piercing dialogues, and a love story for all of eternity to remember. Watch it for an experience like none other.

    All About My Mother

    Pedro Almodovar is a director you must not miss if you like films with strong female protagonists. All About My Mother features complex, resilient women who navigate life with a fire that is unstoppable. Subtle in appearance but steadfast in their decisions, the film explores themes of sexuality, relationships, and the many social stigmas surrounding the choices of women. What unfolds in the course of the story is nothing short of a celebration of female survival skills against all odds.

    4 Months 3 Weeks and 2 Days

    This is a film that showcases Romania’s history of negating women’s right to abortion. The film takes an evident pro-choice stand in its narrative. The story revolves around two women, one of who is helping the other to procure an illegal, potentially fatal abortion in clandestine. The film shows how difficult it is for women to exercise their own choices when the entire social and political system forces them to concur to their standards.

    Daughters of the Dust

    This is the first feature film directed by an African-American woman and theatrically distributed in the United States. Set in 1902, this is the story of three generations of African -American women who finally decide to move to the north of America. The film explores themes of separation, conflict of identity, and how women deal with alienation in regimes where they are a racial minority. Critics and film lovers unanimously refer to this film as one of the most significant pieces of art that feature extraordinary female characters.

    A Woman Under The Influence

    Mabel is a housewife who is married to a construction worker. She is addicted to alcohol, suffers from mental health issues, and is on the edge. Unlike loud portrayals of women, this is a story of silent strength. Mabel is fragile but now weak. The film explores the monotony and emotional isolation faced by most housewives and how that affects their mental and emotional health. It also explores why men often tend to add to the distress of their wives by being absent physically as well as emotionally.

    One Sings, The Other Doesn’t

    Agnes Varda is a French director you must not miss. She makes films with strong female characters and explores themes that break stereotypes. This is one of her finest films about two women and their friendship et against the feminist movement in France in the 1970s.

    It talks about women and their right to their biological choices. Society often exerts immense pressure on women to confirm and make choices that are convenient for everyone. Agnes paints a complex, relatable picture of how women keep up with such stigmas and yet assert their personalities in their own ways.

    The Passion of Joan of Arc

    This is a French silent film based on the actual record of the trial of Joan of Arc. Widely regarded as a landmark in film making, the film was accepted critically by reviewers the world over. The film was shot on one huge concrete set modeled on medieval architecture in order to realistically portray the Rouen prison. The film is known for its cinematography and use of close-ups. A celebration of Joan of Arc’s life, strength, and determination, this is a piece of cinema that you must not miss.

    The Kids Are All Right

    Most of the mainstream cinema has treated lesbian relationships as something unnatural or sensational. This is a film that has an understated take on a lesbian relationship. It features a married lesbian couple raising their kids together. The film is a comedy that brings forth the conditioning around same-sex marriages in a light yet poignant manner. Filled with brilliant performances, a beautiful background score, and a very subtle sense of strength, this is yet another take on strong women who fight odds to make their own choices.

    Read More

    10 Movies About Serial Killers

    by Kaylen Summers

    The line between sanity and sycophancy is so thin, you never know when they may mingle! Serial killers have been a theme that filmmakers and viewers have always been obsessed with. Here are some of the best films based on serial killers for you to watch:

    The Silence of The Lambs

    The first character that comes to mind when you say the word serial killer is perhaps Dr. Hannibal Lecter. A cannibal who cooks and serves his preys to his guests, Hannibal is one of the most terrifying characters of all time. The silence of the Lambs follows a young officer who uses the help of an imprisoned Hannibal to understand the psychology of the killer she is currently trying to nab. Chilling and undeniably haunting, this is one of the best depictions of how a serial killer’s mind works.

    The Clovehitch Killer

    A film with all the classic elements of a serial killer movie, this is about a killer who was on a murder spree in the town. Years later, just when you think he is done, you realize maybe he is not. Exploring themes of social confirmation, human tendency to be violent, and the problems of suppression imposed by a dogmatic society, the film is a haunting take on violence and gore. Watch this film for an experience that will leave a very lasting impact on your mind.

    The Hitcher

    This is the story of a murderous, maniac hitchhiker who hunts down an unsuspecting couple. The film is visceral as it explores the philosophical motivations of a serial killer, trying to showcase the extent of madness the human mind is capable of. Terror is brought forth in the narrative through the mystery surrounding the killer’s motivations unveiling the sheer unpredictability of violence. Watch this film for an immersive take on how the mind of criminals works and what lies on the other side of sanity.

    God Bless America

    This film follows a troubled man with a problematic marriage who decides to go on a killing spree of the people he feels do not deserve to be alive. Though modeled on a serial killer storyline, the film explores the sheer rudeness human beings are capable of to each other in a society. The protagonist’s violence is not solely against his victims, but also against the society which stereotypes people and sets standards for everyone based on herd mentality.

    Black Widow(1987)

    This film takes the femme fatale concept to its most glorious heights by showcasing a female serial killer who is unstoppable and a police agent who is bent on bringing her before the law. The killer is one who marries rich old men and murders them for their money. While the two women piece together their games, we witness a racy, thrilling narrative unfold. The performances of the leading ladies are neck to neck and the film is full of intrigue, mystery, and all the substantial elements of a cat and mouse serial killer movie.

    Deranged: Confessions of a Necrophile

    A middle-aged man goes on a murder spree after the death of his mother. He was raised by his mother to be strictly religious and staunchly misogynistic. The film follows his motivations behind his act of violence. Though the title has the word necrophilia, the protagonist does not exhibit any such characteristics in the film. The plot is very mysterious and delves deep into the psyche of gender-based violence and what it is to be a man who thinks women are his to violate or mutilate because he belongs to a privileged gender.


