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Best Adventure Movies Streaming On Prime Video

Sep. 15. 2020

If you are looking for some adventure movies to watch this weekend, then be sure to check out these on Prime Video.

Train to Busan

A virus outbreak is turning everyone into zombies,  Martial law is declared as the mysterious virus is spreading across the country and the only safe space is reported to be Busan. A group of unaffected on a train to Busan, looking for shelter. Unfortunately, it looks like some on the train have turned into zombies. Will they be able to stay alive? Or will they end up as zombies before reaching Busan?

Mission: Impossible: Fallout

Every Mission Impossible movie is undoubtedly action-packed adventures. From the raw stunts to Tom Cruise just running and running, these movies are best when it comes to keeping us at the edge of our seats. The sixth and most recent installment to come from the franchise is Fall Out, in which Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt is off to stop the Syndicate’s plan for a global catastrophe. Joining him onscreen is none other than Henry Cavill.

Logan Lucky

This comedy heist adventure is about the Logan brother, Jimmy, and Clyde. The two are planning to pull off a grand robbery at Charlotte Motor Speedway, the racing circuit in North Carolina, USA. They are looking to do it during the legendary Coca-Cola 600 race without getting caught by the authorities. With their family curse on shadowing their plans, will they be able to succeed?

Baby Driver

Edward Wright is known for his brilliantly edited visual storytelling. Baby Driver is the latest addition to his list of engaging movies. It is stylish, fast-paced, exciting and smartly written. The movie is about Baby, a young getaway driver. After meeting the woman of his dreams he decided to come clean and live a better life. However, the crime boss has other plans for him as a heist they were involved in goes sideways.


Disney- Pixar movies are all about adventures. Coco is one such movie that takes adventure to a new level. When his family bans music for generations, Miguel decides to go embark on an adventure to the land of the dead. It was there that he met the charming trickster named Hector, who helps him find the real secret behind his family.


The 1938 film stagecoach redefined the movie genre of Westerns in multiple ways. Driven by John Ford’s brilliant direction, the movie turned B film actor and stuntman John Wayne into a leading star. The movie may feel like an anthology of cliches for today’s audience. However, for the time, it was an iconic movie about a group of disparate passengers who are battling with themselves and each other, as they are moving across the Indian country.

Apocalypse Now

Speaking about classic movies, Apocalypse Now is one movie that is an adventure into the harsh physical world as well as the deep human psyche. Captain Willard is on a dangerous mission to Cambodia. He must assassinate a treacherous colonel who is supported by a local tribe. The movie is a cult classic and still maintains the reputation of a masterpiece.

Best Adventure Movies Streaming On Prime Video

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