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Best Movies on Apple TV Plus Right Now (November 2021)

Nov. 30. 2021

These are the greatest movies on Apple’s streaming app, whether you’re looking for a gripping drama, a thought-provoking documentary, or something for the kids.


In a post-apocalyptic future, Finch (Tom Hanks) is a robotics engineer. He’s been working on a robot named Jeff and living in an underground bunker with his dog, Goodyear, for years. Finch, on the other hand, takes a road trip across the American West to make sure Goodyear is taken care of after he’s gone. Although the idea is unusual, Hanks is always entertaining, and the picture promises to be both heartfelt and humorous.


The narrative of 17-year-old Ruby (Emilia Jones), the only hearing member of a deaf family, or a “CODA,” is told in this Apple original (child of deaf adults). While working on their struggling fishing boat, she acts as an interpreter for her family. However, when she joins the high school choir and develops a passion for music, she must choose between pursuing her aspirations and caring for her family.


The singing and communication practices of humpback whales are studied by two scientists, Dr. Ellen Garland and Dr. Michelle Fournet, in this lovely new nature documentary. The film, which follows the two ladies as they perform parallel studies on different corners of the world, is a testament to the dedication and endurance required in scientific professions.

The Year Earth Changed

When the Covid-19 virus sickened and killed millions, the entire world went into lockdown, which had a positive impact on the environment. Whales have returned to Glacier Bay, capybaras have begun to arrive in South American suburbia, and more. The film shows how simple adjustments in human behavior, like skipping cruises or closing beaches for a few days a year, may have a significant impact on nature, and provide a blueprint for how we can live in harmony with our environment in the future.


Cherry, based on Nico Walker’s best-selling novel, portrays Tom Holland as a disgruntled ex vet who turns to bank robbery to fuel his heroin addiction. Cherry suffers from PTSD after returning home from the Iraq war and gets up with a gang of nasty misfits. His bond with Emily is the sole bright spot in his life (Ciara Bravo). In this film, Holland gets to expand his acting muscles and go beyond Spider-Man, which critics praise as elegant if a little repetitive.


Palmer tells the story of a collegiate football player (Justin Timberlake) who returns to his hometown after doing time in prison to restart his life. There, he meets a young boy (Ryder Allen) whose mother has abandoned him. If Palmer’s past doesn’t get in the way, they might be able to put their broken lives back together.


Wolfwalkers is a charming animated adventure picture about a young girl and her father who are tasked with eradicating all wolves from the forest surrounding Kilkenny, Ireland. But there’s more to those trees and wolves than meets the eye. The film features a gorgeous visual design, outstanding voice talents, and a significant amount of Irish folklore. It’s a great film to see with the entire family.

Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth

The short animated animation Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth is based on Oliver Jeffers’ renowned children’s book. It’s a delightful view into the essentials of existence on this planet, filled with stunning art and calming voice performances by Meryl Streep, Chris O’Dowd, and Ruth Negga. The short duration is also ideal for people with shorter attention spans.


Originally slated as a large theatrical release, Greyhound stars Tom Hanks (who also authored the script; based on a novel by C.S. Forester) as an inexperienced escort ship captain during the early days of the United States’ engagement in World War 2. The navy must avoid German U-Boats as it makes its way to Liverpool in this action-packed naval combat drama.

On the Rocks

Director Sofia Coppola reunites with her Lost in Translation colleague, the legendary Bill Murray, for this comedy-drama about family and relationships. A woman (Rashida Jones) seeks the help of her playboy father (Murray) to figure out if her husband (Marlon Wayans) is cheating on her.. This search takes him from New York to Mexico, where he investigates father-daughter relationships, husband-wife relationships, and more. The picture benefits from a strong cast and a lighter tone than the material might suggest.

The Banker

The debut of this film, which is based on actual events, was tainted by allegations of sexual misconduct against a co-producer, but that shouldn’t diminish its impact. The Banker is based on the true story of two African-American real estate developers in 1950s Los Angeles and Texas. Faced with obstacles owing to bigotry, the two hire a White guy to act as the company’s CEO. The trio buys properties and integrates communities, fighting prejudice along the way, until the enterprise is brought to a halt by a suspicious CEO and errors by the white partner.

Best Movies on Apple TV Plus Right Now (November 2021)

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