    One of Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpieces, this is a film about a serial killer in London and the ex-Air Force serviceman he implicates. Hitchcock is known for his storytelling patterns that induce curiosity, terror, and surprises. The same follows in this film with absolutely haunting music and performances that seem very real. The plot is full of interesting anecdotes on real murder mysteries in London and if you are a serial killer geek, there is plenty in here for you to go back and read!


    One of director David Fincher’s best, this is the story of the hunt for a deadly serial killer who terrorized the U.S with his letters and bloodstained clothing that he sent to the police force after his murders. The movie explores the efforts of the officers to nab a criminal whose identity is unknown and hence the possibility that he could be anyone is something that makes the entire process very complex. Fincher has a penchant for crime thrillers and this is a classic example of how invested he is in the madness of the human mind.


    Another story with a female serial killer in the lead, this film follows a woman who was an ex-prostitute who murdered seven of her male clients. Widely acclaimed by critics and film lovers alike, the film is a complex depiction of how female rage is rooted in gendered aspects of society. It features a protagonist so fierce yet fragile that it is hard to understand what she might do next. If you like seeing complicated female characters come alive in all their vulnerable, mad glory, this film is definitely for you.

    I Saw the Devil

    This is a South Korean thriller film about an agent who sets out to trace a serial killer after he murders his fiancé. The plot is deep and haunting as it explores the themes of obsession, chase, and gratification in the act of plotting and executing a murder. The protagonist has trysts with the killer now and then and is attacked and left free by the killer for him to feel powerful in the chase. A storyline that depicts the manic compulsions of a hardened criminal, this is a film that will stay in your mind for quite a while.

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    10 Christmas Movies to Watch on Disney Plus

    by Kaylen Summers

    Christmas is a time when everyone is filled with excitement for new things and nostalgia for the old. Here are a few films you can watch on Disney Plus to add to the gamut of holiday emotions that you have been feeling:


    Things get difficult at the North Pole when Santa Claus dies and his son is all set to take over as the next Santa. As he prepares for his task, he is helped by his sister Noelle to keep track of gifts and maintain the Christmas spirit. But one day he takes off and never returns and it is upon her to find her brother and put things in order before Christmas. Watch to find out how she saves Christmas for everyone, it is not the ending you might be anticipating, because it is even better!

    12 Dates of Christmas

    Kate finds herself reliving Christmas eve over and over again. The same kinds of things keep happening, including a date with a man named Miles. She wishes to break this cycle and move ahead and pursue her ex-boyfriend and set her life straight. But the holiday season is one of the miracles and life has other plans for Kate. Watch to find out what she does.

    Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas!

    Based on Disney’s original series Good Luck Charlie, this is a fun Christmas comedy film that is apt for the season. The film is about the Duncan family who set out on a Christmas road trip to Amy Duncan’s parents’ house. This obviously does not go well and the family is faced with all kinds of odds on the way. Nothing seems to be right about this whole idea and they have to deal with themselves and the cranky Duncan household all at once!


    This is the story of an over-enthusiastic woman who is obsessed with Christmas. She travels into the Christmas village inside her snowglobe and spends her time in the enchanted place to fulfill her love for the season’s magic. But she soon realizes that her transportation into magic is affecting the real world and she must find a way to strike balance. Watch to find out how that goes for her.

    ‘Twas The Night

    A young man gets into trouble with some hard-boiled criminals. He must hide for a while and he takes off to stay with his brother’s family during Christmas. Things take a fun turn when he discovers a device that can freeze time. Who gave it to him? Santa of course! Watch this film for a bit of magic, joy, reality, and lots of Christmas goodness.

    The Ultimate Christmas Present

    A few naughty kids set out to meet Santa. They discover that Santa has weather making machine with which he makes it snow every Christmas season. The kids sneak out of the machine to make it snow in Los Angeles. What follows is the price they have to pay for messing with the forces of nature. Watch how these brats team up with Santa to solve the mess they have made.

    Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas

    What is Christmas without a little bit of your favorite Disney characters?! This is an hour-long anthology of Christmas-themed stories featuring some of Disney’s most classic characters. Watch all your childhood favorites come together in this lovely ensemble of fun, fantasy, and nostalgia. This is a film that is sure to get you back to your fondest childhood memories. If you can watch it with your kids, double the joy!

    Beauty and The Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

    The good old fairy tale with a Christmas twist! What is to not love about that!! This is a beautiful re-telling of Beauty and The Beast about how the Christmas spirit brings all the people in the castle closer to one another and eventually softens the beast. This is a perfect watch to usher in the holiday spirit and to make merry in the comfort of the hope and joy it brings forth.

    One Magic Christmas

    This one is a true heart-warmer that tells the story of a mother who is struggling with her kids. She is having a very tough time during Christmas and an angel is sent to watch on her family. This is the perfect guardian-angel movie for the season if you are one of those people who like to believe that Christmas brings with it the possibility of miracles and positive changes in life.

    The Muppet Christmas

    Yet another version of The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, this is the story of how the stingy, grumpy Mr. Scrooge is taught the true meaning of Christmas by his Muppet friends. The Christmas Carol is almost the world’s most-read/watched story around Christmas time. This is another fun adaptation of the same with a heart so big that it will definitely make you cry a bit. But do not worry, these are the good kind of tears!

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